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It’s a few weeks to the loved-up month and we have to figure out what to do. What are the best things to do on valentine’s day? What are the best romantic valentine’s day ideas to do as a couple in 2023? Here is a list of the 15 best things to do on valentines day on a budget. This list comprises things to do for all budgets.

Some of these activities to do on valentines day are totally free. While others will cost just a few coins too. Also, if you don’t know what to wear for a date on Valentine’s, you can read my post on valentines day outfit ideas for all occasions.

Things to do on valentines day as a couple

Valentines day is very close. However, the inflation world wide makes it difficult to have fun with limited funds. You don’t have to spend to much to give your partner the best time. Here are the best things to do on valentines day on a budget.

Learn a new dance

One of the 15 best things to do as a couple on valentine’s day is to go to a dance class. You can learn a new dance together. Life is quite short and we need to create good memories without loved ones.

I have always wanted to learn salsa dance. It is a romantic dance couples can learn on Valentine’s day. You can also enroll to learn other dance types with your girlfriends or boo.

Things to do on valentines day near me

Watch Netflix and chill

Another thing to do on valentine’s day is to watch Netflix and chill at home. This is an affordable valentine’s date idea you can do. Netflix always has new interesting series to watch.

As a couple, you can watch your favorite Netflix series together. The best series on Netflix I love is Emily in Paris & the queen’s gambit. I love these movies because of the fashion sense of the main characters. I am always drawn to movies that I can get style inspiration from.

So, if you need something to do on valentines day on a budget, watch Emily in Paris. I have been watching this series up till now. Add popcorn and other nibbles to make it feel like you went to see the movies.

Have a Family dinner together

Valentine’s day is a time to renew love and spend time together without loved ones. So, if you need an idea on how to make valentine’s day special, have a family dinner. Since it’s valentine, set the table with your favorite dishes. You can go for at least 3-course dishes for Valentine’s.

Also, you can light scented candles, add wines and chat about anything. You can also do a family appraisal on this day. So, for valentines day, treat yourself and your family to fine dining in your home.

Go for a picnic

Another romantic valentine’s day idea is to go for a picnic. There are so many parks in major cities you can have a dinner or picnic with your loved ones.

Another option is to have a picnic in your backyard. Most suburban areas have houses with yards. So, if you nice yard in your home, have a picnic with your loved one. Set the picnic date with food, drinks, nibbles, card games, and play music.

unique valentines day idea

See a movie at the Cinema

Although Netflix has made going to the movies an afterthought these days. I still love going to the movies. Also, not all trending movies get to be on Netflix.

So, you can go see the latest movies as a couple in the cinema. Recently my sibling and I went to see House of Gucci. I was sold by the movie because of the storyline and of course Gucci fashion line. So, if you need a movie idea to see for valentine, I would recommend House of Gucci.

Have brunch with the girls

You don’t have boo for the upcoming valentine’s, go on a date with girls. You and your girlfriends can hang out at your favorite restaurant for a date.

Although most restaurants may be fully booked before Valentine’s. So, you can book in advance to hang out with your friends for that date. Eat your favorite dish and enjoy chatting with your friends on valentines day.

Go to cooking class

Another of the 15 best things to do on valentines day is to join a cooking class. Valentine’s day is a great time to try out new things. If you have a dish you want to learn, you and your partner can take a class together.

Also, you can learn to cook a new dish by watching youtube videos. As a couple, you can cook this new dish as your dinner for Valentine’s. Add some wine and see some movies together.

15 best things to do on valentines day on a budget

See a stage play

Another of the 15 best things to do on valentines day is to watch a play together. Although, going to see a play at theatres is seemingly becoming quite rare. However, you can skip the cinema to go watch a play instead.

One of the things on my bucket list is to watch a play performed in a movie theatre. I am definitely going to tick that off soon.

Eat out in a restaurant

Some of us prefer to cook our meals and rarely eat out. Another of the 15 best things to do on valentines day is to skip the cooking and eat out in a restaurant. You can try out new dishes or eat your favorite dishes. I love to try out new dishes. Some of the dishes I can’t wait to try out include ramen, Chinese dishes, and Sushi.

What to do on valentines day with your boyfriend

Get a couple’s massage

I love massages a lot. Boo and I love to give and eat other massages. For a change, we will be looking to book a massage session for ourselves for Valentine.

Another affordable thing of the 15 best things to do on valentines day is to have a couple’s massage. This will help you relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Travel to a new city as a couple

Another fun thing to do on valentines day is to travel to explore a new city together. You can visit a visit in your country you’re yet to explore.

This can serve as a mini-vacation as a couple. Also, you can choose to visit a recreational center in a new city. This is a romantic valentines date idea you can do.

You can choose to stay in a hostel to make new friends as a couple, a hotel for alone time together or at a friend’s place.

Have a staycation

if you are not feeling like traveling due to the panoramic. Another fun thing to do on valentines day is to have a staycation. You can do this by lodging in a hotel or Airbnb in your city. Click here to book affordable hotels near you for a staycation idea.

A change of environment has its own feel. For your staycation ideas, you can choose to just Netflix and chill. Also, you can book a couples massage in your hotel or treat yourself to a new dish at the hotel.

Recreate your first date

The first date with our boo is something we never forget. You can recreate your first date as a couple on a valentines date. This is a romantic valentines day idea to do.

if your first date was at the beach, you can choose to have your valentines at the same beach. I would recommend this for any couple looking to rekindle their love. It is one of the best of the 15 things to do on valentines day.

Go for walk

Couples that spend time together stay together. Another of the 15 best things to do on valentines day on a budget is to go for a walk.

