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As an adventure lover, there are no limits to what you do when it comes to fun. Safaris in Africa are one of the best things to do on your visit. Here are my top pick best safari clothes for women. These options are perfect the environment, protective, stylish and of course comfortable.

Whenever I suggest the idea of exploring the safari, I get doubtful looks from people. Many people do not realize that embarking on a safari trip is usually more fun than you would expect.

I’m not here to give you reasons why you should embark on a safari trip. However, I’ll tell you that you’re missing out on a lot if you haven’t explored a safari yet. Want to plan trip as a solo traveler or group traveler or yet to decide, check out my post on how to plan your trip effortlessly.

Today, I’m here for women who understand the concept of a safari adventure, and for those who might be planning one soon. Amongst the numerous things to think of and consider for a safari trip is clothing.

Best Safari Clothes

What do you wear when exploring the safari?

Below, I’ll be sharing some outfit ideas for my women who plan to embark on a safari adventure. These are my go to best Safari clothes for women. I will be linking some of my favorites from Banana Republic you’d love.

1. Cargo Pants

I’d always opt for cargo pants when going on a safari trip. Why? The numerous pockets are super appealing as it lets me easily pack the essentials I would need. How can you style cargo? Cargo pants are quite easy to style, click here to learn more on how to wear cargo pants.

I always keep in mind that a safari adventure isn’t the time to pack numerous bags. So, I’m thankful to have this clothing option that comes with pockets for me to carry my essentials.

Now, you may be wondering what essentials one might need for a safari trip. As for me, I always have my insect repellent. In as much as I’m looking to have a swell time, I also ensure not to lag on skin care. Thus, I can’t let insects have the best of me. I always have my camera and compass. Yes, a girl gotta take pictures and also ensure not to get lots.

It also comes in handy that cargo pants are comfortable and breathable.

Click here to buy it

2. Long-Sleeved Tops/Blouses

It is best to keep in mind that a safari experience is way different from hanging out on a beach. When it comes to a safari, you are interacting with nature. Thus, the atmosphere might not be so friendly.

However, you wouldn’t have much worries when you wear a long-sleeved top. It helps to protect your skin from the scorching sun and also from insects.

Yes, you might want to complain about what happens when it gets hot. It is why I’d advise that you wear neutral-colored long-sleeved shirts. It helps to ensure that the top is breathable and you’re comfortable.

Click here to buy it

3. Lightweight Jacket

As a rule of thumb, I always ensure that I pack a jacket whenever I’m going on a trip. However, when I’m planning to explore a safari, I’m extra conscious to ensure that the jacket is lightweight.

Understandably, the weather can be unpredictable, and there are times when it gets chilly. In such cases, you would need a jacket. Lightweight jackets in this case provide warmth and also ensure that you are not uncomfortable. It comes as a bridge that gives warmth and also lets air get in.

As a plus, you do not feel the weight or heaviness as it is a lightweight jacket.

4. Scarves

I know that accessories are not ideally what will be on the top of your mind when it comes to a safari trip. After all, you’re gunning to be as comfortable as possible and you do not want any extra weight. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to be shabby.

It is why I advise that you go for a minimalist look with your accessories, and it is where a scarf comes to play! You can simply add it to your outfit to make it pop.

I love to have my scarf with me as it also protects me from the sun and dust. So, while I use it as an accessory, it also plays a role in protecting me. Asides, scarves being useful for safari trips, there are several fun ways to wear scarves for summer you need to try out ASAP.

5. Midi Dresses

There is always the fear of getting attacked by insects when exploring a safari. It is why people always want to wear things that cover all parts of the body. But, you also have to ensure that you’re not uncomfortable in the process.

So, one of the best safari clothes for women would be a midi dress. Not just any midi dress, but a lightweight midi dress. This way, you’re bringing out your feminine looks and still protecting your body while having a swell time.

I love safari midi dresses as they also allow for easy movement which makes them the best for the job.

Click here to buy it

6. Socks

I don’t know about you, but it isn’t a complete safari travel box for me if I don’t pack enough socks. How else would I protect my legs?

Typically, everyone complains about insects when exploring a safari. It is why I always have my socks, irrespective of what I’m wearing. The socks would protect my feet and ensure that my experience isn’t uncomfortable.

Also, the socks serve as a cushion to my feet when I embark on long walks or hikes. It protects me from injuries and gives support to the feet. It is an important piece of clothing to pack for a safari trip.

7. Sunglasses

Although it doesn’t necessarily fall under clothing, you need to pack sunglasses when going on a safari trip. One reason why some people think a safari trip isn’t fun is because they think it comes with lots of challenges.

For example, the sun gets really hot sometimes and you’re also exposed to insects. When all these happen, the experience turns sour.

It is why you need to have sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. It also eliminates the chances of having a headache due to the sun, especially when you pair it with a hat. So, this is your cue to get your sunglasses. If in the market for sunglasses, check out these best sunglasses to buy in 2023 that are budget friendly.

8. Wide-Leg Pants

A safari trip isn’t the time to rock your skinny jeans or other fancy tight pants you may have. In fact, there is no reason to pack jeans when you’re going for a safari adventure.

I earlier mentioned that there is a need for cargo pants. If you do not have or cannot get cargo pants, you should go for other wide-leg pant options. It is to ensure that you’re comfortable while moving around. It also ensures that you get the needed air you desire to ensure that you do not get easily fatigued during the experience. Wearing the right bottoms would make or mar your experience.

