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Eleko beach Lagos || Fun things to do at Lil Zanzibar hut


A trip to the beach is an opportunity to show your beach body. Knowing full well that it takes a lot of self discipline to achieve a breath taking beach body. It is also a time to enjoy the sun, cool breeze of the sea and serenity of the beach environment. In every of my vacations, i prefer to go with a group so i went out with my Hang out buddy team to Eleko beach Lagos.

We were all anxious to know where this beach will be. it is because the location was undisclosed to us from the onset. The ride to Eleko beach is a long one and our first stop over was at Nevaro mall. The mall is very big and beautiful. It is like those places that makes you want take pictures for the gram.

We are all got to know each other on our way to the beach. As networking is one the aims of hanging out in group. As they say, your network is your “Net worth”. The ride to the beach was fun all the way. We engaged in games while riding to keep up the buddy spirit. On arrival at the beach, our host led us to a cottage for our hang out of the day. He also pleaded with us to stay clear of the beach waves/ water because of the ongoing dredging. This has made the beach quite deep and somewhat unsafe.

Eleko beach Lil Zanzibar cottage

Eleko beach Lagos: things to do

Eleko beach is actually free to access. The beach has lovely cottages for tourist looking to hangout in seclusion like Lil Zanzibar cottage. Lil Zanzibar cottage was our hang out spot. It is a beautiful cottage with lounge chairs, a tree house and mini pool. This cottage cost about 35,000 naira per ten persons.Asides the lovely beach huts, you can shop for lovely beach wears. These wears are sold by northern men moving around with these items.

Games & Pool activity

Lil Zanzibar cottage is spacious so we were engaged in some game activities. The games includes; brain teaser(…it was no game for people that have forgotten all about their school days. Quite challenging as well as insightful.), ayo games etc. The games brought our competitive spirit and made the hangout lively.

Also we had fun in the mini pool available at the cottage. Every one took a dip in the water because it a shallow pool. (Anyone who can’t swim will love this pool. I will literary drown in a deep pool. Like a stone thrown to the bottom of the sea. But i felt confident in this pool). Asides the games, you can
also engage in horse riding at Eleko beach for a token fee.

Eleko Beach hut like Lil Zanzibar cottage is a good place for small hangout with friends. It is a perfect get away spot with bae especially if seeking seclusion. You can also host a small pool party at this cottage as it is quite spacious. Although, it’s quite a trip to visit this spot, it is fun vacation spot to visit and unwind.

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