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8 style tips on how to wear bralettes

It’s no news that bralettes are going to be huge in the fashion scene this year 2020. It is one of the fashion trends for this decade. Although, it takes the bold to wear bralettes. Some people may see it as risque or suggestive. Bralettes are different from bras’ though. It is made like a crop top and bra merged together. There are so many stylish options of bralettes you can add to your closet. So, if you’re bold enough to try these trends, here are 8 style tips on how to wear bralettes for your every day looks.

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Oversized shirt on Bralettes

One stylish way to wear a bralette is under an oversized shirts. Oversized shirts are a classic versatile outfit you need to own. You know that bralettes are meant to be seen this season. So, to pull off this look, wear an oversize shirt loosely hanging on one shoulder to show off your bralette. You can make a knot with the tips of your shirt for a more girly look.

Bralettes under Mesh tops

Some of us love see-through tops but stay off them because of ‘modesty’. There are so many stylish options of see-through outfits like mesh top, organza tops, and thin knitwear cardigan. So, one stylish way to wear bralette is with an organza top for example. Bralettes elevate your sheer outfit. This style tip help wear those sheer outfit you’re dying to have and as well show off your nice bralette.

Bralette and Pant suit

I love pantsuit a lot. It is also a very versatile outfit. Pants make you look put together and professional. If you want to look like a million bucks wear monochrome pantsuit like beige, blue or white. It makes you look expensive whether the suit is cheap or high end. So, for a casual outfit, swap shirts for bralette under your pantsuit. It is very classy.

Bralette and Denim

Another way to style bralette is to wear with denim. You wear bralettes with denim shorts for a day out on the beach. Also, you wear bralettes with denim jacket for a casual outing or denim pants. For me, I would wear bralette with high waist denim pants for a stylish outlook. It is perfect for casual outing or a hang out with your Bff’s.

Bralette over shirts

If you’re a fan of wearing a slip dress on a tee shirt, this look is a little like it. This trends is not for the faint hearted. It is an edgy look with a lil dose of attitude. You can wear a lace slip bralette over your tee shirt to pull of this look. Also, I will love to rock this look as a street style outfit for fashion week.

Bralette and Wide leg pants

Wide leg pants are perfect for days that you need a break from skinny or tight pants. It is very comfy and breezy. Another way to wear bralette is with wide leg pants. It is super stylish for a casual outing. You can wear a kimono or long jacket over your bralette for a chic look.

Bralette with skirts

Another style tip for your bralette is to wear its skirts. I will suggest you go for high waist skirts. There are so many skirts options to try; maxi skirt, tulle skirt, bodycon skirt or pleats. Any skirt will go well with bralette especially high waist skirts You can wear this look for any casual outing or date night.

Bralette on Print pants

Prints are a must-have wardrobe staple for me. I love prints, it’s patterns and colors. As summer draws closer, you need to add these prints to your closet. Animal prints like leopard prints, zebra prints as well as snake prints to your wardrobe. Especially leopard prints which is one of the 2020 fashion trends you’d see everywhere. I really love it. So, for a nice casual day out, wear your bralette with leopard print pants. It is a simple way to look stylish in summer.

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  1. Maria

    Loved your ideas! I’m definitely will be trying some combinations!!! Thanks!❤

  2. Life Mag

    Great ideas! Will try this next time, this is ideal for girl parties/ reunions and night club events. 🙂

  3. Simone

    I love how bralettes look! I’m not really comfortable with wearing them myself since my boobs are pretty huge and finding something that’s comfortable isn’t easy. I would be way too scared to show my belly too lol! But I do love this trend a lot.

    xoxo Simone |

    1. enimhienomo

      Aww. But you could wear under mesh tops. Its worth a try

  4. Goodie

    My favorites are the Bralette with oversized shirts and Bralette with denims. Will try the other styles soon. Thanks for sharing

  5. Tunrayo

    I absolutely love the ideas. I will definitely try the idea with Mesh tops

  6. rasi gupta

    I love bralettes too, but i can’t always find decent ones in my size to fit my bust. But over the shirt styles, are my favourite too!

  7. Andi

    Your blog is a beautiful presentation. Great photos and ideas.

  8. Nichole Josey

    Love these ideas! I think I’m going to rock the denim jacket idea soon!

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