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Nestled in the heart of the Garhwal Himalayas, the Valley of Flowers India is a botanical paradise that captivates the senses with its vibrant hues and diverse flora. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India, is a breathtaking expanse of meadows adorned with a kaleidoscope of wildflowers.

In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of the Valley of Flowers, exploring its natural beauty, ecological significance, and its allure for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike. You can also check out our Bali travel packages if you need other places to explore in Asia.

Valley of flowers India

Why you should add Valley of flowers India to itinerary

A visit to India is incomplete without the valley of flowers and here is why.

A Natural Wonder:

The Valley of Flowers, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, is situated at an altitude ranging from 3,200 to 6,675 meters above sea level. Spread over an area of 87.5 square kilometers, this high-altitude valley is a sanctuary for countless species of alpine flowers, making it one of the most picturesque destinations in the Indian Himalayas.

The region remains covered in snow during the winter months, and as the snow melts with the arrival of spring, it reveals a carpet of vibrant flowers in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The Valley of Flowers truly comes to life during the monsoon season, when the meadows burst into a riot of colors, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that attracts nature lovers, botanists, and adventure seekers from around the world.

Valley of Flowers Tour Packages:

For those seeking to explore the Valley of Flowers and other gems of the Uttarakhand region, Nainital serves as an ideal starting point. Nainital, often referred to as the ‘Lake District of India,’ is a picturesque hill station known for its emerald lakes, lush forests, and colonial architecture. Several Nainital Tour Packages From Delhi are available, catering to various preferences and budgets.

These packages typically include accommodation, transportation, and guided tours to popular attractions in and around Nainital. Travelers can customize their itineraries to include the Valley of Flowers trek, combining the tranquility of Nainital with the exhilarating adventure of the high-altitude meadows.

Another enchanting destination in Uttarakhand that complements the Valley of Flowers experience is Mussoorie. Known as the ‘Queen of the Hills,’ Mussoorie is a charming hill station nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas. With its pleasant climate, colonial architecture, and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, Mussoorie offers a perfect retreat for nature lovers.

Mussoorie Tour Packages From Delhi are popular among those looking for a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. These packages often include visits to famous attractions like Kempty Falls, Gun Hill, Camel’s Back Road, and Mussoorie Lake. Travelers can seamlessly extend their exploration to include the Valley of Flowers, creating a comprehensive Uttarakhand experience.

Valley of Flowers India Asia

Trekking through Paradise:

Accessing the Valley of Flowers requires a trek that adds an element of adventure to the journey. The trek typically begins from Govindghat, a small town near Joshimath in Uttarakhand, which serves as the base camp for the trek. From Govindghat, trekkers follow a well-defined trail along the Pushpawati River, passing through dense forests and quaint villages before reaching Ghangaria, the gateway to the Valley of Flowers.

The trek is moderately challenging, offering trekkers the opportunity to witness the gradual change in vegetation as they ascend to higher altitudes. The journey is a sensory delight, with the fragrance of blooming flowers filling the air and the sound of flowing rivers providing a soothing backdrop.

Upon reaching the valley, trekkers are rewarded with an awe-inspiring vista of meadows adorned with a plethora of flowers against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks. The experience is not only a treat for the eyes but also a spiritual journey, as the tranquility and pristine beauty of the valley create a sense of oneness with nature.

Best Time to Visit:

While planning a trip to the Valley of Flowers, it is crucial to consider the timing carefully. The best time to witness the full bloom of flowers is during July and August when the monsoon showers have nurtured the seeds into a vibrant display of colors. However, the trekking season usually begins in June and extends until October, providing a broader window for visitors to explore the region.

Biodiversity Hotspot:

The Valley of Flowers is not only a visual delight but also a biodiversity hotspot. The region is home to numerous rare and endangered plant species, including the famous Brahma Kamal (Saussurea obvallata), a flower considered sacred in Hindu mythology. The diverse flora includes orchids, poppies, daisies, lilies, and various medicinal plants, contributing to the valley’s ecological significance.

The fauna of the Valley of Flowers is equally diverse, with sightings of Himalayan tahr, snow leopard, musk deer, red fox, and various species of butterflies and birds. The rich biodiversity of the region has led to its inclusion in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, further emphasizing its importance in the conservation of Himalayan ecosystems.

Majestic Meadows of Valley of Flowers India: A fun trek to do

When we think of black Friday deals, we sometimes make the mistake of limiting it to clothing or gadget brands. However, you can get some of the best black friday deals even from travel companies.

What better time to secure juicy deals for the upcoming holidays than now?

While scouting for Black Friday deals, I’ve come across sites and brands that have some of the best Black Friday travel deals, and I’ll be sharing them in this article. Now, you have no excuse not to plan that vacation journey you have in mind!

Best Black friday travel deals

Best Black Friday travel deals

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be buzzing up the group chat and rallying everyone to prepare for those planned trips.

In no particular order, some best Black Friday travel deals include:


When listing the important things to take care of when traveling, accommodation is always top of the list. Of course, you are traveling to a new place and you need to sort out where to stay while there. If you don’t, you will have one of the most frustrating trips ever.

With Trivago, I don’t need to worry about finding the best hotel deals. This period, they are one of the best websites with the best Black Friday travel deals. It allows people to compare prices of hotels from various booking sites, ensuring that they get the most value for their money.

Aside from their extensive hotel database, I love that they have an easy-to-use interface. It ensures I don’t encounter stress during the process. Click here to book your hotel on


As a traveler going to a new place for the first time, you’ll want to know the best places to visit. Sometimes, surfing the internet may not be enough. You will need help knowing the various places and may even need extra help curating the activities.

