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The most exciting time of a woman’s life is saying “I do” to the love of their life. I love to attend weddings to see loved-up couples and enjoy the food too. What are the best frugal wedding ideas on a budget? How do I locate low-budget wedding venues near me to cut costs yet have a beautiful wedding?

Your wedding is the best day of your life. So, you want to make that day special. You need not go broke to make your day memorable for you, family and friends. A lot goes into planning a wedding as well as honey moon.

According to an article on Forbes, a wedding of 150 guests will cost you about $27000 to plan. That’s a lot, right? How do you plan the best wedding on a budget? This is super easy to achieve if you follow these tips to cut costs and make your big day memorable. Here is how to plan the best frugal or cheap wedding for your day.

Have a wedding budget

Do you have a picture of your dream wedding? Great, the next step is how much will the wedding cost to plan? You need to have the wedding budget talk with your partner. You may not realize how much your desired wedding may take from your bank balance. Moreover, a budget breakdown will help you know how much it will cost you to plan your wedding.

Also, it will help you cut down on unnecessary spending. For example you can choose to invite your friends via mail or word of mouth and ditch the printing Invite cards. You can also skip the use of the menu or program of the day too. So, to have a frugal wedding, have a budget and keep to it.

You cannot execute your frugal wedding ideas without knowing what your budget is. A budget is a must-do before planning a cheap yet classy wedding idea on a budget.

Ask for help from your friends with planning

Whether you’re planning a cheap wedding or a destination wedding, the whole process can be overwhelming. However, instead of using a wedding planner, ask for help from your friends and family.

You can ask your friends to handle the decorations, the planning, shopping, and other details that go into wedding plans. In this way, you get to save on hiring a wedding planner. Another thing you can get your friends to do is to take pictures of you during your wedding.

If you can get a free lance photographer to capture some special moments. However, your friends may capture great moments on your special day that a photographer may miss. Thankfully, we all have mobile phones, so anyone can take pictures of you.

You can have your friends share these pictures with you after the wedding. One way to do that is by using a wedding photo-sharing app. This app makes it easy to collect all these pictures. All you have to do is to send an invite to your guest to share photos of you along with the wedding Invite. You can choose to print them or just make a photo album of these pictures.

Shop during big sales

Another way how to plan the best frugal wedding is to opt to shop for your dress during huge sales. You can get the best deals from stores during their sales or black Friday sales. I love to shop during huge sales because I get to save on my hauls.

So, to get cheap wedding décor, opt to shop it during sales. Also, you can shop for wedding dresses that don’t scream wedding. Shop for dresses that you can wear after your wedding day. Most of us have wedding dresses that we wore just once.

These dresses are probably stored up at the bottom of our closet after our special day. So, to save on your wedding dress, opt for dresses that you can wear after that day.

Also, you can choose to rent your dress instead of buying. I love this option. It is obviously cheaper to rent a wedding dress than buying one. So, to cut the costs of your wedding dress, rent instead of buying a new dress. This is one of the best frugal wedding ideas to know. Rent your dress and have a cheap wedding on a budget.

If you can do it yourself

You can have the best wedding on a budget by doing things yourself. There are so many things you can choose to do yourself instead of outsourcing it. For example, you can choose to do your make-up yourself.

Many of us on a normal day have full kit of makeup we use. Instead of paying for a make-up artist, do your own makeup.

Another thing you do is to make your hair yourself. For inspiration on hairstyles to do, check out these prom hair styles. This will also save you money and time from booking a session with your hairstylist. So if you need the best frugal wedding ideas, ditch a stylist and do your own hair & makeup. Or better still, get a sibling who can do a good job for you on a low budget.

Opt for unconventional wedding venues

Another of the best frugal wedding ideas is to opt for cheap destination weddings. You can choose to ditch renting a hall and have your wedding at the park. I love parks a lot. Moreover, some parks have facilities you can use to host your guest. This will cost you cheaper than renting a wedding hall.

Also, you choose to have your wedding at a beach front. I know most private beaches may cost you a lot. However, you can have your wedding on a regular beach. You can book to use your regular beaches for your wedding.

Another great option of the best frugal wedding ideas is to host your guest at home if you have a big home or your home yard. I had my wedding engagement party in my home with my family and friends. So, I didn’t have to pay to rent a hall for it.

Honeymoon at an Airbnb

Opting to have your honeymoon at an Airbnb. This is a great option for the best frugal wedding ideas to do. Most couples prefer to have lavish honey money in a resort or luxury hotel. This can be super expensive.

So, if you’re looking for cheap places to get married and honeymoon, opt for an Airbnb. You can get an affordable entire apartment for your wedding. This you can use to host your guest and honeymoon after dispersing them.

The perks of Airbnb are that you get to have a feel of home and cook your meals. Also, you can order meals while you are at the Airbnb throughout your honeymoon. However, I will recommend cooking your meals if you can to cut down on the wedding cost. For things to do for your honey moon, you can read my post on 12 best staycation ideas for when you can’t travel.

Other tips for planning a wedding on a budget

The above will help you have the best wedding on a budget. However, these tips will come in handy too.

  1. Limit your guest list: Invite only people you want to be with you on your special day. Not everyone needs to attend your wedding. You can limit your guest to about 100 people. Also, you can choose to insist on an invite-only to limit the amount of plus one invites.
  2. Opt for buffet: Have a buffet for your guest. This is quite cheap as you have several options and they get to choose their meals. This is unlike having a specific dish and serving people. One it saves you money on getting servers and reduces food wastage.
  3. Use fake flowers for you and your little bride. Fresh flowers have a short life span and can be expensive too. So, opt to use fake flowers as they are cheaper.
  4. Start planning early
  5. Opt to have your wedding off-peak season.

Frugal wedding ideas| How to plan a cheap yet classy wedding on a budget

There is always something we need to work on in ourselves. You may want to improve on a particular skill that will boost your career or need to take skill just for personal development. Self-improvement is a continuous process as there is always something new to learn in life. You can never know it all or see it all. Moreover, if you want to go far in life or become successful you need to work on yourself. As a writer, I am constantly learning how to write better and dish our knowledge to my readers. So, I take my personal development as a priority and take up opportunities for self-improvement. Here are 5 things you need to start doing if you are looking for ways on how to improve yourself in 2021.

Know what you want to do

If you want to grow yourself, you need to have an idea of what exactly you want to improve. For example, you may want to work on your savings goals. This may be a serious issue for you. Moreover, who says saving money is easy? This is an act that can be learned.

Also, If you are in IT for example you can read about the course like Spoto Cisco. Read a book about the skill you want to improve on and take an extra step to get certified for such a skill.

So, to improve yourself, have an idea of what you want to improve and take steps to actually learn about. This will in turn will help in your personal development and of course, boost your career in 2021.

Get a Mentor

Another way on how to improve yourself is to get a mentor. A Mentor will help you be a better version of yourself. My mentor always pushes me to be better than I am. She guides me and shows me opportunities that I will miss normally.

