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Ibadan is the second biggest city in the west part of Nigeria. There are so many fun activities you can do in this city. Here is a round-up of the 6 best things to do in Ibadan on budget. As most of you know, most of my travel blogs are centered on Lagos state. This year, I have chosen to explore more interstate places in Nigeria. Also, if possible abroad. I enjoyed 3-days of fun-filled activities in Ibadan. This list consists of romantic places in Ibadan, recreational centers in Ibadan, and nice hangout spots in Ibadan. You can also read my detailed post on visiting Cotonou from Lagos by road. This was also a fun road trip.

How to get to Ibadan City, Oyo state

Ibadan city is one of the busiest cities in Oyo state Nigeria. This city is known as one of the oldest cities in Nigeria. With the first storey building, Cocoa house located in this city. You can travel to Ibadan by air, road or through the new Lagos to Ibadan fast train.

If you have never taken this train before, I would recommend you try it. It takes off the usual traffic typical of Nigerian roads. Plus you can lounge while you get to your destination.

There are at least 2 stopovers to Ibadan, Omi-Iddo station, and Moniya station. Click here for more information on the Lagos to Ibadan train.

Where to stay at Ibadan, Oyo state?

Bodija is the hub of hotels in Ibadan. I stayed at His Grace hotel at Bodija. This hotel is a twin building with rooms of varying grades. My room was a standard room that cost 9,000naira.

Just to share a little back story on how I ended up with this hotel. I booked my hotels days before traveling online from hotels. ng. This brand confirmed my reservation and even called for a follow-up. Great customer service right!

However, the hotel is no longer liaising with How sad? What if I had a payment on this platform? To whose detriment! chai! Anyway, my stay was great at this hotel. My only issue with hotels in Ibadan is that they don’t offer breakfast. I won’t mind if the cost of breakfast is added to my hotel bill.

There are other hotels you can stay at in Ibadan. Click below for other options.

Best places to eat out in Bodija, Ibadan

As a newbie in Ibadan, I asked around for where to eat in Ibadan. For me, I prefer to experience the local buka food instead of restaurant dishes. In this way, I get to experience the city and of course, it is the cheapest option.

I would recommend that if you’re around Bodija, check the Iya meta buka. I was hooked on her food all through my stay. Plus they also deliver to anywhere in Ibadan city. The delivery fee is quite affordable too.

You can get their WhatsApp number to order on your visit. The amala was quite tasty with ewedu. And I also ate rice too. Other popular places to eat in Ibadan include Ultima, etc.

6 best things to do in Ibadan

6 Best things to do in Ibadan

There are so many fun places to see and visit in Ibadan. However, these are my 6 best things to do in Ibadan on a budget. These places are not far apart. You can commute to any of these places in a taxi or on a bike. I used bikes for commuting all through my stay. You can also use bolt or other Uber services to commute.

Agodi Gardens, Ibadan

Agodi Gardens is a great place to see in Ibadan. It is one of the 6 best things to do in Ibadan. Agodi Gardens is located at secretariat road, Ibadan. This garden is quite beautiful. However, it needs a lot of renovations.

The entry fee to Agodi gardens is 500naira. This grants you access to the below activities.

  • Access to the gardens for a picnic or just lounging
  • Agodi gardens bar and lounge
  • A walk in the park
  • A visit to the dilapidated Zoo: In this zoo, you can only a monkey and a crocodile. Whatever happened to other animals?

Other fun things to do in Agodi gardens that are paid include.

  • Access to the pool area (500naira)
  • Paintballing ( 500naira for 20bullets)
  • Bicycle ride (500naira)
  • Horse riding
Agodi parks and garden Ibadan

University of Ibadan Zoo

Another fun place to see in Ibadan is the University of Ibadan zoo. This place is my second best of the 6 best things to do in Ibadan. It is a great place to hang out with friends or boo in Ibadan city.

The entry fee is 1000naira per person. This gives you access to the zoo. There are so many interesting animals to see. I love the donkeys, giraffes, and gorillas. However, you’re not allowed to feed any of the animals at this zoo.

You can also explore the cold room that houses the reptiles. I find the aquarium quite creepy though. The room is so cold and filled with reptiles of different assortment.

You can have a picnic or hang out with friends at this zoo. I love the fact that there are lounge chairs for your to stay in and enjoy the zoo. However, most of the animals in the zoo were not replaced. Also, some structures were dilapidated. All in all, it is my top best of the 6 best things to do in Ibadan.

University of Ibadan Zoo

Trans-amusement Park, Ibadan

The Trans-amusement park is another fun place to visit in Ibadan. It is a great place to hang out with your family. As a parent, if you need a place to treat your kids, I would recommend you visit a trans-amusement park. It is my favorite of the 6 best things to do in Ibadan city.

I took a bike from Bodija to the Trans-amusement park. It is quite close to the famous Bodija market. The entry to the trans-amusement park is 500naira per person. This ticket will be issued to you at the gate.

Most of the facilities in this park are joy rides. Some of which are no longer functional. However, to enjoy a ride on the working facilities, it cost 500naira per ride for 5 minutes.

I had fun enjoying 2 rides. Each cost me 500naira each. You can also enjoy a meal at the restaurant in this park. After the rides, you can seat and hang out at this park. I visited on a weekday hence, there was less crowd.

Trans-amusement park, Ibadan

Bowers Tower

One of the most talked-about places to hang out in Ibadan is Bowers tower. The tower has a rich history and it gives a clear of major landmarks in Ibadan city.

It is located on a hilly top. We all know the western part of Nigeria typically has rocks and hills. So, the road to bowers tower is quite hilly. We took a bike to bowers tower. The fee to climb the tower is 200naira per person. You will be given this ticket to give you access.

