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Travel tips

Hey guys! I’m excited about the new year and hope you are too. Understandably, many of us have goals for the new year, and I do too. If your plans involve traveling, here are the best airport travel tips perfect for first-timers or regular travelers.

Traveling is usually very therapeutic, and I could go on to write the many benefits of traveling. However, I want to focus on airport tips in this article.

I love to look good while traveling. So, I take time to plan my airport outfits a day before. Also, since I don’t want to struggle at the TSA, I avoid some airport wardrobe mistakes to shorten my time with them.

Also, I ensure that I follow my travel packing list so I don’t miss out on packing my essentials. I am such a forgetful person, so I double-check this list to be extra sure. You don’t want to miss your flight because you forget your documents or a vaccine card.

Top 15 Airport travel tips

Traveling by air is easily the fastest way to travel, and I’ve had loads of airport experience. I learn different tips and tricks each time I use the airport. 

So, I’ve compiled a list of airport tips I know to share with you. You’d be glad you knew these airport tips on your next trip. 

Also, from my wealth of experience, I have learned how to find the cheapest flight tickets for my travels. I save on miles and also earn cash back on some of my travel experiences using my WayAway membership.

Anyways, let’s jump into these airport travel tips you’d wish you knew while traveling by air.

1. Get Travel Insurance

I didn’t know that travel insurance existed until I started doing frequent international travel. Let me tell you, getting travel insurance is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It helps to cover the risks and inconveniences that may come with your trip. 

The other time, I landed at my destination and couldn’t find one of my bags. It was a mistake on the part of the airline, and my travel insurance covered the cost of the lost luggage. 

I’ve also had people get compensated for delayed flights courtesy of their travel insurance. You cannot vouch for any airline or know the risks that can happen on a trip. So, one of the best things to do before traveling is to get travel insurance. Click here to sign up for travel insurance on insubuy. It is one of the most important airport travel tips to take note of.

2. Arrive Early

Getting early to the airport can make or mar your travel experience. Trust me; I’ve had my fair share of bad traveling experiences, most of which are tied to the fact that I got late to the airport. 

It is always best to arrive at the airport two hours before takeoff. Yes, it may seem somehow sitting and waiting for long hours. However, it is better to do that than to be in a rush or even miss your flight. Also, you can entertain yourself while waiting for your flight or during a layover.

You cannot determine how long certain processes would take at the airport or how full they would be. So, save yourself the stress and get there early. 

3. Check in online if possible

One thing I always ensure to do when traveling is to check in online if possible. It applies to both international and local trips. By checking in online, I’ve reduced some of the stress I may face at the airport. 

Checking in online also lets me pick my favorite seat. If I wait to check in through the counter, someone else may have taken the seat I love. 

You will have a faster process of checking in at the airport if you have already checked in online. It leaves me feeling like a boss when I get to the airport. These are my favorite airport travel tips I would recommend first to anyone traveling for the first time.

4. Wear comfortable clothes 

Everyone who knows me knows that I love my comfort so much. Of course, I’m one of the most fashionable people you would encounter. But that doesn’t mean that I would compromise my comfort. 

And one of the top places where you would need to wear comfortable clothes is the airport. I usually don’t dress up so heavily when going to the airport. Remember that you need to remove your shoes, belt, etc. when going through security checks. So, why stress me? 

Instead, you may find me wearing sweatpants, a top, socks, and slippers or crocs. These clothes make me feel comfortable, and I know I can easily slip on my slippers or crocs when I remove them. Check out other cute yet comfortable airport outfits to wear for travel.

Click here to buy a checkered over-sized shirt

5. Have a unique tag for your luggage

If I decide to run a poll, I would see many people who have either lost their luggage at the airport or confused their bags with those of others. It is common to see people who have similar bags at the airport. 

It can be daunting picking the bags of others and then coming back to look for yours. Therefore, you need a unique tag for your luggage to make it easily identifiable. It could be a ribbon on the bag or a small teddy bag. So, it is one of the best airport travel tips I highly recommend.

Whatever you decide to put should stand out to help in identification.

Best airport travel tips

6. Have a special compartment for laptops and other electronic gadgets

I usually have a laptop bag when traveling or put my laptop and other electronic gadgets in a special compartment of my carry-on bag. It makes them handy when I have to pass through security checks. 

You would have to remove your laptops, phones, and other electronic gadgets at each security check at the airport. And I’d rather not scatter my bag to get them out. So instead, I keep them specially or in another bag, which helps when arranging them back. It is one airport tip that would have you less irritated at the airport. And you would be happy you did it. 

7. Get a portable charger

The airport isn’t a place where you should expect to see sockets to charge your phone or other gadgets. But, even if you see sockets, many people have thoughts of using these sockets. So, they are often already in use. 

Asides from that, you cannot vouch for the safety of your gadgets if you decide to charge them at the airport. Therefore, I advise everyone to have a portable charger at the airport. It is handy to charge your gadgets while you wait in the lounge or waiting area. You thank me for this as it is one of the airport travel tips you should never forget.

You will have a horrible traveling experience if your gadgets die on you. Therefore, ensure that you have a portable charger. 

8. Know your bag weight before going to the airport

One of the best airport travel tips I can share is this one. It is always best to know the weight of your bags before going to the airport. It is a no-brainer that you would have to pay for excess luggage if your bag weight is more than the allocated weight per person. 

Thus, I love knowing the weight of my bags ahead so I can plan for the excess luggage money. I would rather not be surprised at the airport. 

Also, some airport staff can be mischievous and want to increase the luggage weight to extort money from you. It can only happen when you do not know your bag’s weight before going to the airport. 

9. Carry your snacks

Every time I’m at the airport, I wonder why the restaurants, shops, and food shacks sell things for ridiculous amounts! Their prices are usually five times higher than you would get outside the airport. 

So, when anyone asks me for airport travel tips, one of the first things I tell them is to carry their snacks. I usually have a bag with some of my favorite snacks, especially when I know I may be waiting for some time before taking off. I rather use my money for fun things when I get to my destination than to finish it on airport food and snacks. 

10. Download offline maps

You wouldn’t realize the importance of offline maps until you are stranded in a foreign country. Trust me, the experience isn’t funny and can shatter your mood for the rest of your trip. One of the best travel tips you need to take seriously is to ensure you have an offline map. You don’t want to fall into travel scams or miss your way.

Sometimes, it could be unfortunate that the airport has no Wi-Fi or internet when you arrive. But, even if they do, it isn’t safe to connect. So, one of the best things to do is to download offline maps before arriving in that country. You can do this with travel apps like Google maps.

It lets you move around until you can get a sim or connect to the internet. Also, I find it fun downloading the maps and trying to familiarize myself with them before leaving my region. 

11. Have hand sanitizer/wet wipes

I can’t talk about airport tips and forget to mention health tips. There are usually so many people at the airport, and you wouldn’t want to endanger yourself. Therefore, it is best to have a hand sanitizer handy when you’re traveling. 

You can use the sanitizer when you touch surfaces to keep yourself safe. Wet wipes also come in handy for stains. It is best to remember that people are many, and spills can happen. Instead of being sad when this happens, your wet wipes can be helpful. You can also use them to clean surfaces. 

12. Go to the left at checkpoints

I can see you making a face as you wonder what I mean. However, this is the best airport tip I’ve learned recently, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

For some reason, people always tilt to the right lines at checkpoints at the airport. Yet, when you look, the left lines are always shorter. So why does everyone decide to stick to the right? Well, I’m not out to find the answer; I’m just usually grateful that there is a shorter line, and I go to the left. 

The next time you find yourself at the airport, stick with the left lines. You’ll be done with your checkouts in no time. 

13. Wait for the boarding line to shorten

As long as I have checked in, I’m usually not in a rush at the airport. So, you’re at the waiting area, and they make the first boarding announcement. You will notice that everyone rushes to queue up, and the line is long. If you join that line, you’d have to stand for some time before it gets to your turn. 

I save myself the stress of standing by waiting for the line to shorten before I get more. There are usually more boarding announcements, and there is no award for being the first on the line. So, the top of my airport travel tips is to wait for the boarding line to shorten. After all, I would still get on the flight and be in my allocated seat. 

14. Be nice to the flight crew

Being nice to your flight crew also helps to improve your travel experience. Once they mark you as a nice person, they are usually more than ready to help you out in any way. They would always come to check on you and may even give you extras. 

Of course, it is important to be nice to anyone you meet. After all, we are all humans, and courtesy demands it. No one should tell you to be nice. It is always helpful, and I hope you are friendly to the flight crew on all your trips. 

15. Have gum handy

I’m chuckling as I write this, as it is one of the best airport travel tips I have ever learned. I remember a friend getting gums for me the first time I got on a plane. My friend explained that it helps with the air pressure and that I should chew gum when taking off and landing. Indeed, it helps my ears with the air pressure. 

Many people may have similar experiences as your family and friends would sing this tip to you when you travel. It’s one of the oldest airport tips, and you shouldn’t take it for granted. 

Dealing with a blocked ear after flying can be annoying, but chewing gum would relieve you. 

Finally, the most important airport travel tips is to pack your documents beforehand. I would recommend you pack in a place that is accessible. I prefer to have my travel documents readily available to me. Your visa or if it’s a visa-free country, your international passport, vaccine cards, or evidence of COVID test, etc.

Travel resources for a trip around the world

  1. Travel insurance: Get your insurance ready from Insubuy
  2. Flight tickets: Book cheap flight tickets from

3. Book your stay in any hotel of your choice. Get the best deal with Trivago.

4. Opt for hotel alternatives by booking your stay in a hostel. Network and have a fun trip by booking a hostel using hostelworld.

5. Solo traveler? I have you covered. Plan your trip with the best tour group for a fun-filled time in Africa. Book your tour using GetYourGuide. You can get a tour for as low as $30.