You can talk for a walk to see a new place in your city or stroll at the beach. This is super fun and intimate. In this way, you spend time together talking about anything and reliving old memories.

Also, you can choose to sign up for a group tour to enjoy a walk together. One of the best tour groups to join is GetYourGuide. They offer group tours in the city, tours of national parks, safaris, or fun activities at the beach. Click here to book a fun tour at GetYourGuide.

Visit a Museum

Another of the 15 best things to do on valentines day is to visit a museum. Museums are fun places to explore. There are so many museums you can explore in your city.

You choose to see any of them. If you don’t know any museums, you can google search museum near me. Trust me, you will get recommendations and ideas. I am a google local guide so I contribute places one can explore in a city.

So, you can search for a museum near you and explore it for valentines day.

15 Best things to do on valentines day on a budget

Valentine’s day is one of the best days of the year. I love love. Also, it is another time of the year to play dress-up for me. What can I wear on valentine’s day? There are several valentines day outfit ideas you can wear. However, this also depends on what you have planned for the day.

Whether it is a brunch date with the girls, a dinner date with boo, or a family hangout. So, here are some valentine’s day outfit ideas that are effortlessly chic in 2022. Add accessories to style up your look for the day. You can also read my post on the best accessories for an elevated look.

Cute valentines day outfit ideas

So guys, I have selected some of my favorite valentines day outfit ideas depending on what you’ve planned. Whether its a date night as a couple, a staycation with boo, beach hangout etc, there is something for you.

If you’re yet to figure out what to do on valentines, check out these fun things to do on valentines day for options.

Dinner date Outfit

Another cute valentines day outfit ideas for women you can wear is a corset dress. Corset outfits are super on trend in 2022. Plus it snatches you in to make your outfit look chic and classy.

A corset dress is perfect for a date night with a boo. If it is still cold where you are, add a jacket or trench coat for a classy yet chic look. Add a clutch or designer dupe handbag to dress it up.

So, if you need a dress for valentine’s day dinner with boo or a new date, wear a corset dress.

Valentines day outfit ideas

Click here to buy a bustier velvet dress

Family hangout

Are having a simple dinner at home after work? Or do you want to just Netflix and chill as a couple? There are so many fun staycation ideas you can do as a family for valentines day. Check out our post Another valentine’s outfit for ladies to wear is wide-leg pants. Wide-leg pants give a super relaxed yet stylish feel. Also, you can style it in several ways.

You can wear your wide-leg pants with a button shirt, a basic white t-shirt, a graphic t-shirt, or bodysuit. For a more structured look, I prefer to wear wide-leg pants with bodysuits. It is an effortless yet chic outfit idea for valentine’s day.

Cute valentines day outfit ideas

Buy corduroy pleat wide-leg pants set

Beach day out Valentine’s day outfit ideas

A cool thing to do with your friends or boo is to hang out at the beach. A simple and hot valentine’s outfit you can wear is a floral two-piece set.

I love two-piece outfits because they are versatile. You can wear them separately or together. For valentine’s a cool mini skirt two-piece set is perfect for a beach day out. Add a pair of sandals or espadrilles for a beachy look.

If don’t know what to wear to the beach for a valentine’s day beach hangout, opt for a floral two-piece set.

Best Valentines day outfit ideas

Click here to buy a sundress

Brunch date

You can choose to have a brunch date with the girls for valentine’s day. Another classy valentine’s day outfit idea to wear is this cute midi-length skirt two-piece set. I love this set because of the ruched detail.

You can hang out with your girl in this outfit to enjoy lunch, take great pictures and just have fun. So, if you need a valentine’s day outfit that is not a dress, this two-piece set is a great option.

What to wear as a ventines day outfit

Click here to buy a two piece set

Transition from day to date night valentine’s day outfit ideas

This outfit idea is for my reader who has a regular day job. We all that valentines day is not a holiday. So, we outfit we can wear to work and transition easily to a night-out outfit. One dress for valentine’s day dinner you need right now is a sweater dress.

You can wear this sweater dress to work and transition it easily for dinner dates. Add a pair of heels and a bucket hat for a chic look. I love this sweater dress. It is super cute and a great outfit for valentine’s day work and date night.

So, if you want to look cute for valentine’s day or you need something to wear for valentine’s day, shop these 5 cute valentine’s day outfit ideas.

Valentines day outfits

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6 Best Valentines day Outfit ideas that are effortlessly chic

Best January sales 2022

What are the best new year sales near you to shop? When does the new year’s clearance start? As a fashion blogger, I am always on the lookout for fashion deals and discounts. Why pay full price when I get the same item on sale? One of the best times that I love to shop is during the New year’s sales.

The January discounts deals have already started in January. Many brands are offer clearance deals in all categories like Fashion, electronic, etc. This is to clear out old stock and also help you and me score the best deals. So, in this post, I will be sharing the best New year deals for fashion and items on my wish list you can shop. As you shop for clothes, don’t forget to shop for accessories too. Also, check out my post on the best accessories to dress up your basics.

Everything 5 Pounds UK

Everything 5 pounds Uk New year deals are top on my least. The Items in this store are already heavily discounted to 5 pounds. However, they are offering 50% off items for the New year’s clearance.

I couldn’t pass on the items on sale that go for 2.50 pounds. You can shop for basics, workwear, and shoes. I love the court shoes also on sale and perfect as workwear. Don’t miss out on everything 5 pounds 2.5 sales. Everything 5 pounds also offers free delivery to the UK. So, if you’re in the UK, you will enjoy free shipping plus amazing discounts. Click here shop everything 5 pounds 2.5 New year sales.