If you need an instagrammable place in Ibadan with less distraction for content, go to bowers tower. Although, it can be quite scary for one with a phobia of height and small spaces. I think I have both phobias. Anyways it was a fun hangout at this place.

Something interesting struck me at this tower. Many people that have visited carve their names to mark their visit. I didn’t do that though, but it was interesting to see.

Best places to shop for thrift in Ibadan: Bodija Market

I love to shop on a budget. So, I check out the famous and biggest market in Ibada, Bodija market. This market is where Iya meta buka is located. I really enjoyed eating at this buka.

Bodija market is a one-stop shop for foodstuff ( retail and wholesales), thrift clothes, etc. It is a huge market. I went through the market checking out the wholesale section for beef, bags of beans, pepper, etc. So, if you’re looking to sell foodstuffs as a retailer, this market is perfect for you.

However, if you love thrift as I do, you can also get them at Bodija market. I have limited time to stay in Ibadan, so I didn’t get to explore the market as much. I would recommend visiting Bodija market as one of the 6 best things to do on your visit.

Irefin Palace

This place was a failed visit for me. This is because it is currently dilapidated. We met with a lady who told us that the palace is currently going through a court case.

Although, if maintained, it is a place rich in artsy structures and history. The palace is located in a rural area. We got there on a market day. There were some old ladies selling native quality black soap. If you follow my vlogs, maggie’s memoir you will know that I love black soap for skincare. However, this was not processed yet. You can visit this palace if you have a beauty business that needs black soap in large quantities. at cheaper prices too.

In conclusion

There are many fun places to explore in Ibadan. I really enjoyed my stay in this city. These 6 best things to do in Ibadan are great. However, there are so many other places yet to be explored in Ibadan city for me. One of such places is IITA, Ibadan. It is top on my bucket list of places to explore on my next visit. Do you live in Ibadan city? Comment below other fun places you would recommend to visit.

6 Best things to do in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria

How can you define your personal style? I would admit that finding my personal style as a fashion blogger was not easy at all. It is so easy to get caught up in the noise shopping pieces that are not for you. Here’s how to find your style without taking a personal style quiz. This Easy guide to create and find personal style is super handy if you’re new to finding your style. Also, it will guide you in maximizing your own closet too. So, you can define your personal style and shop pieces that you would actually wear for your closet.

Easy guide to create and find personal style: Sort through your closet

The very first step to finding your personal style is to sort through the clothes in your wardrobe. This will give an insight into what you like and your style. Recently I had to sort through my closet too. You can sort your clothes into categories.

You can categorize your wardrobe into tops, bottoms, jackets, etc. Another essential you need to sort is your shapewear or waist trainer. Most ladies shy away from shapewear. However, they are one of basic essentials. Why do you need shapewear?

  • For a slim silhoutte or Figure
  • To flatter your body and shape
  • To make your outfit look neat and chic
  • To make you look like you have your life together

So, why not add shapewear to your personal style arsenal. You can shop for the best shapewear for your closet. This you will add to your outfits for a more preppy and chic look.

Sorting through your closet will help you figure out what you need and what you have to throw out. In this way, you will find clothes that you gravitate towards. Also, clothes that are no longer your style or never your style. Also, sorting your clothes is also therapeutic. Also click here to read about why decluttering will make you happy. My personal style is more chic and girly. Sometimes I love casual fits too. However, I know that I rarely wear oversize fits. So, over-size style or trends is a no-no for me.

Click here to shop shapewear

How to find your personal style: Shop for only what you need

Another easy guide to create and find your personal style is to shop only for what you need. Yes, it is easy to just shop on the spur of the moment. Sometimes I love to shop for trendy pieces. While on other times, just because that item is on sale. This in itself is not bad.

However, buying fashion pieces because it is on-trend is not great. Some of these trends may not necessarily be your style. I love corset vibes and what it is giving to others. However, corset tops or dresses are not really my vibe. Another trend that is huge this year is maxi skirts.

This trend was hot on the New York fashion week 2022 runway. However, I cannot just wear a maxi skirt as part of my style. It is not just me. So, go for trends that you will wear over and over again. And avoid trends that are just your vibe or suitable for your body type.

Shop for only what you need. After sorting through your closet, shop for pieces you really need, trends or not. For example you can shop waist trainer for women for your closet. This you can wear to help maintain a slim waist. Also, you can wear your waist trainer while working out too.

Shop for basics

Basics are the building block of every closet. You need basic in your closet to make day to styling effortless. Shopping basics is an easy guide to create and find your personal style.

Shop for basics like body suits, denim pants, shorts, shapewear or waist trainer, basic t-shirt, etc. These basic will make it easier for you to create and find your personal style effortlessly.

For example, you need waist trainer to maintain a slim figure. Also, waist trainer helps you have a poise posture. So, if you compare waist trainer before and after use, you will realize waist trainer use gives you great silhouette and poise. In order words, it gives you an elegant personal style.

On the other hand, shapewear are another must-have for women. Every lady needs one irrespective of their body size. Shapewear helps to flatter your body. Also, it gives your body a slim silhoutte. I love shapewear because it makes your outfit look better.

Other basics also makes you dressing easy. So, if you want to create your personal style, shop these basics for your closet.

In conclusion, personal style is unique to each person. You can create and re-invent your personal style as much as you want. If you’re new to finding your style, these tips will get your started. Apply these easy guide to create and find your personal style wardrobe. It will come in handy for anyone whether you are new to finding your style and re-inventing your style.

Easy guide to create and find personal style wardrobe

3 Best West Coast Cities Way Cooler Than LA

Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with LA. It’s a great place and the city most people think of when they are picturing the west coast. It just might not be the coolest in general or even the coolest on this coast. Where is the coolest and best west coast city to know and live in? Other than LA of course. We have below our 3 best west coast cities way cooler than LA that should be on your radar.

