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10 Summer 2020 fashion trends to add to your closet


Summer is one of my best time of the year. Although back here in Nigeria, there is little changes in the weather. The frequent rains during this season is most welcome as plants and flowers begin to blossom. And of course, it also brings an end to heat that is typical of February. The most exciting part of summer for me is the assorted outfit options you can wear. The colorful prints, vibrant solid colors as well as the good ol‘ basic denim pants you can wear. So, I will be sharing the 10 summer 2020 fashion trends you should add to your closet. These trends were common on the runway for spring / summer collections. Some of these outfit may already be a part of fashion closet. All you need to do is pull them to wear. Also, you also shop these trends from Chic me and get it delivered to you anywhere in the world.

White dresses

We are know the importance of a little black dress. It is an outfit you throw on and style easily. So, is the little white dress this summer. It is one of summer 2020 fashion which will be every where. Although, I love white too but I have my reservations on wearing it. Living in one the busiest urban city in Nigeria, jumping buses and bikes makes white the least favored color in closet. Notwithstanding, I will be wearing this trend for all summer. You can wear your white dress, a pair red block heels and a red bag for a date night. There are so many option to choose from Chic me with a fine details.

15 Summer 2020 fashion trends to add to your closet

Floral Prints

Another summer 2020 fashion trends to add to your closet is Floral print. This trend is not new to fashion scene. Floral prints is one of my absolute best summer outfit. The vibrant colors of floral that gives you the holiday vibes after all its summer.So, this year floral prints are a summer staple with larger sizes of these flower patterns on the outfit. You can wear floral prints in dresses, tops or bottoms. You can style your floral print dress with a knit jumper to mix and match textures. This tip is also useful to transition your work outfit from day to date night. You can check out my post on how to transition your outfits. Also you can choose to mix two prints outfit. Floral outfits can be worn to work for casual Fridays or an outing with friends. You can shop for affordable trendy floral prints from Chicme.

15 Summer 2020 fashion trends to add to your closet

Knit dress

You must wondering why knit dress in summer? Knit dress is one of summer 2020 fashion trends you should to your closet. I know it is warmer in summer so, you should opt loose knits. Knit dresses are very comfy and breezy outfit. This year, stripes knit dresses will big. You can dress up your knit dress with a pair of heels and jewelry for party. Also, you wear it with with sandals for casual day out. You can shop this trend from Chicme.

Tropical prints

Another summer 2020 fashion trends you need to try this season is tropical prints. Tropical prints are colorful mix of fauna and floral patterns. You can tropical prints from head to toe, with neutrals or add them to your outfit as accessories. You can wear tropical prints every where ; summer vacations, casual outings, beach parties etc. As a corporate outfit, I won’t suggest this prints as it more of a relaxed and casual outfit. You can shop this print from Chic me; tops, bottoms, accessories etc.

15 Summer 2020 fashion trends to add to your closet

Polka dots

Polka dots is going to be huge this season. It is one of the 2020 fashion trends that I am loving. I love the girly vibes that comes with wearing polka dots. Polka dots are a timeless outfit to own as it has survived many seasons. With each coming with more refreshing versions of polka dot being rolled out into the fashion scene. You can wear polka dot tops or shirts with pants or skirts for both casual and work wear. Also, polka dot dresses are so summer. Polka dots are also a versatile fashion outfit you should own this summer. Who knows, it may still be around next year.

15 Summer 2020 fashion trends to add to your closet


Another outfit you need to add to your closet are stripes. This year large horizontal stripes are taking the front this season. You can wear your stripes with other colors or with prints. Although, it takes some skill to master stripes on prints. Nonetheless, it is a style you can try out. For me, I want to try out the horizontal stripes on Jumpers or Knit dress. It is super stylish and fun for summer.


Cut-out on dresses

It is all about the details on dresses. This year 2020 summer trends is more of cut-outs on dresses on places subtle places. Like the mid-riff or on the sides. Cut-out on the sides towards the thighs can be risque and sexy. The trend I will try out this season is a mid-riff cut-out. It is subtle and stylish. The cut-out can also be at the back. You can wear cut-out detail dress to parties or casual outings.


Zebra prints

Another summer 2020 trend I love is zebra prints. Animal prints are very stylish outfit that every refreshing each year. Summer is one of the best times of the year to wear animal prints; leopard, snake, cheetah or zebra prints. Zebra prints are also going to be huge this summer. I love this prints because it is different from the usual snake or cheetah print. You can wear this print in co-ord set, dress, top, bottoms or swimwear. You can shop leopard print dress from Chicme.

Belted Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are another stylish summer wardrobe essential. Jumpsuit are also a versatile fashion item you can wear as casual or work wear. There are so many assortment of jumpsuit but this year summer trend is belted jumpsuit. I love jumpsuits with belts. This type of jumpsuit flatters your body making look very stylish. You can wear your belted jumpsuit with heels for a date night.


Neon outfits

Another summer 2020 fashion trend you can add to your closet are Neon shade outfits. Neon is one color shade I try to avoid, it is too bold and vibrant. Neon colors are summer appropriate for anyone. You can’t wear neon outfit without turning heads. You can dress down your neon tops with denim pants or neutral color bottoms. Also, if you’re bold, you can wear neon from top to bottom. Although, I do shy away from Neon outfit, I love to style my outfit with neon accessories bags or shoes.

Shop these 10 Summer 2020 fashion trends

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15 thoughts on “10 Summer 2020 fashion trends to add to your closet”

  1. I am ready for Summer. I can’t wait to wear my white dresses and neon coloured tops. I’m not brave enough for the cut-out dresses but jumpsuits are my go to outfits.
    I’ll bookmark this page for reference.

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  3. That is an impressive collection, Chic me. The neon outfit and the tropical prints are so ‘me’ and is stunning. Being in India, I have had the opportunity to collect a wide assortment of tropical prints, and your collection has left me with wanting more. Thanks for the post once again.

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