Click here to buy it

9. Utility Vest

I’d like to say that utility vests are the cargo pants equivalent when it comes to tops. Your safari experience isn’t complete without these vests as they add a touch to the adventure. Just like cargo pants, utility vests come with lots of pockets, ensuring that your essentials are within reach. They are also lightweight and you wouldn’t feel a thing when wearing them

10. Durable Footwear

The right footwear is also important for a unique and memorable safari adventure. I’m not here to state the shoes you should get or pack, but you should durable footwear. It is to ensure that your shoes do not wear out during your hikes or walks.

It also provides ankle support and protects your feet from uneven terrain, thorns, and insects. A pair of boots is one best safari must have accessories. You need boots to cover you from mosquitoes and other things while in the wild.

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy it

Feel free to comment on Safari clothes that you love. These best safari clothes for women is my go to. Ciao

10 Best Safari Clothes For Women comfortable and stylish

Runway shows are one of my favorite pastimes and hobbies to attend. Love to see the creativity and the latest fashion trends to wear. What do you wear to a fashion show even as a regular attendee? Here I will share some fashion show outfit ideas for your next runway show.

Last year, I barely went to any events because of personal things. Anyhoo, this year I was elated to get the newsletter from Fashion Finest Africa for their show. Fashion shows make me giddy and all-around hyped. So I registered ASAP.

How do you find events and shows to attend? Sign on to Eventbrite and check them often for events. Another event I am looking forward to attending is Lagos fashion week. There I get to see so many outfit ideas, designers’ collections, and what the fashion bloggers or creators are wearing.

This year’s fashion finest show took place at the Federal palace hotel, Balmoral conference center. There are different time slots. However, I opted for the evening session for both days.

I couldn’t attend the first day but I am glad I was able to attend on the last day. Click here to watch my vlog of Fashion’s finest epic show. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

Fashion show outfits

Fashion show outfit ideas

I love putting together outfits for fashion events or runway shows. The key for me is to be bold with your style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your outfits.

Another tip is to accessorize your looks. A simple look can easily be elevated using fashion accessories. A hat can take your look from 0- 100 in seconds. My look for the day is in this post.

I went for a simple color blocking outfit. Color blocking is an effortless way to pull off bold and edgy looks. Pink and Green are one of my favorite ways to color-block your outfits. If you need more color-block outfit ideas, click here to watch my vlog.

My Pink dress and Shawl collar blazer are from everything5pounds. Everything5pounds is that girl when it comes to affordable clothes for women. The dress I got on sale while the blazer was about $7. Yes, I said it, that cheap.

Since my outfits were already the focus, I decided to go for a black pair of boots for an edgy yet model-off-duty look. This boot is a Prada designer dupe.

If you are an ardent subscriber, you know I love designer dupes. At least until we can afford the real deal. Here are some of the best designer dupe handbags that will dominate 2023 you should shop.

To complete the look, I added a print bag that more green colors on it from chicme. Chicme is one of my favorite brands to shop for casual outfits, travel clothes for women, and of course, handbags. I did a haul featuring this mini bag on the channel you should see.

Also, add a pair of earrings from chicme. I ate all the looks. Imagine being asked if I was a VIP to the event, lol. This a simple Fashion show outfit idea you can recreate.

I will be linking below some of my favorite pieces from Chicme to get. Also, for more fashion show outfit ideas, I highly recommend you go on Pinterest. Girl, you’re missing if you’re not on Pinterest.

I live for the looks on Pinterest. There I find inspirations for outfits in my closet. You too should check it out. Other fashion events in Nigeria to add to your calendar include Lagos fashion week, African fashion week, and Plussize Fashion Week, amongst Others.

If you can attend international runway shows, why not? Check out New York FW, Milan FW, and Paris FW among others. Feel free to comment on your favorite shows. Also, comment on other fashion show outfit ideas.

What to wear to a fashion show

Click here to buy it

This multi-color blazer is perfect to make a statement. You can dress it up with any of the colors from this print or dress it down with a button-down white shirt for a clean look.

Click here to buy it

Runways are lights, camera, and action, hence this print is a perfect way to bring that action to your runway look.

Click here to buy

The ruffles on the sleeves are everything for me. Dress it up with a pair of green heels and a bag for a color-block moment.

Click here to buy it

This is a similar option of shawl collar blazer that I am in for. Get it fast don’t walk.

Feel free to comment other outfit ideas. Ciao

Fashion Finest Africa Epic Show: Fashion show outfit ideas

Summer is around the corner for half of the world, and of course, everyone always looks to have a lovely summer body, or whatever is closest to it. And to get the perfect summer body, some time at the gym or working out might be needed. So, we decided to bring on the best summer activewear wardrobe to get you ready to hit the gym.

And, most people will want to look their best when they are doing it. This is why they will want to get their fitness wardrobe ready with the yoga sets on the market. And you will be able to find the best ones at Cosmolle.

Summer activewear wardrobe

A little bit about Cosmolle, they are not only a brand that offers the most comfortable underwear possible, which is their main focus, but they also offer comfortable and stylish activewear for every need. They are more than just an underwear brand.


As a brand, its purpose is to redefine self-care with its amazing products; for them, your comfort will come first. Their underwear has even been sprinkled with skincare ingredients. They are also 3D printed, which makes them keep their shape and have breathable cups too, whose fibers were infused with collagen.

