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Baros Maldive resort: Experience the exhilarating beauty of tropical island seclusion

Alluring Maldive Villa

Baros Maldive is an alluring island resort located on the coast of north east Sri Lanka.
The island is ringed by blue water lagoon, sandy beaches, and tropical palm trees. It is a tropical island dream. It is a perfect honeymoon spot as maldives are secluded islands which gives couples privacy creating a world of their own.

The resort consist of secluded water villas with private over water pools, over water pools, water villas, fine diners that serves assorted cuisine, a garden spa  and gym. It is also a perfect attraction site for scuba diving and water sports.


Maldive water villas


Exotic Diners and fine cuisine


Priavate Lounge


Private Villas with Over water Pool


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