Heavily Bead Embellished Chiffon Playsuit

Buy summer play suit from Everything 5 pounds 2.5pounds new year sales

Chic me Fashion

Another of the deals you need to shop for is the Chic winter blowout. Most fast fashion brands may not offer New years deals per se. However, brands like Chic are offering seasonal discounts.

Hop on the Chic me winter blowout and enjoy 30% off your order. You can stock up your winter essentials from Chic me this season from this Winter blowout. Also if you’re late holiday gift shoppers, you can also check them out for gift ideas too. You can check my post on last-minute holiday gift ideas for inspiration. Click here to Chic me fashion end-of-season sales up to 80% off winter styles for your closet.

Best New year sales

Shop Zipper Jacket and pant set from Chic me fashion

Ego Shoes UK

If you love designer dupes, this brand is my hub for a designer lookalike. Ego shoes in the UK is currently offering up to 80% off your order. Also, you can take advantage of the under $15 items to score trendy designer dupes for your closet.

I love to shop ego shoes for trendy designer dupe handbags and shoes. So, if you love designer dupes, check out their New year deals and save big while shopping. You can also check my post on other places to shop for designer dupe handbags.

Amina muaddi designer dupe heels

Shop Amina Muaddi Designer dupe heels


Zaful offers the best New year sales you can shop for. This brand is my go-to for travel essentials and summer outfits for women. They offer a clearance discount of up to 70% off your order.

Take advantage of these January price drops to shop your summer outfit for 2022 and as some winter essentials. Zaful is one of my best places to shop for outfits that are trendy yet affordable. Click here to shop Zaful winter blow-out sales for the New year.

New year sales near me

Click here to buy a Knit dress


Meshki is a high street fashion brand just like Zara and H & M. Although Meshki is not offering holiday sales at moment. You can shop some great finds from the sales section.

So, If you’re looking to shop for luxe fashion clothes for your closet on a budget, check out Meshki sales.

Shop more January sales 2022

Printed Plisse Panel Contrast Top

Shop Contrast top from Everything 5 pounds 2.5 pounds sales

New years clothing sale

Shop Oversize sweater

Debra Cowl Neck Crochet Midi Dress - Biscuit

Buy trendy cowl neck crotchety Midi Dress

Best New Year sales for Fashion to shop in 2022

2022 is already here, so I am elated to share the latest trends. What are 2022 fashion trends that will go viral this year? Also which trends are we letting go of and which ones are we still rocking? Some trends are here to stay like the tie-dye trends. So, if you’re asking if tie-dye is in trend in 2022, Yes they are.

Another trend we are dropping off is skinny jeans. Although this trend may be out, I love them and will still rock them in 2022. So, these 7, 2022 fashion trends are what you need right now. Some you may already own and you can shop below for others for your closet.

Mini skirts

Mini skirts are all in 2022. This is one of the 2022 fashion trends that was all over the runway last year. I love mini skirts a lot. You can style your mini skirts with bodysuits, a t-shirt, or over your shirt dress.

Mini skirts are super versatile too. You can wear it for a casual outing, running errands, or a date night. So, if you are looking for a 2022 fashion trend to hop on, bring out your mini skirts and rock them.

Latest fashion trends

Buy Mini skirt from Zaful

Wide leg pants

Since the panoramic hit, fashion has shifted to more relaxed and comfy outfits. So, another of the latest fashion trends you need in 2022 is wide-leg pants. Wide-leg pants are super stylish. You can wear wide-leg pants for brunch with the girl or a must-have cloth for your travel.

I am already planning my travel bucket list for the year. I am sure you’re doing the same. Wide-leg pants are a travel essential you need in 2022. You can also check other travel essentials for women to add to your travel packing list.

2022 fashion trends for women

Click here to shop Wide leg pants

Cargo pants

Another of the 2022 fashion trends for women is Cargo pants. Cargo pants are all in this year. You can wear them for lounging or as casual wear. These pants are very versatile.

You can style your cargo pants with a graphic T-shirt, bodysuits, blouse, or crop tops. Cargo pants are a very functional outfit. However, it is not great as an airport outfit. You can also read my post on airport wardrobe mistakes you need to avoid.

These 2022 fashion trends that will go viral

Click here to shop Cargo Pants

Cut-out outfits

Cut-out outfits are viral this year. All fast fashion brands are offering several great options. Like cut-out on the sides, on the chest, etc. I love subtle cut-outs on dresses. However, cut-outs on the waist is a no-no for me. I catch a cold easily so I am not wearing cut-out detail on the waist.

If you love cut-out outfits, definitely shop them as they are one the trending dresses to own right now. Cut-out dresses are super chic. You can wear cut-out dresses for a dinner date or for an event. Also, you can wear it as a wedding guest outfit. So, if you need a stylish wedding guest outfit for 2022, shop cut-out dresses.

Wedding guest cut out dress

Click here to Buy Maxi cut out dress

Y2k fashion

Fashion always goes and comes back. One fashion trend that is making a comeback this year is Y2K fashion. Yes, you heard right, the 2000s style is in right now.

I love Y2K fashion for 2022. The style that will go viral from the Y2K fashion is low-rise denim pants. The low rise is all in this year. I love them as well as the good old high-waisted pants too. So, this year, we are definitely shopping for more low-rise pants for our closet.

Y2K fashion

Buy Low rise Skinny Jeans


This year is all about sparkles and shine. Another 2022 fashion trend you need right now is sequins. Sequin’s outfits are super chic. You can wear sequins for the day and transition them for a night out. You can read my post on how to wear sequins during the day in different ways.

Sweater Vest

Another of the 2022 fashion trends that is so on-trend right now is the sweater vest. This fashion you most probably already own. So, bring out your sweater and start wearing them as they are on this year. Sweater vests are super versatile. They are also perfect for the cold weather.

