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Finally WHO approves a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infections. This is a ray hope compared to Last year. There were so many challenges that came with the pandemic. So many jobs lost and businesses struggling to stay afloat. However, with the vaccines , we can now go about our normal lives. Also, there is now hope to travel and do business safely. Although, vaccination does not mean you can’t be infected by the virus. However, if infected, it is less severe. There are so many speculation on whether or not to get vaccinated. You can choose to take the vaccine if you want. I have taken my first dose vaccination. So, if you want to get the Covid-19 vaccination in Lagos, here is all you need to know.

How to register for Covid-19 vaccination in Lagos

The first batch of dose of vaccination is currently ongoing in Lagos. However, not all individuals can have access yet. The individuals that can get the vaccines now are essential workers and their families. Also, the elderly can get the vaccine for now.

As you all know, I also have regular job so I registered as an essential workers on Lagos state forms. Most organizations liaise with Lagos state government to get their essential employees vaccinated. However, you can register for the covid vaccine here or visit NPHCDA’s portal.

Only registered individuals are attended to at the vaccination center. After registration, you will get a notification for the location, registration number and time. However, if you miss your scheduled date, you can still take your vaccine on a later date with your number.

Vaccination centers in Lagos state

There are several vaccination centers in Lagos state both on the island and mainland. However, I was assigned the center at Yaba, military hosiptal. I lost my way twice. Also, a tricycle driver who wanted to help dropped me off at a military barracks. Thank God I was polite and asked questions.

The queue at the center is so much. You need to leave home early to the vaccination center. It took about 2 hours before I got the vaccines. Plus many “elites” were using their connections to jump the queue.


Covid-19 vaccinations: All you need to know

There are so many stories of how people react to the vaccine. However, people react differently to the vaccines. There are a few tips you need to know before taking your first does.

  1. Ensure you eat breakfast before taking the vaccines. So many people agree to this fact. The vaccine is quite strong and just like a normal drug, it needs food. I ate about 4 times on the first of taking the vaccines. I even woke up at midnight to eat too.
  2. Wear a short sleeve outfit for easy access to your shoulder. It will quite stressful to pull up your long sleeve outfit to to take the vaccines

Other tips to know

At the center, you will be advised on how to take care of yourself after taking the vaccine. You can take paracetamol for the body aches or fever. Also, the vaccine is not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding mothers. So, if you’re an expecting mum, you can’t take the vaccine. Alcohol is to be avoided for at least 24 hours. So, if you need to take the vaccine, avoid alcohol.

It took about 2 days for me to feel better after the vaccination. However, on the second day, I was already able to do my regular task. So, if you’re worried about being sick for so long, it is for a short while. Please note that you may react differently from me. However, ensure you follow all the guidelines that you will be told at the center.

After the vaccination, you will be given the card. Also, a date for the second dose will be stated on the card. You will get a text confirming your vaccination the same day. So, if you’re still contemplating to take the vaccine, just do it. It is quite safe. If you’re planning yo travel it is advisable to take all your vaccines. You can also read my post on how to process your e-yellow card.

Covid-19 Vaccination in Lagos: All you need to know

Stripe shirt

The e-commoerce store business is quite overwhelming with so much choices to make. Entrepreneurs spend lots of time to decide what to sell through the sites to earn profit.

What they need to first is to choose the field for proceeding with business, this makes their task easier to adapt to the changing trends. So, here are 10 best clothing to sell online with to maximize profit.

In addition to these 10 best Clothings, you can also shop for gothic-clothing for your online store. This will enable you cater for more customers that love gothic outfits. Want to dabble in to selling used Clothings, you need this guide to selling clothes on vinted.

The fashion industry is very volatile. So, fashion designers need to stay in trend. That is selling a trendy pieces will boost your sales. So, an e-commerce fashion store owner, you need to be aware of trends before re-stocking.

Men and women are behind fashion trends, you need to consider their requirements when updating the products for sales. Not only clothing but also the accessories related to them catch the attention of the audience. If you are set it up right, your customers will love your collection for sure.

10 Best clothing for your e-commerce store

An e-commerce fashion store needs sell what their customers want or need. Although this is hard to tell because customer taste changes. Businesses have to satisfy the requirements of every customer. That is they have to check fashion trends that can improve the traffic to their online stores.

Customer taste changes a lot. So e clothes that were the attraction of last year may be overtaken by any other designs this year. Also lifestyle and seasons determine what customers buy. So, an online store owners need to highlight their options accordingly. Let’s look into the few fashion trends that are likely to be on every shopper’s list this year.

1. Oxford shirt

Every year men’s clothing trends are seeing tremendous changes. You need to make a wardrobe with so many basic essentials.

But some products are favorites for years and will continue to attract the attention of consumers. Oxford shirts are timeless fashion pieces suitable for men of all ages. These shirts have gained popularity with the years and still, it has high demand in the online market.

As it is not a new product, some online store owners may be reluctant to sell them again, but with the steady customer flow, they give you enough profit. The marketing task for this shirt is easy as people know about them before, you will quickly grab the attention of shoppers looking to purchase them.

2. Mirror Turtleneck

Several women love wearing turtleneck clothes that come in different designs, how about trying mirror turtleneck? It gives you a flashy appearance, suitable for wearing at parties or nightclubs, this will be the best fashion choice you can comfortably buy.

You can wear mirror turtle neck tops with silver pants or skirts. Fashion store owners can add this attire to their trend list as the demand is increasing from the women consumers.

3. Cargo pants

This is one of the top-selling items in the clothing list for men, while you may be wondering how cargo pants are becoming a trend. You may not believe it, but the customer demand for cargo pants has indeed been increasing for years and the marketers hope to continue this trend in the current year also.

Even the fashionable celebrities give the cargo pants place in their wardrobe, if you market these pants incorporating with an influencer, it is surely going to work positively.

4. Oversized denim

This is clothing that is popular among both men and women, so clothing brands have added them in their stores with priority. The oversized denim was the trend in the olden days, and it had a downfall when slim-fit denim attracted the attention of consumers. But according to the data collected regarding marketing, consumers have started to show their interest in purchasing oversized denim in the past few years and it will be continuing for a longer time.

You can wear oversized denim on shell tops, pants and a pair of sneakers. According to the change in trends, you will have to adapt to the situations, it is a good choice to include this denim in your store to increase potential customers.

