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5 best things you should always buy online

Online shopping is the best option to get anything when it comes to convenience. I have shopped online for over 5 years now for almost anything you can think of. So, personally, I love shopping online for price slashes or sales and of course convenience. Although, a huge discount doesn’t count if the shipping fee is off the roof. So, to enjoy huge deals, I prefer to shop for items that offer free shipping. Online shopping has its pros and cons. But you can take advantage of some added perks offered by online brands to enjoy the benefit of online shopping. You can subscribe to Jumia prime to enjoy free shipping on Jumia expresses or food items for Lagos, Abuja or Ibadan residents. So, from my personal experience, here is a list of 5 best things you should always buy online.

Clothes and accessories

Online shopping is best for clothes and accessories. This is because it is less stressful. Also, there are a lot of clearance sales, price slashes and free shipping options available on these sites. Online fashion brands like shein offers free shipping for orders above $49 worldwide. You can also take advantage of Chicme summer deals (use code CM15 to get 15% for 3 items or CM20 for 20% for 4 items).

Necklace from Shein

As a shopaholic, I love the idea of window shopping for trendy fashion pieces before actual purchase. Unlike brick and mortar store where the attendant is trying to influence your purchase. You have time to re-think your choice and get items that you really need. So, in a way, online shopping helps to curb impulse shopping. Although, for clothes and accessories, you can either hit or miss. You can read my guide on how to shop online for fashion items.


Another best thing you should buy online is books. You can good deals on books online. For me, I prefer to buy e-books for paperback books. This is because they take up much space in the house. You can also opt for used books online at a very cheap price. If you’re a lover of e-books you can get good deals on Amazon or read books for free on Amazon kindle and bambooks. Bambooks is a digital platform where you can read books, magazines, comics, fiction, and non-fiction books. You will enjoy a 1-month free subscription after which you pay $2 monthly. You can read my e-book guide on how to create your personal style wardrobe on a budget from bambooks. Also, you can purchase my e-book on Amazon or read it for free on Amazon kindle subscription ($9.99 per month after 30 days free trial)

5 best things you should always buy online
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Photo props and equipment

One of the major things a fashion blogger need to own is the ie home or mini studio equipment. My early years of blogging was hard because I had issues getting good pictures for my post. Every creative need to shop their home studio equipment to make content creation easy. We all know that good pictures attract readers more these days. Even on Pinterest, your pins don’t do well if the pictures are bad.

Black waterproof paper background

The best places to get your studio needs is online. There you get to really read reviews and recommendations of other users before purchase. To get my good picture for my blog, I bought a good Samsung A series phone, mobile phone tripod stand, background props, etc from Jumia and Aliexpress. We all know that Aliexpress items are either a huge miss or a hit. You can read my post on my best and worst buys from Aliexpress.

Kitchen Appliances

Another of the 5 best you should always buy online is kitchen appliances. We all need appliances in our kitchen to make our lives easy. One of such is a microwave which you can use to heat up your food or as a mini oven. I love online shopping because of the convenience and door delivery. So, I would recommend you shop for your heavy kitchen appliances like a fridge, sets of pots, microwave, etc. I have always put off shopping for my own fridge for the longest time. This is because of the stress it would take to buy, hire a cab, and take it home. So I opted to shop for a midea fridge online at Jumia. Delivery was super fast as they offer express shipping for heavy appliances. It took off all the stress as it was delivered to my home.

Yogurt drink

You may wonder why you should shop for a yogurt drink online? There are so many drinks out there that are being sold as yogurt. Some of them taste like fermented milk and sugar. It gets so bad, that the water clearly separates from the milk looking like a goat cud. So, I prefer to shop for yogurt online from brands that are well recommended by others who have tried them out. One such brands is to Refresh yogurt. I really love this yogurt. As a yogurt lover, I was impressed by their quality and packaging. They sell yogurt tailored to your needs in various sizes. And of course, they deliver to your doorstep. So, you can shop in bulk and store it away for at least 3 weeks. They also have yogurt in small and medium sizes and flavors. You can shop for your yogurt from refreshyogurt on Instagram.

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