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6 Best Travel apps every traveler needs to make their trip hassle free

The world is now back to normal so we can pack our bags and travel. I am relatively new to traveling. Although, I love to go out a lot on vacation. Traveling long distances is not really my thing. This year, I chose to start traveling more. So, I researched the best travel apps that will make my travels easy and fun.

Some of these apps are suitable for all countries and mobile devices. While others are a bit limited. Here are my favorite recommended travel apps you need as a solo traveler. These apps are compatible with all devices and are not region-specific too. Also, some of these apps you most probably use already. You can also read my post on 12 travel clothes for women to pack on your next trip.

Travel apps you need as a solo traveler: Facebook & Instagram

You can’t believe how useful Facebook and Instagram app is for first-time travelers. Yes, we already use these apps for networking or basically passing time. However, Facebook and Instagram apps are super useful travel apps. What are the best travel apps for traveling? There are so many travel apps but Facebook and Instagram are the most important.

Apart from the fact that you can get so much information from Instagram travel bloggers or Facebook travel groups. You can use this app to plan your trip, get recommendations on places to explore, and restaurants, or reach businesses.

On my last trip to Cotonou, Republic of Benin, I practically missed my way to the hotel I pre-booked. However, I was able to locate my hotel by simply reaching out to the guest house on Facebook. Who would have thought that?

You need access to mobile data to use your Facebook or Instagram app on your trip. Also, you can simply walk into some restaurants to ask for WIFI if you need data access. Data can be super expensive on international trips.

Travel apps you need as a solo traveler

Google translate

One of the best google travel apps you need is google translate. If you’re going on a trip to a country that doesn’t speak English or your mother tongue, you need google translate.

I recently visited a francophone country so I knew communication will be an issue. So, I had to figure out a way to communicate. I used google translate as an easy way to communicate in french.

This app is available for Android users. You can either type in English or speak into the app. It will translate to your required Language which you can play to your audience. I used it to speak with a hotel attendant at La Casa Bella’s guest house.

Also, to commute in the city or get food, I simply just play the French version of what I need. So, if you’re visiting a place that doesn’t speak the language you understand, use google translate.

Google map

Another of the best travel apps you need as a solo traveler is google maps. Google map is so useful these days for navigating a new city. I always use my google map whenever I am exploring places.

As a traveler, you need to plan your itinerary. So, on my last trip, I had a list of places to visit. However, I feel so bad about not exploring of the places on my list. This is because I was wrongly directed by locals. Now I ensure I use my google maps anytime I am traveling.

So, if you’re a solo traveler or it is your first time in the city, you need to use your google map.

Best travel apps

Sky Scanner

One of the best travel apps for flights is Sky scanner. As a traveler, I love to book the cheapest flight available for my trip. So, for ease of search for cheap flight tickets, I would recommend Sky scanner.

The sky scanner app allows you to search for flights for the best international flight deals. However, if you’re in Nigeria, I would also recommend you use travel start for the best deals. This is a similar search engine to Sky scanner.

However, you can use travel start to search for cheap flights both locally and internationally. Also, you can get more discounts on flight tickets by signing up for travel miles which you can redeem or gain while flying. Asides from these two travel apps, there are other ways to find cheap flight tickets for your travel. This I have covered on this blog.

Couch Surfing

Another of the best travel apps for hotels if you need a hotel alternative is the Couch surfing app. It is a platform where you can host or be hosted for free anywhere in the world.

I have used couch surfing for myself. There I have made friends all over the world. Also, you can attend the tour activities that may be available in your area.

To enjoy this app, you need to reach out to a host in any of the places you need to visit. It is advisable to reach out to as many hosts as possible. In this way, you may get a yes from at least one of the hosts. Be friendly and you will enjoy free accommodation while traveling the world.

Best travel apps for Europe

Travel resources for ease of your travel

  1. Travel insurance: Get your insurance ready from Insubuy
  2. Flight tickets: Book cheap flight tickets from

3. Book your stay in any hotel of your choice. Get the best deal with Trivago.

4. Opt for hotel alternatives by booking your stay in a hostel. Network and have a fun trip by booking a hostel using hostelworld.

5. Solo traveler? I have you covered. Plan your trip with the best tour group for a fun-filled time in Africa. Book your tour using GetYourGuide. You can get a tour for as low as $30.

Have a fun trip to Africa. Don’t forget to follow this list of what to pack for a trip to Africa. Feel free to comment below.

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