To provide you with more comfort, their underwear is wire-free, and also has less sewing and fewer materials, which makes them pain-free.  And the best part of it all is that they’re made for women, by women, and with love.

For Cosmolle, people do matter, they celebrate all body types, colors, sizes, ages, and shapes. They have a culture of diversity and inclusivity and they want to still progress. For them, you also matter, and they want you to prioritize your self-care and your comfort.


And most importantly, our earth matters to them. As diversity and inclusivity, sustainability is one of the key components of their brand. They create products that have excellent quality and are also very durable, so you won’t need to get several ones in short amounts of time, saving the planet and caring for your wallet too.

They love being eco-friendly, so they use collagen polyamide yarn. Which are biomimetic fabrics that have a permanent and unique coat of collagen. Once these are waved together, then their buttery soft, and luxurious fabric gets created.

For summertime, their best activewear choice is their best biker shorts for women. This one has a unique texture and its performance fabric is buttery soft. It is also stretchy, breathable, and moisture-wicking. It will be a great choice to feel comfortable while you are working out.


The fabric is eco-comfy and was made with recycled nylon. The top has a V-neck and also a racer-back fit that is very versatile, it will support your chest and also enhance the shockproof effect. The shorts have a sculpting performance, that will provide a built-in butt lift.

But those are not the only activewear you will be able to choose for yourself. They have other options, from separate pieces to sets. They also offer you a variety of colors, so you can express yourself while being comfortable and looking your best.


Remember their summer activewear will be extremely comfortable, so get not only the ones that you feel will be the best fit for summertime but also the ones that you can consider perfect for wintertime. So, no matter the season, your wardrobe will always be ready for you to work out and look your best.

Don’t hesitate on investing in summer activewear that makes you feel good, look good and most importantly is comfortable. Whether you are going to work out in them or just lounge around with them, they need to be comfortable and make you feel your best.

Get your summer activewear wardrobe ready| Best workout outfits

What’s your favorite handbag color? What are the best handbags color to shop for in 2023? Here are my favorite cute handbags that never go out of style year in and year out. I love to shop for accessories to elevate my outfits. My best accessory to shop for is a handbag.

As much as I love handbags, shoes are a must-have that make or break your outfits. Check out these cute shoes that you need to elevate your looks all year round. These shoe styles are wardrobe staples every lady needs.

It’s true that fashion is ever-changing and trends roll in and out every season. I’ve noticed there’s a timeless staple for just about everything. Little black dresses are in the corner of every woman’s closet, and there are few men on earth without a white button-down shirt. 

Handbags are no different. I know every woman has her style, some people are team tote bags, and others love office midis. Whatever bag you fancy, every lady should have these colors in her collection:

Best handbags color that goes with everything in your closet

Below are the best handbags color that I highly recommend every lady to own. This makes dressing up super easy. You can easily dress up or down any look with these best handbags color in your arsenal.

I will be linking some of my favorites for you to shop for from Ego Shoes Uk. This is one of my favorite handbag brands to shop for designer handbags dupe. Imagine shopping for your dream designer handbags dupe in different colors. So, get shopping before it sells out.


Black handbags are the LBDs in the world of bags. Not only are they great for monochromatic looks, they are also easy to mix and match with other colors. The same way I’d pair virtually any color shirt with black trousers is the same way I’d grab a black handbag for any outfit.

I also find them great for blending with any environment. Whether I’m at work, church, or enjoying a night out, I can be sure my trustee steed won’t draw any unnecessary attention my way.

The best part about black bags for me is the fact that it’s easy to maintain. Even when it’s gotten old, it wouldn’t show wear and tear as easily as lighter colors.

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy Gucci Horse bit Handbag dupe in black

Red: Bottega Veneta Jodie dupe Large

I’d say that I have a love-hate relationship with the color red. Sometimes I don’t mind it, other times I’m bothered by the color. When I was much younger, I didn’t like that this color was so loud and flashy. But I’m now beginning to appreciate the color especially as it relates to fashion.

When it comes to handbags, a red handbag is what you should rock when you’re looking to make a bold statement. It is sure to draw attention and also adds some flair to your outfit. Trust me, you can never be hidden or keep a low profile with a red handbag. It’s best to pair this bag with a neutral color outfit. 

Click here to buy it

Click here to bottega Andiamo dupe

Best handbag color: Brown

If you’d rather go for something warm and alluring, you should get and rock a brown handbag. Some people say brown handbags are for older women as it gives a mature aura. However, I’d say that anyone can rock a brown handbag. 

The versatility of a brown handbag gives it a special place in my heart as it can complement almost any outfit. I’m sure it wouldn’t be wrong to say that brown handbags are classical and they never go out of style. So, if you need the best handbags color to start out, shop for a brown handbag

Our mothers have been rocking brown handbags forever, and we are rocking the same in the present generation, and even generations to come will still rock brown handbags!

Click here to buy Bottega Sardine bag dupe

Yellow or Golden yellow: East west bag woven Bottega bag dupe

There’s a particular song ringing in my head as I write about yellow handbags. If sunshine and nature is the first thing that comes to you, I wouldn’t be surprised as it is what it depicts! Yellow handbags might not be so common, but they bring that sparkle to your dress sense and even help to improve your mood!