You can wear them alone, on your shirt for work, or style them with your shirt dress. Sweater vests are classics you can wear all year round too.

How to wear sequin dresses

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These 2022 fashion trends are what you need right now

Emily in Paris Outfit season 2

Emily in Paris, a series just like sex and city for its unique fashion to draw and the storyline is a must-watch. Where to watch Emily in Paris? One of the places to watch Emily in Paris is Netflix. The fearless fashion of season 1 was to die for. Little do we know that season 2 Emily in Paris Fashion will be more bold and fearless. So in this post, I will be sharing my best Emily in Paris that I love and Emily in Paris season 2 outfits you need RN. And Also, where to buy Emily in Paris clothes or outfits you can recreate easily. If you’re yet to see Emily in Paris definitely check it out. Season one fashion was breathtaking and season 2 is way better. You can also read my post on best Emily in Paris outfits from season 1.

Statement Trench coat on Dress

One of my best outfits from Emily in Paris season 2 is how she wore a statement Trench on her slip dress. Also, the way she adds this jacket to break up the monochrome blue look is so chic. The whole look for is super chic.

Add some accessories to your look for a more chic look. She added a pair of sunglasses and a silk scarf to dress up the look. To recreate this look, shop for a slip dress with bold color and style with a matching color pump. Add a silk scarf to add some sass to the look. Click here to shop similar pieces for your closet.

Emily in Paris inspired outfits

Color blocking with accessories

One of the biggest trends of 2022 is color blocking. Although this trend has always been around. However, more attention will be on this trend in 2022.

In this outfit, Emily rocked a patterned t-shirt and yellow blazer that goes well with her top and bottoms. She then added purple Knee high boots for a color-blocking look. So, if you’re interested in jumping on this trend and don’t know how to go about it, click here to learn more.

Another way she pulled off the color block trend is by painting two complementary colors. This I love a lot but I will definitely skip the the cold shoulder top.( Not my cup of tea). She wore a red cold shoulder top with a pink mini skirt.


Monochrome look

Another style in Emily in Paris that I love is how she wore a monochrome look. Unlike her usual mix of prints and patterns, she went for a simple monochrome solid style.

On her visit to Emily in Paris Camille to work promoting their wine, she wore a yellow blazer on the dress. This is an easy-to-pull-off style you can re-create. Shop for a structured blazer and Flare dress of the same color to re-create the look.

Bold print accessories

Emily sure knows how to rock her prints. Her play with print accessories is chic. To recreate this look shop for pattern print tote hand bag, and pattern bucket hat to go with your print dress.

If you’re new to styling print or pattern, click here to learn how style prints like a pro.


Shop and recreate Emily in Paris Season 2 inspired outfits: Where to shop them


Shop statement Blazer


Buy Gingham Dress


Shop Bucket hat

Emily in Paris Season 2 outfits

Buy Similar Blazer

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Emily in Paris Season 2 Outfits you need in 2022

Tote handbags from Thrift

Most of our outfits are more of basics than trendy pieces. I love to shop for basics for my closet as they are super versatile. However, basics do not need to look so basic whenever we style them. Here are the best accessories for women you need.

Fashion accessories make it super easy to pull off an elevated basics look. With these elevated basic looks you can take a cue from Emily in pairs season 2 outfits ideas. From her statement handbags to wearing vibrant colors, and stylish shoes. Here are my top 5 best accessories to dress up the basics you need in your closet.

Accessories for women- Statement belts

One of the hottest 2022 fashion trends you need to hop on right now is the statement belts. Statement belts are a must-have accessory for an elevated basics look.

You can opt for large belts, Corset tops as belts, or corset-shaped belts to dress up your basics in 2022. I would recommend the corset tops as statement belts because they are super chic. Plus corset tops are super hot right now in 2022. So, you get to wear one outfit in two ways effortlessly.

I also shared in my blog the fashion belts you need in your closet. Check them out as they’re a staple wardrobe must-have for women.

5 best accessories to dress up your basics

Designer dupe handbags

Another of the 5 best accessories to dress up your basics in 2022 is designer dupe handbags. Many of us really love designers but cannot bear to chuck out such an amount of money for a bag.

You can opt for designer dupe handbags for your closet. I love to shop for designer dupe handbags from shein or ego shoes Uk. There are several other fast fashion brands that sell designer dupe bags or shoes. Read my post on the best places to shop for designer dupes for your closet.

There are several sites to shop designer dupes. I love to shop for dupe handbags. There are designer dupes accessories you can shop like sunglasses, heels or sandals, scarves etc.

One of my favorite places to shop for designer dupes is Ego Shoes. Other great places to buy designer dupes are Shein, Zaful, Etsy ( Designer dupes and designer pre-loved items) etc.

Best designer dupes

Click here to buy designer dupe handbags

Tote handbags

Tote handbags are the most practical bags every lady should own. This is because it is super chic and very useful. Tote handbags goes with all your outfits from casual elevated basics to workwear.

Tote handbags are one of the best fashion accessories to elevate your outfits. Also, you can wear tote handbags to anywhere; work, weddings, parties, dates etc. So, if you are looking to add to your accessories this year, get a tote handbag for women.

If you can afford it, go for designer tote handbag for your closet. However, there are designer tote handbag alternatives you can opt for cheaper prices. Below I have linked a designer dupe tote handbag for you to shop.

Best fashion accessories for women

Click here to buy Tote handbag


Sneakers are one the comfiest accessory you need in your closet. They are easy to style. Also, you can wear your sneakers with any outfit.

