Summer must haves you’d regret not buying in 2023

Summer is one of my favorite seasons of the year. I love to shop for summer pieces as it is my best season of the year. As much as I love the latest fashion trends, I love shopping for summer must haves too. In this post, I will share my favorite summer essentials you’d regret not buying in 2023.

These summer essentials will make dressing up easy for you. Also, these summer must haves are perfect for all occasions. As a new mom, one of the reasons I shy away from summer dresses is my post-baby bump. My favorite summer wardrobe essential is a body shaper with side zipper.

This has made wearing dresses more appealing. It makes my dresses look chic and stylish. So, you see why these summer must haves are what you should be shopping for in 2023.


These days all I do is add to cart bodysuits when I spot them. This is most especially a seamless bodysuit long-sleeve style. It is super chic and stylish.

This bodysuit style is my go-to for summer. You can style it for work or a casual outing. I love the versatility of black bodysuits. Click here for other chic ways to wear bodysuits effortlessly.

Another reason I love this style of the bodysuit is its ease to put on. Plus it is similar to a skims dupe. So, if you need skims dupes on a budget, you need this bodysuit.

Summer must haves

Body shaper

As I said earlier, a body shaper is my boost of confidence in all my outfits. Bodyshaper makes your outfit look smooth and chic.

I wear my body shaper with all of my outfits. This is especially my dresses. You can wear a body shaper with your evening dress or for a date night.

A major worry about using body shapers for most people is that they feel like it may too tight. However, the body shaper is not stiff. It is very comfortable to wear. So, I would recommend you shop for a few wholesale shapewear you can switch out with your outfits.

Summer must haves you need


Another summer essential you need right now is a pair of sunglasses. I am just beginning to ease into wearing sunglasses. And Of course, I am sold.

You need a pair of sunglasses for summer. You can wear this with your outfit for travel or to the beach. Personally, I highly recommend a pair of sunglasses as part of what to wear to the beach.

Although, I totally detest wearing sunglasses to the club or a night outing. I will definitely wear a pair of sunglasses for any party like a garden party, cocktail party, or wedding party. Get yourself a pair of sunglasses this summer.


Many of us use the word shapewear and body shaper interchangeably but they are not the same. I have previously written about the difference between shapewear vs body shaper.

Shapewear is perfect as a part of your gym outfit or workout outfit. It is perfect if you need to slim fit your waist or food baby. Asides from my post-baby bump, I also have a small food baby I am insecure about.

So, I use shapewear while working out to allow me to achieve my body goals. Exercises are a mood boast. If you’re not working out regularly, you are missing out on a lot. Asides from achieving your body goals, you need to work out for a healthy body.

Summer must haves for women

So, if you’re yet to start shopping for your summer must haves, add these to your list. You’d thank me later when you start using them. Feel free to comment on other summer essentials for women you’re shopping for. Don’t forget to share and pin it.

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