You should rock a yellow handbag if you’re gunning for a cheerful or playful look. Yellow is the official color of the summer and almost always depicts good tidings. Yes, yellow handbags may not complement every outfit. But you should totally utilize any suitable opportunity that presents itself to rock a yellow handbag. I highly recommend yellow bags as one of the best handbags color you need ASAP.

Click here to buy it


Green is almost like yellow as they are the colors of nature. A green handbag brings a certain vibrancy to both your outfit and your mood. Also green is one of my best handbags color that I love.

I love that green comes in different tones and shades. There is emerald green and forest green to mention just a few. 

So when it comes to a green handbag and versatility, it depends on the shade of green you are rocking. Forest green is a darker shade that complements bright outfits, while emerald green is bold and screen luxury. It goes best on darker outfits. 

Some people often shy away from rocking a green handbag. But I recommend adding one to your wardrobe right away!

Click here to buy it


Is this the part where I confess that purple is amongst my favorite colors? 

Purple is such a beautiful color and it’s even more cute when it comes to handbags. The handbag may be a dark purple shade or even a lighter shade like lilac. 

For the lighter shade like lilac, it comes with a feminine aura that boosts your confidence when you rock the handbag. If you’re aiming for a sophisticated look, you should totally go for this shade. 

The darker purple shade blends well with almost any outfit as it is easy to mistake it for black. One of my favorite handbags to date is a purple handbag. 

Hermes Kelly dupe: White

There are many words and adjectives that come to mind when describing the white color. Elegant, timeless, royal, and sophisticated are just a few of the numerous. 

I don’t know how it happens, but white handbags are always cute! In fact, I have never seen an ugly white handbag (I stand to be corrected and waiting to be proven wrong!).

I love that you can always rock a white handbag whenever you desire, and it is not selective of outfit style or color. The only downside that comes with rocking a white handbag is the fact that it is harder to maintain. 

You need to be intentional about keeping a white handbag clean. My best advice is that you rock a white handbag only for special occasions. 

Click here to buy it

Sometimes, you may want to rock a dark-colored handbag that isn’t black. In such cases, my safest option is going for my navy blue handbag. I love how well it elevates most of my outfits and gives me that subtle but commanding look. 

It is the best alternative to a black handbag and doesn’t need much effort in maintenance. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t care for this bag. However, you can always rock it for any occasion, unlike white handbags. 


Maroon makes a refreshing and cute handbag color. If you’re looking for a unique and stylish handbag color, you should choose Maroon. It comes as a darker alternative to a red color and can also be used to make your outfits pop. 

Although this color might not go with every outfit, it leaves one looking elegant anytime you rock it. I always love that I can use a maroon handbag for both formal and informal occasions. 


Is there anyone who doesn’t love neutral colors? Grey is one of my best handbags color for women to shop for.

Rocking a grey handbag is a combination of subtle and sophisticated. It has a way of bringing attention as people would always want to have a second look. You may even get questions from people asking where you got your handbag. 

Just like other neutral colors, I love that this handbag is versatile. I don’t have to be overly conscious when picking an outfit if I desire to use a grey handbag. 

The handbag I am wearing is a lemon green handbag from Petite Simone on Amazon. Click here to check out their bag collections. You’d want them all.

Click here to buy Gucci Jackie Dupe bag

Comment below other Best handbag colors that never go out of style you have in your closet. Which of these handbag colors will you be shopping for your closet? Ciao

Best Handbags Color That NEVER Goes Out Of Style To Shop For

With summer fast approaching, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already making plans to spend most of your free time at a beach or a pool. I’m in the same boat as you as I’m already shopping for new swimwear and need a change. After all, one has to look good while having fun!

I was trying to shop the other day, and without a doubt, I must say that the prices of things have been rather ridiculously high lately. However, I refuse to let it deter my beach and pool plans. So, I started checking for brands that sell budget-friendly swimwear

Luckily, I was able to find some budget-friendly swimwear brands and you can tell I was elated. When I compared the prices from these brands with others I had been seeing, I almost got carried away and wanted to buy all the swimwear available. Yes, you can tell that my cart was quite a bit. But can you blame me? A girl loves to get good deals and good deals I shall share with you. 

Knowing that many people have plans that involve swimwear, I’m here to give you a list of budget-friendly swimwear brands to shop for in 2023. This way, you get to have the best swimwear at the best prices.

Best swimwear brands

Below are my highly recommended swimwear brands you need to shop for. Most of these swimwear brands are my top best for 2023.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly brands to shop for women’s clothes, these brands are perfect. You can also check out my list of sites like Aliexpress to shop for cheap clothes for women.


I find it really exciting when brands go out of their way to infuse style into their products. It is what you get with Zaful swimwear. 

If you aim to look sexy and gorgeous when you’re dressed in your bikini, you should shop from Zaful. Their swimwear products are almost endless as they have swimwear in all styles suited for you. From bikinis to one-piece, to two-piece and even tankinis, you can find them on Zaful

When you first go on their website and see the variety of products, you’d think that they cost an arm and a leg. However, you’d be pleasantly shocked to see that Zaful has an array of affordable swimwear. 

Swimwear one-piece from Zaful


Are you trying to make a statement with your swimwear? If yes, you should shop from Zara!

I’ve come to realize that most brands that have become household favorites strive harder to maintain their reputation, and this is the case with Zara. Being that they’ve made a name for themselves, they cannot afford to deliver below par. 