Although, there are plenty of places and with the west coast being the region that it is, the options for somewhere cooler might feel endless

If you know exactly what cool means to you, your list for cooler cities might look a little different, but for those unsure of what this might mean to them, here are a few options to find the right place for you.

3 Best West Coast Cities Way Cooler Than LA

Portland, OR

Not only is Portland cool, but it’s also weird. Just take a look around downtown or wait to see that message itself on a bumper sticker. However you find it, it won’t take long for you to see signage declaring “Keep Portland Weird” plastered somewhere. When they say they want to keep things weird, they mean it, and what’s cooler than being yourself, even if that means you’re a little weird.

Once you take a quick peek at Portland houses for sale, or maybe the local cafes and restaurants, you’ll see the unique personality this city has become known for. If a hipster style and a little weirdness are for you, Portland might be your perfect brand of cool.

Seattle, WA

Go ahead and poll some friends and family asking them what’s cool to them. You might not find these answers from everyone, but some are bound to answer by saying either coffee or tech, maybe they’ll even say both. If either or both of those are what can make a place cool, it’s going to be hard to beat what Seattle has to offer.

Take a city that’s built on tech and coffee and mix it together with weather that’s typically never too cold or too hot and you’ve sure got yourself a top contender for one of the coolest cities on the west coast. It is one of the best places to live on the west coast for young adults. So, if you need an option of the 3 best west coast cities way cooler than LA, go for Seatle.

Anchorage, AK

Another of the 3 best west coast cities to raise a family is in Anchorage. When picturing the west coast of the United States, you might immediately think that Alaska doesn’t count, but that’s not really fair to our 49th state is it? It’s absolutely in the west after all and might be perfect if weird, to you, isn’t what makes somewhere cool and you think coffee or tech don’t move the cool dial either.

National and State Parks might be what makes somewhere cool to you, and if that’s the case it’d be hard to beat anywhere in Alaska. Right outside the city, you’ll be able to get to know Chugach State Park and the sun might not set depending on the time of year you’re in, so you’ll really have all the time you need to get acquainted.

On top of the wilderness, you’ll be able to experience, you’ll be able to take in plenty of culture throughout places like the Anchorage Museum.

In conclusion, LA like other west coast cities is great. However, if you’re seeking west coast cities that are way cooler. You need to explore any of these 3 best west coast cities way cooler than LA you can live in. These cities are the best west coast cities to visit. Also, if you’re planning to move to any of these cities, read my post on why you need to move to a new city at least once in your lifetime.

3 Best West Coast Cities Way Cooler Than LA to live in

Fashion week is always something we look forward to. You get to see the latest designs. Also, the trends are the fashion trends to start shopping. New York fashion week 2022 took place in a few days. Is New York fashion week open to the public? Yes, it is. You can grab a ticket to attend the show.

When is New York fashion week? The upcoming New York fashion week will commence on Friday 9th to Wednesday, 14th September 2022. You can read all about NYFW 2022 schedule and how to get NYFW tickets here.

I love all the pieces from the show. So, here are the trends we’re buying from the New York fashion week 2022. These trends you need to get your hands on ASAP. Some of them are classic and timeless pieces you may already own.


One outfit from the New York fashion 2022 that I want right now is a pantsuit. Most of the designs were structured blazers with matching dress pants.

I love pantsuits a lot. This is because I also have a regular job. Also, it is super chic and easy to style.

Chic me fashion sells some affordable pantsuit options under $50. These suits are of great quality. I also have a pantsuit set that is on my wish list from chic me. Shop this trendy blazer and cami set from Chicme fashion. Also, you can read my post on 9 work clothes for women as a newbie professional.

New York fashion week 2022

Click here to shop Blazer and Cami set

White dresses

Other trends from the fashion week I am loving right now are white dresses. White dresses are a summer staple for me. They are very versatile.

A white dress is easy to style. You can add a pop of color to your accessories. I love to contrast my white with a vibrant color bag like pink or red. Add a matching red or pink strappy heel.

I love white dresses because you can dress up for a date or dress it down for running errands. So, I am elated that white dresses are now on-trend this year. Click here to shop for white dresses inspired by New York Fashion Week 2022

How to participate in New york fashion week

Buy little white dresses

Leather pants

Another timeless fashion trends from the New York fashion week we’re buying are leather pants. Leather outfits will be huge this season. The runway showcase leather outfits in sets and pants.

However, I am so into leather pants for this year. Leather pants are super chic. Also, you can style them effortlessly with any top of your choice.

I would recommend brown leather pants. This color is chic and stylish. You can add a shoulder bag and a pair of heels to dress it up. Also, you can dress it with a pair of sneakers. Click here to buy affordable leather pants for your closet.


Shop Chic PU Leather pants from Chicme Fashion

Maxi skirts

Another outfit we’re definitely into is the Maxi skirt. Maxi skirts are super fun and stylish. I love maxi skirts as a summer outfit. So, if you’re shopping for your 2022 summer fashion trends, shop for maxi skirts.

Maxi skirts are very versatile too. You can dress it up with heels for a hangout or dress it down with sandals to the beach.

I love to style a maxi skirt as a beach outfit. You can wear a crop top or bandeau top with a maxi skirt to the beach. It is an easy beach outfit idea. Also, click here to read my post on other beach outfit ideas.

High Waist Tassel Design Maxi Skirt

Click here to buy bodycon maxi skirt

Large Fashion belts

Another trend from the fashion week that we’re definitely buying is statement fashion belts.

I love fashion belts because they make you look put together. It also gives you a slim silhouette and makes your outfit chic.

You can add fashion belts to any of your outfits. I love large fashion belts with dresses and jumpsuits. Also, I love to add fashion belts to my maxi skirts or wide-leg pants.

