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Top 10 Most beautiful places to visit in Africa as a tourist

Are you planning a vacation or looking to tour some African countries? Which African country is best to visit or the safest? I’ll share with you some of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa as a tourist. 

I have always loved visiting new places, learning about their cultures, and keeping indigenous items to serve as a remembrance. Through this experience, I have discovered that African countries are interesting to explore, and almost nothing can beat the experience. 

Have you ever wondered why foreigners love to explore African countries? These countries are rich in culture, vegetation, food, human resources, and more. You will be all smiles when you tour various African countries. 

If you are wondering what the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa are, I’ll share some of them. Then, perhaps, you could plan to see any of these countries this summer. And if you will be visiting during the summer, you should pack one of these summer dresses.

Top 10 Best places to visit in Africa

In no particular order, here is my top pick for the best African countries to visit:

1. Nigeria

Some people may think I am biased for placing Nigeria at the top of the list. But, have you been to Nigeria? There is a reason why it is called the giant of Africa. Nigeria is one of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa you need to add it to your travel bucket list to Africa. It is rich in beauty, natural resources, culture, and of course food.

There is never a dull moment in Nigeria, and you may even be the one who doesn’t have enough time to visit the country’s numerous fun locations. I love that most of the states and cities in Nigeria are also buzzing. Therefore, Nigeria isn’t restrictive regarding places to visit where you can have fun. 

Nigerians are lovable people who are always ready to give you a good time if you are down for it. 

Some of the fun things to do in this country include:

  • Go mountain climbing: If you love to engage in outdoor activities, you should go mountain climbing in Nigeria. Obudu Mountain in Cross River State and Shere Hills in Plateau State are some excellent examples. 
  • Try the street food: If you haven’t tried some of the Nigerian street foods, you haven’t visited Nigeria. From Akara to Suya to Boli, everything leaves your taste buds craving for more. 
  • Go clubbing: The club scene in Nigeria is something to experience, and you can have fun clubbing in any Nigerian city you find yourself in. 
  • Go for a concert: You’ll be doing a great disservice to yourself if you do not attend at least one show before leaving Nigeria. So, attend a concert and experience some of your favorite afrobeat artists performing live!
  • Visit a park: At the park, you can meet and interact with super cool Nigerians and make new friends. You also get to observe the lifestyle of these people and probably learn something new. Abuja has some of the best parks in Nigeria.
  • Spend time at its Numerous Beaches: Lagos Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s hubs of beaches. There are so many cheap and private beaches you can explore in Lagos. Some of my favorites are Lekki Leisure Lake, Laguna Beach, Redline private beach, Landmark beach, etc. Click here to check out my top 15 private and cheap beaches you can explore on your visit. Are there other beaches in Nigeria you can explore? Of course, Patigi beach, Kwara state & Mc Carthy beach, Delta state.
  • Chasing waterfalls: Another fun thing to do on your visit to Nigeria is to chase waterfalls. There are so many beautiful waterfalls to explore in Nigeria. My favorite is Erin Ijesha waterfalls, Osun state. However, there are other waterfalls like Owu waterfalls in Kwara state, etc. How many waterfalls are in Nigeria? There are about 20 waterfalls you can visit scattered across Nigeria.
University of Ibadan, Zoo, Oyo state

2. Kenya

Another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa is Kenya. Amongst the numerous things to love about Kenya, I love the peace that comes with visiting the country.

I found it fascinating drivers didn’t use their car horns while driving. It came as a culture shock compared to my home country. It was also fascinating to see that most of the locals are fit. Now, it isn’t surprising why they win most athletic games. 

