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Aliexpress fashion product review: my best & worst buys

One of the most popular online shopping site I know Aliexpress. It is a china based brand owned by Ali baba. Anyone who hasn’t heard of Aliexpress is probably living under the rock. No offense. Aliexpress sells the most affordable items you’d probably not see such cheap prices at your local market. Although, most of the product is quite good irrespective of the ridiculously cheap prices. That is not to say that I haven’t had my worst shopping too from this site. Like most online brands, Aliexpress is an e-commerce store that many sellers can list their products for sale. You can shop anything from this site; fashion, tech, gadget, health care products, etc. Who doesn’t love affordable fashion?. So, in a bid to save and shop trendy fashion pieces, I shopped from Aliexpress. Hence, I will share my Aliexpress fashion product review along with my best and worst buys.

How to shop from Aliexpress website?

Aliexpress website houses a lot of products with many sellers. Although, the products are in categories. The only challenge is searching through the site for items. There are so many options and sellers to choose from. My tip to easily sift through the pile is by reading other shoppers’ reviews of the brand. You can also check out my post on how to shop online for beginners.

Personally, I mostly shop for fashion items from s. But my brother bought most of his tech items needed for his school project from Aliexpress. Tech stuff is quite expensive over here in Nigeria. Also, I choose items that offer free shipping to Nigeria. Aliexpress makes it easy for you to shop in your local currency depending on where you are. It has been programmed to provide such services based on your GPS or IP address.

Shipping and delivery options

It takes 25-55 workings days to get your order in Nigeria. Although, I got some items earlier usually delivered to the nearest post office to your home. Since there are different sellers on this site, items in your cart may arrive separately. I don’t like this about shopping on Aliexpress. You have to take more than one trip to the post office and pay a handling fee at different times. What I do is to wait for all items to arrive so I can pick it up at a once. Shipping may be faster for other regions closer to the seller country.

The above wait time is for standard free shipping. There are other options for faster delivery or express, fees apply though.

Aliexpress fashion product review

As I said earlier, I shop mostly fashion items from Aliexpress. The one time I bought a photography fluffy background from this site was because I couldn’t get it elsewhere. Anyways, I will discuss my best and worst buys from this site. This is peculiar to online shopping as don’t get to see or feel your items before shopping. So, you either hit or miss especially when the items are cheap too.

Aliexpress best buys

One of my best buys from Aliexpress is a rattan bag. I have used my rattan bag from this site for over two years now. Any time I use it, I keep getting compliments to date. It is uniquely made, unlike regular rattan bags. Rattan bags are very fashionable bags. You can wear for parties, casual outings or work. I also bought another stylish design for my big sister. So, I can recommend shopping for rattan bags from Aliexpress.

Mini dress

Another of my best buy from this site is a brown belted dress. It is a mini dress. I wear mostly for casual outings and to Lagos fashion and design week. I styled it with a pop sock. So, I can say shopping for clothing is okay. The dress is not made from flimsy material. So, I can say it okay for its price. You can dress up a dupe or cheap dress with jewelry and accessories. It is a chic way to look expensive on a budget. You can still stun in a cheap outfit.

Aliexpress worst buys

I have also had my fair share of disappointment too on this site. If you read my blog on misconception around the use of anklets, I guess you know I love them. So, I shopped a lovely anklet from Aliexpress. It is just as beautiful as in the seller’s site. The anklet lasted for just three weeks of use. It broke and I couldn’t repair it. What a waste!. That’s not all, even the necklaces I bought faded so fast from gold to black under two wears. The worst is a wristwatch I ordered. Oh lord, it’s a far cry from what I ordered. What do I expect since it so damn cheap? It faded like other jewelry from Aliexpress. My sister’s skin developed irritation to the wristwatch too. Thank God for my skin.


Will I recommend shopping jewelry from Aliexpress? Hell no!. Others may have a different experience but mine has been bad. Another of my worst buy from Aliexpress website is underwear – lingerie. I was sold by the beauty of this site. Nice sexy options you can stun your man with. But I was disappointed too with my purchase. The cup of the bra was quite big and bust doesn’t fit. The panties we’re nice though. The second lingerie set was a total loss. It looks horrible from what was ordered. So, I will not recommend shopping lingerie from Aliexpress.