This platform is here to elevate your travel experience as it takes it from basic to over the top. It gives you an extensive list of places to visit and can even connect you with a tour guide.

The best part of everything is that it comes at a fair deal. I don’t know what you’re doing if you do not use this platform to curate your next trip. Click here to book your tour on GetYourGuide.


How do you intend to stay connected with your friends and family while in another region or country?

I remember my first trip out of Nigeria and how I had to depend on the Wifi at the hotel and public spaces. I didn’t know how to go about getting a sim and I was often offline when I found myself in places without Wifi. Ofcourse, you can tell that this experience was stressful and draining.

E-sims are fast replacing hard sim cards for travel. Instead of gathering sim cards for your travels, e-sims to your rescue. Check out my post on e-sims and why you need them ASAP for your travel to US, Europe or Africa.

You don’t need to have such an experience if you use Airalo. With Airalo, you can easily purchase and activate eSims for various destinations, ensuring seamless connectivity without the hassle of  physical sim cards.

Airalo helps you stay connected on the go at the best deals. Click here to sign up for Airalo eSims for your travel.

I like to best describe this platform as an all-in-one platform for travelers. On this website, you can book your flight tickets, hotels, and even car rentals. It comes in handy in saving you the stress of going to different websites to carry out these tasks.

I like that they offer a loyalty program to their customers and they also have juicy deals. It is a platform for everyone, irrespective of your pocket size. Trust me, you will love that they have an extensive network of partners and a user-friendly interface. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with using them to book your trips. Use the search box below to get the best flight tickets for travel on

Hostel World

Many people say the reason why their travel plans have not materialized is because of high cost. This is understandable; but not to worry, I’m here with a platform for budget travelers. There are so many hotel alternatives you can opt for to reduce your travel cost. One of such hotel alternatives are hostels.

With Hostel World, you’re getting the most affordable accommodation option when visiting a new place. As the name implies, they specialize in hostels. Thus, reducing the price you’ll be spending on accommodation. We can all agree that hostels are typically more affordable than hotels.

When you go on this platform, you get to see hostel options spanning across different cities and countries. Not only would you see the options, but you also see people’s ratings and reviews to help you make an informed decision. Click here to book an hostel on hostel world.


For some people, money is not a problem when planning a travel itinerary. If you fall under this category, Insubuy is the best platform to sign for your travel insurance. You may feel like insurance is not a necessity but this post on 5 reasons you need to have travel insurance will convince you.

Travel insurance is something you need to add to your itinerary. And Insubuy makes this super easy for you. Click here to book your insurance via Insubuy.


Who best to tell you about what to expect from a new place than a resident of that place? It always comes in handy when you can connect with the locals of the country you’re visiting ahead of time. However, it can be challenging getting in touch with them. It is where this platform comes to play.

With this platform, you can connect with local experts who offer personalized recommendations and insights. When you use this platform, you wouldn’t be sticking to the norms of traveling. Instead, you’ll be exploring places and discovering gems that other tourists may overlook.

With WayAway, you’re getting one of the best travel deals and would be exploring a new region like a local of the place! Click here to sign up for WayAway plus membership to save huge on hotels, flight tickets, and earn cash back.

Your travel plans do not need to remain in the drafts and notes anymore with these platforms I have listed above, especially during this Black Friday period. It’s now in your court to curate your travel experience as I’ve given you some of the best Black Friday travel deals.

What are you waiting for? Start exploring now!

Feel free to comment which of these brands you would shop their best black Friday travel deals. Also, check out my post on the best black Friday fashion deals you need to jump on right now. Don’t miss out these huge savings to plan your vacation, shop your holiday gifts and prepare for he holidays.

Black friday travel deals

7 Black Friday travel deals I always plan my trip with to save on travel

GTCO fashion weekend is a yearly event I don’t miss. This year was no exception. If you’ve been following the Facebook page of GTCO, you will know that the hype this year was lot. And I must say GTCO fashion weekend 2023 was totally worth the hype.

The advert was everywhere from late October. When is GTCO fashion weekend? GTCO fashion weekend is typically in the month of November. And this year, it took place on 11-12 November 2023. If you don’t know what to wear for this event, GT bank has you covered.

There were fashion inspirations for fashion week by influencers and youtubers alike to follow. You can read my post on what to wear to Lagos fashion week for inspiration for your next attendance.

GTCO Fashion weekend 2023

GTCO fashion weekend, location.

The GTCO fashion weekend take places annually at the GT center, water corporation drive. This place is a few distance from the Oniru beach Lagos and Landmark beach Lagos.

So, if you need the great options of Lagos beach to visit, check out these beaches. I highly recommend Landmark beach because of its aesthetic and the beauty.

How do I get tickets for GTCO fashion weekend? This event is free to attend. So, it is super crowded and full. To have access to the runway shows and get good seats, stay close to the runway room.

Also, you can attended several master classes organized for aspiring fashion designers, entrepreneurs and content creators. These masterclasses are very insightful. You also a gift bag if you attend in time. The time for the event is typically between 10am to 10pm daily. Also, it is only for a weekend, Saturday to Sunday.

What to wear to GTCO fashion weekend

What to wear to fashion week depends on your personal style. You can choose to go big or go home. Also, you can choose to opt for model off duty looks like I did.

Below are some of the outfits options perfect for GTCO fashion weekend.

