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How to wear jeans for work: 8 style tips

Finally work is now business as usual. So, we need to put together a stylish outfit for work each day. Jeans is a versatile outfit you can wear to work. Although not all offices allow jeans as workwear. This is because it is not seen as a professional outfit. However, some firms allow jeans as a casual Friday outfit idea. For someone like me who works in a very formal environment, Friday’s are something to look forward too. You get to let your head down looking forward to the weekend. Also, you can business casual outfits to work on Fridays. There are so many options of jeans available but opt for those with a darker wash. That is colors like navy blue, black, etc. In this post, I will be sharing 9 ways on how to wear jeans for work. So, you can look professional even in jeans.

How to wear jeans for work: 8 style tips

Classic white button-up on Jeans

A classic white long sleeve button up shirt is a staple work wear wardrobe. Every working professional needs some white button-up shirt in their closet. It is simple, versatile and professional. For a semi-casual look, you can wear your jeans with a white button-up shirt. Also, you can wear a pair of sandals or flat work shoes. You can easily transition this outfit from day to Night by wearing a pair of strap heels and statement necklace. You can a classic white button up from Chic me. It also affordable.

Casual tops and Jeans

Another way to wear jeans for work is with casual tops. Since it is Friday, you wear a simple casual tops with your jeans to work. I prefer to wear tops with unique details like a bow or ruffle on the collar. This is very stylish and work appropriate. You can also experiment with your casual tops top for work with denim.

Bodysuits and Jeans

Bodysuit is another outfit you need in your closet. It is a versatile fashion item item to own. There are several ways to wear bodysuit for work and casual outings. You can wear body suit with your jeans for work. Body suit are easy to wear for work. I love the fit that bodysuit give. It takes off the stress of tucking in your tops for fit. Also you can layer your body suit and jeans with kimono, blazer or style it with scarf. There are so many options you can choose from. You can shop for bodysuits for jeans from Chic me.

Blazer and jeans

Another classic wardrobe staple you can wear with your jeans is a blazer. Blazer is a versatile wardrobe piece you need in your closet. There are several blazer options you choose from in the market. For summer you can add color to your outfit by wearing vibrant colors (e.g. orange, blue, red, yellow etc.) blazer on jeans to work. I also love blazers in patterns or strip with jeans for a casual Friday work wear. You can easily transition blazer on jeans from day to date night. You can shop for blazers also online from shein. I love the blazer that i got from this brand. The ruched sleeve on my blazer is stylish unlike the usual straight sleeve.

Turtle neck on Jeans

Turtle neck top is another outfit you can wear with jeans for work. Personally I love turtle neck because it also doubles as an outfit to keep warm in the office. The sad part for me at work is that even on a raining day, the air conditioner is always on. I just don’t get it. For such days, you can wear your turtle neck top on jeans to keep warm. You can read my post on how to dress stylish for your cold office. Also, turtle neck can be layered with a blazer, kimono, jackets, and scarves. You can shop for a turtle neck top from MyGraceful place. Use my Code TRENDSENSTYLEZ20 to get 20% off your cart.

Cardigan on Jeans

Another way to wear your jeans for work is with cardigans. Cardigans are prefect if you need to keep warm. I personally prefer cardigans that are button-up or shirt-like. You can wear a camisole or bodysuit inside such cardigans. They are a wardrobe staple for summer especially for rainy or cooler days. You can shop for cardigans online or in your local market. Personally I don’t like to spend much on cardigans so I shop them from thrift stores. Thrift shopping has its pros and cons. You can read up my guide on how to shop the best fashion items from thrift stores. Also, you can check out my post on the top 5 best places I love to shop thrift clothes and accessories.

Shirt dress on Jeans

I love the breezy and casual feel of shirt dress. Shirt dress are a fun and versatile outfit you need in your closet. You can wear a shirt dress on jeans to work. Although a shirt as a top is a little longer, you can wear it with your jeans. You can easily transition this look from day to date night. With shirt dress on jeans you can transition this look in two ways. One way is to ditch your jeans for an after party on Friday. Another way to add a statement jewelry and heels to your shirt dress on jeans.

Tee shirt on Jeans

Another stylish way to wear jeans for work is with Tee shirt. Tee shirt is a basic wardrobe staple you need in your closet. It is a versatile fashion item you can wear with jeans for both work and casual outing. For work, choose tee shirt with plain solid colors like grey, blue, black, white, etc. If you work in a place that is less strict on dressing, go for a graphic or statement on jeans. This look you can easily transition from work to date night outfit with accessories and jewelries.

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