So, if you want to improve yourself or work on personal development goals, you need a mentor. They make you accountable for whatever you plan to do to grow yourself.

It is super easy to want to be a better chef or work on your cooking skills yet make no effort to achieve it. So, having someone that you are accountable to will make you work on improving yourself.

Learn a new skill

Life is a continuous learning process. If you need to go far in your career, you need to be open to learning new skills.

You can learn a new skill by signing up to get a certification in Spoto CCNP for example. So, learn skills that will help you in your personal development plan. This will in turn help you boost your career.

You can also learn a new language to grow yourself. I love to travel and language can sometimes be a barrier. Don’t get me wrong. There are a few apps that can help you translate and make your life easy while traveling. However, it is easier to learn a new language especially the place you want to visit.

Most jobs also see a different language apart from your mother tongue as an added advantage. Languages like Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, or Mandarin are desirable mostly by multinational brands. So, grow yourself to bag that high-paying job in your choice multinational company.

Face your fears

There is a saying that if your dream doesn’t scare you, then it is not big enough. Every successful person at one time was afraid of taking a step towards their dream.

My mentor, a south Africa TV personality, Bonang used to have butterflies in her tummy whenever she is faced with a new task or role. But no one dies trying to best themselves. Do things that actually scare you.

I recently started vlogging and I have been loving it. I was afraid of facing my camera. You know the usual fear of the unknown. However, since I took the first step, it has been forward ever for me.

So, if you want to develop yourself, face your fears and be the best version of yourself. There is gold in you that you’re yet to mine out.

Track your progress

Anything that is not measured or tracked doesn’t get done. The reason we have Key performance indices in the corporate environment is to get work done.

I have started working on a task, but without tracking it, I don’t get to finish it. So, track your progress in whatever you set out to do. If you want to save for travel, keep track of your savings. Also, if you need to stop a bad habit, ensure you track how effective your method is to let go of such a habit. This helps you measure your progress and boost your personal development.

How to improve yourself: 5 things to start doing

We all love to look good when hanging out with friends or having a date with boo. This also applies to what we wear for travel or our travel clothes. I love to travel as much as I get the chance to. When picking travel clothes for women, it is all about style, comfort, and lightness.

So, in this post, I will be sharing my 12 best travel clothes for women in 2021. Some of these travel outfits you may already own in your closet. However, you can shop for some of these must-have travel clothes to make you look stylish while on vacation. I will share great travel clothes options of airport outfits, beach vacation clothes as well as basic loungewear.

Matching sets

One of the 12 best travel clothes for women I would recommend are matching sets. Matching sets are very easy to style. It is also a versatile piece of travel outfit you need right now.

You can wear your two-piece sets together or with other outfits. I love matching sets because you can wear them in different ways. So, if you need an easy outfit that is versatile for travel, a matching set is a great option.

I love matching skirt sets a lot. Also, for a summer vacation, I would recommend you shop for matching sets with floral prints. This sets the holiday mood. Zaful has some of the best yet affordable matching set options you can buy. Click here to shop a matching skirt set from Zaful.

You can get huge discounts shopping online using the Honey Chrome extension. Easy to set up and use.

Basic t-shirts

Another travel outfit you need is a basic t-shirt. A basic t-shirt is easy to style. You can wear your basic t-shirt with a pair of shorts or pants. Also, you can wear basic t-shirts as loungewear at your hotel or stay and for a casual outing exploring a new city.

There are several options of basic t-shirt you can shop for. You can opt for a graphic, statement, or plain white t-shirt. Also, you can shop for an oversize basic t-shirt as simple nightwear on your vacation. Everything5pounds offers some great options of basic t-shirt you can shop for. You can also get a pack of 3 basic tops from Everything5pounds for just 5 pounds. Click here to shop a 3-set basic t-shirt for just 5 pounds.

P.S. All items on Everything5pounds sell out fast. So, I would recommend you shop for what you need as you find it on their website. They offer free shipping to anywhere in the UK.


Rompers are another stylish travel clothes you need to pack. They are also a versatile piece you need. For travel, I would recommend packing clothes you can style and get as much use of. I love to travel light. So, I always pack clothes that are versatile like rompers.

There are so many ways you can wear your romper. You can dress it down with sandals or espadrilles for out shopping in the local market. Also, you can dress it up with heels for a beach vacation party. Rompers are one of my best beach vacation clothes for travel. You can also click here to read my post on other clothes you can wear to the beach.

Chicme fashion brand is my go-to plug for stylish rompers. You can also get a great style of jumpsuits from this brand. Click here to shop Rompers from Chicme.

Travel dress

One practical travel clothes for women to pack is a travel dress or simply put a dress. If you need clothes that you can easily wear for travel, opt for a dress.

You can wear a dress to go eat in a restaurant, to stroll or to the beach. For a summer vacation, I would recommend a white dress or a floral dress. You can opt for a maxi dress or a mini dress. However, I love a maxi dress for travel. You can wear a maxi dress as beachwear or casual wear. Plus, they are great for Instagram shots.

You can shop for Maxi dress options from Chicme. Click here to shop stylish maxi dresses from Chicme.

Bikini sets

My travel journey is incomplete without a trip to the beach. So, a bikini set is a must beach vacation outfit to pack. You need a bikini set for a stroll on the beach or to swim in the pool.

Zaful is one of the best places to buy bikini sets that are good and cheap too. You can a stylish bikini set for as low as $9.99.

You can choose to wear your bikini sets alone on the beach. Also, you can style your bikini sets with button-up shirts or bikini coverups too. So, for your next trip, add bikini sets to the list of vacation clothes for women you need. Click here for the latest swimsuits for women to shop for your next trip.

Lounge wear sets

There are days on vacation when all you want to do is the lounge. Sometimes, you may have to stay in for some days to lose the jet lag. So, you need a good set of loungewear clothes for women.

Loungewear is one of the best travel clothes for women to pack for their vacation. Any basic outfit can serve you well for lounging. However, you can choose to lounge in style.

A loungewear set is a great option for a Lazy day on your travel. I love a good lounge crop top and jogger set for my travel outfit. This you can wear as together or style with other outfits you packed. You can wear a loungewear set for casual outings, as a great option of what to wear to the airport or for running errands.

Chicme is my go-to brand to shop for stylish loungewear sets. Shop for chic loungewear sets from Chicme. For an extra 15% off your order on all categories, use Chicme fashion discount: ANCM15.

Beach Coverups

A Beach coverup is a beach accessory you need right now. This is perfect for those of us who love to have more coverage in bikini sets. Also, you can wear beach coverups to add more style to your bikini sets.

However, if you do well in your bikini sets, beach coverups are optional for you. I love the added style that beach coverups add to your swimwear. You can shop for stylish beach coverups from Zaful. There offer is an assortment of stylish options you’d love.

Loose fitting pants

One thing that I look for in my travel clothes is comfort. So, I shop for more comfy and breezy clothes for my travel. Loose-fitting or wide-leg pants are must-have travel clothes for women in 2021. This is super stylish and comfortable.