One of my best ways to wear sneakers is with dresses. Dresses go well with sneakers. You also can read my post on how to wear sneakers with dresses.

How to pull off the elevated basics look with sneakers

Click here to buy similar sneaker

Bucket hat

A bucket hat is one of my favorite accessories to own. It is a perfect summer accessory. You can wear it as a statement piece for your outfit. Also, you wear it to the beach to guide yourself from UV rays. It is an accessory you can add to your beach outfits.

The bucket hat is also on-trend in 2022. Since it became a thing in 2021, it has been big ever since. I love bucket as you can dress up your basics with it. Add a shoulder bag for a chic look.

Best Accessories for women in 2022

Click here to buy a bucket hat

A pair of heels

Another accessory for women you need in your closet is a pair of heels. I am more of a sneakers girl than heels ladies. However, heels also have their uses too.

You can elevate any outfit in your closet with a pair of heels. Heels are great as a workwear accessory for women. One of my challenges is shopping for the best heels that are comfortable. After I figured it out, I shared my ultimate guide to shopping for heels and the best options to shop.

You can wear heels with your date night outfits or with your work wear. Also, heels are an easy transition accessory to dress up your workwear to an instant date or party outfit.

Best heels to buy for women

Click here to buy a pair of statement heels

Fedora hats

Fedora hats are one of my favorite accessories for women. I love fedora hats a lot. So, I have been collecting them in as many colorways as I can get.

Fedora hats are another accessory that instantly elevates your look. You wear it to add an edgy look or to the beach. Beach fedora hats are super fun to wear. So, if you need an accessory to dress your beach outfits, wear beach or raffia fedora hats.

what to wear to the beach

Click here to buy a straw Fedora hats

A pair of sunglasses

Another great option of accessories for women is a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are super useful to elevate your basics.

Although I rarely wear sunglasses, I don’t mind tinted prescription sunglasses. This is useful for because I get to use it as shade and protect my eyes.

Fashion eyewear offers some of the best sunglasses to shop for. They offer several sunglasses options from designer sunglasses, designer dupes, and prescription glasses.

Also, you can shop and try out your sunglasses before you add them to your cart. So, don’t need to worry about the fit of the glasses.

latest Accessories for women in 2022

Click here to buy Tedbaker designer sunglasses

5 Best Accessories for women to dress up your basics

Proposing your loved ones and telling them to be your soulmate for a lifetime is the most precious and memorable moment. What are the best wedding proposal ideas you can choose from? How can I make my marriage proposal special?

When you are proposing to someone you do your best to impress them. You are worried about they will say yes or no. Marriage only once in a lifetime. That’s why everyone wants their wedding lifetime special to be. What is the most romantic and unique way to propose? Here are 8 romantic and unique wedding proposal ideas every couple will love in 2022.

8 Romantic and Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas

Proposing first and asking for your girl’s hand is the most important thing to do when you are in a relationship. This will have a really good impact on your future and your marriage life. Every girl needs a caring and loving man and for that, he has to do all the things which can make a girl happy. Proposing is also one of the ways of making your partner feels special and making her happy.

Every girl dreams that her man makes the first step toward her. Marriage is the most important phase of life. One should think before he/she makes his/her decision of spending life together with that special someone. Also, marriage is an emotional and physical relationship between two people who are connected by a bond of love.

They share their feelings and everything with each other. Marriage is a strong bond between two people. Only saying I love you is not important and if you say it you have to mean it. You have to care about your partner and respect your partner.

Below are 8 most romantic and unique ways of proposing your partner:

wedding proposal ideas

Do it in a public place

If you want that your proposal must be remembered by everyone one you should promote see your partner in a public place. I have seen many couples proposing to their partner at Eiffel Tower. Select a beautiful place in public and propose to your partner this will look more romantic and beautiful. Proposing in public is not that much easy but when you propose your coup to le she thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world.

Go on a boat ride

Another unique wedding proposal ideas you can opt for is to do it on a boat ride. You can propose to your girl on the boat. This is the most romantic and luxurious way to propose to her. If she loves sailing she will like it the most. You can buy a beautiful ring and you can grab a flower t when you are proposing to her. Proposing on a boat ride is the best you can do for someone.

Brides maid proposal ideas

Recreate your first date

You can recreate your first date. This will the best moment your partner will always remember. You can arrange all the things you have on your date. Your partner will always remember the first date as well as this marriage proposal day. Marriage is done once in a lifetime.

People have gone through many dates but choosing a life partner is the most difficult task. If you want to see your partner happy you have to do anything for her happiness. You can write a poem for her in your own words and you can also sing a song for her.  Tell her that you will be always for her even in the worst condition.

This is one of the most intimate of the wedding proposal ideas to opt. Have fun while you end your day with a marriage proposal.

bridesmaid proposal gifts

Bring music to it

Another of the unique wedding proposal ideas is to play music while you are at it. Music goes directly to the heart. When you sing a song for someone it is remembered by that person for the whole lifetime. Music is the most romantic thing you can ever do on your marriage proposal. You can take her heart away with the music. Music can bring the romanticism that you want to create.

Sign writers in the sky

This will cost a little but this will look like the most amazing surprise wedding proposal idea anyone can give them to their partners. All you need is a plane and he will write in the sky marry me. This will look fabulous and more amazing. This type of proposal is done by very few people.

On a picnic

When you arrange a trip with your partner you can propose to her there on the trip. This is the most unexpected proposal you can ever give. Picnic is always fun you can go there and you can spend some romantic time with your partner.

You can do artificial rain

If your partner loves rain you can do artificial rain for her. After proposing to her you can dance with her in the rain. This will seem the most, romantic proposal ever. Rain is the way of getting someone loves.