5. Corduroy jackets

The cord jackets are very trendy. So you can add it to your e-commerce store to sell.This suitable for a store that is caters to men’s fashion needs. Corduroy is the new denim. It is a trendsetter that you cannot deny, you can observe the Google trends data to see the improvement in sales in the past years. If you are aiming at global customers, even if it is winter clothing, you should be ready to deliver the product throughout the year.

6. Plaid pants

People nowadays love plaid pants and many men consider this as an essential fashion element for their wardrobe. The demand for these pants has been rising over the years and marketers expect the sales to boost highest this year as it is gaining more popularity. Even small e-commerce business can try their chance by including these pants in their stores this year to improve sales as the trend is going upwards.

7. Neiva blouse

This is a perfect choice that can suit your night outs, you will look stunning with the neon fabrics used in this blouse. You can style it with denim pants, skirts, or any others as per the interest of the user. The blouse has long sleeves and a bit loose appearance, you can buy your regular size for fitting according to the design.

The trends show that women love this blouse. So, it is speculated to be the same this year. You can create a stylish look that everyone will admire by wearing this dress during late-night talks or parties with your friends and family. Also, you can read my post on other summer casual outfits for women in 2021.

8. Ruffled Organic Cotton-Poplin Shirt

You can be the trendsetter this year wearing this shirt that has statement collars. The dress material is white organic cotton-poplin and there are button fastenings at the front so that the user can wear them conveniently.

You can combine midi skirts with denim to add style to your appearance with this dress. When you buy make sure that you get the true size, it is designed for a loose fit and the fabric used is non-stretchy. You can wear this slightly loose white outfit with oversized ruffles throughout the year.

9. Wide collared shirt

 Wide collared shirt of one the 10 best clothing to sell online in 2021. It is a new trend among women that gives you an elegant look without many accessories additional. They have long sleeves with slit and the cuffs can be buttoned around the hem. You can wear them anytime throughout the year, it gives you a polished and impressive appearance.

There are numerous designs introduced for this shirt, the patterns, and colors you can purchase suiting your interests. This shirt has high demand from the consumers, and it will be increasing this year according to the analysis. You can pair this shirt along with leather pants or shorts, which you are comfortable wearing.

10. Striped shirts

This is always loved by men, as it can be worn all around the year especially during summer days. The customer demand for this clothing is increasing every year and is expected to have high sales.

They are well designed, simple, and gives a positive appearance to the wearers, it can be easily paired with many other garments for those who prefer a stylish look. You can aim this feature of suiting with other clothing items during marketing as several customers will be interested in purchasing this shirt.

10 10 Best Clothing to sell online

Wrapping Up Thoughts

Now you may have got an idea about the upcoming trends in the fashion industry, you need to set your store clothing accordingly to impress your customers. E-commerce business is always subjected to change, customer satisfaction plays a major role in deciding the marketing strategies adapted each year. However, starting it out is the key to success.

Fashion trends are mostly determined by the purchasing style of the majority of consumers, some can be any new designs while certain old trends are retained again in the next year. Marketing already popular clothing may be easy for you, but to introduce new designs to the audience you need to work on your methods.

If you succeed in promoting your strategy, no matter if your business is small, the number of purchases will increase rapidly. You can observe the fashion store owners who have been successfully handling the customer needs over years, study how they determine the trends. You need to know the opinion of the consumers, several digital tools and analytics will support your effort. So, these 10 best clothing to sell online in 2021 will help you kick start your e-commerce business.

Author Bio:

Our Team’s vision on Build Your E-com is to guide every Entrepreneur dreaming to make it BIG with an Online Business. With my own e-commerce site, IndiGalleria, running alongside this, I have been through every phase that you must be in right now starting and on the trot of your ecommerce business. I genuinely believe in the power of a thought, and it is because of that, that you landed here to read these articles. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.



10 Best Clothing to sell online to bump up your income


Shirt dress is one of the comfiest clothes for women. There are several ways on how to wear a shirt dress. It is also an effortless wardrobe must-have for everywoman. So, here are some shirt dress outfits and best places to shop for it.

There are different types of shirt dress options. I love the button down shirt dress option. However, you can also opt for the tee shirt dress option. Shirt dress are a versatile fashion piece you need in your closet for summer. Also, you need a shirt dress as part of your fashion travel essentials.

You can also read my post on travel essentials for women. Shirt dress is easy to dress up or down. Also, you can wear your shirt dress to work or for casual outing. Here are 4 easy ways on how to wear a shirt dress.

How to wear a shirt dress

There are so many ways to wear shirt dress. You can dress up your shirt dress for a date night. Also, you can dress down your shirt dress for a casual outing. Shirt dress are super easy to style. So, there are several ways you can wear a shirt dress to get different stylish looks. Here are 4 easy ways on how to style a shirt dress.

Shirt dress Outfits

One of the easiest ways how to wear a shirt dress is to wear it alone. It a complete outfit on its own. So, you can wear your shirt dress with a pair of sandals for a casual outing. Also, you can dress your shirt dress for work or a party. A shirt dress is a wardrobe staple you can easily transition from day to date night. So, if you need an outfit for work and after-party, opt for a shirt dress.

You can shop for a button-down shirt dress. This I love a lot because of its versatility. Also, you can shop for a shoulder pad tee shirt dress. This I also love because of its uniqueness. However, this you can only wear for casual outings. I recently got this shirt dress from Yesstyle and I love it. You can shop similar from Yesstyle. Use my code: Stylez20 for 5% off your purchase. ( this is at no extra cost to you).

How to wear a shirt dress

Shirt dress + Pants

Another super fun way to wear a shirt dress is with pants. You can wear your shirt dress as a top tucked in pants. Also, you can wear shirt dress as a jacket. You can wear shirt dress, shell top and pants for a work day. Also, you can wear shirt dress, camisole and shirt for a casual outing.

Button down shirt dress makes it easy to wear as a dress and jacket. So, if you need another way to wear your shirt dress, wear it as a jacket.

Shirt dress || Bikini Alternative

It is that time of the year that I love to go to the beach and soak up the sun. However, I am not super confident in bikinis. I can only wear bikini bras and shorts. So, if you find yourself in this bucket. You can wear a mini shirt dress as a bikini alternative.

Also, you can wear shirt dress as a beach cover up for your bikinis. So, if you need an affordable beach coverup, opt for a shirt dress.

Shirt dress + shorts

Another easy way on how to wear a shirt dress is with shorts. There are so many types of shirt dress you can add to your closet. You can opt for a mini shirt dress or midi length option. However, you can wear a shirt dress with shorts. You can wear your mini shirt dress with a denim or bikers shorts.

