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Where to shop Nigerian fashion brands on a budget?

I love to shop for fashion items both in Nigeria and Abroad. However, more than half of my closet are foreign brands; thrifted or online. The reason is that most made in Nigerian brands are quite expensive. Some of these brands are into high end luxury fashion. Obviously, (rolls eyes) not all of us can afford this. However, there are affordable Nigerian fashion brands that you can shop from too. If you’re into Ankara fashion, or custom made Nigerian fashion, one place to shop them is at Lekki arts and craft market. You can also read my post to find out other things you can get from Lekki arts and craft market. So, if you’re looking for where to shop Nigerian fashion brands on a budget, definitely visit Lekki arts and crafts market. Below are some of my fashion finds you can also shop from this market.

Custom made hand bags

Custom made hand bags are one of my fashion finds at Lekki art and craft market. Most of these bags are made within this market with local materials. Also, they are very affordable too.

Most of the custom made bag that took my attention were the mini bags. Some of these mini bags are modelled from international designers like Jacquemus (french designer). Also, there are other custom made hand bags. I bought a mini bag with two straps. You can wear this bag as an handbag to work or as a cross body bag for casual outing.

The mini bags go for as low as 3500 naira. You can get this bags for a lower price if you can bargain. Most of the sellers often assume that everyone who visit is a tourist. This is because a lot of tourist come to this market to explore and shop. So, if you are able to relate with the sellers in a local dialect, you will definitely shop at lower prices at this market.

Ankara/Adire RTW outfits

Lekki arts and craft market also has sellers for Ankara, Ghanaian or Adire ready to wear outfit. I love the shift dress and maxi dress at this market. Although, I am yet to shop the dresses but would visit solely for the clothes.

There are also local fabrics you can shop to make your own outfit; Ankara, Adire etc. So, If you have a good tailor, definitely shop the fabrics at Lekki arts and craft market.

Raffia bags and hats

Raffia bags are summer must have or beach accessory you need in your closet. This bags are timeless. There is a whole block of sellers of raffia fashion and lifestyle items.

You can shop for raffia bags, chairs, beach hats, shopping bags or home décor crafts at Lekki arts and craft market. The sellers of raffia crafts are mostly northerners. Also, the prices for their fashion accessories are affordable.

Custom made Ankara accessories

If you’re into Ankara crafts and accessories, definitely visit the Lekki arts and craft market. There are several Ankara custom made shops that sell them at an affordable price. One of the stores that has nice collection of Ankara bags is Mikkyammy collection store. They offers Ankara accessories like hand bags, laptop bags, slippers or slides for men, travel bags and wallets. She also sells lovely Ankara fabrics too.

You can shop for Ankara hand bag for as low as 4000 naira. I love my channel inspired Ankara hand bag I bought for 4000naira. I also shopped their travel bag for as low as 5000naira.

There are other Ankara craft pieces you can shop like portable mirror, journal, etc.

Custom made Ankara Jewelry

My love for Ankara craft/ fashion was stirred on my first African fashion week, Nigeria. The organizers are doing a lot to put African fashion out there. I know that there are so many fashion craft for Ankara textile but never thought of idea of a jewelry made with this fabric.

You can shop for custom made jewelry like Necklaces, earrings and bracelet from this market. I bought my necklace for 3000 naira. Although, my necklace came with its own stylish earrings too. It is sold as a set; bangle, necklace and a pair of earrings. You can also shop for earring for as low as 500 naira- 1000 naira. The seller I bought from delivered my item to my office as requested.

Where to shop Nigerian fashion brands

Leather accessories and Craft

Another fashion finds you can shop at Lekki arts and craft market are leather accessories like bags, shoes, belts etc. If you’re looking to shop leather products, definitely visit this market. Although, I am not into leather that much but I would love to explore this fashion someday.

Shop my look

Muscle tee shirt (styled by me): Thrifted

Heels: Thrifted (Oshodi Arena market)

Sneakers: Thrifted (Oshodi Arena market)

Ankara Necklace and earrings: Lekki arts and craft market

Hand bags: Lekki arts and Craft market

Name necklace:

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