Zaful has so many cheap yet quality fashion belts you need to shop ASAP. They sell out so fast. Click here to shop large fashion belts.

New York Fashion Week 2022 fashion trend: Sequin dresses

Sequin dresses are another trend from New York fashion week you need to hop on ASAP. Most post-covid fashion is more of preppy and outgoing clothes. So, if you need options to bring your shine on, shop for sequin dresses.

You can dress up your sequin dress for a work party or as a wedding guest outfit. Also, you can dress it down with a cardigan or jacket for a casual outing.

Sequins are now more than ever a versatile fashion out to own. So, you need to shop for sequin dresses asap for your closet. Click here to shop sequin dresses.

New York fashion week 2022 schedule

Click here to shop sequin dresses

I am so in love with the New York fashion week fall/winter 2022 collections. So, I would recommend you start collecting them for your closet. Some of these pieces are classics you really need. Also, you can get as much use of them in and out of season.

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2022|What you should buy ASAP

Best Cheap Fashion Jewelry

As a fashion girl, you need fashion jewelry in your closet. This is because it instantly elevates your outfits. You can dress any outfit with a piece of fashion jewelry. There are so many fashions that sell jewelry. Paparazzi offers the best cheap fashion jewelry to shop. And this ended my search for affordable jewelry. I have shopped for affordable jewelry that was of bad quality. So, I am super excited to share with you guys the best cheap places to shop fashion jewelry on a budget. This Fashion jewelry will elevate your looks and make your outfit look expensive.

Best Places to shop for cheap fashion jewelry online

As stated earlier, there are so many brands that sell fashion jewelry. However, my best so far is the Paparazzi fashion brand.

Paparazzi brand sells affordable jewelry on a budget. Plus the quality of the jewelry is great for its prices. You can shop for necklaces, rings, or bracelets for just $5.

I recently shopped for this brand for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. So, here is a review of this product and why you need to shop for them asap.

A set of Earrings

I love the pair of earrings from the Paparrazi brand. It is just $5. The quality of the earrings is amazing for its price.

In my outfit below, I styled like the main focus of my dress. This type of earrings is perfect for a date night or great with your wedding guest outfit.

I opted for silver earrings because it is super versatile. You can wear it with a lot o any of your outfits. Add a pair of heels and a shoulder bag to complete the look.

Paparazzi fashion jewelry brand has so many great options of earrings you can shop for $5. You can shop for earrings for parties or for work. So, you can shop for different pieces of earrings from this brand.

Best places to shop for cheap fashion Jewelry

Fancy Fashion bracelets

Asides from anklets which are my favorite piece of jewelry, bracelets are my 2nd best. I love to wear anklets a lot. Although there are so many ideologies around women wearing anklets. You can read my post where some fashion ladies share their thoughts on wearing anklets.

Anyways, I got 2 pieces of bracelets from the Paparrazi brand. These bracelets are now my everyday jewelry. They are super chic and versatile. I opted for silver bracelets. So, I can style with any outfit and for all occasions. You can wear these bracelets for work, casual outings, parties, or events, or simply for hangouts.

Also, if you’re a bracelet stacker like me, you wear two bracelets together on one arm. It is super chic. So, if you need fashion bracelets on a budget, shop them from the Paparrazi brand.

Best places to shop for Jewelry online

Click to Buy similar bracelets

Best Cheap Fashion Jewelry: Necklace and earrings set

Another fashion piece of jewelry I got from Paparrazi fashion brand is a pair of necklaces and earring sets. These I got in the color green. I love the piece of Jewelry.

I love to add a pop of color to my neutral outfits. This is perfect for my minimalist girls that go for neutrals. You can wear this green necklace and earrings for a subtle pop of color.

You can also style any other piece of outfit for any occasion. I love to wear this necklace set as the centerpiece outfit for events and hangouts. It is chic and will elevate your outfits.

I always lose my pieces of jewelry a lot. This is especially my earrings. Some are lost in my handbags or hidden somewhere under my bed lol. So, I love to shop for fashion jewelry on a budget. In this way, I get to shop as many as possible to last me a long time.

I am super excited to find Paparrazi fashion brand to shop Jewelry on a budget. This brand offers the best cheap fashion jewelry to shop ASAP. Also, the quality is amazing.

best fashion jewelry to shop

Click here to buy similar necklaces

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment on the fashion jewelry you will be shopping from the Paparrazi brand. You would not regret shopping this best cheap fashion jewelry. Comment below.

Best Cheap Fashion Jewelry to elevate your outfit in 2022

Fashion belts for dresses

Fashion belts are super chic for outfits. They have so many uses. One of such uses is to give your outfit proportion. Also, they are perfect to make a fashion statement. What are statement belts and how do you style it? Also, is there a belt style for 2022? You can make a fashion statements with stylish belts. So, here are the best fashion belts for women to shop in 2022. Also, I will be sharing how to wear belts with all your outfits. Belts make you look put together and chic.

How do you style fashion belts?

There are several types of belts you can shop for. You can go for thin belts or large belts. So, the question is how to styles fashion belts? Can you wear fashion belts with any outfits?

You can wear fashion belts to all the outfits in your closet. My best is women’s belts for dresses. I love to style my dresses with fashion belts.

Other ways to style fashion belts for women with all your outfits include below.

  • Fancy belts with dresses
  • Leather belts for women with dress pants or denim
  • Belts with Jumpsuits: This option is super chic. You can opt for a statement fashion belts e.g large buckles or sparkle belts
  • Fashion belts with skirts etc.
Fashion belts for women in 2022

Types of fashion belts to shop

As stated earlier, there are several types of statement belts or women’s fashion belts. It actually depends on your style and the outfit.

