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5 places to visit on valentine that are budget-friendly

Valentine is the season of love, so everyone is seeking for ways to give their loved ones a treat. The usual expectations from people this period is either a wrapped gift or eating out in a romantic restaurant or red roses. This brings to mind my experience on BRT last year, the traffic was “mad“. A guy with a bag full of gifts was whining on the bus because he was late for his date with bae. It made me wonder how much he would have spent on those gifts. (Well I guess his bae is lucky). It goes to show that going to the “moon & back” to make our loved ones happy doesn’t express love as we want. Restaurants usually experience a high influx as well as other stalls or shops. This year valentine treat can take another turn from the usual. Here is a list of 5 places to visit on valentine that are budget-friendly too.

Interestingly there are so many mouth-watering deals that are by lots of brands to make your valentine superb. From the huge discounts on gift items like gifts for him/her by brands, restaurants or luxury getaway. These valentine deals are popping everywhere; online, bill board, etc. “It is literary in your face” as soon February draws closer. With the current economic situation, it is wise to enjoy valentine while watching your pocket. Hence, there are five vacation spots where you can enjoy valentine on a budget. Most of these spots are free to access while others are at a token fee. Whether it’s for a romantic getaway or time off with your loved ones, it is a perfect valentine gift.

Tarkwa Bay beach

A budget-friendly environment that is serene, cozy with a breezy feel is Tarkwa bay beach. This is a suitable location for valentine’s day especially if your loved ones don’t mind a dip in the water/ the serenity that comes with a walk on a sandy beach. It is quite cheap and easy to access via boat/ferry at CMS. With as little as 2,000 naira, you visit this fun beach while creating enjoyable memories with beloved. (the total cost comprising; gate fee- 300, tent inclusive of seats- 500, etc.).

It is a perfect spot to show off your banging sleek beach body you’ve been working hard on to achieve. (The rationed food, low carbs, daily work out, etc. It’s an opportunity to feel sexy in bikini, after all hard work pays off) .You don’t need to go with loads of items as most of the things you need for a lovely vacation are available on the beach. ( finger foods, barbecue, coconut juice, bikinis, etc at affordable prices for people that like to move around light). There is an assortment of fun activities you can do enjoy your valentine’s day at Takwa bay beach.

Johnson Jakande Tinubu park, Ikeja

Another place to visit and enjoy valentine on a budget is Johnson Jakande Tinubu park located at Ikeja. It is easy to access with no gate fee attached. The environment is serene with lovely huts, your water fountain, children’s playground, etc. To top it off the there is free wifi access to all your social media use. ( you don’t want to do work stuff with the free wi-fi while on valentine vacation, just enjoy your time together). There are lots of fun activities that can be done at this park.

This vacation spot is a short distance from ikeja city mall, so you can give your loved ones a double treat at Ikeja. i.e. shopping for gifts or goodies from the shopping and then visit the park for recreational purposes. Interestingly this park is adjacent the Ndubuisi kalu park. if you looking have maximum fun around ikeja city; visit shopping mall to buy stuff for a little picnic or get together, visit JJT park for recreation as well as Ndubuisi kalu park all in one day. This is an easy way to enjoy valentine on budget with your loved ones.

Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park

Jhalobia parks and Gardens

Jhalobia park and garden is yet another interesting recreational park where you can enjoy valentine with your loved ones. It is located at Hajj camp ground, a few walking distance from NAHCO, Airport road, Lagos. It is a serene private park with green landscape and lush vegetation for perfect get away on a budget. This private park is suitable for a romantic get away with bae or valentine outing with your beloved. The gate fee for entry per person is 2000 naira. A simple get together, love feast or picnic at this serene private park is good way of enjoying valentine with your loved ones.

Nike Art Gallery

Artworks; painting, crafts, sculpture etc generally speaks the emotions of the artist as well as the art lover. A visit to Nike art gallery at located lekki elegushi road, Lekki is another affordable way of enjoying Valentine with your loved ones. Ordinarily telling bae or loved ones that you want to treat them to a trip to an art gallery sounds a little cheesy. ( presenting red roses is alien/ not appreciated in this part of the world, you will get feedback like what will I do with flower na- shey I be goat! ).

Nike art gallery comprises a collection of artwork and some handcrafted items or sculpture. You and your loved ones can enjoy the lovely paintings or artwork on display at the gallery. The gallery is free to enter hence you only have to pay for your tfare to Lekki. You can also shop some of the artworks and the handcrafted items at the gallery ( It is also a way of getting double valentine treat from bae; an excursion and an avenue to add to wardrobe pieces from the handcrafted items).

Ndubuisi Kalu Park, Ikeja.

Another affordable way to enjoy Valentine on a budget is by taking a trip to Ndubuisi Kalu park at Ikeja. It is located just behind Johnson Jakande tinubu park. It is also free to access. One interesting thing about this park is that it is like a mini shopping mall. You can visit this park with your loved with going about with too many things. There are an assortment of things you shop at this park; ankara clothings, swim suit, accessories, artwork , and some food huts barbecues, asun etc. You can great fun giving your loved ones a treat at this park.

These 5 places you can visit on a budget are a simple, easy and cheap way to enjoy valentine without having to be conscious of your account balance. It is also a way to doing something unique from the usual luxury dinners, restaurant outing or buying them a large bouquet of red roses. Create eenjoyable and fun memories at these places while still on a budget.

How do you plan to spend this Valentine? Feel free to share your thoughts on other budget friendly ways to enjoy valentine.

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