• 5-Visa- free-African-countries-to-visit
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    Visa Free Vacation Spot In Africa :5 African countries that your can visit visa Free as a Nigerian.

    Visa free countries makes it easier for travelers to see the world. It removes that extra process in planning a trip to another country. (i.e. the Visa processing stage and also the heart ache from a “Declined” entry). It also reduce the cost of travel incurred from visa processing. As Nigerian, It is sometimes difficult to get visa to other countries. This may be due to several reasons that are beyond our control. Hence, it is better to seek for places to Visa free so as to avoid the hassle that comes with it. Here are 5 African countries you can visit proudly as a Nigerian without any stress or…

  • how -to- shop -on -shien -a -quick- review
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    Brand/Product Review: A review on my shopping cart/experience from Shein.com

    Shein is an online shopping sites that caters to females. It sells fashion goods for fashionable women like clothes, shoes and other accessories. Shopping online is with its pros and cons. As with online shopping from website like shein.com, there is always this feeling of doubt. The brand is overseas, shipping fees and the uncertainty of how the actual product will look like e.t.c . (….. factoring the FX rate on the high with card rate at $1= 366Naira, the distance, extra shipping fees and pick up location to consider). Here i will share my experience shopping on the website. Also a quick review of the product from my cart.…

  • How to wear body suit/ ways to wear a body suit
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    How to wear Body suits: 4 ways to style a body suit

    When the body suit trend started popping up everywhere, i never thought of it as an active wear. (….it only brings to mind a one-piece swim wear or beach outfit). This trend is a new wave in the fashion industry as it is both offline and online stores. Body suits is a simple outfit that you switch up to give you an effortless chic look. It is an outfit that is perfect for every occasion whether for a casual outing or as corporate outfit. Body suit is one of those outfit that you can do a lot with in terms of styling. It is a necessary wardrobe essential for a…

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    My Day trip to Olumo rock: Fun fact to know about Olumo rock, Ikija, Abeokuta

    Olumo rock is one of my 2019 bucket vacation spot. (squashing some goals for the year already….girl needs to acknowledge little wins). It is a place that i have always longed to visit. Hence, I finally ticked off Olumo rock from my bucket list vacation spot or wish list this year. Olumo rock is a place with historical relevance to the people of Egba Land. Worthy of note is that the town where this rock is located “Abeokuta” means under the rock. A name coined from the fact that Olumo rock was a place of refuge for the Egba’s during the 1830 intercity war. The entry fee to visit Olumo…

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    My vacation Bucket list: top 5 affordable places to consider for your 2019 travel bucket list

    Travelling or vacationing is an important part of my yearly must-do. ( well……its part of my new year resolution). This helps to mitigate one of the challenges which I usually encounter with vacationing i.e finances .(adulting is quite hard……a major part of income goes to “family business” – a usual saying of my friend).This year, I have put together my top 5 affordable vacation spot for my 2019 bucket list. it includes; Olumo rock, Ado-awaye town, Freedom park, La campagne tropicana, and Nike art gallery. Also read 5 places to visit on a budget: how to enjoy valentine on a budget with your beloved. Freedom Park, Lagos Island Freedom park…

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    5 valentine looks you can rock with bae: How to dress stylish for a date night on valentine day.

    Roses are red, Violet are blue – is a saying that is attributable to Valentine day. It is not unusual to want to spend time with your loved ones- Family, colleagues, friends etc. Valentine outing doesn’t have to be with a “bae” after all so you don’t need to be “boo’ed up” ASAP. (this reminds me of one of last year’s hit song- boo’ed up- singing loudly in my brain whenever I think of Valentine). Picking an outfit for a date night or Valentine day outing makes one fill a rush of anxiety. It builds up more if it’s your first date with your boo so as to keep him…

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    5 places to visit on a budget:How to enjoy valentine with your beloved on a budget

    Valentine is the season of love , so everyone is seeking for ways to give their loved ones a treat. The usual expectations from people this period is either wrapped gift or eating out in a romantic restaurant or red roses. This bring to mind my experience on BRT last year, the traffic was “mad“. A guy with a bag full of gifts was whining on the bus because he was late for his date with bae. It made wonder how much he would have spent on those gifts. (Well I guess his bae is lucky). It goes to show that going to the “moon & back” to make our loved ones…

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    5 fashion trends from 2018 that are chic for 2019

    Fashion and its trends are very difficult to catch up. This is so as designers are on their toes to release new styles into the market before consumers get bored. Before you finish wearing/ stocking your wardrobe with the latest trends, another one pops out with a snap of your fingers. It almost seems like its running too fast to reach. (I was still saving to own a spherical rattan bag trending at the time and before I knew it another better design was out kicking the previous ones out of trend. I am like what?).This makes keeping up to trend with your styles very draining, time-consuming and expensive. (Kudos…

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    How to balance blogging with your regular job/Education.

    Working a day job(Typically called 9-5 but sometimes it can drag till late evening) and blogging is quite an herculean task. Sometimes i feel like throwing in the towel and giving up all. (It is more challenging for me as i have to balance work, blogging and schooling. Sometimes i wish i have super powers). The phrase “work – life balance” hardly applies to professionals in Lagos state as there are so many stressors and the mounting traffic in the evenings is top of the list. Sometimes it gets so bad that is span for hours especially the festive season and you literally cross off your evening to do list.…

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    Styletitude: “Bedazzle” this season with Desire1709fashion holiday “Shimmer&Shine”collection

    The holiday season especially the xmas as well as new year is the best time of the year to Dazzle in style. There is no better way to achieve this than shopping your holiday pieces from Desire1709fashion store. Desire1709fashion store released its “Shimmer and shine” collection just in time for the holiday season. The collections features amazing pieces ranging from Velvet, Sequins and other pieces that will “bring on your shine” for the holiday season.  According to the CEO of the brand, She describes the collection as, “a line up of wearable garments in hints of shimmers and iridescent shine that can easily but stylishly transition from boardroom to happy…