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Best 3rd party flight ticket booking sites to help save on travel

While traveling might be fun, one thing that often delays the execution of these trips would be booking flights. Have you seen the prices of flights lately? Like wow! I got you, here are the best 3rd party flight ticket booking sites to help you save on your travels.

Nowadays, one cannot just wake up and want to book an impromptu journey. You will have to monitor the prices of flights for weeks or even months to ensure that you get the best price. This is where 3rd party flight ticket booking sites come to play. 

Finding cheap flight tickets using third-party sites can significantly save on travel costs, offering a variety of benefits over booking directly with airlines. I wrote extensively comparing 3rd party flight booking vs direct airline flight ticket.

These sites often provide comprehensive search options, price comparisons, and special deals that aren’t always available through airline websites

how to save on travel using 3rd party flight tickets

How to Find Cheap Flights Using 3rd Party Sites

Many people complain that navigating 3rd party flight ticket booking sites can be confusing. While this may be true, it also depends on the platform you are using. As you read further down this blog, I will recommend some of the sites that can be helpful. 

However, here are some tips you should infuse on how to find cheap flights using 3rd party sites:

  1. Use Metasearch Engines and OTAs: Websites like Skyscanner and Google Flights aggregate flights from numerous sources. This way, you get to compare prices across different airlines and booking platforms easily.

2. Be Flexible: Many of these sites allow you to search with flexible dates or destinations, helping you find the cheapest options. For example, Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” search feature shows you the cheapest fares to various destinations from your departure city.

3. Be In Tune With Price Alerts and Trends: Tools like Google Flights offer price tracking, sending you alerts when prices for a specific route drop, while also showing price trends to help you decide the best time to book.

Best 3rd party flight ticket booking sites

Advantages of Using 3rd Party Flight Ticket Sites

Wondering why you should use these 3rd party flight ticket sites to search for a flight? I will simply say it saves you stress. If you’re like me who enjoys ease, then you will hop on this option. This way, you do not have to manually start checking the websites of the different airlines. 

Some additional benefits are: 

  • Price Comparisons: With these sites, you can easily compare prices across different airlines and booking sites to find the best deal.
  • Exclusive Deals: Some sites negotiate special rates with airlines and can offer exclusive deals. Juicy right? But if you sleep on 3rd party ticket booking sites, others will enjoy this offer. Remember, if you sleep, you lose!
  • Comprehensive Search Filters: By using 3rd party flight ticket booking sites, you can find flights based on your specific preferences. It could be the number of stops, departure times, and airlines.

Furthermore, many sites offer additional tools and features, such as price guarantees, flexible date searches, and environmental impact ratings for flights.

Best 3rd Party Flight Ticket booking sites

From the day I started using 3rd party flight ticket sites, I haven’t looked back. It has been one of the best decisions ever. Some of the best 3rd party flight ticket sites I would recommend are:

1. This site offers a wide range of booking options, including flights, hotels, and car rentals. Users appreciate its user-friendly interface and customer service. I find it easy to use and stands as one of my go-to. Click here to book your ticket via

2. Skyscanner: Would the list be complete if I don’t include skyscanner? It stands as one of the most popular 3rd party flight ticket booking sites globally. It is equally user-friendly and easy to navigate. One feature that stands out is its extensive filter option. 

3. TravelStart: This site is more popular in Africa and the Middle East. It provides a simpler and easier way for travelers to compare flight prices and offers additional travel services. I’ve not had any reason to regret since I started using this site. 

4. Travelocity: I find this interesting as it offers a price guarantee. Compared to other sites, you also get free cancellations within 24 hours on most airlines. Although I personally have not used them, many people have recommended this site and I would check it out soon. 

5. WayAway: This 3rd party flight ticket booking site comes as a newer entry to the market. It is known for offering cashback on flights and other travel services when booking through their platform. If you know me, you know that I’m all for freebies, especially where I enjoy great service. 

I have a discount code for you that offers you 10% off your WayAway membership sign up. Click to sign up for WayAway to enjoy cashback on your travels.

To learn more about WayAway membership, check my review of WayAway here.

6. Google Flights: This site also has vast popularity and is known for its powerful search engine capabilities. When using it, you get to see price trends, and it also offers a price guarantee on select flights. 

All these 3rd party flight booking sites are great options if you need to save on your travel cost. Google flight is perfect if you are unsure of your travel dates or destinations, so you travel based on the prices of the tickets.

Travel Start on the other hand is perfect if you’re in Africa and are looking for the best travel deals to anywhere in the world. I highly recommend if you’re in Asia, Europe or America. They have a great option of cheap flight tickets to Europe, America or Asia.

Also check out out detailed travel resources section to help you plan your trip with ease.

Feel free to comment down below which of these best 3rd party flight ticket booking sites you have used. Which do you recommend, let’s have a chat in the comment section. Ciao.

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