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4 Easy ways on how to wear a cropped blazer

How to wear cropped blazer

Are cropped blazers in style in 2022? What are the best ways to style this relatively new trend? I also find it hard to style is this trend. However, I have unlock several chic ways to style cropped blazer. Here are 6 different ways on how to wear a cropped blazer like a pro. These chic ways are effortless to style. You can get as many use of your cropped blazer for all occasions with these styles. Also, you can read my post on other style hacks every woman needs to know. These hacks will be your arsenal to make any outfit in your closet versatile. In that way, you get so many use from your clothes.

How to wear a cropped blazer in 6 different ways

Cropped blazer is super fun to style. However, there are several you can wear it. One of the ways is to match the blazer with a long hem outfit underneath. This balances the outfit. Also, you can style it as cropped top too. Below are some easy ways on how to wear cropped blazer.

Cropped blazer with White button down shirts

Button down shirt are a staple for your closet. You need simple white button down shirts to make your dressing easy. One easy way on how to wear a cropped blazer is white button down shirt. This you can wear with denim pants or leather pants. Add a pair of heels to dress up the look. Also, you can dress it down with sandals or wedges.

High waisted pants and cropped blazer.

Another easy way on how to wear cropped blazer with high waist pants. For balance in your look, I would recommend you style your cropped blazer with fitted high waist pants.

You can dress up this look with shoulder bag and sandal heels or pumps. This look you can wear for casual outing, cocktail party or an event.

How to wear a cropped blazer with shorts

Another casual way to wear cropped blazer is with shorts. This is my go to way to style cropped blazers. You can wear cropped blazer with high waist shorts or bikers shorts.

This style you can wear to the beach or girl hangout.

Cropped blazers with dresses

Dresses are staple every lady must own. They are go to easy outfit. if you have nothing to wear just wear dresses. There are several dress options you can shop. However, you can wear your dresses either sleeveless or long sleeve with cropped blazer.

This look you can wear to work. I love to have various options of outfit as workwear. You can also read my post on outfit ideas for all my readers that are 9-5vers. This post shares outfit ideas for working professionals. You can see options you need to shop for to make dressing easy for you.

Tips on how to wear cropped blazers

  • Maintain balance with your outfit. The bottoms should complement the top
  • For loose fitting bottoms add a waist bag or belt for balance
  • Complete the hem of cropped blazers with clothes that have longer hems. This is perfect if you don’t like cropped outfits

Best Places to shop for Cropped blazers

There are great places to shop for cropped blazers online. I love to shop from fast fashion brands for my clothes. One of best is Chic me fashion. They have several options of blazer sets you can choose from. I love their skirt set options as well as the cropped blazer options. Click below to shop cropped blazer for your closet. I would recommend shopping clothes from this brand because they provide great quality for the price. You can also read my Chic me fashion review.

How to wear a cropped blazer

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