For a day out to the beach, wear a mini shirt dress, biker shorts, and espadrilles. You can shop for a shirt dress from Chicme. This brand has so many options you can choose from like floral prints or denim shirt dresses. Click here to shop shirt dress from Chicme.

t shirt dresses for women

How to wear a shirt dress in 4 easy ways


Travel is now open so we can start planning our vacations. However, in recent times, travel is now very expensive. So, travelers are looking for ways to get the cheapest flight booking deals out there. Is direct Vs 3rd party flight booking options, cheaper? There are so many tips on how to find the cheapest flight for travel. However, not all are applicable and tested. You can read my post on how to find the cheapest flight for your travel.

I love to search and compare plane tickets from different airlines to the gest the best deal. However, it will be quite stressful to hop from one airline website to another. So, to make this easy you can use an aggregator like Expedia or sky scanner. So, you can either book your flight ticket direct from the airline or through the 3rd party site. This post will aim to provide answer to the nagging question, “is it better to book flight tickets direct vs 3rd party sites”.

Direct vs 3rd party Flight tickets, which is better?

There is no hard and fast rule on which of these options is best. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons along with all you need to know.

Direct Airline flight ticket booking

One of the ways you can book your flight ticket is through the airlines. Airlines offers various deals on their site for available flights. So, you can just go to the airline like air peace for example and book your plane ticket.

The flight fees on the airlines website is based on 3 major classes: Economy, business class and first class. The lowest class of flight is the economy. This also the cheapest flight ticket you can book for your travel. However, if you’re looking for class for your flight, you can opt for business class or first class plane ticket.

There are perks of booking directly from the airlines (Direct Vs 3rd party booking). Many travelers argue that in case of issues or emergency flight changes, airlines services are better. Some 3rd party agent or websites charge extra for the “inconvenience”. Below are the other perks of booking directly from Airlines.

Direct vs 3rd party, which is better for flight booking?
Flight cancelation or reschedule

In recent times, the uncertainty around the pandemic may lead to flight cancellations or a need to reschedule your flights. It is easy to reschedule your flight directly from the airline. Can I cancel a flight booking direct from airlines? Yes sure. There are times you need to cancel or make changes to your booking. This you can easy do with the airlines.

Unlike if you compare direct vs 3rd party agents, you will need to 3rd party websites first. These agents will ask for extra charges or fee to make changes to your flight tickets. So, it is advisable to book flights directly from airlines for the ease of making changes to flight books.

Also, in the event of a cancellation, it is easier to deal directly with the airlines for a refunds of your funds. So, you can get your refunds without hassle with little or no fees.

Earn flight miles or points

Another reason when comparing booking your flight tickets direct Vs 3rd party, it is said you earn miles if booked from airlines . So many airlines offers your miles to encourage flight booking directly on their website. I love to book from 3rd party website because I can compare flight deals. However, I couldn’t get a friend to book on the same 3rd party website because of the miles he enjoys with a air peace flight booking.

This points or miles you can use to get a discount on your next flight ticket fees. On the other hand, most 3rd party website offers very discounted fares from airlines. So, you may not get the extra advantage of earning points using 3rd party website.

These reward points you can easily redeem when you book your next flight.

3rd party online flight booking

The other option to book a plane ticket is through 3rd party sites or agent. These sites liaise with airlines to book your flight on your behalf. There are so many 3rd party websites for online flight booking you can use. However, the best website for flight booking is relative.

This is because these sites have their use. So, you can use any 3rd party website like expedia, sky scanner, travelstart etc to search and book cheap flight tickets for your travel.

3rd party sites offers discounted flight fares

Flight ticket purchase through 3rd party sites has its advantages too. The main one is the getting the best flight deals available for your travel. So, if your goal is to get cheap plane tickets for your travel, use 3rd party sites. I would recommend using travel start Nigeria, if you’re in Nigeria.

Travelstart is a search engine and online flight booking sites you can use to book your flight tickets. Just like 3rd party sites. Travelstart pools the flights and prices from several airlines. This will enable you compare and choose the best flight deals available from the airline of your choice. So, if you need to get the best deals for your flight, opt for 3rd party sites.

Although, to get the best flight ticket deals, you need book your flight ahead of your travel dates. You need to book your local flights within 1 month or 3-6 months for international travel.

This is because the prices of airplane ticket rises as your travel dates gets closer. So, it is impossible to get cheap last minute flight tickets. Although, there are cases that last minute flight is inevitable like a work meeting or a burial travel. Below are other benefits of booking from 3rd party airlines.

Flight cancelation refunds

You can cancel and ask for refunds on your flight tickets from 3rd party website. This sites will then liaise with the airline on your behalf and get your refunds. However, this service comes with an extra charge or fee. In which in most cases are quite outrageously high for some 3rd party website.

I normally use Travelstart to book both my flights for local and international travel. They offer free cancellation or reschedule of flight for travelers. However, you need to buy their Travelstart cancellation product ( Flexible travel date fee). This will allow you cancel your flight within 48 hours of departure for free.

Earn and redeem points or miles

Another perks you can get from booking direct from airlines is earning points you can redeem for a discount your flight tickets. This you can also enjoy with some 3rd party website for online flight booking.

Travelstart Nigeria also enables you to earn miles from airlines. All you have to do is to sign up for frequent flyer number from your preferred airlines. This you need to add at check out for your flight booking.

So, asides the discounted fares from this 3rd party website, you get to earn miles too. This points you can also redeem using your frequent flyer number on the airline of choice.

Although booking flights direct vs 3rd party has its pros and cons. Most 3rd party websites are now offering the same benefit as booking directly. So, if you need to book cheap plane tickets for your travel and still enjoy the benefit of direct booking, opt for Travelstart. You click here to book your international flight ticket. Also for local flights in Nigeria, click here to book.

How find the cheapest flight tickets

Direct vs 3rd party: which is best for flight booking?

best designer alternatives to shop

Do you love designers but you can’t afford them? Yeah, me too. I love designers and watch Cassie’s YouTube channel for the designers’ updates. However, the prices of these designers are way above my spending limit now. So, I opted to shop designer dupes to save a lot of income.

One of the best places to shop designer dupes is Ego shoes. Ego shoes is a Uk fashion brand that sells quality designer dupe accessories. These dupes are very affordable compared to the original designer brands.

So, if you need to shop for cheap designer dupe bags, shoes, or hats, shop from Ego shoes. I would recommend Ego shoes as one of the best places to shop designer dupes for your closet.

