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Emily in Paris Outfit ideas you need RN

Emily Paris Outfit Ideas- Best Outfits

Emily in Paris Netflix series is a movie you need to add to your bucket list movie. If you’re a fashion lover, you really need to see this movie. I don’t really like to see Netflix series. (I can’t afford to spend so much on data). However, I love to follow through on series but Emily in Paris sold itself with the fashion outfits of the main character. Her ability to blend vibrant colors effortlessly is something that every fashion girl needs to know. So, if you love vibrant colors and need style inspiration take a cue from Emily’s outfit. After seeing this movie and loving her outfit, here is a round up list of Emily in Paris outfit ideas you need right now in your closet.

Floral print dress

Emily loves her florals as seen in some of the scene in the movie ; “Emily in Paris”. I love the off shoulder floral print dress she wore on one of her dates with Mindy. Also, her ability to blend colors is also seen as she wore a bright pink pump to complement the pastel pink on her dress. So, if you’re need inspiration on styling prints, definitely see this movie. You can also read my post on how to wear prints in 2020.

Normally, as a slim lady, I shy away from using belts on my outfits because well, I have a flat tummy. However, Emily was able to pull this off and makes it something I should do often for my outfit.

Image Source: Netflix

Shop the look: statement belt

Monochrome Green colors

Another outfit idea you need right now inspired by Emily in Paris movie is Monochrome Green outfit. When she moved to Paris, She had no one. Her only way to share her tales of Paris is via her instagram page: @emilyinParis.

Her page grew fast with time. So, she got invited to an influencer party where she went for a monochrome Green look. I used to think Monochrome looks can only be pulled off with Solid colors. However, Emily was able to style both solid green and check prints. This look you can re-create easily with outfit you may already have or shop them below.

Emily in Paris outfit ideas
Image source: Netflix

Check Jacket and Berets

Check Jackets are an all time favorite for me. This is because of its subtle neutral prints and versatility. Emily was able to rock this jacket while add the evergreen beret trend for a pop of color to the look.

Also, from most of the scenes in this movie, Emily knows how to use accessories to complement her outfits. She was wearing berets, bucket hat or neckerchiefs’ to style her outfits.

Although, the Jacket she wore is super cute and we love. You can re-create this look with a check shacket which so on trend right now. So, you can shop for affordable shackets or over-sized Jackets for your wardrobe to pull off this look.

Emily in Paris outfit ideas
Image source: Netflix
Shop the look: Check Jacket, Silk Square scarf.

Black Dress

A black dress is a wardrobe staple every lady needs in her closet. As the fact that it is easy to style, it is also stylish. Emily wore a black dress at least twice in the series. I love the black dress she wore to the ballet event to meet with a prominent Parisian designer in this movie.

Emily went for an all black look for this party. However, you can wear your black dress by adding a pop of color to your outfit. You wear a black dress with red bag or heel to add color to your look.

Image source: Netflix

Maxi skirt

Another outfit idea you need right from Emily in Paris series is a maxi skirt. Maxi skirt is a staple wardrobe piece you need to own. It is super versatile and easy to style.

You can dress it up with heels like Emily in this series. Also, you can opt to wear your maxi skirt with sneakers. For a stylish look, you can also add a belt for slim waist just like Emily wore it.

Shop the look: Maxi skirt, Strap heels

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