15 airport travel tips you’d be glad you knew on your next travel

If you travel frequently, you will agree with me that it can be so boring flying for long hours. What are some fun things to do on a long haul flight? I love flights that are very short, within 4 hours or less. However, if I have no choice but to fly for longer hours, I try to make good use of the wait time. Here are some fun things to do on long haul flights to entertain yourself.

I get bored quickly even on short flights. On my recent travel, I had to engage my seatmate in a fun discussion to avoid losing my mind. After packing for my trip and finding the cheapest flight tickets for my vacation. The next step is to prepare for things to do while on air. This is mainly for long haul flights.

So, you will find these fun things to do on a long haul flight useful to entertain you while on the air no matter how long.

Things to do on a long haul flight

Below are the 10 best things to do on a long haul flight that will keep you busy while traveling. These fun things are interesting to engage in. You will have fun all the way to your final destination as time passes.

1. Listen to Audiobooks

A very way to read books is by listening to audiobooks. Many of us have books on our list to read someday but can’t find time to read them. Opt to read them via audiobooks.

One of the fun things to do on a long haul flight is to read those books on your list as audiobooks. You can go through as many chapters by just listening to these books.

I have so many books on my list to read. One of them is, “sell like crazy”, only the title makes me want to read it. Other books I would recommend you read include, “Think like a champion” by Donald Trump, “Tough times never last but tough people do”, Robert Schuller, etc.

These books changed my life. Especially if you struggling with decision-making and anxiety like I do.

2. Play a game

Another of the things to do on a long haul flight is to play a game. Games are super fun and relaxing for long flights.

I love to play games while traveling. This is because are engaging. It helps me develop my resilience to win and of course, relaxes me.

One of my favorite online games that I love to play is Supermarket numbers. It is perfect to play with your kids to help them with basic arithmetic.

Also, I love this game because it is so relatable. Who doesn’t run errands in the supermarket? So, I am able to have fun while engaging in a reliable game.

3. Chat with someone

If you’re an extrovert, this is something you’d love to do on a long haul flight. You get to meet someone new. Get to know someone new. Talk about anything and keeps yourselves entertained on your trip.

I also enjoy making new friends while traveling. You never know, you may meet your future travel buddy on a trip.

I am not a conversation starter because I am an introvert. However, if I like you, I can engage you in a conversation for hours. So, if you’re looking for a fun thing to do on a long flight, start up a conversation with someone close to you.

4. Netflix and Chill

Another fun thing to do on a really long flight is to binge-watch shows or movies on Netflix. Netflix is one of my favorite places to watch movies while on a long trip.

You can watch at least two movies while on a long haul flight. Select your favorite movies or shows to watch while traveling. You’d definitely have fun killing the time while you Netflix and chill.

5. Learn a new skill

You can never go wrong with learning a new skill when you get the opportunity. I recently enrolled in a new course but haven’t had time to read it. You bet that I will be reading it on my trip this holiday.

Time flies so fast these days. Between balancing my home, blogging, and my regular job, time is never enough. So, you can enroll for a new course on Coursera or udemy to learn a new skill. Preferably skills that will boost your career in the coming year.

You can also learn a new skill on skillshares like video editing, graphic design, or gardening. You don’t have to learn skills only for work, it can be just to develop a hobby.

Also, you can learn some life skills like how to invest in stocks too. I recently invested in stocks but I have little knowledge about them. So, I stumbled on this engaging game that I play just to learn about basic knowledge of stock trading.

Although this game is solely for entertainment, it gives you the basics of what you need to know before jumping into stocks. So, I would recommend you play this game just for fun while learning new things.

6. Read a book

Another of the fun things to do on a long haul flight is to read a book. I know I have previously touched on it in audiobooks. This is perfect for those of us that prefer the traditional way of reading books hardcopy.

I find it super easy to follow hardcover books, unlike e-books. While making your travel packing list, add some hardcover books to read to your list.

I have read about 4 chapters while on a long flight. So, if you have no idea what to do on a very long flight, read a book.

7. Learn the local language

One of the fun things to do on a long haul flight is to learn the local language of your destination. This will come in handy to enable you to settle in easily.

Learn a few words or phrases of the local language of your place of visit. It is super fun to learn a new language. You can also use travel apps like google translate to help you learn the native language too.

8. Listen to Music

Music can be so entertaining while traveling. Another fun thing to do on a long flight is to listen to music. You can listen to music on apple music or Google plays music.

I love to follow the latest hits songs while traveling. Life can be quite busy to follow these things. So, I use the time I travel to catch up on these songs.

9. Catch up with work

Sometimes I feel like the 24 hours in a day is too small to finish my task. There is so much to do to grow my brand. So, I sometimes catch up on these pending tasks while traveling.

Catch up on your work while traveling on a long flight. Put some finishing touch to your presentation if it is a business trip. Also, knock off those pending tasks to reduce workload while you travel.

You can use the long travel time to do as many tasks of your work as possible.

10. Plan your itinerary

Are you a last-minute trip planner? Do you just hop on the next flight before deciding on your itinerary? Another thing to do on a long haul flight is to plan your itinerary.

Use the time while on your trip to plan how many days you’re staying, and things to do. This is especially if it’s a quick vacation. Plan your day-to-day activity for your vacation to pass the time.

So, if you need things to do when on a long flight, take time out to plan your itinerary for your trip.

Feel free to comment other fun things to do on a long haul flight.

10 Fun things to do on a long haul flight to entertain yourself

If you’re looking for someone who loves traveling and making money, I’m the right fit for this category. How can you make money while traveling the world? What are the best ways to get paid while traveling?

For the longest time as a kid, I always had the dream to travel around the world someday. You would often see me staring at airplanes as they fly past, telling everyone that I will soon be flying around the world. 

As I grew older, I held onto my dream. But I also began to understand that traveling means spending money. So, I cannot travel if I don’t make enough money. It increased my drive and ambition to keep doing more. In this way, I have to figure out several ways to save money for travel to bring this dream to reality.

I’ve been to so many places and will still travel to more. It isn’t that I have all the money in the world. However, while traveling, I consistently devise means of making money to ensure I don’t run out of cash. Yes, I may be in a foreign place, but that doesn’t mean I cannot do legal things to make money. 

How to make money while traveling

Over time, I have figured out creative ways to make money while traveling. So if you also share your dream of traveling the world someday, you should know things to do to sustain yourself and bring income. Also, you can read my post on travel tips that will come in handy on your trip to anywhere in the world.

So, let me share some creative ways to make money while traveling the world, irrespective of the region:

Buying and reselling local crafts

I always buy local art when I travel to a new place. It could be jewelry, artwork, etc. I always love to take these things back home as a reminder of where I have visited. 

Sometimes, I get carried away with excitement and overbuy these crafts. Then, when I get home, people are always interested, and I give some away. Once, I decided to buy and resell these crafts, and I saw that many people were interested in them. Then, it dawned on me that buying and reselling is a creative way to make money. 

For someone traveling the world, you can buy crafts in Ghana, Nigeria Lekki arts and craft market & take them to Turkey and resell them. You are sure to get buyers and make money from this act.

Photography selling

Did you know that people pay a lot for pictures from foreign places? I remember growing up and seeing photos of the Eiffel Tower and other places in my house. No, my parents had never visited some of these places. But they got the pictures because they thought it was beautiful. 

As someone who loves capturing moments, you would always see me with a camera when I travel to a new place. Sometimes, I take pictures of abstract moments, places, people, etc. Some of these pictures get framed, and others remain in the archive. A creative way to make money while traveling the world would be to develop and sell these pictures. 

Travel Consultant

So, you’re traveling around the world and thinking of what to do that can bring in some quick bucks. Why not help small businesses with ideas that can boost sales and visibility? 

You would always see small businesses in all regions, and these businesses need help in one way or the other. Once they see that your idea brings in value, they would pay for such consultation. It could be your favorite pastry store in that region that needs the advice. Instead of leaving it in your head, share it with them and make money from it. 


Blogging/Vlogging are some of the best ways to share your travel experiences with others, and you can make money from them. People would always visit travel blogs and vlogs to get more information about a certain place. So, you can start your blog or vlog and share things like the culture of where you visited, top meals to try in the area, how to relate with people in that region, etc. 

Once your vlog or blog starts gaining traction, some brands may even pay you for advertisement. Of course, vlogging or blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But, you can make money from blogging.

Teaching a foreign language

If you’re bi-lingual, you are on the best path for creatively making money while traveling the world. For example, English is your mother tongue, and you are good at it. Now, you are traveling the world, and you find yourself in the Philippines. You can harness your language skills and teach the locals the English language. 

With this skill, you can be a language tutor physically and virtually. Ideally, you should pick a preference that works best for you. 

The last time I traveled to a Francophone country, some parents paid me to teach their children English during my stay, and it was an exciting experience.  Teaching English is another creative way to make money while traveling. You may wonder how I was able to cope with the language barrier, I used one of the best travel apps like google translate a lot.

Reviewing hotels and restaurants

Let’s say you’re lodged in a hotel whenever you travel to a new place. And in addition, you would also have to visit a restaurant. After all, you cannot do without eating. So, why not review these hotels and restaurants as you travel the world?

It is a creative way to make money while traveling the world, as these hotels and restaurants are willing to pay for foreigners to write reviews on their products and services. Some people presently have careers built on reviews. The world is evolving daily, and these places know that reviews are essential for visibility and patronage. 

Become a movie extra

They often say curiosity kills the cat. But this has not stopped me from asking questions when I visit a new place. 

One time, they were shooting a movie on my street, and I got paid to feature as an extra in the film. It got me thinking; I figured one could make money from this while traveling the world. I then decided that the next time I travel, I would ask the locals if they had ideas on anywhere a movie shoot was happening so I could go request to be a movie extra. 

One thing about making money creatively is that you have to be shameless about it. 