Wide-leg pants are also versatile too. You can style it for hiking, as beachwear, or for shopping at a local market. Also, you can wear your wide-leg pants with bodysuits, tank tops, or a basic t-shirt.

All you need to do is to pay attention to proportions. If your basic t-shirt is boxy, you can tie it into a knot to make it fitted with your wide-leg pants. You can also click here to read my post on style hacks you need to know.

Denim pants

When packing for travel, you need to pack practical outfits too. One of such practical travel outfits you need in 2021 is a pair of denim pants. Denim pants are versatile clothes for women to own.

There are several ways you can style denim pants for use. Also, I love denim pants as you can wear them on repeat with a little wash. For a 2-day trip, I can pack just a pair of denim pants, and I am good.


Another of the 12 best travel clothes for women you need is a pair of leggings. Leggings are the comfiest travel outfits you need right now. Also, it is a versatile outfit for women.

You can wear leggings as loungewear, run errands, do morning exercise, or casual outings. If you have hiking planned for your trip, you need a pair of leggings too. You can wear leggings with a basic t-shirt, blouses, tank tops or crop tops, etc. So, if you need versatile travel clothes for women, shop for some leggings.

Everything 5 pounds UK is one of the best places to shop for a great pair of leggings. Click here to shop for a pair of leggings.


I love flat shoes for travel. I can’t imagine packing for my trip without a pair of sneakers. Accessories like sneakers make dressing up so easy. You can wear a pair of sneakers everywhere.

You can wear sneakers as part of your workout outfit or for sightseeing on your travel. I love to wear sneakers with dresses on my travel. This trend is evergreen for me. Everything5pounds offers great sneakers for as low as 5 pounds. Plus you get to enjoy free shipping if you’re in the UK. Click here to shop a pair of Dad sneakers for your travel.

Travel sandals/ Espadrilles

Another accessory you need for travel is a pair of sandals or espadrilles. These pairs of shoes are very comfortable and versatile. I love a pair of espadrilles as summer must-have shoes. You can wear it to the beach or for just sightseeing.

Don’t forget to pack a pair of slides for lounging too. Other accessories you need for travel is tote bags & shoulder bags. Personally, I love to travel with tote bags. This is because they are practical bags that can carry a lot of stuff for you. It is one of my best that goes well with my 12 best travel clothes for women.

A tote bag is perfect for shopping. So, if you love to pick up stuff for your family and friends, you would love tote bags. This bag makes shopping so easy. You can shop for medium size tote bags for travel. A great place to shop for tote bags for travel is Everything5pounds. I love their great option and details on the bags.

12 best travel clothes for women perfect for vacation

I live amongst women most of the time. So, you guess right, I sleep naked most of the time. It is so convenient to lose those tight bras I had on all day. Sleeping naked for me is bliss. However, you may ask why is it better to sleep naked? There are so many benefits of sleeping naked. In this post, I will be talking about why you should start sleeping naked?

Also, I will share about 8 benefits that I have enjoyed from sleeping naked. Most articles even encourage sleeping naked together as a couple. You know!. I don’t like to talk too scientific in my post. However, the basic reason for couples is that body touching together has a relaxing effect for both partners. So, if you’re curious to know if sleeping naked is better for you, read on.

Why you should start sleeping naked?

There are so many advantages of sleeping naked. If you are seeking for a reason to give it a try, these reasons why you should start sleeping naked will convince you.

You sleep faster

Yass! sleeping naked is freedom from all the day’s tasks. It automatically sets your mood to go to bed. Asides from the obvious economic reasons which are that it is cheaper. You need not worry about shopping for sleeping clothes.

I tend to sleep faster naked or nude. It is just simple and makes you sleep faster.

Better glowing skin

We all know that sleep is beneficial to our whole body. No matter your skincare routine or how expensive your skincare product is, you need sleep to boost its effect.

There was a time I started using a new product for my skin along with my siblings. I saw better results on them than on me. This is because they sleep more and are well rested. Unlike me who rarely had a good night’s rest.

So, if you sleep better at night, you will definitely, have glowing skin. Sleeping naked at night makes you sleep better which in turn gives you glowing skin.

So, if you need a better result on your skin, sleep naked and sleep better.

Sleep better at Night

Another benefit of sleeping naked or nude is that it makes you sleep better at night. You are free from clothes or any form of restriction. So, you feel free and sleep deeper and better at night.

Whenever, I am having issues sleeping, I sleep naked. This makes me feel so relaxed and sleep deeper. Atlinia is one my favorite brands to shop beddings and sheets. I highly recommend them for the most comfortable and luxurious beddings for good sleep.

Click here to buy it

Reduces stress or Anxiety

We have established that sleeping naked makes you sleep faster and better. So, if you are well rested, you are free from stress or anxiety.

Sleep is a good to relieve stress. When you sleep deep, you feel refreshed and better. So, sleeping naked helps you relieve stress and anxiety.

It is cheaper

I can’t help but add this to one of the benefits of sleeping naked. It is cheaper as it takes less time to prepare to sleep in. You need to look for what to wear to sleep.

Also, it is cheaper as you don’t need sleeping clothes too. That is you don’t need to shop for pyjamas or night gowns to go to bed in. All you need are clean sheets and your body. That’s all. So, if you sleep naked, you save on sleeping clothes.

Better Genital health

I will talk first about vaginal health. For obvious reasons, duh!. Women who sleep makes are less prone to getting vaginal infections. It keeps your vagina free of any form of restriction and makes it healthy.

I can’t remember when last I had a vagina infection since I started sleeping naked. So, if you need a healthy Vaginal, sleep naked. You can read up other articles on google on the scientific reasons behind that. Also, you read my post on 5 healthy lifestyle every woman needs to know and adopt.

On the other hand, it helps men to be fertile when they sleep naked. Sleeping naked cools your whole body system. And for me, it cools their member, hence, healthier sperm and fertile men. There are so many articles online to support this too. Click here to read how sleeping naked for men help boost their fertility. In summary, sleeping naked is healthy for both men and women alike.

Improved mental health

Sleep well at night helps you feel better during the day. So, if sleeping naked gives you better night rest. This in turn will help improve your mental health.

A well rested being is mentally sound. So, if you are trying to work on your mental health, sleep more. Most people that struggle with their mental health struggle with having good sleep. Imagine being up all night worrying about things you cannot fix.

This will take a toll on your mental health. If you want an improve mental health, sleep naked and sleep better at night.

Mood boost

The benefit of sleeping naked and sleeping well cannot be overemphasized. If you’re well rested, you feel better the next day. This will translate to a better mood for you.

Have you had a terrible night sleep before? You will grumpy or annoying all day. So, sleeping naked and better will boost your mood. You will better and translate good energy in your environment. So, if you’re unsure why you should start sleeping naked, these benefits and more makes it worth a try. Good sleep, happier you!

Click here to buy the best linen bed cover

FAQ on sleeping naked and its Benefits

  1. I don’t live alone, so sleeping naked may be difficult, what do I do? You need to discuss with your flat mate about this and always request they knock before entry.
  2. Does sleeping naked help with intimacy? Yes it does help with your intimacy with your partner and it is a great option to boost sex mood.