  1. Wide-leg pants and over-sized shirt: This is a relaxed yet chic outfit to wear for fashion week. All you need a high waisted wide leg pants and over-sized shirt. You can choose to dress it up with a pair of strappy heels. Also, you can opt to dress it down with a pair of sneakers or espadrilles.
  2. Dresses: A fun sun dress or floral dress is a great option to wear to fashion week. This is super fun and effortless. Add a large belt for extra. You can dress down your dress with a pair of sneakers or a pair of heels.
  3. Midi Skirt and Top: The latest fashion trend is all about midi to maxi skirt or dresses. A great option of outfit to wear to GTCO fashion weekend is to wear a midi skirt which can be denim or dressy. You can wear it with a crop top and shoulder handbag or a body suit. I love to match fitted tops with midi skirts. However, you can opt to wear over sized shirts with your midi skirt.

Favorite designers from GT fashion weekend 2023

The runway show is my favorite part of this event. I have attended so many master classes that I can’t count. So, I am all about the runway vibe and new designs. Generally the designs from this show features a lot of black , grey or white. Hence, it shows that 2024 fashion trends will be more of blacks and whites and anything neutral tones.

Below are my favorite Nigerian and black fashion designers you need to know.

  1. Ejiro Amos Tafiri
  2. Torlowei: This designs are super chic. One of her designs makes me want to rock jumpsuit even with the discomfort that comes with it. It comes with a scarf which I can totally do without.
  3. Lady maker presentation: My favorite look from her design is an off shoulder dress. I had to look the brand up online and the prices are in USD. I can’t relate to why Nigerian fashion brands charge in USD.

Feel free to comment the fashion week shows you love to attend in Lagos. There are so many to count from the Fashion finest Africa , African fashion week, Plus size fashion week, etc. Which is your favorite runway events to attend? Mine so far is the fashion finest Africa.

GTCO fashion weekend 2023 was totally worth the hype

The holiday season is on us already. Whoo!, I can’t believe the year has ended already. Its the time to start shopping for holiday gift ideas for our loved one. So, here I will sharing my best picks holiday gift ideas for the handbag obsessed in your life.

In every fashion haul, I always shop for handbags. So, I am proud to be handbag obsessed. Your lady friends, mother or sister may also be handbags obsessed. These options will cover some of the latest designer handbags dupe you’d love.

From the famous Gucci horsebit handbag to Hermes Birkin designer dupes. If you’re not into dupes, you can shop for budget friendly designer handbags from second hand stores. You get to find vintage options on clothes, bags or other accessories. Check out my post on the best places to buy second designer handbags to learn more.

If you’re not a fan of dupes but want to gift your mother or sister a bag this holiday, I’ve got you. I will also link some of my favorites that I would love to own this season. However, if you need a gift idea for her that is not a handbag, check out my post on the best gift ideas for her 2023.

Best handbags Holiday Gift Ideas

In the spirit of giving and gifting, here are my best holiday gift ideas for your loved ones that is handbag obsessed.

Holiday gifts for the handbag lovers

Click here to buy it

Red is the color of the season. Also, red is all in for the year 2024 fashion trend. So, you can be sure that this will be loved. I can see myself styling it with a white knit or sweater dress with a pair of red boots. This bag is also available in white if you’d prefer it.

Holiday gift ideas

Click here to buy it

I love this Bottega Veneta Jodie maxi size. This bag is super chic and fun. You can shop this bag for way less that $70 for your loved one. It is a perfect carry handbag for your airport outfits. Also, you can easily wear as a work bag. This will fit in all her essentials. So, I highly recommend you shop this Bottega dupe for her this season.

Best Holiday gifts

Click here to buy it

This red handbag has to be on this list. It is super chic and fun. You can wear it as a shoulder handbag for a concert. Also, it is a perfect evening clutch handbag. I love handbags that you can wear in different ways. This handbag with a two piece midi skirt set is perfect for a date night look. Get it and thank me later.

Best holiday gift ideas

Click here to buy it

This handbag is a perfect dupe of the black owned handbag by Brandon Blockwood designer. Brandon Blockwood bags is very popular among the fashion girls. The box style makes it a perfect evening handbag. You can also dress it down for going out. It is a perfect neutral yet chic handbag to own.

Cute Handbags 2023

Click here to buy it

Gucci is a very popular designer brand. So, the girls are all over the latest east west Gucci horsebit handbag. The detail in front makes it a chic handbag for an evening night out. This gold dupe of this handbag is super fun. It is a holiday color. You can dress it up for an holiday party or dress it down for running your errands.

Hermes Birkin alternative

Click here to buy it

I love Hermes Birkin. We all know that if you love quiet luxury vibe, Hermes is your go to. However, I am not in love with the Hermes price point. Thankfully this Hermes Birkin dupe gives the same vibe. You can dress it up for work or for going out. I love the size of the bag. It can fit in all your essentials. So, you can wear it as an airport carry on handbag to fit in your essentials.

Feel free to comment which of these handbags you’d get as an holiday gift idea. My favorite is the Hermes Birkin dupe. Ciao

Holiday gift ideas for the hand bag obsessed

One of my favorite seasons to shop is Black Friday. You get so many deals to shop from. Whether black Friday fashion deals or travel deals, the list is endless. So, I want to put you on the best black friday fashion deals you need to jump on right now.

When is black Friday 2023? This years’ black Friday is November 24th 2023. So, you need to start putting together your funds and budget to shop till you drop. Cyber Monday also offers huge discounts too. However, my favorite deals to shop is still black Friday fashion deals.

A recap of all the deals that took place in the year you may have missed. There are several deals that I shopped during the year you need to know. The mid year clearance sales, the New year sales, the off season sales ( Summer clearance and winter/Autumn clearance). You need to mark your calendar for this deals so you can save huge while shopping.

Best Black Friday fashion deals

Best Black Friday Fashion deals

Here are a round up list of the best black friday fashion deals I will shopping. Also, I will be linking some of my favorites from these brands for you to shop. These items will include clothings, the best sunglasses to shop right now, sneakers, and designer dupes. Also, if you love designer brands and don’t mind second, check therealreal for black friday deals.