One of the top reasons I love traveling is the new attire and jewelry I can experience. The last time I traveled, I discovered a cute store where they sold handmade clothing. The store owner even requested that I help her model some items for her social media page. As a tourist, you can use modeling while traveling to make money creatively. 

These store owners are willing to pay for your services as they believe it would increase their visibility. What can I say? I made money from it and also enjoyed some discounts on clothing. 

Selling your handy skills

 Do you have handy skills? If yes, these skills will help you make money while traveling the world. 

Some people are excellent at hair braiding. You can explore the hair braiding charges in that region as you tour different places. Then, you can offer your services at a lower price to get more customers. Now, your handy skills will bring in money for you. 

If you are good at jewelry making, you can also make some and sell them to the people around you. All these are ways to utilize your handy skills and make money creatively. 

Become a tour guide

It could be laughable to imagine a foreigner being a tour guide in a new region. But it wouldn’t be a big deal if you had stayed there for some months and used to the terrain. One of the creative ways to get paid while traveling is by opting to get a job as a tour guide.

Once you are used to the area and have gained much knowledge, you can decide to help fellow foreigners for a fee. You can take these people to your best recommendations within the city, and they will pay for your services. You would see that they would appreciate you because they feel the service you render is more personalized as you are a fellow foreigner.

Au pair

I was confused the first time I came across the term Au Pair. Upon further research, I saw that the au pair system was an excellent way for a foreigner to integrate into the local setting. By being an au pair, you are providing home services for your assigned family. In addition, they pay you for your services, and you also get to live with the family for the duration of your stay in the country. Doesn’t this sound exciting? 

So, not only are you making money, but you also do not have to worry about accommodation, and you also have a local family that helps you with the dos and don’ts of the region. Could this be the next best thing after sliced bread?

Getting close to a local is one of the best travel tips for anyone in a new place, and the au pair system makes this happen.

Teach yoga

 Every time, you claim to be a yoga expert but only your room gets to enjoy your yoga skills. However, if you plan to travel the world you can put your yoga skills to monetary use by becoming a yoga instructor. 

I often see many fitness enthusiasts encouraging yoga, and people are looking for ways to learn this art. So, you can spread the word that you are a yoga teacher and get people to register for classes. In no time, you will get lots of students and even become a mini-celebrity in the region. It is one of the creative ways to make money while traveling the world. 


Another creative way to make money while traveling the world is by being a volunteer. Typically, there is the ideology and perception that volunteers do not get paid. However, it doesn’t always apply. Some regions have volunteering systems that allow you to pick something you enjoy doing and get paid for doing it. 

Now, you would be happy to contribute to society as you are there and make money from it. 


There is no limit to what you can do if you take on freelancing while traveling the world. With freelancing, you get to work when you desire and still make money from it. Freelancing could be for writers, virtual assistants, designers, developers, etc. What matters is that you’re on a reliable platform that connects freelancers and clients. 

Most freelancers usually use UpWork and Fiverr, and they also classify as some of the best travel apps. So, if you are looking for a creative way to make money as a tourist, you should consider freelancing. Check through these platforms and choose a niche you can deliver. 

Become an entertainer

People often say that you never know what you can do until you give it a try. You may typically never have thought of becoming an entertainer. However, it can come in handy when you want a way of making money while traveling. 

During my last trip, I was casually singing at my hotel reception when someone walked up to me and asked if I was a professional singer. Of course, I said no, and we joked about it. During the conversation, he mentioned that he could pay to listen to me sing all day. Now, imagine if I had monetized my singing. 

You can entertain people with your voice, jokes, dance skills, painting, etc.  


​​It was pleasing to learn that some countries’ recycling culture is active. Everyone already knows the benefits of recycling, and I do not need to restate it. If you’re ever in a country with a recycling system, ensure to contribute one way or the other.

Some of these countries also reward people who bring recyclable items. Therefore, recycling is one of the creative ways to make money while traveling the world.

Deliver stuff

Let’s say you plan on staying in a particular place for some months before moving on to the following location. Ideally, you would be familiar with the environment. Thus, suggesting that you deliver stuff as a creative way of making money while there would not be out of place. 

You can pitch your services to some small businesses and offer to help with delivery services for a fair amount. Then, you can be sure that they will gladly accept your offer.  

Remote work

Let’s say you plan on staying in a particular place for some months before moving on to the following location. Ideally, you would be familiar with the environment. Thus, suggesting that you deliver stuff as a creative way of making money while there would not be out of place. 

You can pitch your services to some small businesses and offer to help with delivery services for a fair amount. Then, you can be sure that they will gladly accept your offer.  

Work for a hostel

I’ve always said that one must not stay in a hotel when traveling to a new place as there are other hotel alternatives. Hotels are typically more expensive, and you can opt to stay in a hostel.

Asides from staying in a hostel, you can also decide to work for the hostel. All you have to do is pitch your services to them. After all, you are looking for means to make money while traveling. The hostel will let you know if they have openings that fit the services you’re offering.

Festival staff

 One of the best ways to unwind as a foreigner is by attending local festivals. Not only do you get to have fun, but you’ll also connect with the locals and know more about the region. In addition, you can go the extra mile by working as festival staff. So, not only are you experiencing the festival, but you’re also making money from it. 

Although I have not tried this before, I look forward to being a festival staff on one of my next trips, and I know I would enjoy the experience!

20 Creative ways to make money while traveling the world

Hello Foodies! For you to be on this article, I’ll assume you are a foodie like me. So when I’m not busy, you’ll find me exploring food hubs, trying out unique delicacies, and absorbing the ambiance of some of the best restaurants in Lagos. 

As a tourist, one of the things I enjoy doing when I visit new places is to try out their various local delicacies. Not only does it help me connect better with that region, but it also allows me to learn new recipes. 

I’m writing this for my Lagos people as I’m here to share some of the most affordable restaurants in Lagos with you. Many people find it hard to believe you can get cheap restaurants in Lagos. 

People often joke that stepping out in Lagos can wreck your bank account. But if you’re a foodie, the restaurants I will share would not cause much damage to your bank account. 

Now, what I want you to do is to take note of the affordable restaurants in Lagos that I’ll be sharing and ensure to explore them. After all, it will be a waste of my effort if I share and you do not visit them. 

In no particular order, some of the most affordable restaurants in Lagos are:

KOS Lagos, Ikate

I would say that the location of this restaurant is strategic as it is on Elegushi beach. This location has a steady inflow of visitors, and people are sure to enter this restaurant. 

Many restaurants are on Elegushi beach, so the location doesn’t make it unique. Instead, what makes KOS outstanding is its ambiance and affordability. Once you step into this restaurant, you get a warm feeling and wouldn’t feel like leaving. 

Visiting this place was one of my best experiences at Elegushi beach. Despite the rowdiness of the beach, I could find solace in this restaurant and enjoy the best local cuisines. 

When entering any food place on a beach, it’s normal for one to be scared of the amount as these people tend to hike their prices. However, it wasn’t the case at KOS, as their prices were fair. I also loved that they had different food options and their Jollof was giving!

China Town Restaurant, Ojota

Located inside the popular Chinese Village Ojota. This is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Lagos. If I had my way, you would find me at this restaurant almost every day as they’ve won my heart with their sumptuous meals.

It’s one thing to find a Chinese restaurant, but another to get a Chinese restaurant that gets the recipe right.

Finding this place was like finding a treasure, and it was surprising that they didn’t have exorbitant prices. I know you may doubt me when I say it is one of the most affordable restaurants in Lagos, especially as it is a restaurant on the Island. 

If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant near Ikeja, go to Chinatown. Where can you get the best Chinese cuisine except among the Chinese themselves?

If you’re looking for a big restaurant, you will be disappointed when you visit this place. But if you need a cozy restaurant with excellent, affordable, and enjoyable Chinese dishes, you will love to eat at this place.

I give them their accolades for bringing this gem to Lagos city.

Farm City, Lekki

Again, I am here to convince everyone to be firm believers that there are affordable restaurants on the Island of Lagos. For those who are used to the food scene in Lagos, I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised that Farm City is on my list. 

It is inevitable not to be satisfied when you eat at Farm City as they are overly generous with their food portions. However, when you pay for food at Farm City, you are sure that you’ll be getting value for your money. 

I am used to eating at the branch at Lekki. However, Farm City Lekki also has an outlet on the mainland in Ogudu, and people have concurred that it is the same way. 

As I type this, I am dreaming of their pepper soup and nkwobi. 

La Branco, Gbagada

La Branco is a hidden treasure in Lagos that you wouldn’t find unless you intentionally searched for it. The way I stumbled upon this restaurant was surprising, but I bless the day I did as I’ve saved lots of money by eating there. 

Aside from its affordable rates, another thing that attracts many people to this restaurant is its outside space. You can enjoy indoor and outdoor dining while eating La Branco.

I’ve tasted almost all the dishes served at this restaurant, and I can tell you there are no bad meals! Visiting this restaurant is worth every dime spent. 

Ofada Boy, Surulere

Are you already salivating at the name of this restaurant? Then, you will drool more when you see this place’s menu and price list.

It’s a fantastic place to hang out with friends as it’s appealing to the eyes, and you can take great pictures at this restaurant. Although Ofada Rice is the main highlight of this restaurant, they also have other delicacies. 

One of my favorite things about this place is that they sell palm wine. Everyone would agree that finding original palm wine in an urban city like Lagos is hard. So, discovering that they have it at this restaurant was endearing. 

So far, so good; no one has ever had any negative reviews about this place. And undoubtedly, it is on my list of top affordable restaurants in Lagos. 

Chop Bar, Ajah

 I wouldn’t say that this restaurant is extraordinarily exquisite. After all, that is not the aim of this article. But if you are looking for a cheap place to eat in Lagos, Chop Bar has its doors open. 

There is a relatively chill and laid-back ambiance at this place. You are sure to meet people and even make new friends if you desire. Their menu is also well-packed, ensuring you have varieties.