Ego shoes: Best places to shop designer dupes

As stated earlier, Ego shoes is a UK brand that sells cheap designer dupe alternatives. All the items in stock on this website are 50% off sitewide. They sell the best affordable designer high-quality designer dupes you can get. I recently shopped a Louis Vuitton multi-pochette accessoires. This bag is on-trend this year.

Although we were in panoramic last year, many influencers have this bag. So, I couldn’t help but get mine too. (dupe or not). This bag is a versatile designer dupe bag you need right now.

How to find designer dupes on Ego shoes

Ego shoe website is easy to shop from. It is one of the best places to shop designer dupe accessories. So, you can be sure that you can easily get what you want. Also, there is a search box where you can type in what you want.

The website has categories you can access. So, you can just click on bags if that is what you’re interested in. I have always wanted to shop for the Louis Vuitton dupe that I got this year. So, I kept it on my wish list until I was able to purchase it. You can also save items you want to shop on your wish list using Honey.

best places to shop designer dupes

Shipping and delivery

Ego shoe ships all its items worldwide. So if you’re in Nigeria, you will get your items at the nearest post office. It took about 3 weeks to 1 month to receive my order. I guess it came to Nigeria earlier. However, due to our postal system, there was no notification sent.

I would recommend that you track your international order online to know its status. Ego shoes provide a tracking number immediately after your order is processed. So, you can easily track it to know where it is. Normally I use Nipost international tracker to check my order status. This will tell me if my order has arrived in Nigeria.

All I have to do is visit the post office to confirm the tracking number. Shipping is faster for regions closer to the UK.

Designer dupe Alternatives: Louis Vuitton Multi-pochette accessoires

My best designer dupe bag so far is this LV dupe from Ego shoes. I love it because you can wear it for work or a casual outing. Also, you can wear the bag together as a set or separately. I will share some pictures of how I wore this designer dupe bag.

The bag comes in a set of 2 bags. You can wear the 2 bags together. Also, you can opt to wear either of the two bags. I prefer to wear the 2 bags together. This is because the bag is can only contain essentials. So, I can add my essentials to both bags.

I also love this bag because it has two bag handles. So, you can wear it with its coin bag as a cross-body bag. Also, you can take off the large strap and wear it as a shoulder bag with its chain strap.

So, If you’re looking for the best places to shop designer dupes, shop from Ego shoes. There are other fast fashion brands you get cheap designer dupes for your clothes. These include Amazon, Etsy, etc. You can also read my post on other places to shop designer alternatives for your closet. I hope you love this type of post on where to get designer dupes. Feel free to comment on other places you want me to check for designer dupes that you know.

What's the best place to buy luxury replica handbags

Click here to buy the Balenciaga Le Cagole bucket bag

Shop Designer dupe handbags from Ego Shoes UK

cute designer dupes

Click here to buy the Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie Designer dupe Handbag

Best Designer handbag dupes 2023

Click here to Balenciaga Le Cagole statement bag

Irma Chain Detail Top Handle Bag In Green Faux Leather

Click here to buy for your closet

lattest designer dupes

Buy a Similar Prada designer bag dupe

Best designer dupes

Click here to buy similar designer handbag dupe

Best places to buy designer dupes: Ego Shoes


As we all know in this blog, I also have a regular day job. One of the challenges I have is shopping for quality work clothes on a budget. I follow a lot of Nigerian brands whose work clothes for women are quite expensive. However, I got to find these 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos.

Before I found these brands, I had to opt to shop for work clothes from the famous Eko. If you’ve been to this market, you will know it is not easy to shop here. This market is always crowded and you have higher chances of losing your valuables. Also, some of these sellers hike the prices if you’re a newbie. (Jonny just come).

I bought a workwear dress (emergency) from this market and I hated it. So, I had to look for other places to shop for work clothes for women. Here are my top 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos.

Under 5k store

Under 5k store is a Nigerian fashion for women’s clothes you need to know. It is one of my 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos. I first got to know about this brand on Instagram. However, you can only make your order via WhatsApp.

I know most of us are wary of shopping from Instagram. (Scam everywhere). Under 5k store sells clothes for women for both work and casual outings. I love their workwear options.

I recently shopped from this brand and I love the outfit. The outfit is fit to size. So, I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the clothes. All items in this store are around 5,000 naira. However, you get some of these workwear outfits that sell for less than 5,000 naira. You can follow them on Instagram to get the latest update on ongoing sales. Also, the items sell fast too. So, if you like, shop it asap.

5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos

Virtue Clothiers

Another of my 5 best places to buy work clothes for women is Virtue clothiers. It is a Nigerian ready-to-wear Instagram store. They sell clothes for both work and casual outings.

My best work clothes for women that I can’t stop wearing are from virtue clothiers. I recently shopped for a polka-dot dress from this brand and the compliments are endless. So, if you need work clothes that are affordable yet stylish, shop from this brand.

Their prices ranges between 5000-8000 naira per dress or workwear outfit. Also, you can look out for sales from this brand to shop for work clothes for less prices. You can only shop for your outfit from WhatsApp. Click here to shop for work clothes from virtue clothiers on Jumia. They have so many chic options you need to step up your work outfits.

Jumia has monthly discounts you can use to get some money off your orders. I use the honey chrome extension for mobile/PC to get this discount. All her outfits are true to size.

5 best places to buy work clothes for women

Stylestation. ng

Style station is a relatively new Nigerian fashion brand you can shop for work clothes for women. It is another of my 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos. They sell various categories of workwear for women on their website. However, the least price for an outfit is about 8000 naira. So, the prices of some of their workwear outfit are higher than the previous two Nigerian fashion brands.

Style station is an online clothing store in Lagos you can shop from the comfort of your home or workplace. Also, you can make your order via Instagram or WhatsApp. They deliver to Lagos and outside Lagos.

I recently shopped for this brand. The clothes seem like they are being made on request. My dress was beautiful but looked like it needed proper ironing.

The 5K shop

Another Nigerian fashion brand you need to know for women’s work clothes is the 5k shop. Although it has an Instagram presence, you can only make your order from its website. At first look, you will think that this brand only sells casual outfits. However, you can get style work clothes for women for 5,000naira.

Although, I am yet to shop from this brand. It is one the top of my wish list site to shop for workwear. So, I cannot talk more about the quality. However, it is worthy of mention on this list because of the positive reviews about this brand. My fingers are crossed though.

Allsheneeds fashion store

An oldie but goodie favorite Nigeria brand that I love to shop from is Allsheneeds. This brand sells fashion and classy women’s clothes you need in your closet. You can shop for both work wear and casual clothes from this brand.

