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Cheap places to eat in Lagos|| White House Buka

Lagos is the busiest city in Nigeria. As a working professional in Lagos, I spend hours stuck in endless traffic. So, it is unlikely for me to cook when I get home. The fastest way to eat in Lagos is to get take-out from Buka. Almost every street corner in Lagos has Buka. ( Also known as Mama put). These meals are close to home made meal. Unlike the fast food restaurants around Lagos. I recently heard about a fancy buka in Yaba called White house. And of course, I could not wait to try it. White house Buka is an upgrade from street site mama put you need to check out. So, if you’re looking for cheap places to eat in Lagos, opt for this buka. Here is all you need to know about White House, Yaba.


How to Locate White House Buka?

White house buka started off just every normal street side buka. However, the brand has been able to upgrade buka from street side to proper restaurant. The difference is that you get cheap foods as compared to other restuarants.

It is super easy to Locate white house buka. It is located at 9 chapel street Yaba. You can walk from Ozone cinema to white house buka. On my visit, I strolled from Sabo Yaba bus stop to white house buka.

White House Buka Review: Cheap places to eat in Lagos

I was just curious to know this place since my colleagues will not let hear the end of it. As the famous Olaiya amala place, white house was next. So, I had to try out this cheap place to eat and hangout in Lagos for myself.

The customer service was quite great. The staff were quite helpful to me. You can order a variety of local dishes from white house buka. I met a few people there on my visit.

I ordered semo. However, their semo is very small. So, I got two. Also, I got Edikaikong soup to go with my semo. You can choose to pay with cash or debit card. I chose to pay with card instead. lol. I always keep cash handy.

Can you get take out from white house buka? Of course yes. You can choose to buy take out or eat in this buka. I chose to get take out because I was pressed for time.

The food was quite tasty. However, I wish the soup has more smaller meat pieces or fish typical of Edikaikong. Also, the meat not neatly cleaned. ( I tasted a small stone in it). Asides that the food was okay for the price. Will visit again? sure. This is one of the cheap places eat in Lagos or hang out. So, if you need a cheap place to eat in Lagos or go on an affordable date, opt for white house Buka. Also, you can read my post on other place to hangout and my review of Farm city Lounge Lekki.

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