If you have a budget when visiting this place, I can assure you that you wouldn’t exceed that budget. It is one of the top affordable restaurants in Lagos.

La Mango, Ikeja

I love many things about this restaurant, and if I start listing them all, I doubt this article can contain them. However, this is one of the top restaurants on the mainland that I can recommend to anyone.

That this restaurant is affordable doesn’t mean it isn’t aesthetically pleasing. It meets your requirements if you are looking for a place that gives exquisite vibes. 

In addition, I also love the fact that it is easily accessible for those on the mainland. When you talk about the mainland, people always say that Ikeja is a central location, and this restaurant is in Ikeja GRA. 

Aside from their food, they also have unique cocktails that make you want more. I’m sure you will love their menu as I did.  

You can also check out other fun things to do in Ikeja after a hearty meal at La Mango.

The Nest Hub, Yaba

I’m yet to understand how this place has been able to pull off an affordable menu with all it offers. The first time I visited The Nest Hub, I felt it would be expensive and was almost ready to leave without eating anything. 

But I was impressed when I saw their menu and prices. When I compared their prices with other places, I could tell I was getting the correct value for my money. 

I could recommend many options when you visit this place. But if you are a seafood lover and going to this restaurant with friends, I recommend getting the seafood platter. 

The delicious meals make it easy to lose track of time at this place. This restaurant should be on your list of affordable restaurants to visit in Lagos. 

Bernadines, Ajao Estate

Bernadines is the perfect definition of a restaurant you should visit if you do not want to break your bank account. It is one place that allows you to get a deserved treat for a minimum amount. You can visit this place alone or with a group of friends. 

Unlike some restaurants that do not have parking spaces, you will find a place to park if you drive to this restaurant. And I love that it has meals for everyone’s taste. It is hard to go through their menu without seeing something you love. 

It also has an upbeat ambiance that lifts the spirit when you visit it. 

Oeuvre Bistro, Ogudu

If you are looking for a way to impress me, sponsor me to Oeuvre Bistro. If you did not know, pastries have a special place in my heart, and I have various options when I visit this place. 

Whatever budget I take along when going to this restaurant is usually sufficient. The ambiance is also set right as there is provision for karaoke. Through this, you get to interact with others and have fun. 
It is one of those places that penetrates your heart, and you’ll find yourself making return visits.  

10 Best Restaurants in Lagos that are Budget friendly

Are you planning a vacation or looking to tour some African countries? Which African country is best to visit or the safest? I’ll share with you some of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa as a tourist. 

I have always loved visiting new places, learning about their cultures, and keeping indigenous items to serve as a remembrance. Through this experience, I have discovered that African countries are interesting to explore, and almost nothing can beat the experience. 

Have you ever wondered why foreigners love to explore African countries? These countries are rich in culture, vegetation, food, human resources, and more. You will be all smiles when you tour various African countries. 

If you are wondering what the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa are, I’ll share some of them. Then, perhaps, you could plan to see any of these countries this summer. And if you will be visiting during the summer, you should pack one of these summer dresses.

Top 10 Best places to visit in Africa

In no particular order, here is my top pick for the best African countries to visit:

1. Nigeria

Some people may think I am biased for placing Nigeria at the top of the list. But, have you been to Nigeria? There is a reason why it is called the giant of Africa. Nigeria is one of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa you need to add it to your travel bucket list to Africa. It is rich in beauty, natural resources, culture, and of course food.

There is never a dull moment in Nigeria, and you may even be the one who doesn’t have enough time to visit the country’s numerous fun locations. I love that most of the states and cities in Nigeria are also buzzing. Therefore, Nigeria isn’t restrictive regarding places to visit where you can have fun. 

Nigerians are lovable people who are always ready to give you a good time if you are down for it. 

Some of the fun things to do in this country include:

  • Go mountain climbing: If you love to engage in outdoor activities, you should go mountain climbing in Nigeria. Obudu Mountain in Cross River State and Shere Hills in Plateau State are some excellent examples. 
  • Try the street food: If you haven’t tried some of the Nigerian street foods, you haven’t visited Nigeria. From Akara to Suya to Boli, everything leaves your taste buds craving for more. 
  • Go clubbing: The club scene in Nigeria is something to experience, and you can have fun clubbing in any Nigerian city you find yourself in. 
  • Go for a concert: You’ll be doing a great disservice to yourself if you do not attend at least one show before leaving Nigeria. So, attend a concert and experience some of your favorite afrobeat artists performing live!
  • Visit a park: At the park, you can meet and interact with super cool Nigerians and make new friends. You also get to observe the lifestyle of these people and probably learn something new. Abuja has some of the best parks in Nigeria.
  • Spend time at its Numerous Beaches: Lagos Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s hubs of beaches. There are so many cheap and private beaches you can explore in Lagos. Some of my favorites are Lekki Leisure Lake, Laguna Beach, Redline private beach, Landmark beach, etc. Click here to check out my top 15 private and cheap beaches you can explore on your visit. Are there other beaches in Nigeria you can explore? Of course, Patigi beach, Kwara state & Mc Carthy beach, Delta state.
  • Chasing waterfalls: Another fun thing to do on your visit to Nigeria is to chase waterfalls. There are so many beautiful waterfalls to explore in Nigeria. My favorite is Erin Ijesha waterfalls, Osun state. However, there are other waterfalls like Owu waterfalls in Kwara state, etc. How many waterfalls are in Nigeria? There are about 20 waterfalls you can visit scattered across Nigeria.
University of Ibadan, Zoo, Oyo state

2. Kenya

Another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa is Kenya. Amongst the numerous things to love about Kenya, I love the peace that comes with visiting the country.

I found it fascinating drivers didn’t use their car horns while driving. It came as a culture shock compared to my home country. It was also fascinating to see that most of the locals are fit. Now, it isn’t surprising why they win most athletic games. 

Some of the fun activities to do in Kenya include:

  • Go Hiking/Cycling: I saw that one of the best ways to connect with Kenyan locals was through hiking and cycling. There are hiking trails across various cities in the country. Often, you will see groups of people cycling, and you can join in the fun. Aberdare National Park and Chyulu Hills are excellent spots for hiking and cycling. 
  • Go scuba diving: If you are a risk-taker and love to live on the edge, you should try scuba diving in Kenya. Even if you haven’t done it, there is always a first time for everything. The fun you will experience with this activity is unmatched. 
  •  Explore the nightlife: Spending time in Kenya made me realize that nightlife differs in various places. By exploring the nightlife areas in Kenya, I met more locals and learned some of the dance steps. 
  • Visit a wildlife Safaris: Kenyans are proud of their wildlife, and visiting such places proves fun. Here, you get to see animals you haven’t seen before and connect better with nature. Click here to book a safari tour to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

Get your guide to offer so many of these tour activities on a budget. I love to use this brand on my travels around Africa. You can book a tour of the National park, Spend a few nights in the Maasai Mara safari, scuba Diving in Kisite Marine park, and a waterfall hike. Click here to book these tours in Kenya with the GetYourGuide tour group on a budget.

Kenya Safari Day tour

3. Tanzania

Visiting Tanzania has been on my bucket list for a while, and I was happy to tick it off my list. Undoubtedly, I fell in love with the East African culture while in the country, and I didn’t feel like leaving when my vacation was over. This country is a must-see of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

Zanzibar is a tourist hotspot in Tanzania, but its other cities are also worth exploring. 

Visit Mount Kilimanjaro: This mountain has the reputation of being the tallest mountain in Africa. So, I was excited to visit it and climb the peak. Of course, I was scared at first, but excitement replaced the fear, and it’s something I can talk about for days. The beautiful scenery at this mountain’s peak was one of my vacation highlights

– Explore Zanzibar beaches: The buzz around Zanzibar isn’t fading anytime soon, and it’s because of its beautiful beaches. Exploring these beaches was fun, and I took many pictures for memory’s sake. On one of my trips there, I almost panicked as I forgot to pack a bikini. But I sorted myself with other bikini alternatives. One of the most popular things in Zanzibar is visiting Changuu island on a fun boat cruise. Click here to book a tour of Changuu island and a tour of the stone town in Tanzania. Zanzibar has to be on this list of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa.

– Go to the safari: I don’t know the idea or imagination you might have of the safari, but it is sure to surpass your expectation. In addition, ensure that you ride on a horse. 

– Go to the national parks: The national parks in Tanzania are also refreshing to visit. They made excellent spots to mingle and connect with the locals. 

Street food hopping in Stone Town: What’s the fun of visiting a country without trying out its street food. Stone town is one of the best places to experience the street food of the people of Tanzania. Get your GetYourGuide offers a day tour worth just $35, click here to book it, eat street food, and spend time with the locals in Stone town.

Boat Cruise at Zanzibar

4. Egypt

I hear some people say that you must be of a specific religion before you can enjoy visiting Egypt. But I can’t entirely agree with such claims. It is one of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa you need to add to your bucket list.

Yes, Egypt might be a conservative country, but anyone can enjoy visiting it, especially when you go there with an open mind. Plus it is another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa to add to your bucket list.

Some of the fun things to do in Egypt are: 

Visit the pyramids: One cannot talk about Egypt without mentioning its pyramids, especially the pyramids of Giza. So, why not satisfy your curiosity and visit these pyramids? Not only is it fun, but it is also enlightening. Click here to book a tour of the pyramid in Egypt.

Go to the river Nile:  Does this place ring a bell? Of course, it will be familiar to Christians. I had it on my list of things to do in Egypt, and I did not regret it. You can enjoy a boat cruise on the Nile river, click here to book it on a budget while on your trip to Egypt. I love boar cruises, so you know why I added the Nile to my top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa.

See Mount Sinai: I had always heard about mount Sinai, so it joined my list of places I needed to visit in Egypt. It felt good that I could now put a proper visual connection to my imagination. 