This brand started out as a fashion brand and has evolved to include lifestyle too. So, if you a Nigerian fashion brand to shop for all things women need, shop from allsheneeds. You can also read my reviews on shopping from this brand. Also, you can patronize this brand by going to their physical store at Lekki. So, if you’re not a fan of online shopping, you can patronize them in-store.

There are other places you can shop Nigerian fashion items on a budget. One such place is the Lekki arts and crafts market. You can read my post to know all about the Lekki arts and craft market.

5 Best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos

Blazer work outfit ideas for women professional in 2021

There is nothing more exciting than getting your first job. I have attended countless interviews in my life. So, I can relate to the joy of getting new job. However, as a newbie you may have some challenges figuring outfits for work. You don’t want to look like you had a wardrobe malfunction to work. So, to guide you in forming your work wear outfits, here are some classics you need. Although some of these work clothes for women may not apply to you. I work in a corporate environment with more flexibility in terms of work outfits.

However, these 9 work clothes for women are must have staples you need in your closet. So, if you’re need what to wear for work for your first day at work or for the next big presentation, opt for any of these outfits.

Work Dress

One of the easiest outfit ideas of the 9 work clothes for women is a work dress. So, if you’re stuck on what to wear for work, opt for a work dress. There are several dresses you can choose from. For work environment, opt for dresses of midi length. Most work environment will not allow maxi dresses. And of course, mini dresses is out for work.

For work, I prefer sheath dresses as a work outfit idea for women. However, you can opt for sheath or shift dress. Also, for those of us that feel cold easily, throw on a blazer for warmth. You can also read my post on how to dress stylish for your cold office.

Work dresses are a must-have staple for your work wardrobe. You can shop for work dresses for women online from Chicme or yes style. On Yesstyle, you can use my code: Stylez20 for an extra 5% off your order with no charges to you as a customer.

work outfit ideas for women


Another of 9 work clothes for women you need as a staple is a blazer. Blazers are a must have for every working woman. So, if you need classic outfit for your work wear, opt for blazers.

Blazers are such a versatile fashion piece you can wear for work or casual outing. There are several ways you can use blazer for your work wear. You can wear it with a matching pant as a pant suit set to work. Also, you can wear over dresses or with shell blouses and skirt.

I love blazers a lot. For a pop of color on your neutral work outfit, opt for blazers with vibrant colors. I would recommend pop of colors like red, wine, blue or orange. However, if work will not allow such colors, go for neutral color blazers like grey or navy blue to create work wardrobe.

You can click here shop for blazers online from Chicme or Forever 21. I love to shop from Chic me a lot. You can read my review on chicme here.

Dress pants

Dress pants are one of my best of the 9 work clothes for women. Although skirts are quite flattering for women. I feel both stylish and safe in dress pants.

If you work in a busy city, you can relate to this. Also, if an outfit you can easily transition from day to date night outfit. All you need to do is switch your accessories and some jewelry to your look. You can also read my post on other outfit ideas you can transition easily. You can wear your dress pants with shell tops and blazers or work blouses.

Dress pants are a classic you need to add to work closet. So, if you need work clothes for women. shop for dress pants. You can shop dress pants options from Chicme.

Shell tops

You may wondering what are shell tops? Shell tops are stylish sleeveless blouses or tops. These shell tops makes it easy to dress up for work. So, you need as many shell tops as you can get.

I love shell tops made from cotton, silk or chiffon material. You can easily layer your shell tops with blazers for a professional look. So, if you’re need to build your work closet, opt for more shell tops. Also, you can dress shell tops up for work or dress it down for casual outing.

You can shop for quality shell tops from Chicme for work. For a simple workday look, wear a shell blouse, dress pants, blazer, and flat ballerina shoes for work. Also, you switch the flats for heels if you want. Heels are great for poise but getting the right heels is always not easy. Like you guys know in this blog, I love to do all my shopping online for all my fashion needs. So, if want to shop for heels, you can read my ultimate guide to shopping for heels.

Midi Skirt

Another work cloth for women you need is a midi skirt. I love midi skirt a lot. Midi skirt are super stylish for work. So, if you need skirts for work, opt for midi skirt.

Midi skirts flatter your body frame irrespective of your body type. So, if you’re petite like me, you can definitely wear a midi skirt and look cute. Also, midi skirts make you have a slim waist. Although, you can also get a slim waist by using shapewear in your clothes. However, a midi skirt automatically makes your waist look slim.

There are several types of midi skirts you can shop for work. You can opt for a bodycon midi skirt or pleats. Pleat midi skirt is one work outfit for women that I am into right now. You can click here to shop for stylish midi skirt workwear from Chicme.

Why should shop for women’s clothes on Chicme? Chicme offers discounts codes for new users. Also, the flexible payment plans you can use. Afterpay options is available if you need to shop now and pay later. All you need to is to sign up for afterpay on check out platform. You get to slip your payment into 4 interest free payment. You can also use Klarna if you want a more flexible payment up to 4 times spread in weeks for you. Great right. So, you can shop for your fashion needs now and pay with ease.

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Click here to shop the skirt set on Chicme

Basic tops ||must-have of 9 work clothes for women

You need a wardrobe overhaul when you are transitioning to the workforce. So, fear not. You can style pieces you already own for work in the meantime. I also felt like I needed to start shopping for work clothes for women when I got my job. However, some of these basics have serve me well for both work and casual outings.

One such basic clothes for women you need for work is a tank top. Tank tops are also shell tops you can wear with skirts or dress pants to work. You can dress it up with a pair of heels or dress it down with sneakers for a casual outing.

Another is a tee shirt. Tee shirts are work outfits you can wear on Fridays. Most organizations allow you to dress down on Fridays. You can shop for several types of tee shirts like a plain white tee-shirt, graphic tee-shirt, or statement tee. This tee-shirt you can wear with dress pants or denim pants to work. If you work in an organization that is less with workwear, you can wear a tee-shirt on jeans to work any other day of the week like Thursdays too.

A bodysuit is another basic you need for your workwear outfits. I love bodysuit a lot. It removes the hassle of having to tuck in for work. I recently shopped for a bodysuit from Forever21 which I styled with a patterned skirt from Prettylittlething. You can read my review of the bodysuit here.

Where to buy business casual clothes for women

Tote bag

This list of 9 work clothes for women is incomplete without a tote. Tote bags are very practical for work. There are several sizes you can shop for work.