Why you should start sleeping naked? 8 benefits to know

Many of us would love to explore the world as much as we can. But most of us can’t really travel. One reason is the cost of travel post-pandemic or internationally is expensive. Staycation is a great option to explore in place of travel. So, here are 12 best staycation ideas you need when you can’t travel. What can I do on a staycation? How can I do a cheap staycation? This post will give you great options staycation ideas you can try out. Here are the 12 best staycation ideas you need when you can’t travel.

Go on tour of your locality.

How can you make your staycation fun? One of the staycations ideas to explore is to go on a tour of your locality. Since I moved to a new city, my life has been a triangle. (Work, church, home).

Life can get so busy that you will not know about the hidden gems in your area. Go out and explore new places in your area. You can visit a museum, go to the beach for a day out or try new skills.

You can also opt to learn art skills or cooking skills to have fun. So, if you need a fun and cheap staycation idea, play tourist in your area.

Hang out at a Local park

Another of the 12 best staycation ideas you can do is to visit a local park. Parks are a cheap staycation option you can visit to spend time alone or with your loved ones.

There are so many fun things you can do at the park. You can host a get-together, play games or have a chilled picnic. I love to visit parks as it is an easy way on how you can make a staycation like a vacation.

You can look out for fun parks in your local and have a fun day chilling and relaxing.

Have a picnic at home

Who says you need to go out to have a picnic? Get creative with your staycation ideas by having a picnic at home. You can host a small picnic in your yard or in your sitting room.

The idea is to make your staycation fun. You can choose to invite friends or have a chilled time. Just enjoy a time out eating and merry.

Weekend getaway at a Vacation rental

If you’d prefer a change of scenery with a feel of home, go on a weekend getaway in a vacation rental. There are so many local Airbnb tailored your locale available. You can book a weekend staycation at an Airbnb.

I recently had a staycation at an Airbnb vacation home and I loved it. You can plan to visit other places in your city close to Airbnb. Another of the 12 best staycation ideas is to book a stay at an hotel. Hotels will give a feel of different scenery. Click here to book hotels, apartments or guest houses for your staycation.

You can plan to go to the beach or an eat-in restaurant to spice up your staycation. Also, some Vacation rentals provide kitchen facilities to cook your own food too. You can shop from your market to cook and have a chilled day seeing a movie.

Also, you can opt for beach houses so can easily stroll to the beach from your rental home. It is quite relaxing waking up to a beach view and soothing water splash against its bed of the beach. If you opt for a beach house, don’t forget to pack for the beach too. You can click here to read my post on what to wear to the beach.

Visit an art gallery

Another of the 12 best staycation ideas to do is to visit an art gallery. Art galleries are surprisingly the cheapest places to explore and have a fun day out. So, if you are an art lover or like me who just love its beauty. ( no strings attached, lol). Yes, you can go on a staycation to an art gallery in your area.

You can search for art galleries around your locale on google. Also, your search by reading travel blogs in your local area. Art galleries are free to access. So, if you are looking for a cheap or free staycation idea, visit an art gallery.

Dine in restuarant

Another staycation idea you need to try out is to dine in a restaurant. If you’re looking for how to make your staycation feel like a vacation, go out to eat.

You can go out to a nice restaurant in your area with your boo or friends. A simple idea is to opt for intercontinental dishes in place of your locale dishes. You can choose to eat Chinese or Italian dishes while in your area. This makes you feel like you are on a vacation in those countries while staycationing in your locale. Isn’t that fun?

Have a spa day

Most people travel the world and plan for a spa or massage session while at it. This is a great option of the 12 best staycation ideas to do when you can’t travel.

Book a spa session for a day and just relax. This self-care session can be so rewarding. You get to relax while having a fun staycation.

You can have the spa sessions as a me-time or with your friends. Also, you go for a massage too. A full-body massage will do you so much good. I love massages a lot. It is super relaxing to my nerves. You get to sleep well too.

Everyone needs a good spa or massage session once in a while. It is a good reward for your hard work and a great option for a staycation idea.

See a movie

This staycation idea I do every other day. After a stressful week or a day, I always opt for a relaxing movie. Mostly comedies or soaps or foreign movies. I don’t like horror or action movies when I need to unwind. This I do mostly on Netflix.

You can choose to Netflix and chill at home. To make it fun, you can pull down your curtains or blinds, add popcorn and watch it with your friends and family. It is so much fun to laugh with someone while seeing a movie.

Another option is to go to a cinema instead. This is great if you need a change of environment. Some of us have not gone on dates since the pandemic hit. Go on dates just to see the movies. It is a fun staycation idea you can do at home or go out to enjoy.

Enjoy a concert

All my music lovers will like this staycation idea. You can go out to enjoy a live performance or concert of your favorite musicians.

This can be fun unlike listening from your mobile devices or home theatre. You can evening dress for the occasion. Enjoy a night out just dancing and having fun at a musical concert.

Go on a day trip

I love to experience new places. But since we can’t really travel as much, you can choose to go on a day trip. You can go on a day trip to another city or to simply a relative or friend’s place.

It feels just like traveling too. However, for a day trip, you need not pack much. All you need is your skincare product, make-up, a few clothes, and essentials. You can read my post on what to pack or a packing list for travel.

So, if you are looking for a travel alternative or what to do when you can’t travel, opt for a staycation. Any of these 12 best staycation ideas are perfect to make your staycation fun.

12 best staycation ideas you need when you can’t travel

It is not bad to want to appear in the latest trend for your next get-together at an office brunch. I mean, who doesn’t like to catch attention in their outfits? So, it is normal to buy more trendy fashion clothes than basics. (Me too). However, some of these trendy pieces you only wear once or twice after purchase. Some of them even go out of trend faster than you know it. So, it makes no sense to curate more trendy pieces without our beloved basics. On a normal day, I would rather be in shorts and longe wear than to actually dress up. So, every lady needs some basics in their closet. Basics never go out of style or off-season. I love to shop for women’s clothes a lot. So, here I would recommend the best places to shop for basic clothing for women. These brands sell high-quality basics, tested and trusted.

Where can I buy quality basics for women?

There are so many brands that sell basic clothes for women. However, just a few of them sell high-quality basic clothing to women on a budget. I am a budget shopper and I love to get my money’s worth from my fashion haul. Here are the best places to shop for basic clothing for women in 2021.

Shell blouses

As a working professional, I need a lot of shell blouses as I can my hands on. Sorry to burst your bubbles, I have a day job too. So, I need tops that make it easy to dress up for work.

Shell tops are classic must-have wardrobe essentials for every lady. You can wear shell tops or blouses with dress pants or Midi skirts. Add a blazer for a chic office look. You can also read my post on 9 work clothes for women as a newbie professional. So, if you just got your job or are switching to office life, you need shell blouses or tops.