While shopping for swimwear from Zara, you will notice that they come in colors you wouldn’t even expect. It is why I said these swimwear help you make a statement. Interestingly, the designs are simple but chic! You are sure to have heads turning when you wear Zara swimwear. 


Shein has been one of my favorite places to shop for almost forever. So, it was ideal for me to check their beachwear section while checking for budget-friendly swimwear, and trust me, I wasn’t disappointed. 

Shein swimsuits are one of those brands that have been saving my life when it comes to affordable items, and their swimwears are also super affordable. I also loved that they come in different styles, so it was easy for me to pick the ones I loved. Irrespective of your style, I’m sure there’s swimwear on Shein for you! 

I wouldn’t be surprised if your mouth stays open when you see the prices of the items on the website!

H & M

The fact that we are out to get affordable swimwear doesn’t mean we should downplay quality which is what I love most about H & M swimwear! Of the low prices that they sell these swimwear, one becomes skeptical about them. 

The first time I shopped for swimwear from them, I decided to get just one and test it out. I fell in love with the swimwear immediately after I got it. I was impressed with the quality and even began telling others about it. Today, I still have that swimwear. So, if you’re looking for affordable swimwear that would stay long-lasting, you should shop at H & M.  


My friend shared this brand with me when I was looking for a place to get budget-friendly swimwear. I fell in love with the brand from the first time I went on their website!

Everything about the swimwear called out to me and I knew I was in the right place. There is a certain femininity that comes with swimwear from this brand. You feel more confident and feminine in their swimwear.

I also love that they move with trends and their swimwear styles are the latest. This way, you are sure to fit in when you wear their swimwear.


From the name of this brand alone, I’m sure you already know that you would get swimwear for the best prices. Everything5pound also have budget-friendly swimwear, but they are also comfortable. Once you buy from them, you have peace of mind in whatever you purchased and can be sure that you’re getting value for your money. 

I also love that their swimwears come in different sizes. So, everyone is their target audience! If you love to shop for things like me, I’m sure your eyes may also deviate to other items on their website as everything comes at a budget-friendly price. 


I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t heard about Asos, especially if you’re an active online shopper. Even if you’ve never bought something from them before, you must have heard of the brand. 

Luckily, I’m here to help with reviews about the brand, and I can tell you that Asos is a great place to buy things, especially swimwear! 

I didn’t have high expectations when I started checking for swimwear on the site. But I was happy to see that they have budget-friendly swimwear. I wouldn’t say that Asos comes first when it concerns fancy or stylish swimwear. However, their swimwear is highly affordable. 


I was already hooked on this brand and didn’t need any extra convincing from the first time I went on their website. Sometimes, I had to double-check the prices to be sure that I was seeing them correctly. I kept wondering how such beautiful swimwear could be sold at such low prices. 

Well, I didn’t waste time filling my cart and cop me some of those beauties! There is something for you in the swimwear section of the brand irrespective of your size! I also love that all their swimwears are gorgeous irrespective of size. So, they are out to make everyone happy!


Chicme should be your go-to brand if you love to stand out and look different. They are one of those brands that give you unique swimwears that you would want to treasure for a long time. One thing about them is that they pay attention to details and are not out to cause a tear in your pocket. 

I have a secret place in my wardrobe where I keep my Chicme swimwear because they are so unique and gorgeous! (Hope my friends are not reading this part). 

I know you’d be back with comments when you get swimwear from Chicme. 


You may say that I’m a little biased, but this is one of my favorite brands of all time. I love how they’ve been in existence for a while and have never failed to deliver quality every time. 

I love the mix of colors when it comes to their swimwear and how it brings out more of my feminine side. I always feel like a supermodel whenever I wear my prettylittlething swimsuit and I usually get lots of compliments. 

Of course, I know the question on your mind, and yes, the swimwears are budget-friendly! If you’re not conscious and careful, you’d get carried away with shopping due to the low prices. 

2023 is not the year to shop without getting value for your money! I’m out to source for the most affordable brands that deliver quality, and I’ll be dropping them as I get them. 

Start shopping for your swimwear now for the best prices from any of these budget-friendly swimwear brands. 

Cute Swimwear Brands to Shop

Below are some of my favorite swimwear brands to shop in 2023. These are nice swimwear brands that are perfect for all occasions.

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy a bandeau set

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy it

Budget-friendly swimwear brands to Shop in 2023

Sunglasses is one of the best accessories for women you need RN. Although, I am not a sunglasses gal. But I can’t help but love these best sunglasses to shop for 2023.

How did I fall in love with sunglasses? You guys know that I am always checking the trends and what is in by watching the New York fashion week. And I must say the sunglasses for women are super chic.

What are the best sunglasses to shop for right now according to the fashion girls? One of my favorite sunglasses that I highly recommend is large-frame sun shades. Unlike the past trends for sunglasses, the bigger frames are perfect and fun.

I am so glad that the girls on tiktok and Instagram are over the small frame glasses. Lest I forget, I will be glad to get a follow on my Instagram: Enimhienomo. Anyhoo, big-frame glasses are super chic. Also, they are perfect for every outfit you can think of.

You can wear these best sunglasses with your denim outfits, maxi dresses, for work or play. It is the versatility for me. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go for a colorful frame in place of neutrals. Colors like blue, red, and yellow are some of my favorites. Yet, I can’t get myself to wear them.