Large tote bags are a must have work outfit essential for women. This is because we women carry lots of stuff when we go out. Sometimes, I fill my bag with the essentials as well as things that I may need. So, I need a tote that can carry all my stuff with stress.

You a need a work tote bag to carry your planner, lipstick, power bank or charger, etc. Also, if your tote bag is large enough you can fit in your laptop or baby essentials if you’re a mom. This tote bag from river island is also part of my work wear shopping list. It is beautiful and made like a name brand bag. So, if you’re looking for an affordable name brand tote bag for work, shop it on riverisland.

Other work outfits must-have you need are sneakers, heels, sandals, and jewelry. Jewelry makes you look put together. So, if you want to look stylish to work, add some jewelry to your look; necklaces, bangles, wristwatches, etc.

Accessories for summer

9 work clothes for women as a newbie professional


Lekki is a city with so many things you can engage in or do. It is a place in Lagos where most of the elite people in Lagos stay. So, naturally, you expect most recreational centers or fun places to be expensive. Yes, there are places in Lekki that are super expensive. Also, there are fun things you can do in Lekki that are affordable too. There are so many fun places to visit in Lekki Lagos on a budget. I have visited a lot of places in Lekki yet I have others on my bucket list. So, in this post, I will be sharing my top 10 best places to visit in Lekki Lagos on a budget.

Some of these places are quite close to areas like Lekki phase 1 or phase 2. However, some of these places are as far as the Lekki-Ajah axis, or Bogije.

Lekki Conservation center, Lagos (LCC): Top 10 best places in Lekki

One of my top 10 best places to visit in Lekki is LCC. Lekki conservation center is a nature park located at Lekki. This nature park has different sections to it; family park, tree house climbing, & Canopy walk.

How does it cost to enter LLC? The gate for entry is 1000naira per adult. It is located at  Lekki – Epe, Lekki Penninsula II, Lekki. So, if you need to locate this place, take a bus from CMS or Obalende to Tippa bus stop. The park is just opposite this bus stop.

Lekki conservation center is a fun place to visit. You will have to make payment and wait at the holding area. Visitors are allowed into the Nature park in batches. Maybe this is to enable them to monitor people going in and out.

You can bring your own food to this park. So, if you are visiting LCC, feel free to get your food. However, their food vendors sell in the park at a hiked price. This is not surprising since this park is located in Lekki.

One of the major fun things people do is to walk the canopy. I was scared all through the canopy walk. This is because I have a phobia of heights. So, if you have a phobia of height, you can skip this on your visit.

The tree house climbing is tailored for kids. Although, I would not recommend it if your kid fear heights. But they are quite adventurous, it is a fun option for them.

The family park is free to access. I would recommend your visit this place. You can have a photoshoot, do content creation, a picnic, or games in this park. You can also get finger foods at this park. The opening hour is 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. You can read all about my experience at LCC here.

Lekki arts and Craft Market, Lagos

Another of the top 10 best places to visit in Lekki is the Lekki arts and craft market. This market is also known as the Oba Elegushi market. It is located at Jakande bus stop, Lekki.

Lekki arts and crafts market is kind of hidden. I walked around the market twice before I could locate it. This market host a lot of artworks, paintings, sculpture, artsy furniture, and fashion bags. So, if you want to visit this market, be ready to shop. There are so many things to shop for. I was not prepared for the nice things at this market.

So, if you are ready to shop, you can check out this market for things to add to your wish list. All the sellers are very friendly to customers and tourists. So, you can get their business cards to reach out to them when you’re ready.

I didn’t get anything on my visit. However, I reached two businesses ( collected business cards) and I shopped from them. They delivered the items to my office on the island for a 1000 naira fee. I prefer to shop online as it makes me more relaxed to see the items and make decisions. However, I shopped from both brands using WhatsApp. They were super helpful and offered great customer service.


Nike Art gallery, Lagos

Nike art gallery is one the biggest of the three Nike art centers in Nigeria. It is a 4-story building housing a lot of artworks, paintings, crafts, and textiles. It is a must-see place of the top 10 best places to visit in Lekki, Lagos.

Nike art gallery is located at the 2nd roundabout Lekki phase 1. It is easy to locate because it is close to the roadside. There is so much to see at this gallery. Also, it is free to access. So, if you need a place to visit in Lekki on a budget, opt for the Nike art gallery. I would love to re-visit this gallery again.

The opening hours are from 10 am to 6 pm. I went there quite late so I couldn’t really enjoy the gallery. You can also read my post on all you need to know about the Nike art gallery.

Top 10 best places to visit in Lekki Lagos

Eleko beach Lagos

Eleko beach is the second beach I visited in Lagos Nigeria. Lagos has so many beaches that I am yet to explore. So, I am glad I visited this beach. It is another place on my top 10 best places to visit in Lekki you need to add to your bucket list.

Eleko beach is located at Eleko beach road, a few distances from Novare mall. So, if you’re coming from the mainland, Eleko beach is quite far.

The entry fee is 500 per adult & child. It is a private beach with a lot of fun things to do. You can enjoy a horse ride or have a picnic at the beach. Also, there are beach huts with mini pools where you can have fun in groups. On my visit, I went with the Myhangout buddy brand. It is an Instagram travel and hangout brand. She offers a lot of hangouts at an affordable price. So, you can give her a follow on Instagram to get updated on the next hangout.

Lufasi Nature park Lagos

Another fun to do at Lekki Lagos is to visit Lufasi Nature Park. Lufasi park is located at Majek’s 1st bus stop, Awoyaya. This park was built to help conserve wildlife due to the Lekki peninsula development project.

The entry fee to Lufasi park is 500naira per child and 1000naira per adult. It is a fun place to hang out with your family or buddies. There are so many fun things to do at Lufasi park Lagos. The park has so many sports activities you can engage in like soccer, volleyball, and table tennis. Also, there is a kid playground to keep them engaged while having fun at this park.

You can explore every part of this park-like Anthill, the mini zoo ( for some domestic animals and monkeys), and the pond. It also has a short bridge which you can use for a photoshoot or content creation.

If you love arts and crafts, there is a store that sells arts, paintings, and craft items. So, you can shop for souvenirs on your visit. You can read all you need to know about Lufasi park and other things to do.

Lufasi Nature park Lekki

Omu resort Lagos

Another place that made my top 10 best places to visit in Lekki on a budget is Omu resort, Bojije. It is a fun resort you need to visit in Lekki. Omu resort is located at 1 Asiwaju Bola Tinubu way, Ibeju lekki (Bogije). Although Omu resort is quite far, the place is worth it.