Write it on snow

When it’s winter season you can write marry me in her car. When she will use it in the morning she will be devastated by this. The winter season has always been romantic for everyone. The Winter season brings a lot of joy with itself.  This is also one of the most romantic and simplest proposals you can give to your partner.

Location is the most important thing that you have to select when you are proposing to someone. In Dubai, many people do propose wall painting Dubai. They seem that this is the most unique way of proposing to someone. Proposing your partner is the most difficult thing because you want to do everything for your partner that makes her happy.

There are many special locations for proposing as you can go in the helicopter and propose to her there. If you want to make it sinople you can simply give her a card or you can propose to her in the restaurant.  If you want to make it dramatic you can go to a beach and prepare everything there and propose to her there. You can propose her underwater as this will look very fantabulous and amazing.

Many people have proposed their partner in scuba-diving. As they think this is the most perfect way of proposing someone. The proposal must be given in a unique and romantic way. After the proposal, its time to sound the wedding bells. However, weddings can be expensive. So, to make it easy to fun a unique wedding on a budget, check my best frugal wedding ideas for 2022.

marriage proposal ideas

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8 Romantic and Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

fun places in Badagry

Badagry Lagos is a fun place to visit in Lagos. Asides from the obvious road traffic and bad road, there is so much to see. I have been exploring new places in this part of Lagos. And I will say I am so impressed. So, here are my top 5 best things to do in Badagry Lagos.

These places are fun and affordable too. So, if you need places to visit in Badagry on a budget, check out these places. Also, you can read my post on other 9 free and fun things to do in Lagos, Nigeria.

5 Best things to do in Badagry- Visit Gberefu Island, Point of no return

Although this place holds so many memories of slavery yet it is a fun place to visit. Geberufu Island, also known as the point of no return is located at Badagry. If you are looking for the list of beaches in Badagry to visit, definitely check out Gberefu Island. It is top of my recommendation of 5 best things to do in Badagry.

How can I locate Gberefu Island? Take a bike from Babadgry roundabout to O2 bar. Then you will ask where to take a ferry ride to Gberefu island. A ride cost 100naira per person.

Also, you take a short walk from the Badagry slave trade museum to the ferry spot. There you can take a ferry to point of no return island.

Gberefu island is a small community. There are some resident villages on this island. The entry fee is 200naira per person. Also, you can shop for souvenirs for yourself.

It is a very long and stressful walk down to the beach of Gberefu island. This path is where the slave masters took the slaves to be shipped off abroad. You also get to see the well that the slaves were made to drink from which they lose their memories. Some say this place got its name because any slave that got to this island, never comes back home. Yet, this place is one of my top of 5 best things to do in Badagry, Lagos.

Whispering palms resort.

This is another of the 5 best things to do in Badagry on your visit. This resort is located at Ajido road, Aradagun bus stop, off Badagry expressway.

Although, this resort is supposedly a beach. However, it is not a beach after all. It is close to the waterfront where there are lounge chairs to relax and unwind. Also, you can partake in water activity like boat pedal ride. This ride is quite similar to kayaking and it requires 4 people to take the ride.

Another fun activity you can do is to ride a bicycle close to the villas. These villas are available for lodging for as low as 20000naira per night. The bicycle ride is quite fun.

The entry fee to whispering palms resort is 1500naira per person. This fee guarantees you at least 2 paid activities; boat ride and bicycle ride. However, you can partake in other free-to-access activities like swimming, playing tennis, snooker, dart, golf, etc.

Best things to do in Badagry Lagos

Badagry Slave trade museum

This is my least favorite place to visit in Badagry. Why is it so? This is because of the horrible tale of the ordeal of the slaves back then. However, a visit to Badagry is incomplete without visiting this historic place.

Badagry slave trade museum is a few distances from O2 bar. On my visit, I shared a ride with some documentary reporters for free.

The entry fee for a tour of the museum is 500naira per person. Like all museums I have visited in Nigeria, you’re not allowed to film the museum. However, I was able to get some pictures in the compound of the museum. We got to know that the slaves were not all blacks. There were white slaves that were captured and sold back.

The story that caught my attention was that of the woman that killed herself and her children so as not to be made slaves. Why would someone prefer to die than to be a slave? The inhuman way in which the slaves were treated was enough reason for her to commit suicide than to be treated less than human.

Budget friendly things to do in Badagry Lagos

First storey buiding

Another of the 5 best things to do in Badagry is to visit the first story building. It is a few distances from the Badagry slave trade museum.

This building houses the first translated bible by Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther. Also, it has the first well in Nigeria.

Suntan Beach

Another of the 5 best to do in Badagry is to visit Suntan beach. This beach is the first and the cheapest beach in Badagry that I visited. The entry fee to Suntan beach is 500naira per person.

On my way to this beach, I had a hearty yam and egg meal at a local buka in Badagry. You can take a tricycle of 100 to the beach. This beach is a very popular beach in Badagry Lagos.

At this beach, you can have access to the beach huts for free. Fun things you can do at Suntan beach include horse riding, playing soccer at the beach bank, or playing board games with your friends. This beach is also perfect for pre-wedding shoots.

Visit Gberefu Island ( Point of no return)

This island was named as the point of no return as any slave that got here is shipped of overseas. Now a tourist attraction to many, this is a budget friendly beach in badagry to visit.

So if you a place to a explore after seeing the slave trade museum, it only make sense to visit Gberefu. It is a very neat beach with its architecture building still intact.

The entry fee to this beach is ridiculously cheap. How do I get to gberefu island? You take ferry ride to cross over to this beach, then take a bike to the point of no return beach.