So, if you love thin belts, you will style your outfits with thin belts. However, if you love edgy styles, you would gravitate to large belts or large buckle belts.

What type of dresses can you style with fashion belts?

You can fashion belts with any outfit in your closet. What type of dresses can you wear with fashion belts? I love dresses. However, my favorite is a shift dress and bodycon dresses. These types of dresses are great with fashion belts.

Other types of dresses you can style with fashion belts are maxi dresses, midi-length dresses, sheath dresses, or pleated dresses. So, if you need to dress up your dresses, add a fashion belt for a stylish look.

Fancy belts for dresses

Fancy belts are a great option for styling your dresses. I love fancy belts for women with sparkles or unique buckle designs.

Zaful has so many options of fancy belts to shop for. Of course, you can use my Zaful discount code: HJDW for 17% off your order.

Also, you can wear fancy belts with your jumpsuits or skirts to dress up. Add a pair of heels and a shoulder bag for a dinner date or work after party.

Colorblock Milk Pattern Canvas Belt - Black

Click here to buy a fancy belt

Chain Belts for women

Another great option of fashion belts for women is chain belts. Chain belts are super chic and fancy. If you need a women’s belt for dresses, go for chain belts.

Chain belts are also great for styling your jumpsuit. I love chain belts and I am collecting more. They are super chic. Also, you can dress any of your outfits with chain belts effortlessly.

High waist belts for dresses

Click here to shop Chain belts

Corset as Fashion belts for women

Corsets are so stylish. It is super trendy for 2022. So, if you need the top wearable 2022 fashion trends, opt for corset tops.

I love corset tops as belts. They are super chic. You can add them as belts with dresses for an elevated look. Also, you can wear corsets as belts to style your basics.

Waist belts for women

Click here to shop corset

Belts bags

Another fashion belts for dresses you need right now are belts bags. Yes, belt bags are a timeless piece you need in your closet. It is a staple wardrobe essential to own.

You can wear belt bags with your pants, skirts or literally all your outfit. I love to style belt bags with dresses. I am dress kind of girl.

So, if you need belts to add an elevated look to your style, add belt bags.

Statement Belts buckle

You can make a fashion statement with your belts. There are several styles of statement belts you can shop for. You can shop fashion belts with chunky buckles or multiple buckles.

I love to fashion belts with chunky buckles. This gives any outfit an edgy look. You can style such statement with any outfit you choose.

Feel free to comment other fashion belts that are great to style your outfit. Asides from Zaful, other places to shop fashion belts on a budget include everything5pounds, Chic me, and Shein.

statement belts for women

buy statement buckle belts

Fashion belts for women you need right now: 5 cute options


The new year comes with so many weddings too. What can you wear to a wedding as a guest for women? Here are my best wedding guest dresses for women in 2022. There is this trend that was going around this year that made me laugh. It goes 2021 you’re single, 2022 you should be married and under a year have a child. Lol. However, getting invite for wedding means you need to shop for wedding guest outfits. I am not really a fan of attending weddings. However, I love to dress up when i choose to attend one. These dresses are perfect if you need what to wear to a wedding soonest.

Silk or Satin Dress

Silk dresses are a great option of dresses to wear to a wedding. It is super chic. Plus it is super comfy to dance in too.

I would recommend a silk dress with cowl neck detail. You can style it with a pair of black sandal heels or mules. Also, you can add a designer dupe handbag to dress it up.

Satin or Silk dresses because it instantly makes you rich and classy.

What to wear to a wedding

Click here to buy cowl neck silk dress

Sequin dresses

You never know who may meet at weddings. So many people have met their life partner at weddings. Another of the best wedding guest dresses you can wear are sequin dresses.

We all sequin dresses are perfect for parties. Plus you will definitely stand out in wedding held in a hall or in-house.

You can dress up your sequin dress with a pair of heels and clutches. I love sequin outfits. So, if you are thinking how to transition sequins as day outfit, click here.

What to wear for a wedding

Click here to buy Cowl Neck Sequin dress

Floral Maxi dresses

The cold season is almost over. So, if you have wedding attend during summer, opt for Floral Maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are super chic. Also, they very comfy too.

You can wear your maxi dress cinched at the waist. Add a pair of heels and shoulder bag. Also, you can wear a tote handbag with your maxi dress.

Maxi dresses are also a great option of beach wedding guest dresses. The flowy vibe of this dress makes perfect to wear to a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding.

What to wear to wedding

Click here to shop Floral Midi dress

Little Black Dress

Little a wardrobe staple every lady should own. This is because it is easy to style. So, you can effortless thrown this dress for any occasion and you’re good to go.

Style your little black dress with a pink or red heel for a pop of color. Add matching should bag or clutch. Little black dresses are super chic and fun. You also dance all night in this outfit at the wedding.

Best Wedding guest Dresses

Buy Little black dress

Little White dresses

Little white dresses are another of the best wedding guest dresses to wear to a wedding. It is also another staple you need in your closet.

You can style your little white dress with a pair of mules or sandal heels. Add a shoulder bag to your look. I love little white dress because they are easy to style. You can also choose to add a pop of color accessories to your look.

Wedding guest dresses

Buy Chic Little white dress

Blazer dresses

Another of the best wedding guest dresses you can wear is a blazer dress. Blazer is an elevated office look you can wear to a wedding.

It is a cute wedding guest dress to wear to cocktail wedding party or a wedding by the beach. You can dress your blazer dresses with a pair of strappy heels. Add a should bag for an elevated look.

The Louis Vuitton loop designer dupe handbag from Ego shoes is a great option. If you haven’t shopped from ego shoes, click here for my detailed ego shoes review. This bag will instantly elevate your look for the wedding.

