The beach is one of the best places to unwind, chill and have a fun-filled day out. In Lagos state, there are several beaches you can visit for vacation but only a few are well known/visited. This is because some beaches are dirty may be due to poor maintenance, or the fear of drowning. The major reason being the fear of drowning in the waters of the beach. This is because you may be unaware of places that are too deep. Also, there is no signage to inform tourists on the safe part to take a swim. I also had my own fears formed from the tales of horror that I have heard. So, while exploring vacation spots, I stayed off the beaches. Although there are many beaches but here are the top 5 beaches in Lagos to add to your bucket list vacation spot.

My first visit to the beach was accidental and it was to Tarkwa bay. I had no idea that Tarkwa bay was a beach vacation spot. I wasn’t even dressed for a beach vacation. Imagine my horror as I was given a life jacket for a boat ride to the venue. (I am hydrophobic and I was scared to my bones) . On arrival at Tarkwa bay, my horror for beaches disappeared. Also, it made me understand that beaches are not bad after all. So here I have compiled a list of top 5 beaches in Lagos you can add to your bucket list vacation spot.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa bay is one of the finest beaches in Lagos. Unlike most of the naturally formed beaches, Tarkwa bay is artificial. This artificial nature makes it quite safe to explore for swimmers as it is not too deep. Also, the beach is perfect for water sports like surfing, boat cruise, jet skiing, etc.

Transportation to Tarkwa Bay

The main means for transportation to Tarkwa bay beach is through a boat ride or ferry. You can take a ferry or private boat to the bay. There are 3 places which you can get a ride to Tarkwa bay; Bonny Camp, CMS and Fiki Marina on Ozumba Nbadiwe road. The prices for ferry rides vary on all these ports. From CMS, It cost 1000 naira per person for a round trip. At Fiki Marina, It cost 4,000 nairas for a round trip while at Bonny camp, 2,000 naira. Also crucial to remember is getting the mobile of your ferry driver in case of payment for a round trip. Most of these drivers insist on 6.30 pm latest on the bay for pick up at the end of the day.

Arrival and Fun things to do

On your way to Tarkwa bay, there are an array of amazing sights seeing to take in. The lovely view of Eko Atlantic city, nice skyscrapers, some cargo ships and boats cruising the waters. The entry fee at the beach is 200 naira per person. Although there is no actual gate fee, the “Agbero” at the bay usually stop tourist to request for the fee.

Available at Tarkwa bay are smoked foods like barbecue or grilled fish. Tents, lounging chairs, and tables are available for rentals too. In order to enjoy your time at Tarkwa, come with your food items and things for entertainment. Games like ayo, ludo, cards and other things for entertainment can be carried along. Also, if you want some music, come with your own disco. The food items at Tarkwa bay are pricey, so it is economical to come with your own foods and drinks. Also, there are bikinis available at the beach for those who want to take a swim in the water.

Eleko Beach

Eleko beach is perfect for those seeking seclusion because it is a private beach. It is located along Lekki-Epe expressway, a few distances from La Campaigne Tropicana. Going on vacation to Eleko beach seems like a journey of a thousand miles but a bit closer for residents on the island. The entry fee is 500 naira.

Fun things to do at Eleko beach

Tourist at Eleko beach can purchase a secluded hut for the day or have fun on the beach. Some of these huts come with a private pool to swim. Also, you can swim in the waters of the beach. On my recent visit to this beach, we were advised to stay clear of the beach water. This is because Eleko beach waters is very deep and not really safe.

You can have a fun filled get-together or beach party at Eleko beach. The beach house and private huts are perfect for such. Also, come with your foods, drinks, and entertainment. For lovers of ponies, you can have fun by horse riding at a fee.

Elegushi Beach

Owned by Oba Elegushi, this private beach is located at Lekki phase 1( a trek or tricycle from Ikate Bus stop). It is a well-known beach in Lagos state. Elegushi beach is one of the first beaches that come to mind if you want to go on a beach vacation. Elegushi is the most famous, hence part of my top 5 beaches in Lagos to know. It is popularly known for its hangout spot, night clubs, and meals. The entry for Elegushi beach is 1,000 naira.

Elegushi beach is perfect for lovers of night life.e.g. entertainment like live performances, and night clubs are available at night. Horse rides are also available at this beach. Elegushi beach is always full especially durings weekends. So, if you want more space, try to visit on weekdays.

Atican Beach

Atican beach is located along Abraham adesanya road, Lekki-ajah. It is a private beach resort. The entry fee is 500 naira for weekdays and 1000 naira for weekends. Apart from a day out with family, there lodges available if you want to stay the night. So for a luxury getaway, this resort is perfect. For a day out to Atican, go with your food items, games and music to have maximum fun. Also, you could book a tent for a group hangout for 10,000 naira.

Top 5 beaches in Lagos to add to your bucket list

Fun things to do

At Atican beach, you can engage in some fun activities:

  • Private pools are available to individuals for swimming.
  • Playing ground with facilities to entertain your kids is also available. So your kids will have fun on a family day out to this beach.
  • Horse riding, live performances on Friday’s and fun activities at the beach clubhouse Fridays to Sundays.
  • Destination weddings don’t have to be expensive or done outside Nigeria. For your beach weddings, Atican beach is a great place for an exotic and dreamy wedding. You don’t have to go too far to commence your honeymoon as you could book your lodge as well for your stay at the beach.

Oniru Beach

Another beach on my top 5 beaches in Lagos you can visit is Oniru Beach. Oniru beach is a privately owned beach by the royal Oniru Family. The beach is located at Ligali Ayorinde street, Victoria Island. The Entry fee to the beach is 1,000 naira but you may pay more on days when there is a special show at the beach. Also worthy of note is that you must be there before 12 noon to to be granted access to the beach.

Available are tents, chairs and tables for rentals. Oniru beach also has amusement Ferris which kids and adult can use to catch fun. For a quiet and relaxing day out, visit this beach during weekdays. You can also visit during the weekends if you don’t mind more people around, especially Sundays.

There are several beaches in Lagos that you can visit but this my top 5 beach vacation spot. Another beach in Lagos to know is Suntan beach Badagry Lagos. So, if you’re looking to go to the beach, these spots are perfect. Also, there are some must-haves for your next beach vacation. They include;

  • Bikinis for those who don’t mind showing off more skin. You can get your swimwear or bikinis at some of the beaches like Tarkwa bay, Elegushi beach, Eleko beach, etc. A bum short, knee shorts and tank tops/bodysuits are also good beachwear options.
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the heat of the sun rays. You could opt for a beach hat if you’re like me who doesn’t like sun glasses.
  • Sandals for easy movement on the shores of the beach.

Top 5 beaches in Lagos

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  2. I like how you shared fun things to do at these beaches ! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll definitely choose one to visit before the end of this year.

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