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7 Must-Have Travel Apps to make your travel seamless in 2023

I have curated a list of my favorite must-have travel apps to assist you in avoiding unnecessary downloads (and potential expenses). These apps will not only save you time and money but also enhance your travel experience s.

Hence, I strongly recommend having these apps on your phone before embarking on your journey. Here, we present to you a curated list of 7 exceptional travel apps to consider for your upcoming trip.

Must-have travel apps 2023

7 must-have travel apps 20230

In years of traveling, here are my top 7 must-have travel apps I highly recommend. These apps are perfect if you’re just starting out traveling or a frequent traveler.


Viator is your go-to for hassle-free tour bookings. When you’re traveling to a place where having a guide or daily itineraries would be perfect, check out what Viator has in store for you. They offer a wide range of tours, from daily excursions to weeklong adventures with included transfers. Keep in mind that the quantity and quality of the deals can vary significantly depending on the destination.

Foursquare City Guide

This app simplifies the process of discovering great places to eat and fun activities to do. Just enter the area you want to search, along with your preferences like breakfast, nightlife, or things to do. You can use the versatile filters, such as distance, price, open now, and places you’ve been, to refine your search. Tap on your selection to view more details, including ratings and photos. If you end up liking the location, you can easily add it to a custom list.


VPN from VeePN is a reliable tool to protect your data and prevent hacker attacks while you travel. With it, you can bypass regional restrictions, for example, you can change the Play Store country. VeePN can be found on Google Play and can be used to change the region. You only need a couple of minutes to figure out how to change the Play Store region.

Culture Trip

Culture Trip used to be an app and website where you could read about travel destinations. But now, it mainly focuses on offering package tours. Just look up the country or region you want to explore, and Culture Trip will present you with multi day trips to your chosen destination.

For example, you can embark on an incredible eight-day trek through Patagonia or go on a thrilling safari in Kenya and Tanzania. You can easily book these packaged tours directly through the app or website. Additionally, Culture Trip provides plenty of recommendations and interesting magazine-style articles to enhance your travel experience.


If you’re the kind of traveler who prefers to go with the flow or have a backup plan in case your reservations fall through, give HotelTonight a try. Among the best travel booking apps, HotelTonight takes pride of place. Simply let the app know where you want to stay, and voila! Watch as the deals magically appear on your screen. Just tap on one to get more info and a couple more taps to pay, and you’ve got yourself a room for the night.

Advice! HotelTonight and many others may overcharge you when booking tickets. To protect against this, you need a VPN Edge extension that will prevent your activities from being tracked. As a result, you can get a much better deal.

Best travel apps 2023

Hopper is a must-have app for planning your trips and making informed ticket purchases. This mobile-exclusive application monitors flight prices and provides precise recommendations on the optimal time to buy, even sending notifications when prices drop.

What sets this travel app apart is its attention to detail. It goes beyond advising you to wait, offering specific dates when prices are expected to increase. You can also conveniently book flights through Hopper, with a small commission fee.


During a road trip, discover intriguing places to visit with the fittingly named Roadtrippers. With this app and website, you can explore a comprehensive map of the United States and Canada (with some coverage for Mexico too!) that showcases unique roadside attractions, museums, amusement parks, campsites, restaurants, and more.

Simply add your preferred sites to your trip, and Roadtrippers will chart your route accordingly. For $29.99 per year, a Roadtrippers Plus account grants you access to offline map downloads and unlimited stops along your route, whereas a free account only allows for five stops.

Although it’s crucial to not spend your entire trip glued to your phone or social media, there are moments when utilizing your smartphone can greatly enhance your travel experience. It can ensure your safety, save you money, and provide a smoother journey. By downloading the aforementioned apps, you’ll have more time, energy, and money to invest in your next adventure.

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