Omu resort offers a group tour which you need to book in advance. This tour guide will curate fun activities for a group hangout. I enjoyed the engaging games we did at Omu resort. There are so many fun facilities you can use. Most of them are free to use and others are paid.

Omu resort also has a mini zoo which has some domestic animals and wild animals like snakes, lions, etc. Also, it has an aquarium which is free to access.

I love the rides at Omu resort. My best is the quad bike rides. It was so much fun. You can also ride a horse at Omu resort. Omu resort is also perfect for a family hangout. They have a children’s playground and a shallow pool in which they can have fun.

Omu resort gate fee is 2000naira per adult. Also, it is open from 9 am to 6 pm daily. So, you need to leave on time (coming from the mainland) to enjoy Omu resort. This is because Bogije is quite far and they close early too.

Omu resort Bogije Lagos

Lekki Leisure beach

Another of my top 10 best places to visit in Lekki on a budget is Lekki Leisure beach. This beach is an affordable luxury beach in Lagos you need to visit.

Lekki leisure lake is located at  Adekunle Animashaun Drive, Marwa, Off Lekki Phase 1, Lekki. It is quite easy to locate from the Lekki phase 1 2nd bus stop. You can then take a bus to Lekki Leisure. (I am not sure of the bus stop). The drivers around there know the area very well.

My only issue is that there is a place where they dump refuse on our way to the beach. So, I would recommend you use your nose mask because the odor is quite offensive.

You need a nose mask for entry. Lekki leisure beach observes the pandemic protocols. The entry fee is 2000 per adult. Also, you are not allowed to bring in your food. And of course, the prices of food are not cheap. I will link my vlog below so you can the prices of food at Lekki Leisure beach.

Top 10 best places to visit in Lekki- Beach

Awolowo Museum and Private beach

Awolowo Museum and beach is another place in Lagos just like Kalakuta museum, Ikeja. It is the home of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. So, if you need a place that captures all you need to know about this Legend, visit the Awolowo museum.

This place is top of my bucket list of destinations to visit. It is located off Eleko beach road, Ibeju lekki. Also, this museum has a private beach attached. So, you can enjoy a tour of the museum and a fun day at the beach. The opening hours are 8 am to 5 pm daily. I am yet to visit this museum. However, I will definitely write a detailed post on this museum. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates on a new posts.

Laguna Beach Lagos

Another place to add to your top 10 best places to visit in Lekki is the Laguna beach Lagos. As you know, most of the fun places in Lagos are the beach.

Laguna beach Lagos is an affordable beach resort. The entry fee is 1000naira on weekends and public holidays. However, the beach club is free to access. I love free beach access. So, you know that this is one of my top bucket list places to visit in Lekki.

Oniru private beach

The Last place on my top 10 best places to visit in Lekki is the Oniru beach. Although this beach is closer to Victoria island than Lekki. However, it can be accessed from both places with ease.

Oniru beach is located at water corporation drive, Oniru estate. The entry fee is 1000 naira per adult. Also, the beach is accessible every day of the week.

You can engage in fun activities like horse riding, jet skiing, or a boat. However, I would not recommend this beach if you want to stroll on the beach. This is because the vendors have set up so many beach chairs and benches close to the water.

But if you need a fun place to visit in Lekki on a budget, opt for Oniru beach. Other places close to Lekki you can visit on a budget are Bogobiri house, Muri Okunola Park, Landmark beach, etc.

Fun things to in Lekki

What to wear to the beach in Lagos, Nigeria

There are so many options of what to wear to a beach in Lagos. The beach is my favorite of the top 10 best places to visit in Lekki. The below are perfect

  • A bikini and sarong ( which can be a scarf)
  • A bikini and shorts or cover-ups
  • Playsuits
  • T-shirt and shorts
  • Mini dresses
  • Flowing maxi gowns
  • Floral dresses

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Top 10 best places to visit in Lekki on a budget


We are all super excited to go out and show off our outfits. The hope from the vaccines means we can go on brunch dates and socialize. So, we need casual outfits to go about our day. Also, since most businesses are now adopting the work from home style. You really do not need much workwear in your closet. Except for impromptu physical meetings or zoom meetings. (of course). On the other hand, if you must go to work and need some inspiration, read my post on back-to-work outfit ideas. So, in this post, I will be sharing 6 summer casual outfits for women in 2021. Some of these outfits you may already have. So, it time to bring out again. However, if you need to change your summer outfits, shop these cute summer outfits for your closet.

Maxi dresses.

The pandemic has made most of us seek for comfort in our outfits choice. So, for more comfy outfit ideas, opt for Maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are breezy and comfortable.

You can opt for prints or more colorful options. Just all dresses, it is easy to wear and style with less thought. All you need to do is to add accessories.

Maxi dresses are cute summer outfit ideas you need in your closet in 2021. You can wear Maxi dresses for a date, to the beach ( as a coverup), or a casual outing. You can read my post on beach coverups outfit ideas for your next beach outing. Also, you can shop for cute summer Maxi dresses from Chicme.

I love this polka dot maxi dress from Chicme. Click here to shop Polka dot Maxi dress.

6 Summer casual outfits for women in 2021

Midi Skirts and Tops

Since we are all about comfort this year, opt for a midi skirt. Midi skirt is my best of the 6 summer casual outfits for women in 2021. You can opt for a lightweight breezy skirt option. This you can wear for a casual outing with friends or dress it up for a date.

So, if you need an easy to style casual outfit ideas for women, shop a midi length skirt. You can wear your midi skirt with a body suit, sequin top or tanks. Also, you can add accessories as you want. I am so in love with midi skirt because I get a lot of use from it. You can wear a midi skirt for work or as a casual outfit. My pattern midi skirt from Prettylittlething is my best buy yet.

This skirt I have worn to work and for casual outings a lot. You can read my review of this skirt from Prettylittlething. There are many places to shop for a good midi skirt. Online fashion brands like Chicme also have several options to shop. So, you can click here to shop for Midi skirt on Chicme for your summer wardrobe.



Jumpsuit is one of the best summer clothes for women. I love this outfit because it easy to wear. Just like summer dresses, all you need to add accessories to dress it up or down.

Jumpsuits are a classic wardrobe piece to own in your wardrobe. You can wear to work or casual outing depending on what you want. I love sleeveless jumpsuits as it makes it easy to transition my looks. So, if you want a cute summer outfit you can transition from day to date night, opt for a jumpsuit. You can also read my post on other outfit ideas you can transition from day to date or party outfit.