One brand that sells affordable shell tops is everything5pounds. It is a Uk online clothing brand to shop for women. I love their options of shell blouses. You can get as many colors as you want. I would recommend you go for neutrals as well as vibrant colors. This will make dressing up to work way easier. Trust me. This brand sells out so fast too. If you have your eye on any cloth, just get it before it’s gone. Click here to shop shell blouses for your closet.

Click here to shop shell blouse from Everything5pounds UK

Basic T-Shirt

You may wonder what basics should you have in your closet? Tee shirts are a basic I cannot do without. You need as many tee shirts in your closet. Tee shirts are easy to wear to run errands or dressed up heels to a party.

Everything5pounds sells basic tee shirts you can shop for. They offer basic tees in different colors. Personally, I love print tee shirts. I wear t-shirts to lounge. Also, I wear it with shorts for the beach. I love t-shirts a lot you can style them in different ways. You can tie it as a knot or tuck it under your bra for a cropped look. You can click here to read my post on other style hacks you need to know as a lady. Click here to shop t-shirts from Everything 5 pounds UK.

Click here to shop t-shirt from Everything5pounds


Other basics for women you need In your closet are bottoms. You need bottoms like dress pants, denim pants, shorts, midi or mini skirt, etc.

So, if you’re shopping for clothes get more bottoms. These bottoms make it easy to dress up daily. There are times I have so many tops with little bottoms in my closet. It is a hustle to dress sometimes.

However, if you have a variety of bottoms in your closet, you can easily switch bottoms and tops for different looks. One basic bottom you need in your closet is denim pants. Denim pants are like utility pants for me. You can dress up denim pants with tank tops for a casual outing. Also, you dress in your denim pants and blouses for a date night. Everything5pounds offers some selection of pants you can shop for. I love their maxi skirt option too. Click here to shop bottoms from Everythingpounds.

Basic tops

Basic tops are another wardrobe essential you need in your closet. You need tops like basic cami tops you can wear with blazers to the office. You can also wear cami tops with jackets for casual outings.

Another basic top you need in your closet is tank tops. Tanks tops are staple fashion pieces you need. You can wear tank tops with shorts to the beach or with midi skirts for casual outings. Everything5pounds UK has so many great options of tank top to choose from. So, you can get it in several colors. I love basic tank tops back in Uni days. I can easily wear a tank top with denim pants and off I go to class.

A pair of Sneakers

I love to wear shoes that are comfortable. So, you’d expect that I will love a pair of sneakers. Sneakers are a must-have for your closet.

For days you don’t feel like wearing heels, sneakers are a great option. You can wear sneakers with a shift dress to work. Also, you can wear sneakers with a pair of shorts to a beach party.

Sneakers are super chic for me. Everything5pounds offers different styles of sneakers. You can shop for running sneakers or dad sneakers for your closet. I love sneakers with chunky heels. So, I love the dad sneakers or trainers options at Everything 5 pounds UK.

Aside from sneakers, you also need flat shoes, slippers, or loafers. You can also shop for ballerina flats for work too. For a party or date, you need a pair of heels too. You can shop for sandal heels for versatility. Pump heels are another great option too. If you’re new to shopping for heels, click here to read my post on the ultimate guide to shop for heels. Click here to shop for a pair of sneakers or trainers from Everything5pounds.

Click here to shop dad sneakers from everything 5 pounds

Tote bags

Tote bags is another basic essential you need in your closet is a tote bag. Personally, I love medium-sized tote bags. Tote bags are everyday bag every lady need. You can wear your tote bags to the office, for running errands, or for a casual outing.

Tote bags are very practical bags. It is just like a utility bag for me. If you need a bag that is versatile and a go-to bag, I shop for tote bags. You also need shoulder bags, or structured handbags for work too. I also talk about options for the office for obvious reasons. So, If you need a classic handbag in your closet, shop for tote bags. Everything 5 pounds also offers some great options of tote bags you need right now. Don’t forget that all items sell out so fast. So, you need to shop it as you see them. All items on everything 5 pounds UK are all for 5 pounds. However, you can shop for items on sale for half the price too. Click here to shop below brown tote bag from Everything 5 Pounds

Click here to shop tote bags from Everything 5 pounds UK

Best places to shop basic clothing for women

There is nothing that makes me happier than shopping for new clothes or accessories. Even as a kid, I love to be gifted clothes or shoes. It is my happy place. So, it is no surprise that I love to talk about fashion. However, constant shopping comes with a price. You may end the year with little on or no savings. We don’t want that, right!. So, in this post, I will be sharing tips on how to save money while shopping for clothes or accessories. These tips have helped me shop and still be a responsible adult. Lol. Here are 5 ways on how to save money shopping for clothes. These tips are perfect whether you prefer offline or online shopping. I love to shop from the comfort of my home. Thanks to the internet. I always feel so overwhelmed by so much stuff in the local stores. However, I still do some shopping online too.

Shop from Thrift stores

Thrifting is an oldie but goodie hack to shop and save money. So many people see thrift as a broke girl hack. There are so many gems or designers that I have snagged from thrift stores.

You can get a lot of pre-loved items from thrift stores. A colleague once has found a gold engagement ring in the pocket of thrift joggers. This eventually became her engagement ring. She is married now.

You can find high street brands like Zara, H& M, Asos, and the likes from thrift for way less. I love to shop thrift once in a while. You shop thrift from your local market. Also, you can shop for thrift or pre-loved items online too. So many brands now sell thrift or pre-loved items. Brands like the real real, shop nandra &Thrift projects ( both Nigerian brands). You can also read my post on the ultimate guide to shopping for thrift clothes for your closet.

Shop sales.

Another of the 5 ways on how to save money shopping clothes is to shop the sales section. In this era of fast fashion, so many trends are thrown at us. There are basically so many options to choose from. However, as fast as they roll out, so does it go into sales quickly.

So, if you want to save from shopping, go to the sales section. You will find some lovely trendy pieces for a discount in the sales section. Many stores online or offline offers huge discount on clothes or accessories at the sales section.

Personally, I do a huge fraction of my clothes or accessories shopping from sales. Who doesn’t love a huge discount? Sometimes I save items I love to Karma app and I get notified of a price drop or when it is on sales to get them. This way I get to buy what I love at a cheaper price.

Use discount codes

You can save from shopping for clothes using discount codes. I love to use discount codes to save on my shopping whether clothes or not.

Most stores offer discount codes to their frequent shoppers or new shoppers to save some money while shopping. As a blogger, I have discount codes for some sites you can use to save you some money shopping.

  • Yes style: Use code Stylez20 to get 5% off shopping from yesstyle for any product on their website. You can shop for clothes, home wares, skincare product or skincare products from Yesstyle using my code to get discount. Click here to shop Yesstyle.
  • Zaful: Use my code HJDW to get 17% off your order. Zaful is my go to brand travel clothes or bikini sets or even swimwears. This brand is your plug for anything vacation. Click here to shop Zaful.

Tie Dye Open Back Cinched Side Slinky Dress only $18.49

Shop out of season

This hack for saving while shopping for clothes is a no-brainer for me. If you want to save on clothes, do your shopping off-season. Shop for Summer clothes off its season for example.