– Learn the culture: One of the best things you can do in Egypt is to learn their culture. The experience of learning something that differs from what you are used to tends to be exciting. It also helps you know what is applicable in the country and betters your relations with the locals. 

– Buy local artifacts: How else will you connect with a place if you don’t buy their local artifacts. But, be sure not to get carried away and finish all your money.  

Get your guide offers some very budget-friendly activities you can do during your visit to Egypt. Click here to check out other fun tours you can do in Egypt.

Pyramid of Egypt

5. Morocco

Another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa is Morrocco. It is easy for one to overlook this country. However, Morrocco stands as one of the best African countries to visit. Their culture is similar to that of Egypt, but there is also something unique about this place. 

Being in Morrocco brings an unexplainable sense of peace and calm.

– Visit a waterfall: Not everyone has seen a waterfall before. I have seen my fair share of waterfalls. But the ones in Morocco have a special place in my heart. Not only did I see them, but I also engaged in water games and brought out my inner child. So, I didn’t mind visiting the falls multiple times in Morocco. One of my favorites is the Ouzoud waterfalls. Click here to book this tour for under $20 via Getyourguide on your visit to Morrocco. This tour is from Marrakech to Ouzoud. 

– Go on a quad bike: I’ll say that the quad bike is for daring people. Even though my heart almost fell out, I was glad I got to experience and enjoy it.

– Visit the blue alley: The blue alley is so beautiful, and I couldn’t help but take pictures. It was fun exploring this place, especially as I haven’t seen something like it in other countries. 

– Go to a Moroccan Spa: Amazing! That’s the word I can use to describe how I felt after visiting a Moroccan Spa. The herbs and ingredients they used in taking care of me when I went there is something I still fantasize about to date. 

Ouzoud Waterfalls, Morrocco.

6. The Republic of Benin

Another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa is the Republic of Benin. You instantly feel at home when in the Republic of Benin, which is why it is one of the best African countries to visit. This cozy country has a lot to offer, even though it may not seem like it. 

Another lovable fact about the country is the warmness of the locals. They are open to foreigners. 

Some of the fun things to do in the Republic of Benin include: 

– Go to a museum: The Republic of Benin has many museums that showcase its rich cultural heritage. You learn more about the country’s history, culture, beliefs, and more at these museums. It is easy to lose track of time while exploring the museums in the Republic of Benin.

– Learn French: French is the predominant language in the country, and it comes in handy to learn it. Knowing how to speak French helps you relate better with the locals. It is always exciting getting the locals to teach you the language. 

– Go Kayaking: Kayaking is one of the fun water activities in the Republic of Benin. It was my visit time Kayaking, and I did not regret it. 

Spend time at Fidjrosse Beach, Cotonou: Another fun thing to do in the Republic of Benin is to visit Fidjrosse beach. It is a very beautiful place to visit on your trip to Cotonou. Plus it is free to access to tourists and locals alike. Click here to read more on my ultimate guide to visiting Cotonou on a budget.

7. Ghana

Another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa is Ghana. I did not have high expectations when visiting Ghana. For some reason, I was indifferent about it. However, the country left me in awe after a few days, and I have become Ghana’s regular visitor. 

The energy and vibe in Ghana are always high and positive. It is why visitors never want to leave when they visit. 

Below are some of the fun activities to do in Ghana: 

– Go to the local market: There is always something to buy when you visit a Ghanaian market. I don’t know how they do it, but I always love in love with the displayed wares. As someone who loves getting souvenirs from different countries, I always have fun exploring the local markets in Ghana.

– Go on the canopy walk: I was excited when I learned about the canopy walk as it seemed different from regular activities. Yes, I was scared to try it. But it turned out fantastic. I’ll always recommend the Kakum canopy walk to anyone visiting Ghana. 

– Attend a local festival: Attending a local festival is one of the best ways to mingle with the locals in Ghana. It is always fun as it is nothing short of merriment. 

Cape coast and Elimina Castle tour: another fun activity you can do is to visit cape coast or Elmina castle in Ghana. These castles were built by European traders that stayed in Ghana according to history. It is a very chilled instagrammable place to visit in Ghana. So, if you’re a content creator, you can get great pictures while learning about Ghanian history. Click here to book your tour at Elmina and cape coast, Ghana.

Cape Coast & Elmina Castles

8. Cote d’Ivoire

I’ve always believed that having fun in a country isn’t dependent on the country’s size, and Cote d’Ivoire proved me correct. From its capital city to Abidjan and other regions of the country, I had a swell time exploring when I visited. It is a great option for the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa on a budget.

Go to a park: Cote d’Ivoire has beautiful scenery, and I loved visiting their gardens with a novel. I felt most of my evenings having quiet times, and at other times I would chat with people at the parks. It was a wholesome experience.  

– Go on a night drive: The calmness in this country makes it an excellent location for night drives. However, I would not advise that you do this alone as a foreigner. Instead, make friends with the locals and link up with them when you want to experience a night drive.

– Visit the pubs:  The pubs in the country are the best locations for local beverages. My curiosity made me taste some of these drinks like Bandji, Bissap Juice, Ginger Juice, and others. 

9. Cameroon

Another of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa is Cameroon. Cameroon is a place I would want to keep all for myself if I could. Visiting this city allowed me to have an exciting time without spending much. It is a no-brainer for it to be part of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa. Yes, it is also a small country, but there are many things to do for fun.

It is one of those African countries that has a special place in my heart, and I could not help but add it as one of the best African countries to visit. 

Some of the fun things I did in Cameroon included: 

– Visiting a butterfly farm: Imagine spending all day chasing butterflies without worries. I’m sure a smile has crept on your face with such imagination. Yes, that is how I felt on this farm. I felt happy and free, which I needed at that moment. 

– Going hiking: It was also fun exploring the forests of Cameroon, but I had to indulge in the services of a tour guide. Of course, there is always the initial fear that the tour will be boring, but that was not the case. I also learned many new things about Cameroon from the tour guide.

– Going to a cactus farm: As someone who had never been to a cactus farm, I could not pass up the opportunity to visit one. And, you can be sure that I had my camera handy to create memories. 

10. Namibia

That Namibia is the last country on this list doesn’t make it less fun or exciting African country to visit. It is one of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa, especially in the southwest. 

Below are some of the fun activities to do in Namibia

Visit a craft center:  Namibia has some of the top-notch and exquisite artworks I have seen. Visiting a craft center allows you to learn the process and buy souvenirs. I could spend all my time in a Namibia craft center if I had the opportunity.  

– Go site seeing: I could not help but commend the architectural structures while walking around Namibia. The images are imprinted in my head as they were fascinating. Looking at these buildings while taking quiet walks in the evenings gave me an enjoyable stay in Namibia.

 – Go to a leisure park: Namibians are fun people, and you can see this in leisure parks. These people indulge in different games that let them unleash their inner child, and you can also be a part of them.

Enjoy a quad bike ride in the desert of Namibia: I love to go on quad bike rides on my vacations. Quad bike rides are always fun whether on the beach or on the desert sands. You can enjoy out riding on a bike in the desert of Namibia. Also, you can book this tour with GetYourGuide for just $32 for a full day’s ride.

Quad bike ride on Namibia Sand dunes

Handy tips for visiting African countries

In as much as we have covered the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa. We all know that Navigating a new environment is not the same as your home town. What do you need to know before traveling to Africa? So, if you are all packed to explore Africa, here are some handy tips you need to know.

  1. As a stranger, you will definitely get un-solicited help. Reject it as much as possible.
  2. The locals may try to hike the prices of things like increasing the cost of uber or bike rides. So, make a local friend that will help you navigate the town. You can also make a friend with the hotel staff in the hotel or guest house.
  3. Pack all your essentials for your travel but if possible travel light. Click here to know the travel essentials to pack.
  4. Learn a few words of the local languages. It will make the locals feel more at home with you. You can also use travel apps like google translate to make it easy for you to communicate. Africa has a vast language. However, the major languages are Francophone, Anglophone and Portuguese. Click here to learn more travel apps that will come in handy on your trip to Africa. Learning some words in the local languages will is a useful tip you need to explore these top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa.
  5. Dress modestly, especially in Muslim countries. Africa is big on culture and ethics.
  6. Prepare for the frequent stares. The locals mean no harm.
  7. Explore the local markets to shop and try out the local dishes

All these tips have come in handy for easy navigation while traveling in Africa. So, you will definitely find them useful on your travels in Africa. Coming to Africa soonest, add these top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Africa to your Itinerary.

Top 10 Most beautiful places to visit in Africa as a tourist

There are so many fun things to do in Lagos state Nigeria. So, it is not surprising that there are so many hotels too. Lagos has different types of hotels that can fit any budget. You can opt for a luxury hotel or a budget friendly hotel. Boss hotels and suites is one of the best cheap luxury hotel in Lagos to lodge. I stayed in this hotel yet got great value for my money. This hotel is quite new and offers affordable luxury stays on a budget. You can get a standard room for one night for just 10,000naira per night. Also, it is a bed and breakfast hotel which is a plus.

So, if you need the best cheap luxury hotel in Lagos to stay, opt for boss hotels and suites.

Boss hotels and suites: Hotels in Lagos to know

There are so many cheap hotels in Lagos you can stay. So, if you are Lagos, you can be sure of affordable hotel to stay. One of the best cheap luxury hotel in Lagos to stay is Boss hotels and suites. Boss hotels and suites is located at 14/18, Oseni Agoro street, Oshodi Isolo.

How to locate Boss hotels and suites is quite easy. You can take a bus to Oshodi Express, Then take another bus to Mile 2. Alight at Barlette bus stop, take a bike to boss hotels and suites. The road on bike to this hotel is not so great. However, if you’re driving, it is still quite good.

Types of Rooms

Boss hotels and suites is one of the best cheap luxury hotels you can stay in Lagos. They offer 3 different types of room; Executive, Deluxe room and Signature suites.

