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Suntan beach Badagry Lagos: fun things to do & know


Badagry is one part of Lagos that is rarely visited. Although, there are people residing in this part of Lagos. The journey to Badagry is very long (almost 4 hours). It was stressful, but the highlight of my day is my visit to Suntan beach, Badagry.

The fastest means of transportation is through bikes before the Lagos state government banned it. We saw that coming though, the bike men were quite rough. Also, it is quite unsafe to take a bike on an express road. I was curious to know Badagry so I went on a day trip.

There are so many beaches in Badagry. So, a tricycle driver suggested that we visit Suntan Beach since it is very affordable. Here is all you need to know and fun things to do at Suntan beach on your visit to badagry Lagos.

Transportation to Suntan beach badagry Lagos

I started my trip to Badagry from Orile, Lagos. We left around to 12 pm so there was no bus available going to Badagry. So, we had to take another bus to Mile 2 bus stop. Our transportation fee per person to the Badagry roundabout was NGN700 per person at the park.

Although some say it can be cheaper if we leave home earlier. Anyways, the trip was a long and bumpy ride. The roads are so bad. Also, avoid wearing white on your trip because it will be off white at the time you get to badgry. If you have any respiratory issues or easily irritable by dust, please wear a nose mask.

The was quite fun too. The passengers on my bus were quite friendly. We made fun of a guy who bought a Bluetooth earpiece at the park without testing it. He didn’t have his mobile phone with him but he had faith it would work.

Another passenger helped tests it with his mobile phone and alas it worked. We highlighted at badagry roundabout famished since we didn’t ear breakfast. Also, my mobile phone battery was already low because we had no light the previous day. We paid to charge our phone and fed ourselves with yam spiced with sugar and fried eggs.

Where is Suntan beach Badagry located? Although, it is quite difficult to say the real address. However, we then took a tricycle for NGN50 to Suntan beach. It is just on the expressway to the Republic of Benin.

Suntan Beach Badagry Gate Fee and fun things to do

Suntan beach Badagry is close to the roadside so it is hard to miss. The gate fee for entry is NGN500 naira per adult. The beach is one of the cleanest natural beach I have ever seen. Also there are lovely coconut palm that gives a lovely and serene outlook.

There are secluded beach huts at the Suntan beach for use at no cost. Maybe because we came in quite late in the evening though. Also, You can get barbecue beef, drinks and tropical coconut drink at the beach. Here are so fun activities you do at Suntan beach.

Horse riding

Horse riding is one of the major side attractions at Suntan beach, Badagry. There were quite a number of horse riders to choose from. We took part in the horse riding with the aid of the owner of the horse. I can’t really ride a horse on my own so I let them guide us anyways.

You don’t want to get thrown off the back of a horse. It’s a bad experience. We were charged NGN300 per person to ride the horse. Also, I ‘ll advise you not to take pictures while on the horses. We were charged extra fee for taking pictures with them. Funny right.


The beach is very beautiful so you take good pictures for Instagram or Facebook. Also, you can also do a pre-wedding, product shoot or birthday shoot at the beach. The beach wasn’t crowded like other beaches so there a lot of space to take good pictures.


Suntan beach water is neat and inviting. So, it is okay to swim and enjoy the waters of the beach. Although, I didn’t swim or should I say I can’t swim. So, I can’t say if the waters are too deep for learners. Either way, who wouldn’t at least want to dip themselves in neat beach water?

My only reservation about the beach is the spiritual exercise that goes on there. It’s quite creepy though we started seeing white candles, fruits of all sort that were thrown into the beach at its bank. A white garment church is also beside the beach demarcated by a wooden wall.

Overall, it was a fun day trip to Suntan Beach, Badagry, we left the beach late at night at 7 pm I guess. So, if you’re visiting Badagry soonest, check at Suntan beach to have fun.

Suntan beach hotel

Suntan beach Badagry is just one of the beaches in Lagos state. You can also check out on my post other beaches you can visit in Lagos. Also you can watch my vlog on my visit to landmark beach lagos. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe my channel.

FAQ you need to know about visiting Suntan beach Badagry

  1. How much is the suntan beach Badagry, gate fee? The entry fee to suntan beach badagry Lagos is 500naira per adult and 200naira per child.
  2. Can I bring food into Suntan beach? There is no restriction on bringing in your food to this beach. However, you can get food, drinks and other finger snacks at this beach. Unlike popular beaches like Laguna beaches and the likes, the food and drinks are inexpensive. So, you might as well get it at the beach
  3. Do you have free access to the facilities at Suntan beach? This depends though. However, the beach huts goes for a fee of 3000naira. You can get a beach hut for hangout at the beach. There are no Cabannas, beach benches or lounge chairs.

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  1. That actually looks like you had a beautiful day plus the beach is so neat. I have been to Badagry beach once and yeah I agree with you, it is a beautiful sight. Thanks for sharing your experience

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