I am not really confident in colorful frame glasses. Although, I love the color. You can check out my easy color-blocking outfit ideas on my channel. There I shared some fun colors you can easily color without looking like you’re doing too much.

Anyhoo, in this post, I will be linking some of my favorite brands to shop for the best sunglasses for summer. Most of these brands deliver worldwide, so you need not stress about where to buy the best sunglasses near you.

My best brand to shop for the best sunglasses under $20 is Chicme Fashion. This brand is my go for casual style outfits, work wears for women, sneakers ( If you’re a sneakerhead me), and of course sunglasses.

Another favorite sunglasses for women that I am loving right now are those with ombre tints or very light shades of black. In this post, I am wearing my pants which I got from chicme fashion. It is a pant set.

I love the subtle prints. You know that favorite outfit you can’t stop wearing? That is how much I love this pant set. I styled it with my corset top from Zaful. This is another of my favorite brand to shop for swimwear and travel clothes for women. Click here to shop my favorite Corset outfits on Zaful

Whenever I have a vacation planned or a short trip, my go-to spot is Zaful. So, if you’re budget-friendly vacation outfit ideas, look no further than Zaful. Also, they are quite affordable too. Check my list of budget-friendly fashion brands that I shop for frequently. You’d be hooked.

Best sunglasses to shop in 2023

In this post, I will be linking my favorite and best sunglasses to shop for from Chicme. If you’ve never shopped on Chicme what are you waiting for? I have only had hits in my shopping on Chicme. My only miss was shopping for a maxi dress. This dress was too big for me in a size 6. That’s understandable since I am a small six.

Don’t sleep on these sunglasses before the girls sell them out Asap.

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Best sunglasses that the girls are loving in 2023

Summer is one of my favorite seasons of the year. I love to shop for summer pieces as it is my best season of the year. As much as I love the latest fashion trends, I love shopping for summer must haves too. In this post, I will share my favorite summer essentials you’d regret not buying in 2023.

These summer essentials will make dressing up easy for you. Also, these summer must haves are perfect for all occasions. As a new mom, one of the reasons I shy away from summer dresses is my post-baby bump. My favorite summer wardrobe essential is a body shaper with side zipper.

This has made wearing dresses more appealing. It makes my dresses look chic and stylish. So, you see why these summer must haves are what you should be shopping for in 2023.


These days all I do is add to cart bodysuits when I spot them. This is most especially a seamless bodysuit long-sleeve style. It is super chic and stylish.

This bodysuit style is my go-to for summer. You can style it for work or a casual outing. I love the versatility of black bodysuits. Click here for other chic ways to wear bodysuits effortlessly.

Another reason I love this style of the bodysuit is its ease to put on. Plus it is similar to a skims dupe. So, if you need skims dupes on a budget, you need this bodysuit.

Body shaper

As I said earlier, a body shaper is my boost of confidence in all my outfits. Bodyshaper makes your outfit look smooth and chic.

I wear my body shaper with all of my outfits. This is especially my dresses. You can wear a body shaper with your evening dress or for a date night.

A major worry about using body shapers for most people is that they feel like it may too tight. However, the body shaper is not stiff. It is very comfortable to wear. So, I would recommend you shop for a few wholesale shapewear you can switch out with your outfits.


Another summer essential you need right now is a pair of sunglasses. I am just beginning to ease into wearing sunglasses. And Of course, I am sold.

You need a pair of sunglasses for summer. You can wear this with your outfit for travel or to the beach. Personally, I highly recommend a pair of sunglasses as part of what to wear to the beach.

Although, I totally detest wearing sunglasses to the club or a night outing. I will definitely wear a pair of sunglasses for any party like a garden party, cocktail party, or wedding party. Get yourself a pair of sunglasses this summer.


Many of us use the word shapewear and body shaper interchangeably but they are not the same. I have previously written about the difference between shapewear vs body shaper.

Shapewear is perfect as a part of your gym outfit or workout outfit. It is perfect if you need to slim fit your waist or food baby. Asides from my post-baby bump, I also have a small food baby I am insecure about.

So, I use shapewear while working out to allow me to achieve my body goals. Exercises are a mood boast. If you’re not working out regularly, you are missing out on a lot. Asides from achieving your body goals, you need to work out for a healthy body.

So, if you’re yet to start shopping for your summer must haves, add these to your list. You’d thank me later when you start using them. Feel free to comment on other summer essentials for women you’re shopping for. Don’t forget to share and pin it.

Summer must haves you’d regret not buying in 2023

One of my favorite accessories to shop for is handbags. I am always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends for handbags to collect. Also, I love cute handbags that look and feel like a luxury.

For obvious reasons, I am unable to afford designer handbags. My favorite designer brands on my radar for handbags are Versace, especially the fendace collaboration, and Bottega. However, the price point is too high for me now.

Since I am unable to get real designer brands, I opted to shop for designer handbag dupes instead. Dupes are lookalike of designer brands. They give off a luxury vibe on a budget.

Another option is to shop brands like Petite Simone for handbags that straight up look like luxury. They gifted me two handbags that I love. Of course, I love them a lot and can’t wait to style them in several ways. Below is my review of the Petite Simone brand.

Click here to buy a similar hobo-style handbag

How to shop for Cute handbags from Petite Simone?