I stayed at the Deluxe room that cost 10000 naira per night. All their rooms can allow up to 3 guest. However, in my case we were 4 guest in my room. The bed is quite large to fit in all of us. (Well my siblings and I are quite slim). So, if you want to stay at boss hotels, you can only come with 3 guest per room.

There are several perks offers to the room. You can their menu for you to make orders of food for your room. Also, you can use their laundry services with the price list available at the rooms. This service is perfect if you need to stay longer and do your dry cleaning with ease.

I love the Deluxe room I stayed in. It is so beautiful. Also, the hotel uses a key card to access the room as well as to put on the light. I felt secure in the room as it can only be opened from inside without the key card. So, any one who want to access the room have to knock.

My only issue with room is that the TV only shows old movies. I wish I could use my own Netflix on their TV but don’t know how to work it. The room has a cupboard to put in your things. Also, the bathroom offers a warm and cold bath. I love that they provided a detachable shower so you don’t wet your wigs or braids. Click here to book your reservation. You can also make your reservation at the hotel reception.

Other Facilities at Boss hotels and suites.

Boss hotel and suites offers free wifi to guest. Also, the room has a couch and table so you work with ease in your room. They offer complimentary breakfast to all guest. However, the breakfast meal is one per room. So, if you’re more than one in the room, just get breakfast for others.

Boss hotels and suites has a Bar and lounge area accessible to guest. Also, it has a restaurant where you can get food too. I got Asun for my siblings just inside the hotel compound for just 500naira per plate. So, if you love finger foods, you will love it there.

They have a night club available at Boss hotels. So, if you love to club, you can easily go to their night club to have fun. There is also live music performance you can enjoy at this hotel. So, if you need an hotel to stay in Lagos on budget, opt for Boss hotels and suites. It is one of the best cheap luxury hotel in Lagos to stay. However, if you are close to Ikeja, you can stay at Kelsey Greene villa. You can read my post on Kelsey Greene villa one of the best hotels to stay at Ikeja on a budget.

Best Cheap Luxury hotel in Lagos: Boss hotels and suites

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. If you know, you know. So, this time I went to explore Ilorin, Kwara state. Yes, it was totally different, with little or no nightlife, & busy like Lagos during the day. Anyway, here are my top 5 best things to do in Ilorin, Kwara state. Is there a beach in Ilorin? There is no beach in Ilorin. However, there is a beach in Kwara state, called Patigi beach. Also, you can touch the Owu waterfalls at Ifelodun. I love waterfalls but I had to pass on this because of its distance from Ilorin city. I will also be sharing some of the best places to stay in this city.

How to get to Ilorin, Kwara state?

There are several means of transportation you can take to Ilorin. The most common is the road. It cost about 3,500naira per person to Ilorin from Lagos state. I would love to travel to Ilorin someday by train. This is the cheapest means of transport to Ilorin.

The fastest means of transport to Ilorin is by air. Ilorin city has an airport too. One of the pioneer airports in Nigeria. What airlines fly Ilorin? There are quite a few airlines that fly to Ilorin Kwara state. Air Peace and Arik Air are the most common airlines that fly this route.

Since flight fares are through the roof these days, I would recommend you book via travel start. This search engine helps you search for cheap flight tickets to anywhere in Nigeria and abroad. Click here to book your next trip to Ilorin.

Where to stay in Ilorin, Kwara state?

I had fun in Ilorin. Although you can any hotel in Ilorin. However, I opted for Princess luxury hotel Ilorin. This hotel is so luxurious and worth every penny.

How did book this hotel? Through the famous Airbnb. It is an apartment hotel. You get your own room, reading or work desk. The room was cool with AC working fine.

Another value-added service is breakfast for one person per room. It is a buffet with varieties of food like Yam & Scrambled egg sauce, chicken sauce, beans, bread, tea, or spaghetti. This all depends on what you want to eat as breakfast from the option.

My only issue is that they only feed one person per room. However, if you have more than one person in the room, you can pay for their food. I only wish they added the bill for the second person’s breakfast while booking. You can also check my vlog for more details on this hotel. I did a room tour, click here to watch all my experiences at Ilorin.

Princess Luxury hotel guests also have access to the Gym facility, the pool area, and the club. We came on Friday night and attended the club for a minute. I had to leave early so I can’t share the whole experience. Non-guests also troops in to enjoy the Friday night club at Princess luxury hotel. Click here to book your stay at Princess Luxury hotel.

Top 5 Best things to do in Ilorin

Ilorin is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. It is a fun place to visit. I love the peace and quiet of the place. However, there is little or no nightlife. Most people there go home early starting from 8 pm. I had fun exploring this city of so much heat during the day and cold at night. Here are the top 5 best things to do in Ilorin, Kwara state.

Sobi Hill

One of the fun outdoor activities to do in Ilorin is hiking the Sobi hill rock. This place is located in Sobi Community. My hiking experience was quite scary. The rock is so steep. However, a path has been crafted by the locals that make it easy for you to climb. You can climb to the apex of this rock.

At the top of Sobi hill, you get to see several places in Ilorin Town. If you’re a resident, you may see your street or home. As we all that Nigeria is a very religious country. We were stopped by people while climbing the hill for prayers. Muslims and Christians alike. Some of these clerics pray for you voluntarily. You can choose to make a small offering after the prayer session.

We visited Sobi hill just after the Muslim fast. So, there were a lot of Muslims coming for prayers at this hill. Plus, Ilorin has a more Muslim population as compared to its Christian community.

Climbing down the hill was not as stressful. I couldn’t wait to come down the hill because I was tired and dehydrated. So, my tip for hiking Sobi hill include;

  • Wear a pair of boots or sneakers for grip
  • Opt for light clothes as this city is hot
  • Go with a bottle of water to quench your thirst
  • You need your gadget to capture the moment of course.

A view of Ilorin City From the top of Sobi Hill

University of Ilorin, Zoo

Another of the top 5 best things to do in Ilorin is to visit the University of Ilorin Zoo. How can you locate the university of Ilorin zoo? It is quite close to the popular Tanke Town. All through my commute, I took bikes. So, You can easily take a bike from your hotel to the University of Ilorin.

The University of Ilorin Unlike the University of Ibadan is located outside the school environment. It is just beside the University. The entry fee is 1000naira per person. This is equivalent to a coin that grants you access.

My take, this zoo is not really worth its price. The zoo is quite dilapidated. Some of the animals are no longer there. Also, some cages are already falling apart. However, I loved the peacock, donkeys, and Leopard. There is an array of animals you can see at the zoo.

I only wish the canopy walk is working fine. The attendant told us that it is under construction. This would have made the whole trip worth it.

Asa Dam

Locating this dam was a hassle. Even on the map, it is so wrong that we were dropped off in the bush. Dams are an interesting place to visit. However, many residents on Asa Dam road do not know where the DAM is located.

Thankfully, a bike man was able to help ask for directions and take us there. It is close to the government secretariat. I love the view of the city from Asa Dam. We met a man who works at this dam who was willing to give us a tour of this place for free. However, we didn’t leave without giving him a tip for his hospitality.

I would recommend that schools visit this place often for excursions. This dam serves the whole city with drinking water. I found it weird that not a lot of people know this place.

Succoth Valley Garden

Another of the top 5 best things to do in Ilorin is to visit Succoth Garden. The garden is quite close to the princess luxury hotel. It is more like a chilled place to relax.

I love this place because of the waterfront view. They have free to access lounge chairs close to the water. You can relax and watch some men fishing.

The entry fee to Succoth garden is 1000naira per person. There are so many things you can do in this garden.

  • Hangout with your family
  • Picnic in this garden with friends and family
  • Chill at the waterfront
  • Have a wedding reception in the garden
  • Host an event
  • Go for a pre-wedding shoot
  • Content creation especially product photography.

This garden was not crowded though it was a public holiday. I only wish the fee was less or free to access. It is no different from the free parks in Lagos like JJT park, Ndubuisi Kanu, etc. So, if you stay in Ilorin, explore any of these top 5 best things to do in Ilorin on a budget.

Other places: Dada pottery

Dada pottery is another of the top 5 best things to do in Ilorin. Although, I couldn’t visit during my 3-day stay. However, it is popularly recommended as a place to explore.

You get to visit this workshop where local pottery is done. It is one of my must-see places to visit in Nigeria.

FAQ about Ilorin, Kwara state

  1. Where are the most visited places in Nigeria? Nigeria has so many beautiful places you can explore. One of such places is Ilorin. There are so many fun things to do. However, this roundup list of the top 5 best things to do in Ilorin will get you started. Another part of Kwara state that should be on your bucket list is Patigi beach. Which brings me to the next question?
  2. Is there Beach in Kwara State? Ilorin doesn’t have a beachfront. However, there is a beach in Kwara state, called Patigi beach. This beach is formed from the Niger river. I have always known of the Niger river during my service year. However, I wasn’t bold enough to visit due to the insecurity in Nigeria.
  3. Which city has the best nightlife in Nigeria? Although Kwara state is one of the tourist attractions in Nigeria. However, this city has very few nightlife activities. They take life slowly over there. Also, they retire early to their homes. The hub of Nightlife in Nigeria is Lagos state. The beaches are bubbly overnight. Also, you can dance all night at the clubs most popular is the Quilox.

Top 5 Best things to do in Ilorin, Kwara state Nigeria

As the World is getting back to normal again. Most countries are beginning to lift travel restrictions both locally and internationally. I am excited that we can travel soon. Excited to travel, here is a list of 15 travel essentials for women.

Although before you plan your vacation or travel, you need to know countries that are now open for travel. You can check out the list of destinations that are now open for travel. Now that you know which countries are open to tourists, it’s time to pack your travel necessities. You can read my post on 5 packing mistakes to avoid.