Cherley is one of my favorite brands to shop for travel clothes for women. I recently got of the the best vacation dresses for my trip. There dresses are amazing. You can shop for dresses for prom, wedding guest dresses, vacation dresses etc.

Cherley is all about sophistication, poise, class, and elegance! Of course, we can all agree that such pieces often come at a high price. But, if you’re on the hunt for sophisticated and timeless fashion on a budget, Cherley is the right place to explore for Black Friday.

Their collection includes stunning evening dresses, formal wear, and stylish accessories that will make you stand out at any event. For that dreamy wardrobe you desire, keep an eye out for their Black Friday deals!

They are offering a whooping 20% off already discounted pieces for you too shop. I will link below some of my favorite for you to shop too.

Cute Holiday party outfits

Click here to buy it

Holiday party outfits

Click here to buy it


Another favorite for shopping casual outfits and vacation dresses for women is Zaful. I love zaful for their sun dresses and chic sets. If you need some great option of travel clothes, check out Zaful.

Zaful is definitely my go to place to shop for off season deals during the black friday. So I highly recommend you check them out for the best black friday fashion deals to shop.

zaful Women's Matching Co Ord Two Piece Set Linen Textured Drop Shoulder Button Up Pocket Long Sleeve Crop Shirt With Drawstring High Waisted Baggy Wide Leg Pants Set
Women’s Matching Co Ord Two Piece Set Linen Textured Drop Shoulder Button Up Pocket Long Sleeve Crop Shirt With Drawstring High Waisted Baggy Wide Leg Pants Set only $32.99


Ever heard of ChICME? CHICME is known for its trendy and budget-friendly fashion items. They offer a wide range of stylish dresses, tops, and more. If you’re in search of affordable yet chic fashion pieces, CHICME should be your go-to destination this Black Friday.

For Black Friday deals, expect to find jaw-dropping discounts on their already affordable items. It’s an excellent opportunity to fill your wardrobe with the latest trends without breaking your wallet or bank account.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already surfing through their website and I know what would be in my cart!

Black Friday fashion deals

Pants from Chic me. Click here to buy similar work pants on Chicme


Anytime I shop from DHGATE, I always ask myself why I wasted time in discovering this gem! DHGATE is your typical market place where you can find a variety of fashion items from a wide range of sellers. This way, you can compare products and prices!

The best part of it all is that the prices on DHGATE are super fair. To make it even better, DHGATE is expected to offer incredible discounts on clothing, accessories and more this Black Friday.

One thing I love about DHGATE is that it gives me a lot of options. Whether you’re looking for streetwear, chic clothing, or high-end fashion, DHGATE is there for you!

Best black friday fashion deals 2023

Click here to buy it

best black friday deals

Click here to buy Polene Dupe handbag


One thing I like about Banana Republic is that they’ve been able to strike a fine balance between workwear and casual clothing. Often, you would find stores or platforms that want to focus on only one. However, Banana Republic has been exceptional in showcasing their variety of workwear and casual pieces.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek blazer for your next corporate meeting, or a cozy sweater to wear to the cinema, Banana Republic got you! They offer a collection that never goes out of style.

What else do you need? For Black Friday, you will get deals that help you save while getting quality pieces.

Black friday fashion deals 2023

Click here to buy it

What to buy on Black friday

Click here to buy it


I doubt there’s anyone who wouldn’t or shouldn’t be familiar with EGO shoes. If your shoe game is up to date, you’d agree that EGO shoes offer trendy footwear. They have become the go-to destination for shoe freaks, offering a wide range of styles, from sleek heels to trender sneakers and more.

One thing about EGO shoes is how they understand that shoes can make or break an outfit and they always deliver quality, Black Friday is here to give you that chance to revamp your shoe game and collection. Take advantage of their deals, now!

Fashion deals from Black friday

Click here to buy it


We can’t talk about fashion stores and Black Friday deals without talking about eyewear, can we?

Allow me to introduce my eyewear plug, Fashion Eyewear! This brand offers a range of brands and styles to suit various tastes, ensuring that anyone can find the ideal eyewear to complement their outfits and style.

For Black Friday, they are promising significant discounts on a wide selection of eyewear options. You can be sure that I will be shopping from them for Black Friday. Will you?

Cute fashion deals to buy

Click here to buy Tiffany sun shades

Comment below your best black Friday fashion deals you’re looking forward to. Which of these best black Friday fashion deals will you shop? I have my eyes for all of them.

Best Black Friday Fashion deals to jump on right now

Some people say it’s hard getting gifts for women. I would love to debate that, but that is not the reason for this article. Today, I come as your fairy godmother to help you with best gifts for women in your life that will get them super excited.

Choosing the perfect gift for the special women in your life can be a delightful yet challenging task. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, sister. Partner, or friend, the key is to select a thoughtful and meaningful gift that will genuinely excite her. Need inspiration on decoration for the holiday season, check out our best holiday decor ideas.

As a woman, I’ve put together 15 best gifts for women that will get them excited. Of course, I also took into consideration that no two women have the same taste or personality. From pampering treats to personalized keepsakes, I’ve got something for everyone!

If you need a comprehensive gift idea for him or her that covers everyone on your list , check out this gift ideas for adults.

Best gifts for women for the holiday

Curious about these gift ideas? Let’s dive in!

Custom Jewelry

Let’s start from the basics, shall we? Well, yes, there is nothing basic about getting a woman a custom jewelry. I would say that jewelry is the easiest gift you can get for any woman that will get her excited. Then, when you go the extra mile to get it customized, you can be sure that her excitement will be over the roof!