Some of the fun activities to do in Kenya include:

  • Go Hiking/Cycling: I saw that one of the best ways to connect with Kenyan locals was through hiking and cycling. There are hiking trails across various cities in the country. Often, you will see groups of people cycling, and you can join in the fun. Aberdare National Park and Chyulu Hills are excellent spots for hiking and cycling. 
  • Go scuba diving: If you are a risk-taker and love to live on the edge, you should try scuba diving in Kenya. Even if you haven’t done it, there is always a first time for everything. The fun you will experience with this activity is unmatched. 
  •  Explore the nightlife: Spending time in Kenya made me realize that nightlife differs in various places. By exploring the nightlife areas in Kenya, I met more locals and learned some of the dance steps. 
  • Visit a wildlife Safaris: Kenyans are proud of their wildlife, and visiting such places proves fun. Here, you get to see animals you haven’t seen before and connect better with nature. Click here to book a safari tour to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

Get your guide to offer so many of these tour activities on a budget. I love to use this brand on my travels around Africa. You can book a tour of the National park, Spend a few nights in the Maasai Mara safari, scuba Diving in Kisite Marine park, and a waterfall hike. Click here to book these tours in Kenya with the GetYourGuide tour group on a budget.

Kenya Safari Day tour

3. Tanzania

Visiting Tanzania has been on my bucket list for a while, and I was happy to tick it off my list. Undoubtedly, I fell in love with the East African culture while in the country, and I didn’t feel like leaving when my vacation was over. This country is a must-see of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

Zanzibar is a tourist hotspot in Tanzania, but its other cities are also worth exploring. 

Visit Mount Kilimanjaro: This mountain has the reputation of being the tallest mountain in Africa. So, I was excited to visit it and climb the peak. Of course, I was scared at first, but excitement replaced the fear, and it’s something I can talk about for days. The beautiful scenery at this mountain’s peak was one of my vacation highlights

– Explore Zanzibar beaches: The buzz around Zanzibar isn’t fading anytime soon, and it’s because of its beautiful beaches. Exploring these beaches was fun, and I took many pictures for memory’s sake. On one of my trips there, I almost panicked as I forgot to pack a bikini. But I sorted myself with other bikini alternatives. One of the most popular things in Zanzibar is visiting Changuu island on a fun boat cruise. Click here to book a tour of Changuu island and a tour of the stone town in Tanzania. Zanzibar has to be on this list of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa.

– Go to the safari: I don’t know the idea or imagination you might have of the safari, but it is sure to surpass your expectation. In addition, ensure that you ride on a horse. 

– Go to the national parks: The national parks in Tanzania are also refreshing to visit. They made excellent spots to mingle and connect with the locals. 

Street food hopping in Stone Town: What’s the fun of visiting a country without trying out its street food. Stone town is one of the best places to experience the street food of the people of Tanzania. Get your GetYourGuide offers a day tour worth just $35, click here to book it, eat street food, and spend time with the locals in Stone town.

Boat Cruise at Zanzibar

4. Egypt

I hear some people say that you must be of a specific religion before you can enjoy visiting Egypt. But I can’t entirely agree with such claims. It is one of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa you need to add to your bucket list.

Yes, Egypt might be a conservative country, but anyone can enjoy visiting it, especially when you go there with an open mind. Plus it is another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa to add to your bucket list.

Some of the fun things to do in Egypt are: 

Visit the pyramids: One cannot talk about Egypt without mentioning its pyramids, especially the pyramids of Giza. So, why not satisfy your curiosity and visit these pyramids? Not only is it fun, but it is also enlightening. Click here to book a tour of the pyramid in Egypt.

Go to the river Nile:  Does this place ring a bell? Of course, it will be familiar to Christians. I had it on my list of things to do in Egypt, and I did not regret it. You can enjoy a boat cruise on the Nile river, click here to book it on a budget while on your trip to Egypt. I love boar cruises, so you know why I added the Nile to my top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa.

See Mount Sinai: I had always heard about mount Sinai, so it joined my list of places I needed to visit in Egypt. It felt good that I could now put a proper visual connection to my imagination. 

– Learn the culture: One of the best things you can do in Egypt is to learn their culture. The experience of learning something that differs from what you are used to tends to be exciting. It also helps you know what is applicable in the country and betters your relations with the locals. 

– Buy local artifacts: How else will you connect with a place if you don’t buy their local artifacts. But, be sure not to get carried away and finish all your money.  

Get your guide offers some very budget-friendly activities you can do during your visit to Egypt. Click here to check out other fun tours you can do in Egypt.