What to wear to a wedding: Best wedding guest dresses


Nigerian Idol is one of the best shows on TV that brings out nee music talents. This platform has brought out some of our Favorites like Omawunmi and the likes. This year, Nigerian Idol season 7 has commenced. Where can you watch this TV show? You can see this TV show on DSTV channel 151. I am a fan of Nigerian Idol. And I look forward to seeing this show. The judges has been announced with two new debuts artist as judges. They came looking styling on their unveiling and make a fashion statement in their outfit. Let’s talk these two new judges and how they stole our hearts with their looks on this show.

Who are the judges of Nigerian Idol season 7?

Obi Asika is one of the Judges for this season. He has always been one of the judges for this show. However, this year, two new judges were added.

One of the new judges making her first debut on this show is singer Simi. We all love Simi for her music. My best is her collaboration with Falz songs. Oh I miss those times.

The second first judge is our very own coco master, D’banj. His music is evergreen for me. He is a legend and his songs live on.

Nigerian Idol Season 7 Judges Obi Asika

Who styled the Judges for Nigerian Idol Season 7 debut

D’banj and Simi make fashion statement on their debut as first time Judges. So, here are their looks to die for.

Simi went for a green color block crotchet dress from Studio Imo. Also, she added a pair of black mules and chunky gold earrings that I am loving.

On the other hand, D’banj wore a simple black turtle neck from Mazelle studio and a leather. Also, he finished this look with multicolor jacket for a pop of color. D’banj is always a stylish in looks. He didn’t disappoint as per usual.

First time Judge Simisola makes a fashion statement at Nigerian Idol season 7 premiere

When did they commence Season 7?

The Nigerian season airing on DSTV commenced on Sunday, 6 of February 2022. The auditions have already began for talent.

So, if you’re the next Simisola or Omawunmi, definitely opt in to showcase your talent. I look forward to seeing this show. Please fee free to comment if you’d like to see more of Nigerian Idol fashion statement as the show kicks off. What do you think of the outfit of the Judges? Do you like them?

If you follow Emily in Paris series, click here to learn on some of the styles you can recreate.

Nigerian Idol Season 7

Where to shop for the Nigerian Idol Judges looks on a budget?

I love the looks of the judges. I also guess you feel the same. So, if you would love to recreate their looks. I have linked below similar pieces you can shop.

You can style this pieces just like the Nigerian Idol Judges did on their premier debut. Also, you wear it anyway you prefer to fit your personal style.

Knit Dress Chicme Fashion

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Knit dress from Chicme

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Black turtle neck top

If you’re into turtle neck. Shop this look from Everything5pounds for just 5 pounds. You can style it for all occasion. Turtle neck makes it easy to dress effortlessly.

Nigerian Idol Season 7: First time Judges, D’banj and Simi make fashion statement

Bedroom makeover ideas

The bedroom is one of the best parts of my home. So, I look to make it as cozy and comfortable as I can. What easy bedroom makeover ideas on a budget can you implement? Bedroom makeover doesn’t need to be super expensive. How can you decorate your bedroom on a low budget? How can you create a luxury bedroom yet without breaking the bank?

I am a budget babe, so I also ensure that I get the maximum value for my money. Here are easy yet inexpensive bedroom makeover ideas to refresh your room on a budget. These bedroom makeover ideas may be some funds while some of the ideas are easy DIY. So, if you love DIY, you will definitely love these ideas.

Refresh your Bedroom by Painting

A very simple way bedroom makeover idea on a budget is re-paint your room. This will instantly elevate the bedroom. You can for stylish yet cool neutral hues like cream, white, grey, or pastel pink color.

I love very neutral colors for the bedroom. I would recommend, you paint the 5th wall too. (your ceiling). You can use a contrasting color for the ceiling that blends well with the chosen room color. Also, read holiday home decoration ideas for the holiday season.

Get New beddings

Another easy bedroom makeover idea to do is to invest in good bedding. Comfort is key in the bedroom. Having cozy and comfy bedding like king size sheets will guarantee you a good night’s sleep

Atlinia has some of the best beddings you can get on a budget. I love the mattress cover that I use. It is super cozy and soft.

Why do you need a mattress cover you may ask? The mattress cover helps to keep it clean. Also, it is super easy to add a bedsheet on a covered mattress too. Plus it is aesthetical pleasing. So, if you have washed your sheets, you can sleep in your bed comfortably with this bed cover.

You can opt for any size depending on the size of your bed.

Bedroom Makeover idea Beddings from Atlinia

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Decorate the wall

An easy way to make your bedroom stylish is to decorate the walls. You can add some paintings or DIY art work.

Another way is to add raffia work on the wall. You can get creative raffia products like baskets etc., to get a unique style.

Add a bedside rug

Another of the easy bedroom makeover idea on a budget to do is to add a bedside rug. Colorful rugs will definitely elevate any bedroom. You can go for any size of rug depending on your budget.

I would recommend a nice contrast color bedside rug if you’re on a low budget. However, you can for large bedside rugs.

DIY Head board

One of the easiest bedroom makeover ideas on a budget is to DIY your headboard. A head board makes your bedroom super stylish. You can make your own headboard. Also, you can get creative by using wallpaper head board.

This is an easy yet affordable way to make your bedroom look stylish. You can also read my post on 14 super chic dressing room ideas to draw more inspiration for styling your bedroom.

So, if you’re looking for a bedroom makeover ideas on a budget, definitely do any of the above. A nice set of beddings, a head board, room decorations will make your bedroom super cozy and chic.

Add some desk area

Although, it is not really advisable to take work to your bedroom. Another easy bedroom makeover ideas to do on a budget is to add a desk area. This can be a reading or reflection area.

There is a sleepless night when I just read a book before bed. This is a way of making use of the time while you drift away into sleep. You can then go to bed as soon as you are sleepy.