An essential women’s clothing you shouldn’t forget to pack is basic clothes. Just we need basics for our closet, this is a must-have travel essential. Basics are easy to transition and versatile. For your next trip, add some basics to your travel needs.

Basics like tank tops, shorts, tee shirts, bodysuits, jackets, etc. You can wear your tank top with jeans for a casual stroll to explore vacation spots, local markets, or a dash to the local bar.

Basics outfit

The whole essence of vacation is to explore the locals of the places you visit. To make your travel more fun and explore the best places in the city, use travel tour services. One such travel tour is TakeMeTour. They to tourists to Southeast Asia like the Philippines, Bali, and Australia. Also, you can shop for basic outfits from Misguided.


Another of the 15 travel essentials for women is a durable backpack. Most of my travel or vacations are very short like a 2-4 days trip. So, I basically travel with a backpack. A backpack is one of the weekend road trip essentials. So, if you need to go on a short stay, you need a backpack. This makes it easy to fit in all the things to pack for a trip.

A backpack makes it easy to fit my holiday packing list items. So, I place my clothes on the main bag while other small zippers are for things I need quick access to. Like a toothbrush, makeup bag, phone chargers, or loose cash.

Although the backpack makes traveling super easy. I recommend you look for a bag that is durable. You don’t want your backpack to give in the middle of a strange city. It can quite embarrassing and unsettling too.

One of the best cheap online stores to shop for a travel backpack is Yes Style. They offer stylish backpacks that easily fit into the road trip packing list. You can click here to shop for backpacks for your next vacation. Also, you can use my code: STYLEZ20 for 5% off your order.

Buy a foldable backpack from Yesstyle.

A pair of heels

Every lady needs at least a pair of heels in her closet. You never know when you need to party. So, for your travel add a pair of heels to your travel luggage. You may why you need a pair of heels for a vacation? Well, you need one for a party, a date, or a family get-together. Heels make you look classy and put together.

There are several lengths of heels you can opt for depending on comfort. So, opt for heels that you can walk in and dance in too. For parties, I prefer a pair of sandal heels. It is very chic. You can shop for a pair of strap heels from everything5pounds Uk for just 5 pounds. Also, you can shop for some stylish heels from the frequent everything5pounds 2.5pounds sales.

Click here to shop studded black heels from Everything5pounds

Travel luggage

Another of the 15 travel essentials for women is a durable luggage box. Are you a luggage or backpack girl for travel? For me, it depends on my length of stay. I am a light traveler so I try as much to fit all my essentials into a backpack. If need be, I pack luggage too.

Luggage is one of the traveling must-haves you need as a lady. Sometimes your weekend trip packing list may not fit into a backpack. Hence, durable luggage will come in handy to fit your travel essentials.

Although, I sometimes forget to pack basic stuff like my toothbrush or hair products. As a woman, you need luggage as a travel essential. Shop for luggage that is durable and can withstand stress. You don’t need luggage that will fall apart while in transit. OMG!, this can be so embarrassing.

There are so many options you can shop online on Amazon or in your local market. You can shop for luggage with wheels if you don’t like stress like me or opt for a duffel bag.

Click here to buy carry-on bags from Yesstyle. Get 5% off with the Yesstyle discount code: STYLEZ20

Hair Products

Hair products are a must-have on my travel essentials list. I feel off when I forget to pack my hair products. (Team natural hair! Yipee!). Hair products that must be on your packing lists for vacation include hair cream, oils, straightener, curler, etc. Since the lockdown, I have made my own mini salon at home.

So, I don’t need to look for a salon for anything. I discovered a foldable 3-in-1 hair gem on Jumia that is perfect for travel. It has a straightener, curler, and hairdryer that cost me just 2500naira.

With these, I don’t have to worry about messy wigs or bad hair days on my travel. You can shop for lovely handy hair products from Jumia or Amazon. Also, if you’re new to shopping on Jumia, read my review on my fashion haul from this site.

Flat shoes

Another most important of the 15 travel essentials for women is a pair of flat shoes. The whole essence of vacations or travel is to explore a new environment. So, as you make your holiday essentials list, don’t forget to add flat shoes.

I love flats like sandals or sneakers when I am traveling. Also, I pack extra flat shoes so I can have options while on vacation. You can wear your flat shoes on a walk at the beach, for breakfast or for a stroll. Also, you need flat shoes for some of the bumpy roads you may hit while exploring the local stores or market.


Swimwear is of the top 15 travel essentials for women you need to pack. My travel list packing always includes swimwear. I love to go to the beach or visit the pool area. So, I pack at least one bikini in my backpack or luggage. I am not a good swimmer but I love to get wet in water. You can click here to shop floral bikini swimwear set to stay on trend from Zaful.

You can read my post on the best summer swimwear trends for 2021. Also, they have swimwear options that are modest or for plus-size women.

Click here to shop for floral print swimwear from Zaful.


Loungewear is another of the 15 travel essentials for women. Why do need loungewear as a travel essential? The answer is obvious, to the lounge of course. The whole reason for a getaway or travel is to let your hair down and relax. So, your holiday essentials list should include a set of loungewear. You can shop for stylish yet affordable loungewear options from Everything5pounds.

Everything 5 pounds have amazing variations of loungewear and sweat pants. You can wear this at your Airbnb or hotel. Also, you can wear it to stroll in the evening in your new environment. I will link below some great options of loungewear from Everything5pounds below.

Make up the bag and makeup

A makeup bag is a must-have travel essential for women. I normally have all my makeup in a makeup bag. This is to make it easy to have quick access. Moreover, you didn’t want your eye shadow palette spilling your powder on your packed clothes. This can be so depressing. So, for your travel, pack your makeup in a makeup bag. You can pack a handful of your makeup in a makeup bag to make it compact and accessible.

Other accessories

Another of the 15 travel essentials for women is accessories. Accessories can help you add an oomph! to your outfit. You can dress up your outfit with accessories. Accessories that are essentials for women include handbags, scarves, hats, etc.

You need your handbag to carry your basic essentials for a stroll or just to dress your outfit. Also, you need hats to shield you from the sun as well as sunshades. It is very easy to pack and not add accessories to your luggage or backpack. Especially handbags, sometimes I just miss them out.

If you’re the clumsy type, consider investing in some extra protective phone case for your device. That way, you don’t have to worry about not having a working phone or finding a reputable repair shop in a new place. You can even customize your phone case to fit your style and make it a part of your outfit!


You never know the importance of packing a cardigan until you’re freezing cold at your travel destination. It is one of the 15 travel essentials for women you need as part of your road trip must-haves. Cardigans can sometimes be heavy and add extra weight to your luggage.

So, always check for the weather of your travel destination. This is one of the 10 things you need to plan for before packing for travel. For me, I prefer to layer my cardigan on other outfits so that I can pull it off easily as the temperature becomes warmer. This will help you keep warm in the event of cold or rain at your travel destination.

Sleep-in wear

One of my top 15 travel essentials for women is sleep-in wear. O gosh! sometimes I sleep in my outfit for the day from my trip. This we all know is very uncomfortable. So, you need to pack sleep-in wear for your travel. This is to give you a feel of your home. For, I love to travel but find it difficult to sleep well in a new environment. So, my way of getting a nice sleep is to put on a night dress or pajamas to make me feel like I am home.

Your sleep-in outfit can be a night robe, pajamas, nightgowns, or an oversize tee shirt. Missguided has so many options of sleepwear to choose from. Also, you can shop for sleepwear from your local market or opt for thrift nightwear. You all know I love to thrift most of my outfits. I have bought some nice designers as well as vintage gems from thrift. You can check out my guide to thrift shopping if you are a newbie to thrift outfits.

Click here to shop it from Chicme. Use Chicme discount code: CLOU35 for 35% off loungewear.

Little Black dress

A little black dress is a must-have for your travel packing list. Every lady needs a little black dress in their closet. It is a versatile outfit to own. Also, you can easily transition this outfit from day to date night. So your trip packing list must include a little black dress.

Another of the 15 travel essentials for women is also a little white dress. This is one of the easy tips to transition your outfit from day to date night. For a day look, you can wear your little black dress with a pair of sandals, sun shade, and handbag. A night-out look is to switch the sandals for heels, add jewelry for a pop, and a red clutch for contrast. So, a lady you need to pack a little black dress just in case you need to hit the club or go for a date on your travel.

Click here to buy a little travel black dress from Zaful. Use my Zaful discount code:

Books or Magazines

A good book is another of my top two travel essentials for women. It is another of the 15 travel essentials for women you mustn’t forget. During all my vacations, I love to read a relaxing book on my ride or during my stay. Sometimes, you may feel like resting after a long trip by taking a day off to be by yourself. So, a good book to read will be a great stay-at-home companion.

Books suggestions you can read can be fashion, personal development, business or polities. Also, you can choose to read magazines instead for your travel. You can subscribe to Genevieve mag, or Vogue to stay abreast of luxury fashion. Personally, I prefer paperback books but hey, we are in a digital age.

So, if you don’t need extra weight for your luggage, you can opt for an e-book. Also, you can opt to read it on Amazon kindle or Amazon Prime for free on Amazon.


This roundup list of 15 travel essentials for women is incomplete without Jeans. Jeans are a must-have for every travel for me. This is because I can get so many uses from my Jeans. So, it enables me to pack light. You can wear your jeans with a casual top, body suit, Bralette, Crop top, One-piece bathing suit, etc. So, for a 5-day trip, I need at least one pair of jeans to carry through. You can shop for a pair of Jeans from Everything 5pounds. They sell affordable yet durable jeans perfect as part of your weekend trip packing list.

15 travel essentials for women you shouldn’t forget to pack

Ibadan is the second biggest city in the west part of Nigeria. There are so many fun activities you can do in this city. Here is a round-up of the 6 best things to do in Ibadan on budget. As most of you know, most of my travel blogs are centered on Lagos state. This year, I have chosen to explore more interstate places in Nigeria. Also, if possible abroad. I enjoyed 3-days of fun-filled activities in Ibadan. This list consists of romantic places in Ibadan, recreational centers in Ibadan, and nice hangout spots in Ibadan. You can also read my detailed post on visiting Cotonou from Lagos by road. This was also a fun road trip.