‘What’s her favorite jewelry?’ This is the first question to answer if you’re going for this option. It could be a necklace, bracelet, or even a ring! Whatever the case may be, you should get the jewelry and personalize it with her name, initials, or a significant date! She will be sure to cherish this gift for a long time.

Best gifts for women

Click here to buy it

Spa Voucher

A day at the spa to relax and be taken care of!? You can be sure that any woman will be excited about this gift! It shows that you care about her and want her to unwind from stress and indulge in self-care. Trust me, this is something every woman needs!

She will be sure to go around telling everyone who cares to listen to her of how you treated her to a relaxing spa day and how good it made her feel. This is also a great valentines day gift for women that will get then excited.

Diffusers and scented candles

Is your woman obsessed about her space and how it smells? Is she always eager to put the best in place and make her space comfortable? Then, up the game and give her some aromatherapy diffusers and scented candles!

Nothing beats having a collection of beautifully scented candles that can set the mood right and create a cozy atmosphere. Also, diffusers paired with a set of essential oils can transform her living space into a tranquil oasis.

She will never run out of gratitude for this gift!


There’s a reason why there are always jokes about women and handbags. It is one accessory that women cannot do without. Therefore, it comes in handy to gift any woman a handbag.

The trick to getting a handbag is that you have to be sure of her style. Does she prefer big bags to small bags? Once you can determine her taste and style in bags, you’re on the right path.

Getting her a stylish bag is sure to make her feel extra special. After all, bags are not cheap! You can choose to get a designer handbag from the second market or a new one if you can afford it.

However, if designer bags are way above your tax bracket, buy her designer dupe or lookalike handbag.

Gifts for women 2023

Click here to buy it

Gift ideas for her

Click here to buy it


If you think that you’ve run out of ideas and don’t know the best gift to get your woman, you should cover her subscriptions for some time. By doing this, you’re saving her the bills the subscriptions would have taken.

You can go a step further and sign her up for subscriptions that align with her interests. It could be registering her for a book club, fitness group, or even cooking classes.

Skincare set

One common factor with all women is that they love to look good! Women love to have healthy and glowing skin! Unfortunately, skincare products are not the most affordable out there.

So, if you’re looking for something to give a woman that will make her excited, you should get a skincare set. It shows that you’re ready to pamper and take care of her.

Customized artwork

Is your woman vain? They say a little bit of vainess doesn’t hurt anyone. So, why not go ahead to get a customized artwork of herself?

Or, you can go the less vain route and commission an artist to do a painting or illustration inspired by her interests or a special memory.

Concert or event tickets

You’re sure to sweep a woman off her feet if you surprise her with tickets to her favorite band, artist, or a special event she’s been looking forward to. As someone who’s been in this situation a lot of times, I can assure you that she would wear a huge smile on her face throughout.

If she is a fashion girl, you can get her tickets to runway shows like Lagos fashion week, New York fashion week or Paris fashion week. For music lovers, tickets to musical tours like the Beyonce renaissance concert and Usher concert is an example.

Weekend getaway

One of the best gifts for women is planning a romantic weekend getaway to a place she would love. The goal is for her to relax and have a memorable experience.

During this getaway, you should add yoga to the list of things and activities to do as yoga can provide her with relaxation, self-discovery, and a rejuvenating experience.

If she enjoys the outdoors a lot, you can also throw camping into the mix. Also check 12 staycation ideas to treat your woman this holiday season.


Is your woman a gadget freak? What’s her favorite gadget? You should consider getting her favorite gadget for her.

It could be wireless earbuds, a tablet, or even a smart home device. Getting a gadget to depend on her taste and preference.


Some people say that a woman can never have too many clothes and I agree with them. If you do not have time to curate a gift, you can go the simple route and get clothes that fit her style and personality.

Take it upon yourself to upgrade her wardrobe and you’ll not be able to curtail her excitement.

Best gifts for women to buy now

Click here to buy it

Holiday party outfits

Click here to buy it

Personalized perfume

You should consider going for this option if your woman is a lover of scents. Many brands offer the option to create a customer fragrance and you can do so for her.

This way, she has a scent that’s uniquely hers.

Handwritten Letters

You might think this is cliche, but it is one of the best gifts for any woman! Craft a series of heartfelt handwritten letters and give them to her.

She can read them anytime to feel better and wear a wide smile.

Personalized photo album:

One thing about this gift is that it would take time and you need to be intentional about it. However, the result is always worth it!

Create a beautiful photo album filled with cherished memories together and gift her. You can also add a personal touch by including handwritten notes or captions.


You can’t say you don’t know what to give a woman when you’ve not tried chocolate!

15 Best Gifts for Women that will get them excited

I dare to say that I’m one of the happiest people ever when it’s time to head to the beach. You would see me wearing the brightest smile and it’s almost impossible for anything to get me angry during that period. Here are my best picks of easy beach outfits you’ll keep wearing on repeat to buy right now.

Another thing that comes natural for me at that moment is picking the right beach outfit. I hear that people struggle with what to wear to the beach, but that’s an unrelatable situation for me.

Maybe I would have once laughed about people having difficulty picking an easy beach outfit. But I’ve been in situations where I’m at the beach wondering what inspired people to wear what they picked to the beach.

At the beach the other time, I saw a lady wearing jeans and sneakers. While I wouldn’t want to fault her style, I would also say that it’s not the best style for the beach.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wear sneakers and jean trousers to the beach, starting with your comfort. The beach is a place where you have to be free and you do not need outfits that limit your ease of walking around. In such an outfit, you would feel heavy instead of feeling light.

