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How to wear a turtleneck| 5 cute turtleneck outfits

There are a lot online fashion brands you could shop trendy pieces. One of such brands which I recently shopped is My graceful place. . My graceful place is fashion brand that sells ready to wear outfit for women that is suitable for all occasions. The compelling story of this brand gets me. The brand was founded to meet the needs of every kind of woman whatever their phase in life. As we all know, every woman goes through physical changes from young adult to motherhood. That is you can’t wear certain types or sizes of clothes any more. So, I bought a brown turtle neck top from My Graceful place. In this post, I will share my review on My Graceful Place brand. As a insider for this brand, you can also shop with my discount code- TRENDSENSTYLEZ20 to enjoy 20% off from My Graceful place brand.

Review on My Graceful Place

It is very easy to navigate the website of My graceful place fashion brand. You can shop for any categories; tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, dresses etc except accessories. All the items are very pretty, I So, you can add any item of your choice and check out with ease. Also, you can make payment via PayPal, debit card and other payment option listed on the website.

Customer service

We all have different terrible experiences with online brands. Especially in terms of customer relationship. I had a very good customer experience with My graceful place. I got a response on my inquiry via mail about my purchase the next working day. Three days later, a mail was sent to me advising of my tracking number. I couldn’t believe it actually. This is because I have shopped from an online fashion brand that I didn’t get my order till date. All mails sent to the brand never got a feedback. Hence, my surprise for the quick response from My graceful place.

Shipping and Tracking of order

My Graceful place fashion brand offers free shipping worldwide no matter the value of your cart. Orders from this site takes 1-3 working days before shipping. You will get a tracking code to monitor your order until delivery. For Nigerian shoppers, it takes 20 workings days to receive your order. It takes less time for other places depending on your region or country. My order arrived at the nearest post office to my home address. So, I went to pick it up since our local post office doesn’t deliver to your step. I still wonder why though, maybe because of the handling fee to paid for pick up.

Review of Turtle neck top

My turtle neck top from My Graceful place is pretty. It is a brown turtle neck top. The material is not cheap or flimsy and it was not of cotton. The top has a little stretch. I love turtle neck tops because it is a versatile fashion piece. Also, you can wear it for a casual outing or layered as a work wear. Moreover, it comes in handy as a go to outfit to survive your chilly office cold. In this post, I styled my turtle neck top with a tulle skirt. You can also check out my post on other ways to wear a tulle skirt. I am so happy with my purchase from this brand. I will surely recommend this brand for anyone looking to shop fashionable pieces for their closet.

This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are solely that of Trendsenstylez. Thanks for reading my post.

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14 thoughts on “How to wear a turtleneck| 5 cute turtleneck outfits”

  1. I have never come across My Graceful Place before but I will definitely be checking them out! Especially because it sounds like their customer service is excellent! I love your sweater also your skirt is beautiful!

  2. This outfit is so cute! I am also a fan of turtlenecks, wouldn’t mind more of them in my closet. I also soooo love that skirt, I would love one!

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