Bedroom makeover ideas for small rooms

Introduce some indoor decoration plants

Another of bedroom makeover ideas on budget to do is to introduce some plants into your room. You need to do too much. Get a potted plant and add your room make over.

Potted plants like aloe vera or other plants can be placed on your desk. Also, you can get a bigger potted plant to sit beside your dresser or reading chair.

Bedroom makeover ideas on a budget

I hope you find these tips for easy bedroom makeover ideas useful. Elevate your small or tiny bedroom with these tips and thank me later. Feel free to comment on other bedroom makeover ideas on a budget that you do. Ciao

Easy Bedroom Makeover Ideas on a Budget


Travelling has always been a dream for me. So, being able to travel is a dream come true. I have so many travel tips from traveling a lot. These unique travels are perfect for you to avoid making some costly mistakes I made. Also, travel tips come in handy during these Covid times and will sustain you post Covid. Here are my top 30 best travel tips if you’re traveling for the first time. Also, if you’re a frequent traveler, you can gain one or two knowledge too.

Make a travel packing list

One of my best tips for packing is to make a list of what you need. You never know what you may leave out while packing. Sometimes I forget to pack enough underwear or as basic as a toothbrush.

Make a list of what you need to pack for your travel. Check my post on travel essentials to pack for women.

Have copies your important documents

Another of my 30 best travel tips which is the most important thing to do before traveling is making copies of your documents. Have copies of some of your important documents like the Yellow fever vaccine card, Covid Vaccine card, International passport, Visa page, and flight tickets.

So many things can go while traveling. This is not to scare you though. However, you can lose your baggage in transit, etc. So, it is better to be proactive than sorry. You never know.


Have a plan for your trip

A major part of the 30 best travel tips is to plan your trip. This has always come in handy for me whenever i need to travel. I always plan my trip ahead. Make a list of places you need to see on your travel. Also, share these places according to proximity and your time of stay.

Say, you plan to explore 6 places and your stay is for 3days. Planning your trip will help decide how many places you can actually explore or activities you can do for your stay.

Save Cost Via Group Tours

Solo travelling can super interesting if go tours with a group. Plus it saves you cost when you go with a group. I love going on tours on my trips to reduce cost and make new friends.

You never know, you meet your better half or a travel buddie on group tours. Getyourguide offers tours to a lot of countries in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. You can also book a staycation tours for yourself in your home country.

They offer an array of activities like Sightseeing, boat cruise, visit to Safaris, water sport activities and other fun outdoors activities. Click here to book Getyourguide tours on your next vacation.

Book your flight early

One of the best ways to save big on flight fares is to book early. Also, you can use search engines like Aviasales to search for the cheapest flight tickets available.

I love to use search engines like this to get the best flight ticket deals out there. You use this search engine for booking the cheapest flight tickets both locally and internationally.

So, if you’re planning a trip soonest, click here to book the cheapest flight tickets for your next trip.

Be flexible

Another of the 30 best travel tips for beginners is to be flexible with your plans. Just like everything in life, shit happens. A friend once fell ill as soon she touched down on her trips. All her plans had to wait till she got better.

So, I would recommend that in your plans, be flexible. Create flexible a plan that you can adjust depending on circumstances.

Pre-download travel apps

Travel apps are super useful for travelers. They come in very handy on my trips. On my visit to the francophone country, the Republic of Benin, I used google translate for ease of communication.

Click here to read my post on the ultimate guide to Cotonou, all you need to know. Aside from the little words of french I learned in high school, I can’t speak french. So, you need travel apps like google translate if you’re traveling to a place that is not your mother’s tongue. Also, click here to learn more about other travel apps you need for your next trip.

Plan for Long layovers

Another of the 30 best travel tips that comes in handy is to opt for Layovers. Layovers are typical for long-haul flights. How can you pass time on long layovers? There are a few fun things to do on long layovers.

  • Read a book
  • Listen to podcast
  • Listen to Audio books
  • Go sight seeing at the airport
  • Go shopping at Duty free shops at the airport
  • Binge watch youtube videos or Netflix
  • Make new friend and chat away

Your beauty products

Yes, you heard right, you need your beauty products on your travel. After my most recent trip, I came back with very dull skin. This is because I didn’t pack my beauty products.

Another of the 30 best travel tips you need to know is to pack your beauty product. Have travel size beauty products handy on your travel. You need this to keep your glow up all through your trip. Everything5pounds recently launched their skincare products and I am in love with them. Plus some of these products are priced from 2.5pounds to 5 pounds.

They offer a variation from day cream to night cream and foot cream. Click here to shop Everything5pounds beauty products.

Everything5pounds Beauty

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Make friends with the locals

One of the most valuable things you can do for yourself is to make friends with the locals. It is easy to get lost or cheated in a new environment. However, making friends with the locals will make your trip super easy.

Most locals are super friendly and helpful to foreigners in their country. So, to make your trip easy and fun make friends with the locals.

Ask the locals for recommendations

This tip is super useful for your travel. No one knows the new environment more than the locals. So, ask for recommendations on where to see, and the foods to try out. You will find their help super useful to you on your travel.

Opt for local foods

After seeking advice on what’s to eat and try out. Go ahead and try out these foreign foods. You never know which food may become your favorite dish. Be open-minded and be willing to try out new foods and things.

Document your itinery with your local bank

Most travelers miss out on this part before traveling. My day job is banking. So, you can imagine how many people come complaining about their credit or debit cards not working abroad. Another of the 30 best travel tips is to ensure you document your travel with your banks.

Always ensure you document your travel with your bank to prevent your cards from being blocked. A friend could not eat at her hotel just because she forgot to open the card for use abroad. It can be so frustrating.

Take Enough cash

I know the world is going cashless. However, most of the basic things you need require cash payment. Ensure you take enough cash with you on your travel.

