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How to wear maxi skirts| 8 Maxi skirt outfits to try now

Do you find it hard styling your maxi skirt? If you’re in this bucket, here are 8 maxi skirt outfits to try out right now. So, pull out your maxi skirt and start styling it. Also, I have linked some of my favorite maxi skirts to shop for below.

There was a time in my life when I avoided wearing maxi skirts. I always wondered how and why people wore maxi skirts. To me, it was hard to style and I couldn’t see how it was fashionable. However, I kept admiring maxi skirts whenever I saw them and sometimes found myself buying them. 

At one point, I had a good number of maxi skirts in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn. Then, I decided that enough was enough! I couldn’t keep spending money on getting maxi skirts when I wasn’t wearing them. 

So, I figured out several maxi skirt outfits that you’d definitely love. Now I wear maxi skirts as a casual outfit, with sneakers, or as a cute airport outfit.

Maxi skirt outfits

Maxi skirt outfits

Understandably, many people struggle with styling maxi skirts. These long skirts almost seem impossible to rock as a fashionista. But, are maxi skirts really hard to style? 

I’d be sharing some ways to wear a maxi skirt. Hopefully, you use these pointers so that you do not struggle as I did back them. 

To stylishly rock your maxi skirt, you should: 

1. Wear a maxi skirt with heels

I know that many people would prefer to dress comfortably when going out. And, some of you would rather rock a pair of sneakers with anything you’re wearing. But when it comes to a maxi skirt, you would look better with a pair of heels. 

Although walking with heels may not be so easy. However, I love to wear maxi skirts with heels. Shop the right heels and you’d love to style all your outfits with heels. Check out my ultimate guide on how to buy heels and the types of heels to buy that are perfect for you.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t wear your flats or sneakers with a maxi skirt. But, look at it from this angle. Your maxi skirt is already long, and you need something to elevate the look and give it more flare. So, wearing heels with a maxi skirt is more suitable. 

You can rock this style to church, a formal event, or any occasion in general. 

How to wear maxi skirts

2. Maxi skirt with fitted tops

What type of tops would you wear with your maxi skirt? I sometimes see people wearing loose-fitted tops with their maxi skirts and it leaves them looking shabby. Some of these people say that loose tops are more comfortable. 

The goal should be to look sharp and elegant when you dress up. And you can’t achieve this when you wear a loose top with a maxi skirt. 

To achieve the look you desire, you need to wear a fitted top with your maxi skirt. Asides from looking sharp, it leaves you with renewed confidence and you’ll be feeling on top of the world with your look. 

You can wear your maxi skirts with bodysuits, t-shirts, fitted blouses, etc. To make your t-shirt fitted, you can either tuck it or tie it in a knot. Also, check out other style hacks every woman needs to know for styling her outfits.

3. Maxi skirt with off-shoulder tops

A great option for maxi skirt outfits is to wear it with an off-shoulder top. Although I am not really a fan of the off-shoulder top, I still love it paired with a maxi skirt.

This is one of the simple yet stylish maxi skirt outfits you need to try. For proportion and fit, tuck in the top and add a shoulder bag to the look.

You can style it with a pair of sneakers, espadrilles, or heels. This look is a perfect date night outfit or a stylish travel cloth for women.

4. Go Monochrome

When wearing a maxi skirt, you need to be conscious about the top you use in wearing it. Some of the tops you rock might make your look to be a miss. Therefore, it is always best to play it safe and stick to tops that would complement your looks. 

Now, I cannot police the type of maxi skirt you may be getting. It could be pleated, flora, etc. However, one of the best ways to rock such a skirt would be by going monochrome with the top. Yes, you cannot miss a black or white top. These are non-picky colors that help you achieve an elegant look. 

5. Maxi skirt with a crop top

What do you think about showing some skin when you wear a maxi skirt? 

C’mon, live a little! You would look absolutely gorgeous when you wear a crop top with your maxi skirt. If you’re in doubt, look at it from this angle…

You would often find it fashionable to wear a crop top with high-waist jeans. So, why can’t you wear it with a maxi skirt? These skirts can also classify as high-waisted and you can rock them with a crop top. Also, you can wear your maxi skirt with crop tops and cropped blazer for a relaxed yet casual fit.

It is the best outfit for the summer or times when you need what to wear to the beach

6. Rock it with boots

I know you might be keeping a face when you see this option, especially as it isn’t the easiest to pull off. But if you can pull it off, you’ll make heads turn when you rock it. One of my favorite ways to style maxi skirt outfits is with boots. I am so in love with this edgy look.

Boots are one of the best shoe styles to wear all year round. You need a pair of boots to style your maxi dresses, mini dresses, or skirts as well as maxis. So, you can see that it is a wardrobe essential for women to buy.

Wearing boots with your maxi skirt gives you that bold and daring look. I always wondered why one can rock boots with any outfit but becomes skeptical when it comes to wearing them with maxi skirts. So, I gave it a try one day and I haven’t looked back since then. 

However, I tend to stick to heeled boots when going for this look so they can complement my dress. 

7. Add a tummy belt

There was an era when I added a tummy belt to almost any outfit and my maxi skirts were not an exception. My friends used to make jokes about my obsession with tummy belts back then but they couldn’t deny that it added flair to my dressing. 

Although I do not wear tummy belts as much any longer, I still use them from time to time. It is my secret ingredient for spicing my dressing. I could be opting for a simple look, but my tummy belt would take it from 0 to 100. 

It is one of the best things to use when wearing a maxi skirt. 

8. Accessorize your fit

You always need to make your outfit pop when it comes to fashion. So, you should not water down your accessories. Instead, you should use them to show off and show out. 

You should wear jewelry when rocking a maxi skirt. Your statement necklace and earrings would come in handy in this case. You should also not forget your bracelets and anklets. All these would help to elevate your dressing. 

Maxi skirt outfit ideas

Maxi skirts outfits to buy

Below are some of my best maxi skirt outfits to shop for in your closet. These Maxi skirts are my best and you’d love them. Shop them and start styling Maxi skirts for work, as a casual outfit, or as a date night outfit.

Best Maxi skirts

Click here to buy a bodycon Maxi skirt

Cute maxi skirt outfits

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Maxi skirt outfit ideas

Click here to buy a two-piece maxi skirt perfect for travel.

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