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5 stylish ways to dress for a date night on valentine’s day.

Roses are red, Violet are blue – is a saying that is attributable to Valentine day. It is not unusual to want to spend time with your loved ones- Family, colleagues, friends etc. Valentine outing doesn’t have to be with a “bae” after all so you don’t need to be “boo’ed up” ASAP. (this reminds me of one of last year’s hit song- boo’ed up- singing loudly in my brain whenever I think of Valentine).

Picking an outfit for a date night or Valentine’s day outing makes one fill a rush of anxiety. It builds up more if it’s your first date with your boo so as to keep him swooning over you all night. It is easier to put together your outfit for a weekend than Valentine that falls on a weekday. (the stress from work, switching outfit to be Val “approp” and rushing not to keep your date waiting for too long- the life of a typical 9-5ver). These 5 stylish ways to dress for valentine’s date night whether you’re hanging out with bae or with family or having a girl’s night out.

All red outfit

It is not uncommon for individuals to wear red which is the color of love on Valentine’s day. (there is a splash of red everywhere; shopping malls & other brands “décor”, major looks of the day ,etc). This color is uthe sual trend yearly for valentine’s day. There aisa range of outfit options you can go for in aed color. A simple red midi dress, a red dress- with cow neck cut or slit- for uthe nique sexy feel or a two-piece red outfit will do. This outfit can be accessorized with cool neutrals like a black bag or heels for a perfect date night with bae.

A touch of red…

If you’re such that love to go for a minimalist look/ not-so-bright colors like red, you can still style your outfit with red accessories. (I’d rather not be caught in red- Kinda-girl). It is a way of adding a touch of red to your valentine’s day outfit. A simple black mini dress, a pair of red heels or chunky red beads or completing the look with a red bag.

Switch up your day outfit to date night wear..

Switch up your day outfit to Night outfit…
As a 9-5ver, dressing up for a date night can seem like a stressful thing to do. Managing a regular full-time job, a side hustle plus the mounting traffic makes it tough to switch outfits. It is even more difficult if you live in big cities like Lagos, it is busier on Valentine’s day. An easy trick to dress stylish is to rock outfits that can be transitions from day outfit to night. Life of a professional requires one to dress in a particular way, but this looks can be switch up for a date night look.

Layering your outfit to be work “approp” or having a catchy piece of jewelry handy in your purse will aid your transition. A sleeveless cow-neck shirt, tucked in a skirt and styled with a blazer makes it easy to switch your looks from boss lady to a valentine date in seconds. ( kill it as a boss and a bae)

Bring on your shine in Sequins….

Sequins are the new red and they have come to stay. It is a classy way to catch attention and slay your valentine for a date night. Sequins naturally glow at night and it will make you focal point all through the date with boo. Either a sequin dress or skirt is easy to style effortlessly. This outfit can be finished off with red accessories to add a touch of Valentine to your looks for the night. For your sequin dress or skirt shop the “shimmer and shine collection” from desire1709fashion store.

Girly in tulle

You don’t need to be all grown up in your day to day life. Even though we all know that adulting is a big scam. (Take my words of wisdom, it is not being an adult). So, for valentine, you can go for a girly vibe irrespective of your age. Tulle skirts – also known as tutu – are perfect to pull off this look. You can wear a red tank top on a tulle skirt and a pair of sandal heels for Valentine. It is very girly yet chic. Who doesn’t want to be forever young in the eyes of their boo?

Don’t know what to give your better half or family for Valentine, check out my post on affordable places to visit for Valentine. Also, you don’t want to be caught unfresh for valentine’s day. If you’re for where to shop affordable and stylish pieces to put together your valentin’s day look, don’t sweat it. You can shop for stylish pieces at All she needs store and get it delivered to you. This store is a Nigerian owned fashion and lifestyle brand that will make you look chic.

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