Many brands do clearance sales of winter clothes during summer and vise versal. So, I would recommend you take advantage of these clearance sales to stock on clothes off-season. Many of us buy clothes according to the season for full price. This is not bad, but the frugal girl in me will prefer to pay less for most fashion pieces.

You need to choose to avoid shopping for summer pieces during summer for example. It takes a lot to let go of that beautiful 2-piece summer outfit but it’s worth it in the end when you shop off-season.

If you, Avoid shopping trends

This last way to save money shopping is easier said than done. I love shopping for trendy fashion clothes. It is quite difficult to avoid them as it is in our faces. Scrolling through the gram, you can tell what’s going to be a trend each year.

Most brands will definitely produce more of what the consumers like and would advertise it everywhere. Instead of shopping trends, opt to shop more basics. Basics clothes never go out of trend. You can wear them any time of the year and still feel good in them. Shop for basics like denim pants, Cami tank tops, Blouses, Simple dresses, or Little black dresses.

So, if you’re looking to save on clothes, shop more basics than trendy pieces. If possible don’t be quick to jump on trends. What is hot now, may become forgotten over a short space of time.

5 ways on how to save money shopping clothes

I love budget shopping a lot. So, I am always on the lookout for online clothing stores for women that are affordable. Zaful is one of the best online stores you can quality yet affordable clothes for women. They offer clothes for women of all body types. Also, they sell accessories like bags, shoes, or hats you can shop for your closet. Zaful has some of the best swimwear or bikini sets you need for your summer. If you need where to buy cheap women clothes that are of great quality, opt for Zaful. I would recommend Zaful for its summery Zaful dresses, travel outfits, and of course bikini sets. I tested this brand, so, I will be sharing my Zaful review below. Also, you can use my discount code: HJDW to get 17% off your order.

Are Zaful and shein the same?

Most shoppers feel Zaful and shein are alike. Actually, both brands are different. However, in terms of affordability, Zaful is another site like Shein. They offer cheap clothes for women. Also, both brands have a plus-size section too. So, if you need Shein alternative, opt for Zaful.

Which countries does Zaful deliver to?

Zaful ships to all countries except some selected African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya. However, if you’re in Nigeria, you can ship to the US or UK and deliver to Nigeria using HOR logistics. You can click here to read my post on how to shop from the US or UK and ship to Nigeria. It takes about 3-5 working days to get the order delivered to you in the USA. However, this depends on where you stay in the US.

Zaful Review

Zaful website is quite easy to navigate. You can search for what you using the search box. Also, you can search from the categories for different options like Zaful Dresses or Zaful bikini sets on the website.

I love this website because of its collection of lovely travel outfit options. Zaful is also my go-to place to shop for bikini sets. They sell trendy swimwear pieces. So, if you need where to shop for a trendy swimwear outfit, check out Zaful. You can also read my post on the best summer swimwear trends to shop in 2021.

From Zaful, I bought a cow print bucket hat, a mini bag ( with trendy chain straps), and Bandeau high waist bikini set. Below is my review of the items.

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is a summer must-have for 2021. I love this trend a lot. The bucket I bought from Zaful is a cow print hat. I love the cow print. It is of good quality too.

You can wear bucket hats to the beach on your swim dress or bikini sets. Also, you can wear a bucket hat with your casual outfits. I love to wear buckets as a beach hat. So, if you need a beach hat for your trip to the beach, a bucket hat is a great option. Click here to shop bucket hats from Zaful. Don’t forget to use my code to get 17% off your order.

Click here to shop for $8.52

Mini bags

Mini bags are another accessory you need in 2021. I love mini bags. They are super cute. This year is all about the chain straps on bags.

Zaful offers so nice pieces of mini bags you can shop for your closet. You can shop for mini shoulder bags, tote bags, and designer lookalike bags from Zaful.

You can wear your mini bags as a crossbody to run errands. Also, mini bags are chic for a date night too. My mini bag from Zaful is so beautiful. I love the bag as it is of good quality too. I wear it to work or as well as for casual outings. IT fits most of my essentials: nose mask, lipstick, mobile phone ( Of course), a pen or glasses, etc. Click here to shop for mini bags from Zaful.

Click here to shop for $21.99

High waisted Bikini set

The last item I bought was a Zaful Bikini set. It is a purple high-waisted bikini set. I bought a Large size in error. So, I will definitely gift it to a sibling.

The quality of the bikini set is great for its price. I would recommend you shop for bikini sets or Zaful swimwear for your closet. It is quite affordable and of good quality. You can wear this high-waisted bikini set alone or with beach coverups. Click here to shop for bikini sets from Zaful.

Click here to shop Zaful Bikini sets

Zaful review: where to buy cheap women clothes

Shein is one of the sites where I love to shop for women’s clothes. This is because they sell trendy fashion clothes for women. Also, the clothes are very affordable. Shein offers clothes for women of all sizes as well as stylish accessories too. Here is a round up of budget friendly sites like shein to shop I love to shop from Shein, especially for their designer dupe or designer alternatives.

There are similar sites like Shein you can shop for trendy and cheap clothes for women. Here is a round list of 15 sites like Shein to shop for women’s clothes. Some of these brands are my go-to for cheap yet durable clothes. Others are similar in terms of trendy pieces but are somewhat pricier like ASOS or Meshi. So, if you need similar sites like Shein to shop for budget-friendly clothes or accessories for women, check out these online clothing sites.

16 Budget friendly sites like shein to shop in 2024

Shein is one of the budget friendly fashion brands to know. However, there are similar sites that gives the same quality and vibe like shein. Just like shein, I have picks that are very affordable as well as quiet luxury options to linked below.


Aliexpress is one of the first online clothing brands that I know. They offer clothes for women, men or children. Also, you can shop for other lifestyle items like jewelry, skincare product, or photography props.

Aliexpress site has so many retailers. So, if you want to shop from them, ensure you read the customer’s reviews with pictures. I would not recommend shopping for their jewelry because it is of very low quality.

However, I have gotten some good clothes from Aliexpress. Also, one of the photography props that I use to date is from Ali express. Click here to shop from Aliexpress for clothes for women, men, children, your electronics or gadgets, etc.


Zaful is another site similar to Shein. Just like Shein Zaful offers very affordable online clothes for women. Zaful is my go-to site for great options to wear for travel. You can shop for Zaful swimwear or bikinis, accessories, or clothes.

So, if you need a site like Shein to shop for travel essentials, opt for Zaful. Zaful ships worldwide except to some select countries in Africa like Nigeria. It typically takes 3-5 working days to receive your order in the USA. Click here to buy clothes from Zaful.

Dress is from Zaful. I love this dress perfect for going out. If you need great options of vacation dresses as well as cute evening dresses on budget, check out Zaful.


Another of the 15 sites like shein you can shop from is Etsy. Etsy is an online clothing store you can shop for clothes, accessories, etc. I love Etsy stores for jewelry. My name necklace from Etsy is still as beautiful as new to date. (It is 2 years now).