Petite Simone is a high-street fashion brand listed on Amazon. They offer classic yet chic handbags that will instantly elevate your looks.

Although the handbags they offer are budget friendly yet they are luxurious too. How fast is the shipping? The shipping of handbags from petite Simone is super fast. I received my order of these cute handbags within 3 working days at my US address.

Below is my review of these bags and why you should get them ASAP.

Click here to buy a similar clutch handbag

1. Mini clutch handbag

My favorite bag is the Mini clutch handbag. I love this bag a lot because of it of its ruched detail. This type of handbag detail is one of the handbags that are viral on TikTok.

So, if you’re looking for handbags that will dominate 2023, get this handbag ASAP. I went for the nude color. You can wear this handbag as a cute handbag for a valentines day date. This handbag is perfect irrespective of what you have planned for valentines.

If you have no idea of what to do on valentines day, check out our list of fun things to do on valentine‘s for inspiration. It perfect dinner date bag or brunch date handbag. You can also wear this handbag if you’ve planned a picnic at the park.

Also, you can style it with your work wear or as a chic handbag for travel. I love that the color is versatile. You can wear this nude ruched detail handbag with vibrant colors like Yellow, red, or purple to dress it up.

It is one of the best cute handbags you need to elevate your basics.

2. Hobo shoulder handbag

The second handbag from Petite Simone is also cute. It is made just a designer dupe replica. I love this handbag as it gives off luxury on a budget vibe.

I opted for a light green shoulder bag. It is a cute handbag to wear with your casual outfit. Also, the color is cute and perfect as a summer handbag.

If you need a cute handbag for summer, I would highly recommend this shoulder bag. Also, for versatility, you can wear it with any outfit in your closet. You can elevate your basics or casual outfits with this handbag.

I also love this handbag as it is perfect to style with my workwear. So, if you have a regular job, get this handbag for work.

It is quite roomy and fits the essentials. You can fit your mobile devices, notepads, lipstick, gum, or a few makeup essentials for face touch up, etc.

I am in love with these affordable handbag brands. So, I highly recommend them if you’re looking to shop for both classic and trendy handbags. Feel free to comment on which of these bags you’d love to have. Also, I will link other favorites from this brand for you to shop for.

Click here to buy a green mini clutch handbag

Budget-friendly Cute handbags that straight up look like luxury

I am always excited to know what to buy or what is not worth my money each year. What are the latest fashion trends to shop for? Which are the outfits that are still on trend in 2023? Here are my top 7 2023 fashion trends that will go viral. All the girls are definitely stocking their closets with these pieces.

If you’ve followed the fashion seasons, NYFW, Paris fashion week, or Milan fashion week, you will agree with me on these pieces. Some of these latest fashion trends you may already have. One of them is the cargo pants trend.

Cargo pants are a very chic fashion piece you need to invest in. It was the top of the 2022 fashion trend and it’s still going strong this year. So, I am delighted to keep wearing my cargo pants this year. Another 2022 fashion trend that will be viral this year is platform shoes.

One of the comfiest heels you can ever wear is platforms. Easy to walk and style with your outfits. You can also read my guide on how to buy heels perfect for you.

So, you can see that most of the items that will dominate 2023 fashion trends are things you may already have. And if you’re yet to own any of these pieces, they’re definitely worth your penny.

There are other trends of 2023 that I am not buying. This is because some of them are not my style. For example, sheer outfits are chic but not my personal style.

How do you know what is your personal style? It is as easy as will you reach for them as often to wear them or be eager to style them with other pieces in your closet. Read my post on how to create your personal style to guide you on what to buy for yourself or what to avoid ASAP.

2023 fashion trends that will go viral

Below are the 2023 fashion trends that I am excited about. Some of these trends, you may already have. So, you can pull them out and start rocking them.

1. Leggings

One of the trends of 2023 that I love is the leggings trend. I love leggings as they are a cute alternative to skinny jeans or pants.

Also, leggings are an easy work-from-home outfit idea. You can also style leggings with chunky knits or cardigans as a regular going-out fit or airport outfit idea.

Leggings are also perfect as a gym or workout outfit idea. Your leggings with a sports bra or bralettes are a great option for workout outfit ideas.

Click here to buy faux leather leggings

2. Sequins

Sequins are another latest fashion trend that I love. It’s all about sparkles and shines on the runway last year. So, you need to start shopping for sequins this year.

How can you wear sequins as a day look? Sequins outfits are typically worn as holiday party outfits or night-out outfits. However, you can style it as a day look. You can wear your sequin dresses dressed down with a pair of sneakers, or espadrilles for a day look. Read my post on other ways to wear sequins casually.

3. Tank Tops

Tank tops are cute casual summer outfits you need to have in 2023. It is super comfy. You can wear your tank tops as a work-from-home outfit, or style them with your work outfits.

I love tank tops as a great option of travel clothes for women to pack for a trip. Wear it with wide-leg pants and heels to dress it up or with a pair of culotte shorts to dress it down.

Click here to buy tank tops

4. Sculpted heels

This year is the time to drop your boring heels and wear cute sculpted heels. There were so many cute variations done by designer brands like Loewe, and Prada among others.

One of my favorite sculpted heels by Loewe is the ballon heels. Heck, it’s so cute. However, I am not sure it’s a comfortable pair of heels to wear. Who knows?

