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Budget-friendly swimwear brands to Shop in 2023

With summer fast approaching, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already making plans to spend most of your free time at a beach or a pool. I’m in the same boat as you as I’m already shopping for new swimwear and need a change. After all, one has to look good while having fun!

I was trying to shop the other day, and without a doubt, I must say that the prices of things have been rather ridiculously high lately. However, I refuse to let it deter my beach and pool plans. So, I started checking for brands that sell budget-friendly swimwear

Luckily, I was able to find some budget-friendly swimwear brands and you can tell I was elated. When I compared the prices from these brands with others I had been seeing, I almost got carried away and wanted to buy all the swimwear available. Yes, you can tell that my cart was quite a bit. But can you blame me? A girl loves to get good deals and good deals I shall share with you. 

Knowing that many people have plans that involve swimwear, I’m here to give you a list of budget-friendly swimwear brands to shop for in 2023. This way, you get to have the best swimwear at the best prices.

Best swimwear brands

Below are my highly recommended swimwear brands you need to shop for. Most of these swimwear brands are my top best for 2023.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly brands to shop for women’s clothes, these brands are perfect. You can also check out my list of sites like Aliexpress to shop for cheap clothes for women.


I find it really exciting when brands go out of their way to infuse style into their products. It is what you get with Zaful swimwear. 

If you aim to look sexy and gorgeous when you’re dressed in your bikini, you should shop from Zaful. Their swimwear products are almost endless as they have swimwear in all styles suited for you. From bikinis to one-piece, to two-piece and even tankinis, you can find them on Zaful

When you first go on their website and see the variety of products, you’d think that they cost an arm and a leg. However, you’d be pleasantly shocked to see that Zaful has an array of affordable swimwear. 

Swimwear brands

Swimwear one-piece from Zaful


Are you trying to make a statement with your swimwear? If yes, you should shop from Zara!

I’ve come to realize that most brands that have become household favorites strive harder to maintain their reputation, and this is the case with Zara. Being that they’ve made a name for themselves, they cannot afford to deliver below par. 

While shopping for swimwear from Zara, you will notice that they come in colors you wouldn’t even expect. It is why I said these swimwear help you make a statement. Interestingly, the designs are simple but chic! You are sure to have heads turning when you wear Zara swimwear. 


Shein has been one of my favorite places to shop for almost forever. So, it was ideal for me to check their beachwear section while checking for budget-friendly swimwear, and trust me, I wasn’t disappointed. 

Shein swimsuits are one of those brands that have been saving my life when it comes to affordable items, and their swimwears are also super affordable. I also loved that they come in different styles, so it was easy for me to pick the ones I loved. Irrespective of your style, I’m sure there’s swimwear on Shein for you! 

I wouldn’t be surprised if your mouth stays open when you see the prices of the items on the website!

H & M

The fact that we are out to get affordable swimwear doesn’t mean we should downplay quality which is what I love most about H & M swimwear! Of the low prices that they sell these swimwear, one becomes skeptical about them. 

The first time I shopped for swimwear from them, I decided to get just one and test it out. I fell in love with the swimwear immediately after I got it. I was impressed with the quality and even began telling others about it. Today, I still have that swimwear. So, if you’re looking for affordable swimwear that would stay long-lasting, you should shop at H & M.  


My friend shared this brand with me when I was looking for a place to get budget-friendly swimwear. I fell in love with the brand from the first time I went on their website!

Everything about the swimwear called out to me and I knew I was in the right place. There is a certain femininity that comes with swimwear from this brand. You feel more confident and feminine in their swimwear.

I also love that they move with trends and their swimwear styles are the latest. This way, you are sure to fit in when you wear their swimwear.


From the name of this brand alone, I’m sure you already know that you would get swimwear for the best prices. Everything5pound also have budget-friendly swimwear, but they are also comfortable. Once you buy from them, you have peace of mind in whatever you purchased and can be sure that you’re getting value for your money. 

I also love that their swimwears come in different sizes. So, everyone is their target audience! If you love to shop for things like me, I’m sure your eyes may also deviate to other items on their website as everything comes at a budget-friendly price. 


I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t heard about Asos, especially if you’re an active online shopper. Even if you’ve never bought something from them before, you must have heard of the brand. 

Luckily, I’m here to help with reviews about the brand, and I can tell you that Asos is a great place to buy things, especially swimwear! 

I didn’t have high expectations when I started checking for swimwear on the site. But I was happy to see that they have budget-friendly swimwear. I wouldn’t say that Asos comes first when it concerns fancy or stylish swimwear. However, their swimwear is highly affordable. 


I was already hooked on this brand and didn’t need any extra convincing from the first time I went on their website. Sometimes, I had to double-check the prices to be sure that I was seeing them correctly. I kept wondering how such beautiful swimwear could be sold at such low prices. 

Well, I didn’t waste time filling my cart and cop me some of those beauties! There is something for you in the swimwear section of the brand irrespective of your size! I also love that all their swimwears are gorgeous irrespective of size. So, they are out to make everyone happy!


Chicme should be your go-to brand if you love to stand out and look different. They are one of those brands that give you unique swimwears that you would want to treasure for a long time. One thing about them is that they pay attention to details and are not out to cause a tear in your pocket. 

I have a secret place in my wardrobe where I keep my Chicme swimwear because they are so unique and gorgeous! (Hope my friends are not reading this part). 

I know you’d be back with comments when you get swimwear from Chicme. 


You may say that I’m a little biased, but this is one of my favorite brands of all time. I love how they’ve been in existence for a while and have never failed to deliver quality every time. 

I love the mix of colors when it comes to their swimwear and how it brings out more of my feminine side. I always feel like a supermodel whenever I wear my prettylittlething swimsuit and I usually get lots of compliments. 

Of course, I know the question on your mind, and yes, the swimwears are budget-friendly! If you’re not conscious and careful, you’d get carried away with shopping due to the low prices. 

2023 is not the year to shop without getting value for your money! I’m out to source for the most affordable brands that deliver quality, and I’ll be dropping them as I get them. 

Start shopping for your swimwear now for the best prices from any of these budget-friendly swimwear brands. 

Best Swimwear brands

Cute Swimwear Brands to Shop

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Budget friendly swimwear brands

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