I also cannot imagine trying to get beach sand off jean trousers as that would be such a hassle. Also, why am I at the beach if I can’t let my feet absorb beach sand? Wearing sneakers would be an obstruction to making this happen.

Your sneakers and jean trousers fit other occasions, but are not the right outfit to wear to the beach. A day at the beach calls for the perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality.

When it’s time to hit the beach, the last thing you want to worry about is what to wear. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of easy beach outfit ideas to help you look and feel your best while soaking up the sun.

Easy beach outfits

Below are my go to beach outfits to wear. All these options are very modest and if you love been extra, I’ve got you covered too.

Wrap-on skirt

When I think of what to wear to the beach, I’m thinking of something that gives ease but also stays stylish. Often, I want to wear something that is easy to take off incase I want to take a dip in the water or just want to show off my swimsuit. In such a case, one of my best bets is to wear a wrap-on skirt.

I cannot imagine wearing a swimsuit underneath jean trousers and struggling to take off such tight clothing while at the beach. It would be uncomfortable, and I would even lose the urge to take it off eventually.

But with a wrap-on skirt, I can easily lose the tie and the skirt is off. A wrap-on skirt is also an easy beach outfit idea as it doesn’t limit movement while on the beach. In fact, it almost feels like you’re not wearing any clothing.

The trick to getting it right with a wrap-on skirt is picking the right top for it. Else you would be stepping out looking like a hobo. If you have to wear a wrap-on skirt to the beach, ensure to pair it with a crop top.

Best beach outfits

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Palazzo pants

What are the freest pants that come to mind when you have to pick your bottoms? Of course, it has to be palazzo pants! If you check my wardrobe, you would see different styles of palazzo pants as they are very comfortable and stylish. Dare I say, anyone and everyone looks good in palazzo pants!

Palazzo pants also serve as an easy beach outfit idea as it is breathable. The wide-legged design of this outfit ensures that it doesn’t stick to your body, which is perfect for anyone who wants to have a beach day. It is also an easy-to-wear outfit and often compliments the beach atmosphere.

Easy beach outfits


I would say wearing shorts to the beach is a lazy outfit style, and I do not mean it in a negative way. Instead, see it as a stress free outfit that gets the work done.

Whenever I choose to wear shorts to the beach, I do not spend much time deciding on what top to wear as almost every top would be the perfect fit.

One thing to keep in mind while choosing  a beach outfit is that you need to wear something that keeps you comfortable while soaking up the sun. It is why shorts are one of the best easy beach outfit ideas as they do not cover up the whole body, allowing you to get air while still enjoying the sun.

It also comes as a plus that it is easy to shake off sand and dirt from shorts which equates less stress.

Easy beach outfit ideas

Beach gowns/ summer dresses

If you want an extra touch of feminine style when going to the beach, then you should wear a summer dress, preferably a short summer dress. For some reason, this outfit can make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

I often feel like a bird whenever I’m at the beach with this outfit as I want to jump around and be everywhere at the same time. It is possible because this outfit is breathable and comfortable.

Its simplicity is also another reason why it is a perfect easy beach outfit idea as you can slip it on and off as you desire. With your swimsuit underneath, you can throw a beach gown on and take it off at will.

Most summer dresses and beach gowns come in playful patterns that brightens up the mood.

what to wear to the beach

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Some of us can be extra and may want to slightly go overboard in terms of looks when going to the beach. On days when I feel this way, I would opt to wear a romper as it comes with an extra flare.

Even though it brings the extra flare and stylishness, it also doesn’t limit my ease of moving around. Instead, rompers give a confidence boost and allow you to enjoy everything the beach has to offer.

I also like that most rompers are quick to dry. Being on the beach means that there are high possibilities of getting soaked. However, rompers would not cling to your body or make you feel heavy when such happens.

Your easy beach outfit ideas should also be paired with accessories like sunglasses and beach hats. In addition, you should wear footwears like sandals and slippers when going to the beach.

Cute beach outfit ideas

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Feel free to comment on your favorite easy beach outfit recommendation. Do you love to visit the beach? Comment below your favorite easy beach outfits.

Easy beach outfits you’ll keep wearing on repeat

Owning a designer handbag has always been the dream of many, including myself, from a young age. Back then, I dreamt that by the time I become an adult and start working, I would have a closet dedicated to my designer bags. Here are my top 10 second-hand designer handbags website to shop.

If wishes were horses yeah?

By the time I became an adult and started earning, I understood why the thoughts of getting designer handbags remained dreams and aspirations for many. Have you seen the price tags for these bags!?

In today’s society, designer handbags represent a lot including luxury, fashion, and style. Understandably, many, including myself cannot afford as much designer handbags as we desire due to the hefty price tags on them.

Fortunately, the rise of the second-hand market has made it possible for those of us who desire to own designer handbags to get them without emptying our wallets. Trust me, there is nothing to be ashamed of concerning buying second-hand products. Most of these items are usually still in perfect conditions, especially when you buy from a trusted marketplace.

Second-hand designer handbags

Second-Hand designer handbags brands to know

In this article, I’ll be sharing the top 10 second-hand designer handbag sites to shop, and I’ll be giving reasons why these places stand out amongst others.


I’ve shopped on many sites, but shopping on Etsy is always a discovery! One minute I’m on the site looking for a specific designer handbag, the next minute I’m seeing unique designer handbags I never knew existed! The experience when shopping on Etsy is always like discovering a treasure or gold mine.

Etsy has a diverse range of independent sellers who curate unique and vintage designer pieces. If you’re the type who loves to own timeless and unique collections, Etsy is the place for you to shop.