You can also opt to trek. However I don’t recommend this as it is a very long walk to the beach. I couldn’t help asking frequently, “Are we there yet?”. The while experience was fun and I enjoyed my stay.

Fun things to do in Badagry Lagos

Best places to stay in Badagry Lagos

The road to Badagry Lagos is quite terrible. Although, it still under construction for a while now. So, I would recommend you stay at Badagry to enjoy a full day out.

One of the best hotels in badagry I would recommend is Rolling kings hotel. This hotel is quite new and very popular. The room at this hotel is about 12,000naira per night excluding breakfast. However, you can eat at the restaurant or order food in your room using the intercom.

Also, you have free access to the pool area as a resident of the hotel. The thing that stood for me at this hotel is their customer service and the pleasant attitude of the staff. Even when I really needed a towel from them, I waited for as long as it took just because of the attitude of their staff. Click here to book similar hotel in Badagry, Lagos.

So, if you’re at Badagry Lagos, here are my top 5 best things to do at Badagry. Another fun thing to do is to go sightseeing around O2. They have some of the artsy and old house that you’d love. Also, you can visit the Badagry slave market too.

Places to stay in Badagry Lagos

5 Best things to do in Badagry Lagos

20 last minute holiday gift ideas

Are you a last minute shopper? I am also guilty too. The holidays are the busiest time for me. So, there is a lot of work to do. It is inevitable to keep the holiday gifts shopping till the last minute. In this post, I will share a round-up list of 20 last minute holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list. So, you can get gifts for the practical lady, gift ideas for the fashionista or beauty queen in your life. Also, you can click here for holiday gift ideas for kids too. These gifts are all under $100 and will serve them way after the holidays are over.

Last-minute Holiday gift ideas

Below are the best last minute holiday gift ideas for your mom, sister, brother, or day. This list is for literally everyone on your list.

1. Nails set

A set of press on nails is one of the best last minute holiday gift ideas to buy for her. A nail set is perfect for every lady in your life. So, gift them a set of nails for the holidays. This will make them look chic for the Christmas and New year holidays.

Last minute holiday gift ideas

Click here to buy 12-pieces press-on nail sets.

2. Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are the softest and coolest thing to have now. This gift is perfect for a new bride or your mom. This will help them have a good night’s sleep. Gift your mom or dad a set of silk pillowcases for a soothing sleep.

Holiday gift ideas

Click here to buy floral sheets and pillowcases

3. Skincare set

Another of the 20 last-minute holiday gift ideas is a skincare set. I love a set of skincare products. There are several options to choose from. However, I would recommend organic skincare products to you. Organics skincare products are less harsh with no chemicals.

I have a simple skincare routine that I shared on my vlog. In this vlog, I reviewed an organic skincare brand. So, if you need a gift idea to give as a secret Santa gift idea for your colleagues, an organic skincare set is on point.

last minute gift ideas for sister

Click here to buy argan oil for skincare

4. Jewelry

Jewelry is a must-have for everyone. It is one of my best last minute holiday gift ideas for her. You can dress up your basics with jewelry. Gift your loved one jewelry for the holidays. You can shop for necklaces, personalized name necklaces, bangles, rings, wristwatches, bracelets, anklets, etc.

Unique Christmas gifts

Click here to shop the Earring set.

5. Gift Card

I love to shop for fashion items for my closet. So, for the fashionable shopaholic in your life, gift them a gift card. You can give an amazon gift card, Nordstrom gift, or google play gift card. Also, you can give out gift cards to the game lovers in your life too.

6. Amazon Kindle subscription

Amazon kindle subscription is perfect for the book lovers in your life. Subscribe them to a book library like Amazon kindle to allow them access to so many books. They get to enjoy different genres of books for free.

You can gift them this subscription to read personal development books. Also, books are a great travel essential for women so, if you need a great option of last minute gift ideas for her, gift an amazon kindle subscription.

How to make money blogging

Click here to buy my e-book on how to make money blogging

7. A treat to a local restaurant

Another of the best last minute holiday gift ideas is to treat your family or friends to a local restaurant. You can take them out to any restaurant of their choice this holiday. This is a suitable gift idea for the foodie in your life. Treat them to unique food experiences and dishes this holiday.

last minute gift ideas for friends

8. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is a perfect last minute gift for her or him. For the holidays, shop a pair of affordable luxury sunglasses from fashion eyewear. Also, you can buy prescription sunglasses too.

I love this brand because you can virtually test the glass frame for fitting. So, if you need a thought last minute holiday gift, shop for a pair of sunglasses.

Uniqur gift ideas for women

Click here to buy designer sunglasses from Michael Kors

9. Dresses

For your mom, sister or bestie, gift them dresses. You can shop for their New year’s dresses, Christmas dresses, or workwear dresses.

Christmas gift ideas for her

Click here to buy dresses for under $10

10. Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are a must-have fashion accessory for every lady. You can dress up your outfit or handbag with a silk scarf. Click here for more ways to wear silk scarves.

Silk scarves are a versatile fashion accessory to own. So, for the fashionista in your life, gift them a silk scarf this holiday.

Holiday gift ideas for colleagues

Click here to buy winter scarves

11. Mobile phone cases

This gift idea is perfect for those who love to switch their mobile phone cases a lot. Also, you never know, someone on your list may need a change of mobile phone cases badly. Lol.

12. Tote handbags

Tote bags are a perfect last minute gift for your mom, sibling, or girlfriend. Only ladies know that tote bags are a super practical handbag to own. It is perfect for stuffing a lot of things. (You know what….everything) Opt for medium to large tote handbags as a gift for the holidays.

last minute gift ideas for someone who has everything

Click here to buy Tote handbag

13. Designer dupe bags

For that friend or sibling that loves designer handbags but can’t afford them, gift them designer dupe bags.

