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14 Best street food in Lagos you need to try out

14 Best street Food in Lagos

Lagos is a fun place for recreation. Also, there are so many street food to try out. We all know that Lagos state is a multi-ethnic state. Even the indigenous Lagosian are hard to tell amongst the tribes. So, you would expect different types of street food in this city. I have been living in Lagos for a while now. These are the best street food in Lagos you need to try out. Some of these street foods you probably are familiar with. Others may be alien to you. However, if you do find yourself in Lagos, don’t hesitate to try out these street food. All these foods are cheap and are mostly road side meals. Here are my 14 best street food in Lagos to try out on your visit. You can also read my post on Farm city Lekki Lounge review.

Peppered puff puff

These are not just normal puff puff. I know how to make puff puff by myself at home. Thanks to my kid sister. However, this puff puff is small in size and its spicy.

It is common in Lagos island market. Idumota to be precise, the biggest market in Lagos. The first time I had a taste, I couldn’t get enough. So, if you find yourself in Idumota, try out peppered puff puff.

Roasted Plaintain

Roasted Plantain ( also known as Boli in Yoruba Dialect) is a street food you need to try out. You can choose to eat the Boli alone or with groundnut. Both ways are delicious. However, since plantain is a seasonal crop. This roasted plantain are seasonal too.

So, if you visit Lagos during the peak of Plantain season, enjoy Boli. If you love fries, you opt for plantain chips. This are also very delicious and common in Nigeria.


As stated earlier, Lagos is a multi-ethnic city. So, you can get most foods from other tribes in Lagos. Abacha is one of my best street food in Lagos. I always look forward to eating it whenever I am in Lagos island. Abacha is also known as Nigerian Salad.

So, if you’re Lagos, definitely try out Abacha. There are 2 types of Abacha you can get in Lagos. Both of them are made from Cassava. However, the Abacha that is just like Salad with its local sauce, vegetables and fish. You can get this Abacha with cow skin too. ( ponmo ). The other type of Abacha is also good. This type is sold with Coconut.

Abacha street food in Lagos

Roasted Yam

I love the roasted yam. It is my second best street food in Lagos to try out. This food is a local dish that I get to eat in the Village or my parents home. However, in Lagos, you can get on the streets.

You can get roasted yam with stew, ponmo or fish. Also, you can choose to buy it without stew too. Roasted yam serves me as a full meal on most days.


Suya is a very common street food in Lagos. This street is popular in other parts of Nigeria. It is mostly sold at Night in most places. However, you can get suya during the day in places like Oniru, or close to Bukka hut, Alagomeji.

I love to eat suya a lot. One of my suya spot you need to know is University of Suya, Allen avenue. This place offer variety of Suya like Gizzard, special suya, beef etc. My best is the steamed special suya. So, if you need to try out Suya from University of Suya, I would recommend you try out special suya.

Cocoyam Chips

One street food in Lagos I never get tired of is Cocoyam chips. This is also known as Coco ( more like an abbreviation). I can eat up to 5 packs of this chips. However, the packs are quite small. So, it is not surprising that I can eat so many.

I will definitely recommend you try out this coco yam chip. They are very delicious.

Yam Fries

Asides roasted yams, fried yams are another street food to try out in Lagos. There are several varieties. You can get it with hotdogs, gizza or chicken. ( peculiar in Lagos Island). Also, you can get it with friend fish too. I prefer the fried fish and chips options peculiar of the Northern women. This fries is very delicious. However, the fish are quite expensive. They mostly sell the full fish instead of pieces of fish.


Another of the 14 best street food in Lagos to try out is Shawarma. Me and this food have a love/hate relationship. However, it is a street food you need to try out for yourself.

Shawarma is mostly sold in the evening. You can get shawarma for as low as 500naira in some areas in Lagos. Other places may sell shawarma for about 1000naira. I will recommend you try out this street food. It is quite good too.


Small Chops

At work, one street food we love to celebrate with is small chops. Every birthdays or promotions, we look forward to small chops treat. Small chops is another of the 14 best street food in Lagos you need to try out.

Small chops has puff puff, samosa, spring rolls, & chicken. However, you can get small chops with extra things like shrimps or gizzards too. I love this street food a lot. You can choose to get any parts of the small chops more than the others. I try as much to reduce the puff puff and replace it with others like samosa or more gizzard.


Okpa is street in Lagos from our Ibo brethren. My first time trying this food was okay. However, I don’t like it as much. It is similar to moin-moin ( of the Yoruba).

I prefer moin-moin any day over okpa. However, you can try out this street food too. You may like it more than I do. To each his own.


Boiled Corn

Another seasonal street food in Lagos is corn. You can either eat corn roasted or boiled. I prefer to eat corn boiled. You can eat corn with pear or coconut.

However, I prefer to eat cooked corn with pear. For me, coconut goes best with roasted corn.

Boiled Groundnut

Groundnut is another street food in Lagos I love. It is also a seasonal street food in Lagos. You can get it for as low as 100naira. Most street hawkers in Lagos measure it with cups. However, you can get already tied from some sellers.


Moin-moin as kid is something I look forward to eat on weekends. The stress of washing the bean and making it I do not like as a kid. However, I quickly forget the stress when the meal is ready.

In Lagos, you can get moin-moin easily as a street food. On some Lazy days, I eat moin-moin with bread as dinner. You can also eat moin-moin with eko too. There are two types; moin-moin with egg or with fish. I prefer moin-moin with fish more. It quite tasty compared to that with fish.


Akara is another street in Lagos I love. My issue is that it gives me constipation when I eat it with bread. You can eat Akara alone, with bread or pap. I prefer to eat it with pap. This does not give me any digestive issue.

Some friends call akara and bread, Nigerian sandwich. Most sellers will add the akara in the bread when you buy it. Akara is not just common in Lagos but most parts of Nigeria. So, if you need a street food in Lagos for breakfast, opt for Akara and bread.

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