I would recommend the Etsy store for shopping quality yet cheap jewelry. Also, Etsy is my plug for pre-loved designer bags. So, if you need a place to shop for pre-loved designer pieces, opt for Esty.


Rosegal is another site like Shein you need to know. They sell trendy fashion pieces you need for your closet. I love this brand for its accessories.

However, this brand sells women’s clothes tailored for plus-size women. So, if need where to shop for plus-size women’s clothes, Rosegal is your plug. Click here to shop Plussize clothing from Rosegal.

Click here to buy a cowl neck dress


Dresslily is another site like Shein you need to know. Just like Zaful, Dress lily is my go-to for travel outfits. So, if you need what to wear for travel, or beachwear clothes for women, opt for Dresslily.

This brand unlike Rosegal caters to women of all sizes. You can also shop for accessories from Dresslily on a budget. This brand however does not ship to Africa. Click here to shop from dresslily.

Click here to buy a hooded knit dress


Everything5Pounds is a UK website that sells online clothing for both men and women. They offer fashion products for clothes and accessories categories only. All the item goes for 5 pounds each. Also, I would recommend you check out their frequent sales for more discounted pieces.

Everything5Pounds does not ship worldwide. However, they ship to the UK for free, US and Canada. I love to shop everything5pounds for all my fashion needs. You can shop for casual summer outfits for women, business casual outfits for work, and lounging wear. I love their espadrilles options too.

P.S. Items on this website sell out fast. So, don’t sleep on items you see on this site.

Ego Shoes

I stumbled on Ego shoes on a YouTube vlog and I fell in love. Ego shoes is an online clothing brand for women based in the UK. This brand is my go-to plug for designer dupes or designer lookalike. It is my favorite of the 15 sites like Shein to shop.

I am so in love with my dupe bags from Ego shoes. Click here to read my Ego shoes review, one of the best places to shop designer dupes. So, if you want to rock designer but can’t afford it, check out Ego shoes for designer dupes or alternatives.


Chicme is one of the best of the 15 sites like Shein you need to know. They offer casual outfits for women. So, if you need an affordable place to shop for casual wear, check out chicme.

Asides from clothes, you can also shop for accessories like shoes, bags, or beach hats. I love their collection of vacation outfits for women. Chicme is another great option to shop for what to wear for travel. Click here to shop for cute summer casual outfits for women from Chicme.

Click here to shop dresses from Chic me

Forever 21

Forever 21 is another of the 15 sites like Shein to shop for cheap clothes for women. I love this website because you can get trendy fashion pieces on a budget. They sell clothes for all women’s body types. So, if you need a place to shop for plus-size clothing for women, check forever21 too.

You can also shop for accessories for your closet. Actually, I love to shop forever21 for its classics. However, I had an issue with some of the clothes fitting. Like their bodysuits do not fit me so well.

Aside from my bodysuit, all other items fit. My recommendation is to check the size chart properly for items like bodysuits or jumpsuits so you can the right fit.


Yoins is another of the 15 sites like Shein. They also cater to women of all sizes. You can shop for clothes, and accessories like shoes, bags, hats as well as swimwear.

I love the clothes from Yoins. However, I would recommend their shoes at all. My heels were beautiful. However, both didn’t last 3 months. Heels are not my thing. So, I wonder why the shoes didn’t last with less use. I would recommend you shop for clothes only from this brand.

My only issue with this brand is that they are slow to deliver. Also, they split orders in batches. That is not economical if you have to deal with customs duty.


Prettylittlething is another of the 15 sites like Shein. This brand sells women’s clothes for all sorts of casual outings. I love this brand because they sell some nice designer dupe heels. One of my best designer lookalike heels was from Prettylittlething.

You can women’s clothes that are as cheap as Shein or a little pricier than it. Prettylittlething is my go-to brand for its accessories and designer dupes.


One of the first fashion sites to buy clothes for women I got to know is Amazon. Amazon is an online brand for fashion and lifestyle products. I love Amazon because of its price range. You can buy cheap clothes for women from Amazon and pricier options too.

You can shop for clothes for all occasions. Also, you can shop for casual women’s clothes, workwear for women, or a great option for beachwear. Amazon is another great place to shop for things for your home studio or content creation. You can get a great camera (pre-loved and new), photo-props, or background from Amazon.

Amazon ships worldwide. So, if you need a fashion brand that ships everywhere opt for Amazon.


ASOS is another site like Shein you need to know. Just like Shein, they offer clothes and accessories for women. Also, they sell beauty and skincare products too.

ASOS offers clothing that is pricier than Shein. You can some premium and quality fashion clothes from ASOS. Also, you can shop some affordable designer brands from ASOS.

ASOS is also your plug for stylish vintage fashion pieces. So, if you love vintage or retro fashion, opt to shop from ASOS.


Meshki is another pricier option of a site like Shein you can shop for women’s clothes. I love this brand for its evening dresses. If you need formal dresses for your date night or events, opt to shop from Meshki.

Meshki also offers loungewear clothes for women. I love their loungewear set a lot. You can wear their loungewear jogger set as a work-from-home outfit or as a great option to wear to the airport. Click here to shop loungewear for women from Meshki.

15 sites like shein: Boohoo

Boohoo is another affordable side like shein. They offer clothes for women of all sizes. You can shop for casual clothes for women.

Boohoo is also your plug for trendy fashion clothes for women. So, if you need affordable yet trendy clothes, shop from boohoo. Boohoo doesn’t ship worldwide. However, they ship to countries like UK, USA, or Canada.

Paparazzi Jewelry brand

This brands offers the best selection of quality jewelry to choose from. I love this brand as you can get good quality jewelry for as low as $10. The necklace below comes with a set of earrings. This I love a lot and I style for all occasions, work or play.

Feel free to check her page out on facebook to discover this hidden emerging brand.

Which sites budget friendly sites like Shein offers After pay?

There are a few of the 15 sites like Shein that offers afterpay. Afterpay allows you to shop now and pay later. Some of these afterpay options allows you to break your payment in installment. This allows you to make for these items in a convenient way.

Here are some sites like Shein to explore for Aferpay options.

  1. Ego Shoes: It is uses Klarna that allows you make payment in installment.
  2. Boohoo
  3. Prettylittlething
  4. Everything5pounds
  5. Zaful

Feel free to comment other budget friendly sites like shein you have shopped in recent times. Do you love shein? What is your personal experience with this brand?

16 Budget friendly Sites like Shein to buy women clothes

Having your own dressing space is the ultimate luxury. Every woman loves to have a unique and beautiful place to store her shoes, clothes, and accessories. After all, who will not want their everything systematic. It makes dressing up in the morning an easy task. Moreover, it is a place where every woman spends a lot of time, either putting on make-up, styling hair, or getting ready. Thus, it is an integral part of your daily routine. A dressing room may be of different style and size but what matters the most is it should be elegant. Below are 14 super chic dressing room decor ideas you need to try out. If you need bedroom dresser decor ideas for your room or need to know how you can decorate a dressing room, read on. Also, if you’re look to buy a house of your own, read my post on what you need to know to buy a house during a pandemic.