For summer, opt for jumpsuit with floral prints. However, if you need a semi casual look, go for a jumpsuit with a solid color. You can shop for floral jumpsuit or solid color jumpsuit options from Chicme.


Biker shorts

Another casual outfit ideas for women in 2021. Biker shorts is comfy outfit idea you need for summer in 2021. This short is always in style even in 2021.

I love biker shorts due to its versatility. You can wear bikers shorts with with a tee shirt for a casual stroll. Also, you can dress it up with button up shirts and sneakers for party or hangout with friends.

Biker shorts are also a comfy stay at home staple. You can wear it for your zoom meetings or as a work from home outfit. So, if you need casual outfits for women in 2021, opt for biker shorts. There are so many options to choose from. You can click here to shop biker shorts sets from Zaful.

Biker short sets from Zaful

Tee-shirt dress

A very super comfy summer outfit idea you need in your closet is a tee-shirt dress. I love tee-shirt dress a lot. So, I always adding more tee-shirt dress to my wardrobe.

Tee-shirt dresses are easy to style. You can wear a tee-shirt dress for a casual with friends. Also, if you need a bikini alternative for the beach, opt for a tee-shirt dress. Most tee-shirt dresses are mini dresses. So, for more coverage, wear biker shorts or denim shorts in it.

I recently shopped for a tee-shirt dress from forever21. You can read my review of this outfit and how to shop on forever21. You can shop for a tee-shirt dress on Zaful. Click here to shop for a Tee-shirt dress on Zaful.


Crop blazer

Blazers are a classic you need in your wardrobe. However, this year trend is all about crop blazers. I love this trend so much. For me, it is one of the best of the 6 summer casual outfits for women in 2021.

I have some structured blazers and I am looking forward to adding more. However, a cropped blazer is a new twist for Blazers. So, if you need a non-conventional blazer, opt for crop blazers. You can wear your crop blazer with high waist pants or skirts. Also, it is a cute summer outfit idea for women in 2021.

There are so many fashion brands that have several options of crop blazers. You can click here to shop crop blazer set from Chicme.


Disclaimer: This post contains some links which are affiliate links. You can purchase from these links at no extra cost to you but support the income of this blog.

6 Summer Casual Outfits for women in 2021


Forever21 is one of the fashion brands to shop on a budget. They offers clothing and accessories for men, women as well as curvy women. So, if you are looking for a fashion brand to shop for him, her or plus size, opt for Forever21. You can shop forever21 for your wardrobe classics or casual wear. However, for work outfits, there are very few choices available on their website. Forever21 is always adding new items to their site. So, if you want to shop trendy pieces for your closet, opt for forever21. I shopped this brand online. But you can opt for in-store shopping in your area. So, here I will be sharing how to shop forever21, tips to know and how to ship to Nigeria.

How to shop forever21?

Dressing up is easy when you have the right basics or classics in your wardrobe. I gave out most of my outfits because I rarely wear some of them. Also, it is taking up so much space.

So, to re-build my basics, I shopped at Forever21 for some pieces. Forever21 website is so easy to navigate. You can type into the search engine for what you need. This is the best way to shop. So, you will not go over your budget for shopping.

However, if you are not sure of what you want, you can check the categories. If you need accessories, simply click on the category named “accessories” for options.

Since I am new to shopping from this brand online, I shopped for just 3 pieces. A cropped blazer jacket (beige color), shoulder pad tee-shirt dress ( also in beige), and oatmeal jumpsuit.

These basic are pieces you can get much use from. I will also share my review of these pieces in this post. If you are new to online shopping, you can read my tips on how to shop online.

When does forever21 have sales?

Just like most fashion website, Forever21 does frequent sales. I love to shop sales for lovely fashion items. Why pay full price though? So, I am always on look for deals to save while shopping for fashion pieces.

Forever21 has seasonal sales, annual or holiday sales. You also get 20% off when you sign up to their newsletter. As a subscriber, you get notified of all the sales and new items added to their website.

Also, they have student discounts so you can more on your cart.

how to shop forever21

Shipping to Nigeria

Forever21 ships to a lot of countries world wide. However, they do not ship directly to Nigeria. ( I still don’t get this though). So, if you’re shopping from Nigeria, you can ship first to US.

They offer free shipping to the US for orders from $50. So, if you need to save on the shipping fees, shop up to this threshold. Another is to combine your shopping with friends so you can save on shipping.

For shoppers in Nigeria, all you need to do is to a US address. So, if you have a friend or family in the US, they can ship it for you to Nigeria. However, I use HOR logistics to get a US address which I use to ship all my items to Nigeria. So, if you stay in Nigeria, you can read my post on how to shop from the US and ship to Nigeria. You will also learn how to set up your profile on HOR logistics with ease.


Forever21 haul Review

So, this post is incomplete without a review on my cart. Forever21 is an affordable fashion brand that I will shop from again. However, it is not the best option in terms of clothes quality per se.

Although, I am in love with 2 out of the items I got. This is because of the great quality for the price. The 3rd item was a hard miss.

It is inevitable to have hits and miss when it comes to shopping online. The 3rd item which a jumpsuit was not okay for me.

The jumpsuit is quite soft and feels good on the body. However, it doesn’t fit well for a size 6 jumpsuit. There was extra room in the jumpsuit that makes me seem like I had a short torso.

Also, it was way too long for me. ( I am 5ft 5″). So, if you want to shop for jumpsuit on Forever21, ensure you check the size chart. Have your tape rule to take your own measurement and compare with that on the website.

Asides, the fit, the jumpsuit sheds quickly. I only wore it twice and it looks faded.

Forever21 best buys

The crop blazer is of great quality for me. Crop blazers are a trend for 2021. So, I am all in for this trend. You can wear a crop blazer with high waist pants or skirts. Also, you can wear it like a bolero on your dresses.

My best buy from Forever21 is the shoulder pad tee-shirt dress. I am so in love with this dress. So, I love to wear it a lot. The quality is also great. The material is soft and it fits nicely. However, this dress is quite short. So, it is not tall girl-friendly. If you want to shop for this dress, check the size chart before purchase.

So, I totally forgot my bodysuit from Forever21. I love this fashion piece. It is soft and ribbed. So, I wore it as a monochrome look with my prettylittlething skirt. All my fashion pieces were great for their prices except the jumpsuit. So, I would recommend shopping online on forever21. However, if there is a forever21 store near you, opt to shop in-store. You can search for this by typing “Forever21 near me” on the google search engine. This will work with your location put-on on your mobile device.

How to shop forever21, Tips + Shipping to Nigeria