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How to style biker shorts right now

Biker shorts are a fashion piece that I never wanted to try out. First, I am not much an athlete nor into sports of any kind. So, it took me a while to jump on this trend. Are biker shorts still in style in 2021? This is obviously a trend for this year as so many fashion influencers and celebrities are in on this trend. There are several stylish ways to wear biker shorts. So, if you’re new to this trend or want to dip your foot into new fashion styles. Here is how to style biker shorts right now. These ways to on how to style biker shorts are super comfy and stylish. You can wear biker shorts to the beach, for a casual outing or as a gym outfit idea. Also, you can read my post on other bikini alternatives you can wear to the beach.

How to style biker shorts for the beach

Ever since biker shorts became a thing, I have always thought to myself, “How do I style my biker shorts”. However, just like regular shorts, they are quite easy to style.

For a day out to the beach, you can style your biker shorts with bikini tops or bandeau tops. Also, you can add a beach cover-up to dress up the look. Beach coverups are a must-have for those of us who love to be modest to the beach. Not trying to say that wearing bikinis alone is immodest. However, not all of us are confident to show off our skin at the beach.

Zaful has some options of biker shorts you can choose from. You can shop for solid-color biker shorts or prints. If you opt for prints Biker shorts, you can read my post on how to style print outfits with ease. Use my Zaful discount code: HJDW to get 17% off your order. Click here to shop the below biker shorts set from Zaful.

Color block biker shorts set from Zaful
Color block Biker shorts set from Zaful

Oversized shirt+ Biker shorts

How do you style an oversized shirt with biker shorts? Biker shorts are super stylish with an oversized shirt. I love to style biker shorts with oversized shorts for a comfy feel. This is a very easy biker shorts outfit idea to try out.

You can style this look with slides, espadrilles, sandals, or a pair of sneakers. I love to add sneakers to this look. This is a stylish biker shorts outfit with shirts and sneakers. You can wear an oversized graphic t-shirt with biker shorts or a -plain statement t-shirt. This look you wear for a get-together or for running errands. So, if you need a simple biker shorts outfit idea to try out, pair it with oversized shirts.

Biker shorts outfit ideas for workout

Another biker shorts outfit is to wear as gym clothes for women. Like I stated earlier, I cannot work out to save my own life. Even it is one of the 5 healthy lifestyles for women to know and do. For me, it is just not my thing.

However, if you love to break a sweat or work out a lot, wear your biker shorts to the gym. You can wear biker shorts with a sports bra as an option for cute workout clothes to the gym. This will make you look put together while working out.

Biker shorts+Blazers

Blazer is a wardrobe staple for me. As a working professional, it is an absolute must-have. There are several looks you can get with a pair of blazers. So, if you have a versatile wardrobe piece in your closet, shop for blazers. You can shop for neutral color blazers. Also, if you’re feeling more confident, opt for vibrant color blazers too.

For a more relaxed work-free look, style your blazers with your biker short outfit. You can wear your biker shorts with a crop top and blazers. This look is super fun and stylish. Add a pair of sneakers and a Fedora hat to dress up the look.

Sweats tops+ biker shorts

Another way on how to style biker shorts right now is with a sweat top. It is getting cooler in most parts of the world. So, you can style biker shorts with sweat tops. This outfit is a simple fall outfit idea to try out.

You can wear this as an airport outfit, for running errands or lounging. So, if you need a stylish fall outfit idea in 2021, opt for sweat tops and biker shorts.

How to style biker shorts right now

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