Pyramid of Egypt

5. Morocco

Another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa is Morrocco. It is easy for one to overlook this country. However, Morrocco stands as one of the best African countries to visit. Their culture is similar to that of Egypt, but there is also something unique about this place. 

Being in Morrocco brings an unexplainable sense of peace and calm.

– Visit a waterfall: Not everyone has seen a waterfall before. I have seen my fair share of waterfalls. But the ones in Morocco have a special place in my heart. Not only did I see them, but I also engaged in water games and brought out my inner child. So, I didn’t mind visiting the falls multiple times in Morocco. One of my favorites is the Ouzoud waterfalls. Click here to book this tour for under $20 via Getyourguide on your visit to Morrocco. This tour is from Marrakech to Ouzoud. 

– Go on a quad bike: I’ll say that the quad bike is for daring people. Even though my heart almost fell out, I was glad I got to experience and enjoy it.

– Visit the blue alley: The blue alley is so beautiful, and I couldn’t help but take pictures. It was fun exploring this place, especially as I haven’t seen something like it in other countries. 

– Go to a Moroccan Spa: Amazing! That’s the word I can use to describe how I felt after visiting a Moroccan Spa. The herbs and ingredients they used in taking care of me when I went there is something I still fantasize about to date. 

Ouzoud Waterfalls, Morrocco.

6. The Republic of Benin

Another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa is the Republic of Benin. You instantly feel at home when in the Republic of Benin, which is why it is one of the best African countries to visit. This cozy country has a lot to offer, even though it may not seem like it. 

Another lovable fact about the country is the warmness of the locals. They are open to foreigners. 

Some of the fun things to do in the Republic of Benin include: 

– Go to a museum: The Republic of Benin has many museums that showcase its rich cultural heritage. You learn more about the country’s history, culture, beliefs, and more at these museums. It is easy to lose track of time while exploring the museums in the Republic of Benin.

– Learn French: French is the predominant language in the country, and it comes in handy to learn it. Knowing how to speak French helps you relate better with the locals. It is always exciting getting the locals to teach you the language. 

– Go Kayaking: Kayaking is one of the fun water activities in the Republic of Benin. It was my visit time Kayaking, and I did not regret it. 

Spend time at Fidjrosse Beach, Cotonou: Another fun thing to do in the Republic of Benin is to visit Fidjrosse beach. It is a very beautiful place to visit on your trip to Cotonou. Plus it is free to access to tourists and locals alike. Click here to read more on my ultimate guide to visiting Cotonou on a budget.

7. Ghana

Another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa is Ghana. I did not have high expectations when visiting Ghana. For some reason, I was indifferent about it. However, the country left me in awe after a few days, and I have become Ghana’s regular visitor. 

The energy and vibe in Ghana are always high and positive. It is why visitors never want to leave when they visit. 

Below are some of the fun activities to do in Ghana: 

– Go to the local market: There is always something to buy when you visit a Ghanaian market. I don’t know how they do it, but I always love in love with the displayed wares. As someone who loves getting souvenirs from different countries, I always have fun exploring the local markets in Ghana.

– Go on the canopy walk: I was excited when I learned about the canopy walk as it seemed different from regular activities. Yes, I was scared to try it. But it turned out fantastic. I’ll always recommend the Kakum canopy walk to anyone visiting Ghana. 

– Attend a local festival: Attending a local festival is one of the best ways to mingle with the locals in Ghana. It is always fun as it is nothing short of merriment. 

Cape coast and Elimina Castle tour: another fun activity you can do is to visit cape coast or Elmina castle in Ghana. These castles were built by European traders that stayed in Ghana according to history. It is a very chilled instagrammable place to visit in Ghana. So, if you’re a content creator, you can get great pictures while learning about Ghanian history. Click here to book your tour at Elmina and cape coast, Ghana.

Cape Coast & Elmina Castles

8. Cote d’Ivoire

I’ve always believed that having fun in a country isn’t dependent on the country’s size, and Cote d’Ivoire proved me correct. From its capital city to Abidjan and other regions of the country, I had a swell time exploring when I visited. It is a great option for the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa on a budget.

Go to a park: Cote d’Ivoire has beautiful scenery, and I loved visiting their gardens with a novel. I felt most of my evenings having quiet times, and at other times I would chat with people at the parks. It was a wholesome experience.  

