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20 Last minute Holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list

Are you a last minute shopper? I am also guilty too. The holidays are the busiest time for me. So, there is a lot of work to do. It is inevitable to keep the holiday gifts shopping till the last minute. In this post, I will share a round-up list of 20 last minute holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list. So, you can get gifts for the practical lady, gift ideas for the fashionista or beauty queen in your life. Also, you can click here for holiday gift ideas for kids too. These gifts are all under $100 and will serve them way after the holidays are over.

Last-minute Holiday gift ideas

Below are the best last minute holiday gift ideas for your mom, sister, brother, or day. This list is for literally everyone on your list.

1. Nails set

A set of press on nails is one of the best last minute holiday gift ideas to buy for her. A nail set is perfect for every lady in your life. So, gift them a set of nails for the holidays. This will make them look chic for the Christmas and New year holidays.

Last minute holiday gift ideas

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2. Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are the softest and coolest thing to have now. This gift is perfect for a new bride or your mom. This will help them have a good night’s sleep. Gift your mom or dad a set of silk pillowcases for a soothing sleep.

Holiday gift ideas

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3. Skincare set

Another of the 20 last-minute holiday gift ideas is a skincare set. I love a set of skincare products. There are several options to choose from. However, I would recommend organic skincare products to you. Organics skincare products are less harsh with no chemicals.

I have a simple skincare routine that I shared on my vlog. In this vlog, I reviewed an organic skincare brand. So, if you need a gift idea to give as a secret Santa gift idea for your colleagues, an organic skincare set is on point.

last minute gift ideas for sister

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4. Jewelry

Jewelry is a must-have for everyone. It is one of my best last minute holiday gift ideas for her. You can dress up your basics with jewelry. Gift your loved one jewelry for the holidays. You can shop for necklaces, personalized name necklaces, bangles, rings, wristwatches, bracelets, anklets, etc.

Unique Christmas gifts

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5. Gift Card

I love to shop for fashion items for my closet. So, for the fashionable shopaholic in your life, gift them a gift card. You can give an amazon gift card, Nordstrom gift, or google play gift card. Also, you can give out gift cards to the game lovers in your life too.

6. Amazon Kindle subscription

Amazon kindle subscription is perfect for the book lovers in your life. Subscribe them to a book library like Amazon kindle to allow them access to so many books. They get to enjoy different genres of books for free.

You can gift them this subscription to read personal development books. Also, books are a great travel essential for women so, if you need a great option of last minute gift ideas for her, gift an amazon kindle subscription.

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7. A treat to a local restaurant

Another of the best last minute holiday gift ideas is to treat your family or friends to a local restaurant. You can take them out to any restaurant of their choice this holiday. This is a suitable gift idea for the foodie in your life. Treat them to unique food experiences and dishes this holiday.

last minute gift ideas for friends

8. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is a perfect last minute gift for her or him. For the holidays, shop a pair of affordable luxury sunglasses from fashion eyewear. Also, you can buy prescription sunglasses too.

I love this brand because you can virtually test the glass frame for fitting. So, if you need a thought last minute holiday gift, shop for a pair of sunglasses.

Uniqur gift ideas for women

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9. Dresses

For your mom, sister or bestie, gift them dresses. You can shop for their New year’s dresses, Christmas dresses, or workwear dresses.

Christmas gift ideas for her

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10. Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are a must-have fashion accessory for every lady. You can dress up your outfit or handbag with a silk scarf. Click here for more ways to wear silk scarves.

Silk scarves are a versatile fashion accessory to own. So, for the fashionista in your life, gift them a silk scarf this holiday.

Holiday gift ideas for colleagues

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11. Mobile phone cases

This gift idea is perfect for those who love to switch their mobile phone cases a lot. Also, you never know, someone on your list may need a change of mobile phone cases badly. Lol.

12. Tote handbags

Tote bags are a perfect last minute gift for your mom, sibling, or girlfriend. Only ladies know that tote bags are a super practical handbag to own. It is perfect for stuffing a lot of things. (You know what….everything) Opt for medium to large tote handbags as a gift for the holidays.

last minute gift ideas for someone who has everything

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13. Designer dupe bags

For that friend or sibling that loves designer handbags but can’t afford them, gift them designer dupe bags.

Designer dupes or lookalike is one of the best last minute holiday gift ideas for her. It is always timeless and chic. I love designer dupe handbags. So, I would recommend this gift idea perfect for secret Santa for your fashion lover colleague. Click here for the hottest designer dupe handbags to shop for her.

14. Backpack

Another last-minute holiday gift idea is a backpack. This is a perfect gift idea for a mom or your friends in Uni or your younger sibling. This is a back-to-school essential or a travel essential for women that they can use after the holidays.

Travel essentials for women

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15. Sneakers

Sneakers are a perfect last minute gift for your dad, boyfriend, or husband. A pair of running shoes are perfect for the holidays. Plus sneakers are a fashionable accessory too.

Holiday gift ideas for mom

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16. Loungewear

Since relaxed outfits are still a trend, a perfect holiday gift idea is a loungewear set. I would recommend a pair of Joggers for the holidays. I have been into cargo joggers lately. So, if you need a stylish yet relaxed gift idea for your dad, mom, or siblings, opt for a pair of unisex cargo pants.

Cargo pants are on trend this year. So, you can shop for your friends and family. If you need styling tips on how to wear cargo pants, click here.

Best cargo pants

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17. Mini shoulder bags

Mini bags are a quick going-out bag every lady needs. So, I would recommend a mini baguette shoulder bag as a holiday gift idea.

Best holiday gift ideas

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18. Sweater vest or Sweater

A family Christmas sweater is a perfect last minute gift idea. It is perfect for the season. Also, the weather is getting cooler. So, if you’re in a colder part, gift your mom, dad, or sibling a sweater or hoodie for the holidays. This is one of the most thoughtful of the 20 last minute holiday gift ideas I would get for anyone on my list.

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Best Last minute holiday gifts

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