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15 Best things to do on valentines day on a budget

It’s a few weeks to the loved-up month and we have to figure out what to do. What are the best things to do on valentine’s day? What are the best romantic valentine’s day ideas to do as a couple in 2023? Here is a list of the 15 best things to do on valentines day on a budget. This list comprises things to do for all budgets.

Some of these activities to do on valentines day are totally free. While others will cost just a few coins too. Also, if you don’t know what to wear for a date on Valentine’s, you can read my post on valentines day outfit ideas for all occasions.

Things to do on valentines day as a couple

Valentines day is very close. However, the inflation world wide makes it difficult to have fun with limited funds. You don’t have to spend to much to give your partner the best time. Here are the best things to do on valentines day on a budget.

Learn a new dance

One of the 15 best things to do as a couple on valentine’s day is to go to a dance class. You can learn a new dance together. Life is quite short and we need to create good memories without loved ones.

I have always wanted to learn salsa dance. It is a romantic dance couples can learn on Valentine’s day. You can also enroll to learn other dance types with your girlfriends or boo.

Things to do on valentines day near me

Watch Netflix and chill

Another thing to do on valentine’s day is to watch Netflix and chill at home. This is an affordable valentine’s date idea you can do. Netflix always has new interesting series to watch.

As a couple, you can watch your favorite Netflix series together. The best series on Netflix I love is Emily in Paris & the queen’s gambit. I love these movies because of the fashion sense of the main characters. I am always drawn to movies that I can get style inspiration from.

So, if you need something to do on valentines day on a budget, watch Emily in Paris. I have been watching this series up till now. Add popcorn and other nibbles to make it feel like you went to see the movies.

Have a Family dinner together

Valentine’s day is a time to renew love and spend time together without loved ones. So, if you need an idea on how to make valentine’s day special, have a family dinner. Since it’s valentine, set the table with your favorite dishes. You can go for at least 3-course dishes for Valentine’s.

Also, you can light scented candles, add wines and chat about anything. You can also do a family appraisal on this day. So, for valentines day, treat yourself and your family to fine dining in your home.

Go for a picnic

Another romantic valentine’s day idea is to go for a picnic. There are so many parks in major cities you can have a dinner or picnic with your loved ones.

Another option is to have a picnic in your backyard. Most suburban areas have houses with yards. So, if you nice yard in your home, have a picnic with your loved one. Set the picnic date with food, drinks, nibbles, card games, and play music.

unique valentines day idea

See a movie at the Cinema

Although Netflix has made going to the movies an afterthought these days. I still love going to the movies. Also, not all trending movies get to be on Netflix.

So, you can go see the latest movies as a couple in the cinema. Recently my sibling and I went to see House of Gucci. I was sold by the movie because of the storyline and of course Gucci fashion line. So, if you need a movie idea to see for valentine, I would recommend House of Gucci.

Have brunch with the girls

You don’t have boo for the upcoming valentine’s, go on a date with girls. You and your girlfriends can hang out at your favorite restaurant for a date.

Although most restaurants may be fully booked before Valentine’s. So, you can book in advance to hang out with your friends for that date. Eat your favorite dish and enjoy chatting with your friends on valentines day.

Go to cooking class

Another of the 15 best things to do on valentines day is to join a cooking class. Valentine’s day is a great time to try out new things. If you have a dish you want to learn, you and your partner can take a class together.

Also, you can learn to cook a new dish by watching youtube videos. As a couple, you can cook this new dish as your dinner for Valentine’s. Add some wine and see some movies together.

15 best things to do on valentines day on a budget

See a stage play

Another of the 15 best things to do on valentines day is to watch a play together. Although, going to see a play at theatres is seemingly becoming quite rare. However, you can skip the cinema to go watch a play instead.

One of the things on my bucket list is to watch a play performed in a movie theatre. I am definitely going to tick that off soon.

Eat out in a restaurant

Some of us prefer to cook our meals and rarely eat out. Another of the 15 best things to do on valentines day is to skip the cooking and eat out in a restaurant. You can try out new dishes or eat your favorite dishes. I love to try out new dishes. Some of the dishes I can’t wait to try out include ramen, Chinese dishes, and Sushi.

What to do on valentines day with your boyfriend

Get a couple’s massage

I love massages a lot. Boo and I love to give and eat other massages. For a change, we will be looking to book a massage session for ourselves for Valentine.

Another affordable thing of the 15 best things to do on valentines day is to have a couple’s massage. This will help you relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Travel to a new city as a couple

Another fun thing to do on valentines day is to travel to explore a new city together. You can visit a visit in your country you’re yet to explore.

This can serve as a mini-vacation as a couple. Also, you can choose to visit a recreational center in a new city. This is a romantic valentines date idea you can do.

You can choose to stay in a hostel to make new friends as a couple, a hotel for alone time together or at a friend’s place.

Have a staycation

if you are not feeling like traveling due to the panoramic. Another fun thing to do on valentines day is to have a staycation. You can do this by lodging in a hotel or Airbnb in your city. Click here to book affordable hotels near you for a staycation idea.

A change of environment has its own feel. For your staycation ideas, you can choose to just Netflix and chill. Also, you can book a couples massage in your hotel or treat yourself to a new dish at the hotel.

Recreate your first date

The first date with our boo is something we never forget. You can recreate your first date as a couple on a valentines date. This is a romantic valentines day idea to do.

if your first date was at the beach, you can choose to have your valentines at the same beach. I would recommend this for any couple looking to rekindle their love. It is one of the best of the 15 things to do on valentines day.

Go for walk

Couples that spend time together stay together. Another of the 15 best things to do on valentines day on a budget is to go for a walk.

You can talk for a walk to see a new place in your city or stroll at the beach. This is super fun and intimate. In this way, you spend time together talking about anything and reliving old memories.

Also, you can choose to sign up for a group tour to enjoy a walk together. One of the best tour groups to join is GetYourGuide. They offer group tours in the city, tours of national parks, safaris, or fun activities at the beach. Click here to book a fun tour at GetYourGuide.

Visit a Museum

Another of the 15 best things to do on valentines day is to visit a museum. Museums are fun places to explore. There are so many museums you can explore in your city.

You choose to see any of them. If you don’t know any museums, you can google search museum near me. Trust me, you will get recommendations and ideas. I am a google local guide so I contribute places one can explore in a city.

So, you can search for a museum near you and explore it for valentines day.

8 thoughts on “15 Best things to do on valentines day on a budget”

  1. These are all great ideas of things to do on Valentine’s Day on a budget. I personally like the suggestion of finding a recipe to try to cook at home and then taking some time to Netflix and Chill. (Also, I do like the Emily in Paris series for the storyline, but I do have to agree with you being able to see all the different fashions that were displayed throughout the series was quite interesting too.)

  2. These are great suggestions for thing to do on Valentine’s Day! I’ll most likely be having a nice dinner at home on Valentine’s Day then watching a movie in the evening.

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