– Go on a night drive: The calmness in this country makes it an excellent location for night drives. However, I would not advise that you do this alone as a foreigner. Instead, make friends with the locals and link up with them when you want to experience a night drive.

– Visit the pubs:  The pubs in the country are the best locations for local beverages. My curiosity made me taste some of these drinks like Bandji, Bissap Juice, Ginger Juice, and others. 

9. Cameroon

Another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa is Cameroon. Cameroon is a place I would want to keep all for myself if I could. Visiting this city allowed me to have an exciting time without spending much. It is a no-brainer for it to be part of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa. Yes, it is also a small country, but there are many things to do for fun.

It is one of those African countries that has a special place in my heart, and I could not help but add it as one of the best African countries to visit. 

Some of the fun things I did in Cameroon included: 

– Visiting a butterfly farm: Imagine spending all day chasing butterflies without worries. I’m sure a smile has crept on your face with such imagination. Yes, that is how I felt on this farm. I felt happy and free, which I needed at that moment. 

– Going hiking: It was also fun exploring the forests of Cameroon, but I had to indulge in the services of a tour guide. Of course, there is always the initial fear that the tour will be boring, but that was not the case. I also learned many new things about Cameroon from the tour guide.

– Going to a cactus farm: As someone who had never been to a cactus farm, I could not pass up the opportunity to visit one. And, you can be sure that I had my camera handy to create memories. 

10. Namibia

That Namibia is the last country on this list doesn’t make it less fun or exciting African country to visit. It is one of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa, especially in the southwest. 

Below are some of the fun activities to do in Namibia

Visit a craft center:  Namibia has some of the top-notch and exquisite artworks I have seen. Visiting a craft center allows you to learn the process and buy souvenirs. I could spend all my time in a Namibia craft center if I had the opportunity.  

– Go site seeing: I could not help but commend the architectural structures while walking around Namibia. The images are imprinted in my head as they were fascinating. Looking at these buildings while taking quiet walks in the evenings gave me an enjoyable stay in Namibia.

 – Go to a leisure park: Namibians are fun people, and you can see this in leisure parks. These people indulge in different games that let them unleash their inner child, and you can also be a part of them.

Enjoy a quad bike ride in the desert of Namibia: I love to go on quad bike rides on my vacations. Quad bike rides are always fun whether on the beach or on the desert sands. You can enjoy out riding on a bike in the desert of Namibia. Also, you can book this tour with GetYourGuide for just $32 for a full day’s ride.

Quad bike ride on Namibia Sand dunes

Handy tips for visiting African countries

In as much as we have covered the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa. We all know that Navigating a new environment is not the same as your home town. What do you need to know before traveling to Africa? So, if you are all packed to explore Africa, here are some handy tips you need to know.

  1. As a stranger, you will definitely get un-solicited help. Reject it as much as possible.
  2. The locals may try to hike the prices of things like increasing the cost of uber or bike rides. So, make a local friend that will help you navigate the town. You can also make a friend with the hotel staff in the hotel or guest house.
  3. Pack all your essentials for your travel but if possible travel light. Click here to know the travel essentials to pack.
  4. Learn a few words of the local languages. It will make the locals feel more at home with you. You can also use travel apps like google translate to make it easy for you to communicate. Africa has a vast language. However, the major languages are Francophone, Anglophone and Portuguese. Click here to learn more travel apps that will come in handy on your trip to Africa. Learning some words in the local languages will is a useful tip you need to explore these top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa.
  5. Dress modestly, especially in Muslim countries. Africa is big on culture and ethics.
  6. Prepare for the frequent stares. The locals mean no harm.
  7. Explore the local markets to shop and try out the local dishes

All these tips have come in handy for easy navigation while traveling in Africa. So, you will definitely find them useful on your travels in Africa. Coming to Africa soonest, add these top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa to your Itinerary.

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  3. I would love to visit Egypt and Morocco. These 2 countries are on my bucket list. Other countries, like Ghana could be too hot for me. As I come from a pretty cold country, my body doesn’t like too hot weather 😀

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