For the 2023 fashion trend for shoes, shop for heels with unique sculptural designs.

Click here to buy sculpted heels

5. Culotte pants

Another cute outfit from the 2023 fashion trends is the culotte pants. This pants trend was very popular back in 2018/2019. Now it’s back in style in 2023.

Culotte pants are wide-leg pants that are cropped. So, if you love loose-fitting styles, jump on culotte pants this year.

What are the tips for wearing culotte pants? Wear fitted tops for a cute look. You can dress it down with a pair of sneakers for women or espadrilles or heels.

6. Collarless blazers

Blazers are a wardrobe essential for every lady. You need a pair of structured blazers you can wear for work, casually, or as an airport outfit.

There are several cute ways to style blazers for work or casually. This year’s 2023 fashion trend is all about collarless blazers. I love this type of structured blazer. You can wear it with a dress, a tube top, culotte jumpsuits, etc.

I would recommend you get these types of blazers in fun colors like yellow, blue, or white.

7. Cargo pants

One of my favorite of the 2023 fashion trends is cargo pants. This pants trend was viral in 2022 and it is going bigger in 2023. I love cargo pants a lot. It is a versatile trendy fashion piece to own.

Cargo pants are statement fashion pieces you need right now. It is a perfect casual outfit for women. Check out my favorite ways to wear cargo pants casually.

My favorite way to wear cargo pants is with sneakers or espadrilles. If you’re a sneakerhead like me, you need to check these 2023 sneaker trends that will dominate 2023.

Another 2023 fashion trend that there is controversy over is platform heels. It was viral in 2022. However, it is either a hit ot miss for this trend. It is not as viral this year so, this trend depends on you.

Hope you love the 2023 fashion trends that will go viral this year. Comment below on the 2023 fashion trends you’d be shopping for.

Shop my favorite 2023 fashion trends below

Click here to buy floral detail heels

Click here to buy sculpted court heels for work

Click here to buy leggings set

Click here to buy low-waist cargo pants

2023 fashion trends that are worth your investment to buy

One of my favorite seasons of the year is valentines day. I love to go out and play dress up in cute valentines day dresses. Dresses are my go-to outfit idea for valentines day. What are the best valentines day dresses you need right now?

In this post, I will be recommending some great options for valentines day dresses you need to get ASAP. These dresses are perfect as cute date night dresses. Also, you can wear these dresses if you’re planning anything asides date.

You can check out these fun things to do on valentines day as a couple if you’re yet to decide what to do. They will come in handy for you. While you’re at it, pick these cute valentines day dresses for your valentines day outfit. After all, the whole idea of valentine’s is to spend it looking dashing with your loved ones.

The selection of head-turning dresses below is perfect for whatever you have planned this valentines day. Whether it’s a picnic at the pack as a couple, a family get-together, or a fun day out at the beach. One of my favorite places to enjoy valentine’s is at the beach.

Check our post on what to wear to the beach for cute beach outfits to wear. Also, if you’d prefer a more modest look for the beach, check out our bikini alternatives post.

Date night outfits

Valentines day dresses are a great option to wear as date night outfits. Do you have dinner planned in a nice restaurant as a couple? We’ve got you covered.

The dress below is a perfect option for you if you’re going on a date. And of course, it’s red, the color of the season, sexy and eye-catching.

I would recommend you wear shapewear or body shaper for a smooth yet flattering look in this dress. Bodyshaper is a must-have wardrobe essential for every lady. It would be best if you had it to look stylish and chic in all your outfits.

Brunch date

Another fun thing to do on valentines day is to go on a brunch date. This can be an all-girls hangout or as a couple. You can also visit the movies after your date to enjoy your valentines.

One of the best valentines day dresses I would recommend is a little black dress. Little black dresses are another staple wardrobe essential. You can get many uses from your little black dress. It is perfect for a date, as a work outfit, going out outfit, and of course a valentines day dress.

I love black dresses because you can style them in different ways. You can wear your little black with a pop of color accessories like red or green. Since it’s valentines, add a red pair of heels, a red shoulder bag, and gold jewelry for your date.

Picnic date

You can choose to hang out for a picnic date as a couple for valentines day. This could be at the beach or park to enjoy nature. One of the best valentines dresses perfect for a picnic date is a cutout dress.

This cool cut-out dress style is perfect for valentines day. You can dress it up with a pair of heels or sneakers. Also, you can dress it down with a pair of slides, espadrilles, or ballet flats.

Ballet flats are a viral 2023 fashion trend for shoes you need. So, to stay on trend, wear this cute nude cut-out dress with a pair of ballet flats.

To keep warm, wear a red or yellow jacket with this dress. I highly recommend yellow because that’s how I will style this dress.

Dinner date

One of the coolest things to do on valentines day is to go on dinner dates as a couple. What better way to spend time together as a couple on valentines day? Chit-chat about anything, eat and laugh into the night.

I found the perfect dinner date dress for you this valentine’s. The rich green color and silhouette is flattering and chic. You can choose to go monochrome with this look with a green clutch and strap heels. Also, you can wear this cute dress with a gold handbag or heels.

This is the perfect dress for a dinner date if the first time meeting with your prospective partner. I can imagine how dashing you’d look in this dress.

Feel free to comment below on what you’d be doing on valentines day and which of these dresses are right for you. Have fun.

4 Cute valentines day dresses you need in 2023

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