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Top 5 best summer 2020 prints you need Right now

Prints are one outfit that I look forward to wearing every summer. Vibrant prints add a touch of color to every outfit. Also, I am excited about the limitless styles you can wear with prints. There are stylish ways you can wear prints, this I have shared in my post on 9 ways to wear prints. Although there are a lot of other outfits you can wear for summer, print is my absolute recommendation for your summer closet. And of course, there are so many options you can choose from; florals, tropical, stripes or checkered. Here are my top 5 best summer 2020 prints you need right now in your closet. You can wear these prints for casual outings, a walk in the park or parties, etc.

Tye dye Prints

Tye dye print outfit is one of the top 5 best summer 2020 print you need in your closet. This print is a huge 2020 summer fashion trend you’d see everywhere. There are so many options available as almost all fashion brands are selling out fast on this trend. You can shop for this tie-dye summer trend from Chic me. This brand had this trend in categories like dresses, matching sets, or loungewear. Since we now spend most of the time these days at home, you can wear tye-dye matching loungewear set as a stay at a home outfit or work from home style.

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Tropical prints

Another of my top 5 summer 2020 prints you need in your closet is tropical prints. This outfit is made of printed tropical plant patterns. I love tropical prints because it gives the holiday vibes. It automatically puts me in a holiday vacation mode. You can wear tropical for casual outings or vacation. Tropical prints are available to shop in categories like dresses on Nordstrom, shein, or chic me. You can shop tropical prints on chic in dresses or rompers for a holiday on the beach.

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Floral prints

Floral prints are a classic summer staple to own in your closet. It is also one of my top 5 summer 2020 outfit. You can choose florals of different sizes either large or tiny floral prints. I particularly love floral prints dresses as a summer wardrobe essential. So, I will be wearing this print for summer. Floral prints are also an all-season outfit as they are restricted to summer only. You can wear a floral dress for a date, work, or casual outings.

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Rainbow prints

Another colorful print you need in your 2020 summer closet in rainbow print. This trend is one of my best print to own. Rainbow print is a unique print made like large stripes to model the rainbow color. I love this print, especially in knit outfits. You can wear a vertical rainbow knit dress as a casual outfit or stay at home outfit. You can also wear this print as a work from a home outfit for video calls or meetings.

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Polka dots print

Polka dot prints are another huge print for summer. It also one of the 2020 summer trends I would be wearing. This print is now a classic wardrobe staple you can also for all seasons. You can shop this print in categories like tops, dresses, or swimwear on chic me. I love this print especially in vibrant colors like red or green compared to the usual black and white dots. You wear polka dots as workwear or for a casual outing.

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Top 5 best summer 2020 prints

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