Designer dupes or lookalike is one of the best last minute holiday gift ideas for her. It is always timeless and chic. I love designer dupe handbags. So, I would recommend this gift idea perfect for secret Santa for your fashion lover colleague. Click here for the hottest designer dupe handbags to shop for her.

14. Backpack

Another last-minute holiday gift idea is a backpack. This is a perfect gift idea for a mom or your friends in Uni or your younger sibling. This is a back-to-school essential or a travel essential for women that they can use after the holidays.

Travel essentials for women

Click here to buy a backpack for your colleagues

15. Sneakers

Sneakers are a perfect last minute gift for your dad, boyfriend, or husband. A pair of running shoes are perfect for the holidays. Plus sneakers are a fashionable accessory too.

Holiday gift ideas for mom

Click here to shop a pair of trendy trainers

16. Loungewear

Since relaxed outfits are still a trend, a perfect holiday gift idea is a loungewear set. I would recommend a pair of Joggers for the holidays. I have been into cargo joggers lately. So, if you need a stylish yet relaxed gift idea for your dad, mom, or siblings, opt for a pair of unisex cargo pants.

Cargo pants are on trend this year. So, you can shop for your friends and family. If you need styling tips on how to wear cargo pants, click here.

Best cargo pants

Click here to buy 3 in 1 Unisex cargo pants

17. Mini shoulder bags

Mini bags are a quick going-out bag every lady needs. So, I would recommend a mini baguette shoulder bag as a holiday gift idea.

Best holiday gift ideas

Click here to buy mini bags

18. Sweater vest or Sweater

A family Christmas sweater is a perfect last minute gift idea. It is perfect for the season. Also, the weather is getting cooler. So, if you’re in a colder part, gift your mom, dad, or sibling a sweater or hoodie for the holidays. This is one of the most thoughtful of the 20 last minute holiday gift ideas I would get for anyone on my list.

Don’t forget to subscribe for more posts. Happy shopping and compliments of the season.

Best Last minute holiday gifts

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20 Last minute Holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list


Although this fashion style is quite bold. Yet, it is very easy to put together cute color block outfits. I have tried my hands on color blocking. So, here are some easy color blocking outfit ideas you to try out as a beginner.

These color block ideas are super easy to style. Also, you don’t need to be an expert at this to pull these looks off. All you need is to match colors and do color blocks with outfits from your closet. Also, you check out my post on style hacks every woman needs to know to maximize your closet.

How to wear color block outfits

As a Sagittarius I love outfits that pop. So, I am always excited to try out several color block outfits. These are easy color blocking outfits for ladies to jump on in 2024. Also Pinterest is your buddy for color block clothes or cute color blocking outfit ideas.

Some of my go to fashion girls on Pinterest I love draw inspiration from are Monroe Steele, highluluxe among others.

Break up the color block with neutrals

For someone who is new to wearing bold colors, you need to test the waters gradually. One of such ways to wear color blocks without being too bold is to break up the color block with neutrals. It is one of the easy color blocking outfit ideas to pull off effortlessly.

For example, you can wear a neon green top with a grey skirt and complete the color block with pink sneakers. So, you get to color your outfit with your accessories without doing too much.

This method I would recommend for someone who is new to color blocking. So, you get to color block in subtle yet chic ways.

Also, you can color block two colors and complete the looks with neutral accessories like black bags or white sneakers.

Color block with monochrome

Monochrome looks are one of the easiest ways to make a statement without doing so much. For the color block effect wear monochrome colors of the same color in different shades.

For example, you can go for an all-green monochrome look color blocking Neon green top with a dark green skirt and beret. This is also another easy way to color block without being too bold.

Also, you can choose to go with an all-pink color block. You can wear a baby pink bodysuit with a pink print skirt and Coral pink heels. This is a perfect way to pull off monochrome and color block look effortlessly.

Color block matching complementary colors

Back in school, I rarely knew what complementary or supplementary colors were. I never really understood that part. Anyway, the color wheel is sure to rescue you if you’re like me.

The color blocking wheel is very accessible on the internet. Check out this wheel to see colors that are complementary that you can color block. For example, you can color block red and pink. These colors are of the same family. So, you can easily wear them together. Also, you can color block green and blue too.

So, if you’re just trying out your hands on color blocking, do well to check the color wheel for colors that complement each other.

Style neon colors together

Yes, I know that the craze of Neon may seem like it’s dying. However, with y2k fashion taking the new year by storm, neon colors are still in. You can click here to read my post on how to wear y2k fashion and the best place to shop.

You can color block neon yellow and Neon green together. This goes well together as they complement each other. This is an easy color blocking outfit idea you need to try out.

Easy Color blocking outfit ideas: Opt for color block outfits

One of the easy color blocking outfit ideas is to shop for color-block outfits. You can wear a color block dress and complete the look with a pair of sneakers with colors matching any color from the color block dress.

This is an easy way to color block effortlessly. You can also opt for color block tops or skirts to pull off this look. This method takes less time to pull. You need not refer to the color wheel to pull off this look.

So, if you’re new to color blocking, I would recommend shopping for pieces that are already color block for your closet. Click here to shop the below color block dress from Zaful.

My favorite picks Color block clothes

Who ever says color block outfits have to be bright colors. These neutral tones color block clothes are perfect for the minimalist. I have linked them for you to shop before it sells out.

Cute Color block outfis

Click here to buy it

Color block outfit ideas

click here to buy it

Easy color block outfits ideas to try out in 2024