Ensure to exchange some of your local currencies before embarking on your trip. It is cheaper to exchange currencies back home than overseas.

Write down your hotel address

One of the biggest mistakes I made on my trip was not writing down my hotel address. My sim card was not working in that country. Plus I was unable to get free WIFI.

So, I would recommend you write your hotel address on a notepad before travel. You can use a pocket notepad or a journal. This will make it easy for you to locate your hotel address in case your mobile device goes off, etc.

Go with extra debit or credit cards

Cash is super important for travel. So, is a credit or debit card. Take one or two credit or debit cards with you on your travel. You may need it on your travel.

Learn a few foreign words

There is nothing more interesting than to hear a foreigner speaking your language. Many locals feel so happy when you can speak a few words in their language. They find you relatable and may assist you in any they can.

So, I would recommend you learn a few foreign words on your travel. These will come in handy in communication. Words like food, car, airtime, restroom, internet, or market in a foreign language will come in handy on your trip.

30 Best Travel tips: Book your hotel early

Another tip you need to know for travel is to book your hotel early. Last-minute hotel booking is always more expensive.

So, if you are sure of your travel dates, book your hotel rooms early. Also, opt for hotel deals that allow free cancellation or payment at the hotel. In this way, you can easily cancel or pay at the hotel.

Also, you can click here to book your hotels using the hotellook website. You can search for hotel deals by location. They will offer you different hotel options from the cheapest to luxury hotels.

Opt for Hotel alternatives

Another of the 30 best travel tips I would recommend if you need to save on accommodation is to opt for hotel alternatives. If you’re looking for cheap accommodation, go for these hotel alternatives.

  • Hostels
  • Lodge in church or mosque
  • Guest house
  • Shared apartment
  • Couch surfing for free
  • House sitting or pet sitting
  • Home exchange ( that is if you own your house)

Cook your own meals

Airbnb and guest houses make it easy for you to cook your meals. You can cook your meals to save on food costs. Also, it is quite safe to eat in as compared to eating out. You get to be sure of how the meal was made and its hygiene.

Get Travel insurance

A unique travel tip you need on your travel is to get travel insurance. Many of us skip travel insurance because of the extra fees. However, travel insurance saves you a lot of extra spending in case of health issues for example.

If you fall sick or get in an accident and you’ve got insurance, they will cover your hospital bills. So, you get treated at no charge to you.

Get your vaccinations

Since the outbreak of COVID, there have been so many controversies around getting vaccinated. However, I would recommend that you get all your vaccines. That does make you immune from diseases. However, its impact will be minimal.

Pack extra batteries for your gadget

As a travel vlogger and blogger, I always need my mobile phones charged and ready to shoot. I use my mobile phone for now for all my content creation. So, I always go with a fully charged power bank.

If you use a camera, go with extra charged batteries for your camera. Pack your gadget and make sure they are complete. I traveled with my laptop and left the charger back home. I could not work on my trip because of this. So, ensure you pack your gadget well for your trip.

Plan your outfits

Another travel tip to know is to plan your outfit. Planning what you would wear will help you in packing. On my recent trip, I had to shop for clothes impromptu.

So, to avoid, lay out your outfits for the number of days you’re staying. Also, pack an extra outfit just in case.

Pack extra underwear

I have also had to shop for underwear impromptu on one of my trips. This is because I didn’t pack enough. Also, as a lady, you need to pack extra underwear and plan for your monthly cycle too.

Pack a night wear

I always pack a pair of sleepwear on my trips. So, I always wear the clothes in which traveled or go out. This can be so uncomfortable.

So, to avoid sleeping in your going outwear, pack nightwear or two for your trip.

travel tips for solo travelers

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Pack a loungewear

Another of the 30 best travel tips you need to know is to pack a loungewear outfit. There are days on your that all you want to do is stay in and rest. Also, you want to let the Jetlag wear off.

You need loungewear to stay and just chill. As you plan an outfit to travel, add loungewear too. Everything 5 pounds has some affordable options for just 5 pounds. Click here to shop a loungewear set.

travel tips 2022

Buy Pyjamas set from Everything5pounds

Pack Swimwear outfits

Swimwear sets are a travel essential you need to pack. I always love to bathe in the pool at my hotel or just stroll at the beach in my swimwear.

Pack a swimwear set just in case you need to get in the pool or swim at the beach.


Add Cover up to your travel packing list

Some of us like to be super modest in our bikinis. So you need a beach cover-up or sarong for a more modest look.

I love beach coverups made of crochet. They are super stylish and chic. Also, it makes your bikini pictures elevated.

Pack light if possible

The reason you need to plan your outfit is to allow you to pack just what you need. Sometimes we pack a lot of clothes we don’t wear on our trips. Plus you get worn out easily or have to extra at the airport for your heavy baggage.

So as much as possible pack light for your trips. I prefer to travel with backpacks instead of duffels or carry-on bags. It is easier for me to move around with this.

Pack a pair of good shoes

Another of the 30 best travel tips is to pack a good pair of shoes. Ensure the shoes you pack are in good condition. Also, pack shoes that are easy to work in too.

Double-check your shoes so they don’t give in on your trip. Pack a pair of heels for lunch dates or nights out, a pair of sneakers for running around, and sandals for the beach or casual outing.

Go sight seeing

One of the things I love doing in a new town is to take a walk around. This helps me to take in all the unique things in my environment. Also, you get to see some of the cities hotspots while you sightseeing.

This is my top best of the 30 Best travel tips that I would recommend you do the first or second day.

So, I hope you enjoy reading this post and find my top 30 best travel tips useful to you on your next trip. Don’t forget to share this content and comment on other travel tips that worked for you.

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30 Best Travel Tips If Traveling For The First Time