I love to say that Etsy is a shopping hub for everyone. Whether you’re hunting for a vintage Chanel flap bag or a quirky Moschino creation, there is something for you on Etsy.

Etsy is also a great place to shop for designer dupes handbags for yourself. So, you still can’t afford second-hand designer for the brands you love, opt for the designer lookalikes.


Is it possible to talk about online marketplaces without mentioning eBay? This site has made a global name for itself as a one-stop place to shop! Due to its global recognition, it leaves a sense of assurance in the hearts of shoppers.

The diversity in price ranges is one reason why I love to shop on eBay. After all, the reason I’m going for a second-hand designer bag is because I want to cut costs. Thus, it’s only right to shop on a site that gives me access to different vendors and diverse price ranges. You’re such to find a vendor with a price range that suits your budget when you shop on eBay. The best part of it is that you would see luxury items of all brands and styles on this site

The RealReal

From the name alone, this website already gives you a sense of comfort and assurance. From experience shopping from this site, I’ve never had complaints as the handbags I get are always of excellent quality.

The site prides itself in selling authentic products. According to them, there is an expert team dedicated to verifying the genuineness of every item they sell. With this, it’s not surprising why the site is a shoppers delight.

There is always a certain fear when buying second-hand items as you do not want to waste money in buying fake products. We wouldn’t want a case of getting ‘Gusci’ in place of ‘Gucci.’

By shopping from The RealReal, you can be rest assured that you’re investing in genuine designer handbags.

Second-hand designer handbags brand

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I’m sure you must have heard about this site before. Due to the perceived popularity they have, Poshmark strives to ensure transparency between vendors and buyers.

Shopping from this site is usually interactive as you can talk with the vendors and read reviews before buying any item. They also ensure to vet sellers on their platform.

I like to shop for second-hand designer handbags from this website as I get to talk with the sellers and even get recommendations from them. Many of them are fashion experts and enthusiasts with top quality taste. Through such dialogues, I get to discover new and unique pieces.


Am I going to be cheated or ripped off when shopping from this site?

Rebag understands that people need an alternative when they cannot afford to buy designer handbags. It’s why they created a platform dedicated to buying and selling second-hand designer handbags.

They pride themselves in their transparent pricing system. Once you come on the site, you get to see the value for the handbag you desire. Even when you try to compare the value with other sites, you’ll see that Rebag is giving you real value for your money.

Farfetch Pre-loved

One thing about this site is that they live and scream luxury. When it comes to designer and high-end fashion items, I give it to them as they really do know their onions.

The site offers you a platform to own luxury items. They also understand that not everyone can afford the price tags that come with these items. So, they have a pre-owned section where you can shop for second-hand items. It is in this section that you can get second-hand designer handbags.

Shopping on this site ensures that you’re in direct touch with luxury. It eases your doubts and assures you that whatever you get is of original quality.

Vestiaire Collective

If you’re looking for a more niched site for designer handbags, specifically one of European influence, this is the place to shop! You know how your taste buds sometimes crave Italian meals? It’s the same way your fashion appetite might craving European fashion!

From Chanel to Prada, you can find your favorite European designer brands on this site. It gets better as the prices for the second-hand designer bags are highly fair!

Next time you want to shop for second-hand designer handbags and you’re thinking European, come to this site!


I like that it is easy to navigate the site, making the shopping process easy. Another thing I love about this site is their commitment to authenticity. They have a team that goes the extra mile by authenticating every purchase.

I can say that this site never runs out of luxury items and is one of the best places to shop second-hand designer handbags.


I always get excited to shop on this website as I know that I would be getting items that suit my taste. Once I’m in doubt of anything while shopping, I never hesitate to reach out to their team. They have in-house experts who help you in carefully curating your cart to your taste.

They have a wide array of second-hand designer handbags and accessory! There is always a certain level of confidence that comes from shopping on this site.

Yoogi’s Closet

The warmth I feel when shopping from this site is next to none! Shopping at Yoogi’s Closet is like having a personal shopper guide you through a treasure trove of luxury fashion finds. Most times, I lose track of time while shopping here!

From their extensive range of second-hand designer handbags to their competitive prices and their commitment to quality, there isn’t anything to dislike about the shopping experience.

Happy shopping!

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Top 10 Second-Hand Designer Handbags website to Shop

Are you aware that you have an internal body clock? Jet Lag is a real thing. I always feel exhausted on my trips at least for a few days. So, I had to figure out ways to minimize jet Lag to jump start fun on my trips. These 10 ways to minimize jet Lag is what you need to know on your trips.

Not to sound like a geek or go down the science route, but we all have an internal body clock that regulates how we handle certain activities. It is your internal body clock that adapts to a certain time for sleeping. It is why you may find it hard to stay awake after a certain time.

Being jet lag is a common challenge for travelers crossing multiple time zones. It often happens when the internal body clock is tampered due to the varying time zones, and can be quite a hassle. Sometimes, it can dampen your mood and even limit your ability to enjoy your trip.

As someone who has been victim to being jet lagged multiple times, I can attest that it isn’t a funny experience. After a while, I began to look up ways to minimize experiencing jet lag when I travel, and I will be sharing some of these tips with you.

Ways to minimize Jet Lag

Ways to Minimize Jet Lag

Jet Lag is a major issue for travelers. I always feel so tired after a long trip that I cannot do much. So, these tips on how to minimize jetlag made it easy for me to enjoy my trip.

Research the time zone ahead

It is common for travelers to always research about their destination city. However, no one really pays attention to the time zone or time difference. You would often find people wanting to know the available accommodation or food options.

Recently, I added a new trick to my traveling routine. Whenever I know I’m traveling to a place with a varying time zone, I make sure to research the time zone ahead. Few weeks or days before my trips, I gradually start adjusting my sleeping schedule to it with my destination’s time zone.