Like I said earlier, every influencer needs a banging photo prop for product photography, so, I bought one. I really loved the fluffy mats that you can lay your product for a nice background. I am yet to decide if this item falls under best or worst buy. It is nice, fluffy but smaller than a door mat. Even a pair of shoes can barely fit in. But it has been useful not withstanding. Well you may decide for me in the comments. So, this mat is basically hanging in it’s own category.

In as much as I had my good and worst experience from Aliexpress. I will suggest you read other shoppers’ reviews. Also, read the dispute and refund policy for each seller. So, if your cart is not what you want, you can send it back for a refund. You can also my post on how to shop online for a guidance.

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  1. Ashley

    I’ve always wanted to buy from her but just never had! The purse and dress is cute! Thanks for sharing an honest review!

    1. Soraya

      Love that dress! Have never shopped there before, think I may have to take a look and add to my never ending wardrobe.

  2. Anu

    I like your dress and color!

  3. Ada

    I used to shop from alibaba and then sell but at a point I had to stop cus sometimes products would not even drop at the store plus their delivery period was just too long and then the last, products were fake

    1. Tari

      Is it weird that I’ve never shopped for clothing online? Nice details, I just might try it after this pandemic.

      1. It’s not weird dear. The thing about online shopping is the convenience and window shopping opportunity you can do at home.

  4. Afolake

    Ali Express is my gee! 😂😂 I buy even the most random things there and I’ve had my own fair share of disappointing moments too. But has that stopped me?

    A big no 😂😂😂
    I hope I don’t learn the hard way 😭

  5. Aysia Ross

    Love that dress! And the only Ali express accessories I’d probably ever buy are sunglasses lol

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing. The last time I shopped online I had an awful experience because the shoe I ordered didn’t look anything like the photo. It was ugly and no! This wasn’t Ali Express. It was a Nigerian based company. This post was so relatable and I’ll definitely advise my friends to shop for gadgets components from there…
    P.s. your fluffy bag looks amazing!

  7. Britt K

    I think it’s important to have realistic expectations when we’re shopping on any type of dupe site like this. If you’re looking at something and it looks too good to be true, it probably is – it may be great at first, but that’s not going to last. I agree with your recommendation to avoid jewellery, that’s something I don’t buy from sites like that either. I tried in the past and it never worked out the way I had hoped it would. However, I’ve scored some pretty awesome clothing deals from sites like this including my wedding reception dress!

    1. Wow. That’s nice, an affordable wedding reception dress for the win. Yay!! That’s lucky

  8. Saher

    I have always wanted to try clothes from aliexpress..thanks for the reviews!

  9. The rattan bag looks great! I was always trying to buy from Aliexpress before but the delivery period will not make it to when I need the items. I am someone who checks online shops only when I need something so it means I need the items soon. They pretty have a wide and unique option of products to and very cheap! Sorry for your bad experience and thank you for providing awareness to us.

    Love, The Hollapinos | Mike & Katie

  10. rasi gupta

    Interesting! And the stuff looks really good! especially at the prices and the convenience! The only down side is the waiting time being too long and that is just agonising, haha.
    But totally can’t complain!

  11. Bolupe

    I don’t have any experience of buying on Alibaba but I regularly buy from AliExpress. I think they are related but I find AliExpress quick and the products I have gotten so far have been good!
    Fingers crossed for continued luck.

  12. Victoria Alfa

    Love shopping from Ali express but after the last experience I had I have been running away from them but thank for sharing an honest review

  13. I have never heard of Aliexpress so I suppose I’ve been living under a rock here in the US? I don’t typically buy clothing online because I am an extra small, and I’m tall so I have to try everything on. I find that clothing is cut differently even from the same manufacturer so I have to try everything on. I HATE doing online returns so it’s actually not too convenient for me. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Maybe this site would work for other purchases for me.

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