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Tarkwa bay beach Lagos: Fun things to do in Lagos

Tarkwa bay beach Lagos

Tarkwa bay beach is one of my favorite Lagos beaches to visit. Actually, it is my very first beach experience ever. Like we all know there are so many private beaches in Lagos state to explore.

Tarkwa bay beach is one of the best beaches in Lagos you need to know. Although, it is said to be an artificial beach, yet it looks so natural. I love this beach because the water is so neat. It is so organized but cheaper to access compared to Landmark beach Lagos.

So, here is all you need to know before you visit. The beach is my happy place and escapes from life’s hustle. So, If you love beaches, add this beach to your bucket list must-see place in Lagos.

Tarkwa bay beach: How do you get there from CMS?

Where is Tarkwa bay located? Tarkwa Bay is located close to CMS bus stop. You can only get there by boat. At CMS bus stop, take a ferry for 500 naira per person. Also, you take a ferry from Marina or Victoria island to Tarkwa bay beach.

How much does it cost to get into Tarkwa bay beach? The gate fee for Tarkwa bay beach is 300 naira. However, it was free on my first visit. The publicity of this place may cause the now gate fee. Actually, I love the fact that there is always an improvement since we started paying the fees to access this beach. So, I would not mind paying more for entry. (lol).

Unlike Laguna beach Lagos, you need to pay to use their beach chairs or tents. You can click here to read about Laguna beach Lagos. The fee is about 10000naira. However, you can negotiate to pay less. My sibling and I were able to get a tent to ourselves for as low as 5000naira.

What should I wear to Tarkwa Bay Beach?

There are so many options of outfits you can wear to the beach. You can wear a summer floral dress to the beach. Also, you can layer this dress on your bikini bra and shorts. (For those who want to swim or get wet at the beach). You can wear beach pants with a bandeau top to the beach.

For a modest look, add a denim jacket over the bandeau top. Click here to read what to wear to the beach on your visit.

You can shop for beachwear at this beach. Tarkwa Bay is close to the residents in this area. So, some of these residents sell beach wears. You can shop for bikini sets, beach hats, beach coverups, etc. Plus you can get coconut drinks too. ( This I look forward to always).

Tarkwa Bay beach
Can I bring my food to Tarkwa bay?

Unlike most beaches like Landmark beach, you are free to bring in your own food. Also, you can get food and drinks at Tarkwa bay beach. The food and drinks may be a little overpriced though. Like a soft drink may go for about 200naira compared to the usual 100naira or 150 naira.

You can also shop for souvenirs for yourself and your family. I love the raffia products that are being sold at this beach. On my last visit, I bought a raffia bag that I still use today. Another place in Lagos you can get raffia bags and homewares in wholesale or retail prices is the Lekki arts and craft market. This place I love because of its unique crafty and fashionable items. Click here to read my post on the Lekki arts and craft market.

Things to do at this beach

Tarkwa Bay is a fun place to be in. Each time I visit, I have maximum fun. Unlike the cramped spaces of Oniru beach, this beach is well organized. You can enjoy a fun time at the beach without needing a bench or chair. I actually prefer to sit on the rocks on the far end of the beach.

I also love the waves and the clear waters. I love to engage in Tarkwa bay is a stroll on the beach banks with water splashing on my feet. It is so refreshing. Sometimes, I wish I can swim too. You can swim in the water or surf on the beach. Most foreigners that visit this beach surf the waves of this beach. Some Nigerians too surf at this beach.

You can have a picnic at the beach, host a beach party or hang out. Also, you can play games with your friends to pass time. Engage in board games like scrabble, monopoly, or even cards.

If you love sport, you play soccer or volleyball at this beach. You can also pay to enjoy a quad bike ride at this beach. Another fun beach I would recommend that you visit is Lekki leisure beach. This beach is so fun and you have access to every facility for free after paying a 2000naira entry fee. So, if you want to visit the beach anytime soon, visit Tarkwa bay beach.

What to wear to Tarkwa bay

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