How to get to Ibadan City, Oyo state

Ibadan city is one of the busiest cities in Oyo state Nigeria. This city is known as one of the oldest cities in Nigeria. With the first storey building, Cocoa house located in this city. You can travel to Ibadan by air, road or through the new Lagos to Ibadan fast train.

If you have never taken this train before, I would recommend you try it. It takes off the usual traffic typical of Nigerian roads. Plus you can lounge while you get to your destination.

There are at least 2 stopovers to Ibadan, Omi-Iddo station, and Moniya station. Click here for more information on the Lagos to Ibadan train.

Where to stay at Ibadan, Oyo state?

Bodija is the hub of hotels in Ibadan. I stayed at His Grace hotel at Bodija. This hotel is a twin building with rooms of varying grades. My room was a standard room that cost 9,000naira.

Just to share a little back story on how I ended up with this hotel. I booked my hotels days before traveling online from hotels. ng. This brand confirmed my reservation and even called for a follow-up. Great customer service right!

However, the hotel is no longer liaising with How sad? What if I had a payment on this platform? To whose detriment! chai! Anyway, my stay was great at this hotel. My only issue with hotels in Ibadan is that they don’t offer breakfast. I won’t mind if the cost of breakfast is added to my hotel bill.

There are other hotels you can stay at in Ibadan. Click below for other options.

Best places to eat out in Bodija, Ibadan

As a newbie in Ibadan, I asked around for where to eat in Ibadan. For me, I prefer to experience the local buka food instead of restaurant dishes. In this way, I get to experience the city and of course, it is the cheapest option.

I would recommend that if you’re around Bodija, check the Iya meta buka. I was hooked on her food all through my stay. Plus they also deliver to anywhere in Ibadan city. The delivery fee is quite affordable too.

You can get their WhatsApp number to order on your visit. The amala was quite tasty with ewedu. And I also ate rice too. Other popular places to eat in Ibadan include Ultima, etc.

6 Best things to do in Ibadan

There are so many fun places to see and visit in Ibadan. However, these are my 6 best things to do in Ibadan on a budget. These places are not far apart. You can commute to any of these places in a taxi or on a bike. I used bikes for commuting all through my stay. You can also use bolt or other Uber services to commute.

Agodi Gardens, Ibadan

Agodi Gardens is a great place to see in Ibadan. It is one of the 6 best things to do in Ibadan. Agodi Gardens is located at secretariat road, Ibadan. This garden is quite beautiful. However, it needs a lot of renovations.

The entry fee to Agodi gardens is 500naira. This grants you access to the below activities.

  • Access to the gardens for a picnic or just lounging
  • Agodi gardens bar and lounge
  • A walk in the park
  • A visit to the dilapidated Zoo: In this zoo, you can only a monkey and a crocodile. Whatever happened to other animals?

Other fun things to do in Agodi gardens that are paid include.

  • Access to the pool area (500naira)
  • Paintballing ( 500naira for 20bullets)
  • Bicycle ride (500naira)
  • Horse riding

University of Ibadan Zoo

Another fun place to see in Ibadan is the University of Ibadan zoo. This place is my second best of the 6 best things to do in Ibadan. It is a great place to hang out with friends or boo in Ibadan city.

The entry fee is 1000naira per person. This gives you access to the zoo. There are so many interesting animals to see. I love the donkeys, giraffes, and gorillas. However, you’re not allowed to feed any of the animals at this zoo.

You can also explore the cold room that houses the reptiles. I find the aquarium quite creepy though. The room is so cold and filled with reptiles of different assortment.

You can have a picnic or hang out with friends at this zoo. I love the fact that there are lounge chairs for your to stay in and enjoy the zoo. However, most of the animals in the zoo were not replaced. Also, some structures were dilapidated. All in all, it is my top best of the 6 best things to do in Ibadan.

Trans-amusement Park, Ibadan

The Trans-amusement park is another fun place to visit in Ibadan. It is a great place to hang out with your family. As a parent, if you need a place to treat your kids, I would recommend you visit a trans-amusement park. It is my favorite of the 6 best things to do in Ibadan city.

I took a bike from Bodija to the Trans-amusement park. It is quite close to the famous Bodija market. The entry to the trans-amusement park is 500naira per person. This ticket will be issued to you at the gate.

Most of the facilities in this park are joy rides. Some of which are no longer functional. However, to enjoy a ride on the working facilities, it cost 500naira per ride for 5 minutes.

I had fun enjoying 2 rides. Each cost me 500naira each. You can also enjoy a meal at the restaurant in this park. After the rides, you can seat and hang out at this park. I visited on a weekday hence, there was less crowd.

Bowers Tower

One of the most talked-about places to hang out in Ibadan is Bowers tower. The tower has a rich history and it gives a clear of major landmarks in Ibadan city.

It is located on a hilly top. We all know the western part of Nigeria typically has rocks and hills. So, the road to bowers tower is quite hilly. We took a bike to bowers tower. The fee to climb the tower is 200naira per person. You will be given this ticket to give you access.

If you need an instagrammable place in Ibadan with less distraction for content, go to bowers tower. Although, it can be quite scary for one with a phobia of height and small spaces. I think I have both phobias. Anyways it was a fun hangout at this place.

Something interesting struck me at this tower. Many people that have visited carve their names to mark their visit. I didn’t do that though, but it was interesting to see.

Best places to shop for thrift in Ibadan: Bodija Market

I love to shop on a budget. So, I check out the famous and biggest market in Ibada, Bodija market. This market is where Iya meta buka is located. I really enjoyed eating at this buka.

Bodija market is a one-stop shop for foodstuff ( retail and wholesales), thrift clothes, etc. It is a huge market. I went through the market checking out the wholesale section for beef, bags of beans, pepper, etc. So, if you’re looking to sell foodstuffs as a retailer, this market is perfect for you.

However, if you love thrift as I do, you can also get them at Bodija market. I have limited time to stay in Ibadan, so I didn’t get to explore the market as much. I would recommend visiting Bodija market as one of the 6 best things to do on your visit.

Irefin Palace

This place was a failed visit for me. This is because it is currently dilapidated. We met with a lady who told us that the palace is currently going through a court case.

Although, if maintained, it is a place rich in artsy structures and history. The palace is located in a rural area. We got there on a market day. There were some old ladies selling native quality black soap. If you follow my vlogs, maggie’s memoir you will know that I love black soap for skincare. However, this was not processed yet. You can visit this palace if you have a beauty business that needs black soap in large quantities. at cheaper prices too.

In conclusion

There are many fun places to explore in Ibadan. I really enjoyed my stay in this city. These 6 best things to do in Ibadan are great. However, there are so many other places yet to be explored in Ibadan city for me. One of such places is IITA, Ibadan. It is top on my bucket list of places to explore on my next visit. Do you live in Ibadan city? Comment below other fun places you would recommend to visit.

6 Best things to do in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria

Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with LA. It’s a great place and the city most people think of when they are picturing the west coast. It just might not be the coolest in general or even the coolest on this coast. Where is the coolest and best west coast city to know and live in? Other than LA of course. We have below our 3 best west coast cities way cooler than LA that should be on your radar.

Although, there are plenty of places and with the west coast being the region that it is, the options for somewhere cooler might feel endless

If you know exactly what cool means to you, your list for cooler cities might look a little different, but for those unsure of what this might mean to them, here are a few options to find the right place for you.

Portland, OR

Not only is Portland cool, but it’s also weird. Just take a look around downtown or wait to see that message itself on a bumper sticker. However you find it, it won’t take long for you to see signage declaring “Keep Portland Weird” plastered somewhere. When they say they want to keep things weird, they mean it, and what’s cooler than being yourself, even if that means you’re a little weird.

Once you take a quick peek at Portland houses for sale, or maybe the local cafes and restaurants, you’ll see the unique personality this city has become known for. If a hipster style and a little weirdness are for you, Portland might be your perfect brand of cool.

Seattle, WA

Go ahead and poll some friends and family asking them what’s cool to them. You might not find these answers from everyone, but some are bound to answer by saying either coffee or tech, maybe they’ll even say both. If either or both of those are what can make a place cool, it’s going to be hard to beat what Seattle has to offer.

Take a city that’s built on tech and coffee and mix it together with weather that’s typically never too cold or too hot and you’ve sure got yourself a top contender for one of the coolest cities on the west coast. It is one of the best places to live on the west coast for young adults. So, if you need an option of the 3 best west coast cities way cooler than LA, go for Seatle.

Anchorage, AK

Another of the 3 best west coast cities to raise a family is in Anchorage. When picturing the west coast of the United States, you might immediately think that Alaska doesn’t count, but that’s not really fair to our 49th state is it? It’s absolutely in the west after all and might be perfect if weird, to you, isn’t what makes somewhere cool and you think coffee or tech don’t move the cool dial either.

National and State Parks might be what makes somewhere cool to you, and if that’s the case it’d be hard to beat anywhere in Alaska. Right outside the city, you’ll be able to get to know Chugach State Park and the sun might not set depending on the time of year you’re in, so you’ll really have all the time you need to get acquainted.

On top of the wilderness, you’ll be able to experience, you’ll be able to take in plenty of culture throughout places like the Anchorage Museum.

In conclusion, LA like other west coast cities is great. However, if you’re seeking west coast cities that are way cooler. You need to explore any of these 3 best west coast cities way cooler than LA you can live in. These cities are the best west coast cities to visit. Also, if you’re planning to move to any of these cities, read my post on why you need to move to a new city at least once in your lifetime.

3 Best West Coast Cities Way Cooler Than LA to live in

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