Dress Up the Dressing Room Walls

Are you tired of looking at the blank walls of your dressing room? If yes, then it is time to dress up your dressing room walls with beautiful art pieces. You can either hang hair wall art, costumes-related wall art, etc. These art pieces enhance the dressing room aesthetics. Hang an oversized wall art or smaller art pieces in a group to grace the walls. They will add a style to your dressing room.

Click here to shop it for your bedroom dresser wall from Elephant stock.

The Dressing Table

Another unique design of dressing room decor is adding a stylish dressing table. The dressing table is undoubtedly an essential piece of a dressing room. You can pick sleek and glossy furniture items for creating an impact or curved silhouettes for imprinting a feminine look. Another option is light-hued woods. It gives a lady look to a dressing room, but for adding depth and contrast to the room schemes, use masculine darker woods. Whatever style you choose, make sure to check the quality of furniture. It is ideal to look for furniture designs with exquisite hardware, ample storage, and beautiful linings. Those pieces ensure a long lifespan.

Elephant stock

Storage Space

The key behind every dressing room storage idea is to check out your storage needs. So, you need to figure out your storage needs. Then you can decide which dressing room storage idea is suitable for you. 

  • Open Plan Storage: You can customize it as per your needs, and it works well with a built-in dressing room design.
  • Hidden Storage: The storage space which is not fit to the wall and with curtains or doors gives a trendy look.
  • Double Height: Floor-to-ceiling storage makes proper use of every bit of a tiny space you have. It is an ideal option for storing bulky winter clothes.
  • Cabinets: Cabinets can transform the entire look of the dressing room. You can make different cabinets for different items, such as shoes, heels, etc.
  • Shelves: Shelves compliments a lot with your dressing room design. They are suitable to store your folded clothes ideally.
  • Drawers: Drawers are an excellent option to store bulky foldable clothes, and smaller ones can be good to keep small items.
Elephant stock

Light Up the Dressing Room

Lighting is an essential part of the dressing room. Although natural light is the best choice, high-quality led lights are the best alternative if you do not have large windows. They will illuminate the room perfectly.

They enable you to try different outfits and check them in proper lighting. You can also arrange table lamps on your dressing table. Pick out 1 or 2 table lamps for a uniform effect. It will also add mood and luxury look to space.

Elephant Stock

Create a Focal Point

A dressing room is incomplete without a mirror. If your mirror is significant in size and position is proper, it would be great. It will make getting ready an enjoyable and easy process and creates a focal point in a room.

If you hang full-length mirrors above the dressing table, it will make a beautiful backdrop. Moreover, it will allow you to cross-check your looks from top to toe. In addition, you can use magnifying cosmetics mirror for close-up product application. Fix your mirror until you have your table and seat at the perfect height for you. It will make getting ready an easy process.

Elephant Stock

Use Trays

The best way to keep every item organized on a dressing table is to keep them in trays. So you can keep them in the same order you use the thing while getting ready. Keep different trays for make up and jewelry so that they do not get tangled up in drawers. If you do not want to use trays, store them in a jewelry box with different compartments.

You will feel satisfied and calm when you see every item neatly placed in order. It will add a great look to your interiors.

Elephant stock

Ceiling Look

Make a style statement in your dressing room with cool dressing room ceiling designs. You can choose bold colors for the ceiling and combine them with large pendant lights. It will indeed look striking and eye-catching.

Some of the colors you can choose for the ceiling are deep red, purple, orange, green, or yellow. They will make your dressing room look outstanding.

Wall Colors

There will be quite a minimal part of the walls visible in the closet space with dressing table, closet, and other items. So, it would be best to choose a light soothing color or decent wallpaper pattern for a dressing room wall.

The lightandsoothingcolorswilllookpeacefultoyoureyeswitheverythingflashyinadressing room. Some colors you can choose for the dressing room are light blue, off-white, light grey, or light pink hues.

Elephant Stock

Laundry Basket

A dressing room is a place where you change clothes and get ready. So, it is the ideal spot to place a basket for dirty laundry. Once you change your clothes, store the dirty clothes in that basket to get them washed later.

Dressing Room Seating

It takes hourstodoimpressivemake-upandgetproperhairstylingdone.Soitiscrucialtofinda seat that looks not only fantastic but also comfortableto sit.

Ideally, stools are the best options for dressing areas as you can tuck them away neatly after use. If not, then pick a seat that is short in stature and padded. If you want some support, choose chairs with backrests.

You can also pick chairs with no arms and silk underneath. They are one of the best solutions for dressing room space.

Elephant Stock

Freshen Up the Dressing Room with Plants

Another of the 14 super chic dressing room decor ideas is to add plants to the room. To add a personal touch to a dressing room without going over the top, place houseplants and flower vases. You can pick a real house plant or bouquet of fresh flowers if you like to tend them timely.

If not, you can decorate the dressing room with fake flowers and plants as they do not need any maintenance. Pick jade plants, spider plants, yucca, peace lilies, or aloes. They are pretty easy to take care of.

You can also place peonies in a vase. They are beautiful flowers and last a long time in a room. They freshen up the dressing room and add a lively touch too.

Elephant Stock

Create a Collage of Sentimental Photos

Pick out some of your and your family’s photos and make a collage with them. Then, hang them on the dressing room wall to make a memory wall and add a homey and lively touch.

If you do not want to make asinglecollage,youcancreateagallerywallbydisplayingmultiple photos with different frames.Display them in rowsfor a more free-form effect.

For adding vintage effect in your dressing room, hang up black-and-white pictures. They will add elegance and style to your dressing room.

If you do not have much vertical space, frame your best photo and place it on an open surface. For example, your vanity is the best option to seta framed picture.

Hang Colorful Drapes

One of the best ways to add texture and color to your dressing room is by hanging colorful drapes. It is best to choose the color of drapes that compliments your dressing room wall and accessories.

For striking and everlasting effect, hang long drapes from top to floor. It will add an elegant look as well as transform the whole look of your dressing room. So, if you a super chic idea for your dresser room, add colorful drapes.

Elephant Stock

Organize Accessories on a Pegboard

One of the 14 super chic dressing room decor ideas is to add pegboards to your walls. Pegboards are best to transform the walls into decorative storage space. You can sort out your favorite accessories and hang them up with pegs and hooks. You can also organize your scarves, belts, or purses on a pegboard.

It is a beautiful way to display your favorite items and create an attractive and eye-catching wall décor. So, if you need to add style to your bedroom dresser room, add pegboards for an organized look.

Final Words

As you can see, there are various solutions to design a dressing room that suits your personal style. Therefore, it is essentialtounderstandyourneedsandconsidersettingupanidealdressing room.

Place simple and elegant furniture in the dressing room as it creates a significant impact on the interiors. To create a good aura, use furniture with a natural timber finish.

Last but not least, experiment with your dressing room spaces. Do not restrict only to conventional typologies and incorporate some items you might need. Then, at last, make it practical and stylish.

14 Super Chic Dressing Room Decor Ideas

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