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12 best staycation ideas you need when you can’t travel

Many of us would love to explore the world as much as we can. But most of us can’t really travel. One reason is the cost of travel post-pandemic or internationally is expensive. Staycation is a great option to explore in place of travel. So, here are 12 best staycation ideas you need when you can’t travel. What can I do on a staycation? How can I do a cheap staycation? This post will give you great options staycation ideas you can try out. Here are the 12 best staycation ideas you need when you can’t travel.

Go on tour of your locality.

How can you make your staycation fun? One of the staycations ideas to explore is to go on a tour of your locality. Since I moved to a new city, my life has been a triangle. (Work, church, home).

Life can get so busy that you will not know about the hidden gems in your area. Go out and explore new places in your area. You can visit a museum, go to the beach for a day out or try new skills.

You can also opt to learn art skills or cooking skills to have fun. So, if you need a fun and cheap staycation idea, play tourist in your area.

Hang out at a Local park

Another of the 12 best staycation ideas you can do is to visit a local park. Parks are a cheap staycation option you can visit to spend time alone or with your loved ones.

There are so many fun things you can do at the park. You can host a get-together, play games or have a chilled picnic. I love to visit parks as it is an easy way on how you can make a staycation like a vacation.

You can look out for fun parks in your local and have a fun day chilling and relaxing.

12 Best staycation ideas

Have a picnic at home

Who says you need to go out to have a picnic? Get creative with your staycation ideas by having a picnic at home. You can host a small picnic in your yard or in your sitting room.

The idea is to make your staycation fun. You can choose to invite friends or have a chilled time. Just enjoy a time out eating and merry.

Weekend getaway at a Vacation rental

If you’d prefer a change of scenery with a feel of home, go on a weekend getaway in a vacation rental. There are so many local Airbnb tailored your locale available. You can book a weekend staycation at an Airbnb.

I recently had a staycation at an Airbnb vacation home and I loved it. You can plan to visit other places in your city close to Airbnb. Another of the 12 best staycation ideas is to book a stay at an hotel. Hotels will give a feel of different scenery. Click here to book hotels, apartments or guest houses for your staycation.

You can plan to go to the beach or an eat-in restaurant to spice up your staycation. Also, some Vacation rentals provide kitchen facilities to cook your own food too. You can shop from your market to cook and have a chilled day seeing a movie.

Also, you can opt for beach houses so can easily stroll to the beach from your rental home. It is quite relaxing waking up to a beach view and soothing water splash against its bed of the beach. If you opt for a beach house, don’t forget to pack for the beach too. You can click here to read my post on what to wear to the beach.

Visit an art gallery

Another of the 12 best staycation ideas to do is to visit an art gallery. Art galleries are surprisingly the cheapest places to explore and have a fun day out. So, if you are an art lover or like me who just love its beauty. ( no strings attached, lol). Yes, you can go on a staycation to an art gallery in your area.

You can search for art galleries around your locale on google. Also, your search by reading travel blogs in your local area. Art galleries are free to access. So, if you are looking for a cheap or free staycation idea, visit an art gallery.

Dine in restuarant

Another staycation idea you need to try out is to dine in a restaurant. If you’re looking for how to make your staycation feel like a vacation, go out to eat.

You can go out to a nice restaurant in your area with your boo or friends. A simple idea is to opt for intercontinental dishes in place of your locale dishes. You can choose to eat Chinese or Italian dishes while in your area. This makes you feel like you are on a vacation in those countries while staycationing in your locale. Isn’t that fun?

What to do when you can't travel, 12 best staycation ideas to choose from

Have a spa day

Most people travel the world and plan for a spa or massage session while at it. This is a great option of the 12 best staycation ideas to do when you can’t travel.

Book a spa session for a day and just relax. This self-care session can be so rewarding. You get to relax while having a fun staycation.

You can have the spa sessions as a me-time or with your friends. Also, you go for a massage too. A full-body massage will do you so much good. I love massages a lot. It is super relaxing to my nerves. You get to sleep well too.

Everyone needs a good spa or massage session once in a while. It is a good reward for your hard work and a great option for a staycation idea.

Staycation ideas for couples

See a movie

This staycation idea I do every other day. After a stressful week or a day, I always opt for a relaxing movie. Mostly comedies or soaps or foreign movies. I don’t like horror or action movies when I need to unwind. This I do mostly on Netflix.

You can choose to Netflix and chill at home. To make it fun, you can pull down your curtains or blinds, add popcorn and watch it with your friends and family. It is so much fun to laugh with someone while seeing a movie.

Another option is to go to a cinema instead. This is great if you need a change of environment. Some of us have not gone on dates since the pandemic hit. Go on dates just to see the movies. It is a fun staycation idea you can do at home or go out to enjoy.

Enjoy a concert

All my music lovers will like this staycation idea. You can go out to enjoy a live performance or concert of your favorite musicians.

This can be fun unlike listening from your mobile devices or home theatre. You can evening dress for the occasion. Enjoy a night out just dancing and having fun at a musical concert.

Go on a day trip

I love to experience new places. But since we can’t really travel as much, you can choose to go on a day trip. You can go on a day trip to another city or to simply a relative or friend’s place.

It feels just like traveling too. However, for a day trip, you need not pack much. All you need is your skincare product, make-up, a few clothes, and essentials. You can read my post on what to pack or a packing list for travel.

So, if you are looking for a travel alternative or what to do when you can’t travel, opt for a staycation. Any of these 12 best staycation ideas are perfect to make your staycation fun.

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