Of course, it’s going to feel weird at first. However, it does the trick by ensuring that I don’t feel jet lag by the time I arrive at my destination city. By doing this, I’ve found a way to regulate my internal body clock to align with my destination’s time.

Stay Hydrated

I know, I know. You may be tired of always hearing people say you should drink water and stay hydrated. I’m not here to educate you on the importance of staying hydrated. However, I’m here to let you know that you should stay hydrated if you desire to minimize jet lag.

Water automatically becomes my best friend when I’m on any trip as I can be sure that it is a safe option for my body system. Before the flight, during the flight, and even after the flight, I always have my good share of water and stay hydrated.

It wouldn’t be easy ignoring the caffeinated and carbonated drinks you may be served on the flight. However, keep in mind that dehydration can exacerbate the effects of jet lag and you do not want that to happen.

Stay Active

Hard as it might be, you need to stay active upon arrival at your destination. Now, I’m not saying you should engage in rigorous work out or activities; even I won’t do that! But, it is essential to engage in light physical activities to assist your internal body clock.

These exercises help to combat the stiffness that comes with being on long flights. Even during the trip, you can get up and move around the cabin regularly. It would help improve circulation and reduce discomfort.

Once you engage in walks and light stretches, it’s easier for your body clock to adjust to your destination’s time zone.

Reset your time devices

Are you going to a place that operates on a different time zone from your home country? If yes, then one of the first things you should do once you board your flight is to reset all your time devices to the local time of your destination country. You have no business seeing the time of your home country when you’re in a different time zone.

Doing this helps with conditioning of the mindset as it would adjust to the time that it is seeing at the moment. If you leave your devices on the time of your home country, it would be hard for your internal body clock to adjust, leaving you cranky.

Choose the right flight

Picking the right flight for your trip especially as it pertains to timing goes a long way in minimizing jet lag. I read somewhere that it is always best to pick flights that arrive at your destination in the evening. I initially didn’t understand the reason why until I tried it.

Arriving at your destination in the evening also helps with conditioning of the mind. By the time you arrive and see that it is night hours, your body will adjust, making it easier for you to go to bed at the right time. By the next morning, you are feeling energized, and you can go ahead with your activities as planned.

Also check my tips on how to score cheapest flight tickets for your travel. You need this tip to still travel even with the rising Inflation.

How to minimize Jet Lag
Avoid heavy meals

I personally find it weird that people can eat while on a trip, but I know that I cannot compare myself to others. It is best that you avoid heavy meals while traveling, especially when going to a destination with varying time zones.


Heavy meals can disrupt your digestion and make it difficult to sleep. Of course, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat while traveling. But instead of going for a heavy meal, you should opt for lighter meals during the flight.

Also, foods high in carbohydrates can help regulate your sleep-wake cycle. So, you should opt for those options first before considering others.

Take light naps

Let’s say you got to your destination in the morning or afternoon. Of course, it would be tempting to fall right on the bed and sleep to your heart’s content. After all, it’s been such a long flight and you’re tired. Yes, there is every justification for you to sleep.

However, it wouldn’t be the best thing to do as it would mess with your internal body clock. When you sleep for a long time, you’re most likely to wake up at night when it’s time to actually sleep. Then, the cycle continues, messing with your plans for the trip.

So, no matter how tired you might be when you arrive, opt for short power naps of 20-30 mins.

Embrace sunlight

I’m not the best when it comes to bonding with nature or the outdoors, but I’ve learned that exposing yourself to natural light helps with resetting the body’s internal clock. So, I’ve become that person who forces herself to step out in the mornings while on a trip.

The idea here is that being exposed to sunlight helps in fighting sleep and tiredness. Often, we are jet lagged and would want to sleep the whole day. But being outdoors signals to your body that it’s time to wake up, helping to minimize jet lag.

Don’t rely on supplements

Whenever the topic of being jet lagged comes up, I often hear people say they would take certain supplements to sleep if they can’t sleep at the right time at their destination city. While supplements can be good to improve health, they are some that are harmful and can do more damage to your internal body clock.

Instead of relying on supplements, engage in some of the points I have spoken about. Even when the tiredness hits at the run hours, try reading a book or watching a movie to stay active. You can even go on a light jog.

If you are to use any supplement, ensure that it is under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Be patient

Being jet lagged is normal, and it happens to the best of us. Don’t beat yourself up about it when it happens. It is always best to keep in mind that jet lag is a natural response to crossing time zones.

One thing about the mind is that things tend to go south when we are agitated. None of the steps I’ve spoken about would work if you’re anxious and on the edge. So, be patient, and the jet lag feeling will wear off eventually.

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10 ways to minimize jet lag on Long haul flight

I got bored of exploring the west. So, I figured why not visit Cross river state Nigeria. Here are the best things to do on your visit to Cross river state Nigeria. Make sure you add a visit to Obudu Cattle Ranch. What’s your evidence that you visited this state if you didn’t see the ranch?

Some weeks ago, I and some friends packed our bags heading south, as we decided to explore Cross River State. Fondly called the people’s paradise by many, Cross River state is one that stays mysterious to many who haven’t had time to explore the state.

This wasn’t going to be my first time visiting Cross River state. The difference this time was that I wasn’t in a hurry. I went prepared with the mindset of being ready to immerse myself in all that the state has to offer. And, let me tell you, we had a ball!

Best things to do in Cross River state

If you’re planning a trip to Cross River state and lost on things to do, you’re in the right place!

Below are top 10 Best things to do in Cross River state:

Visit the National Museum

The stories that the national museum in Cross River state holds is one that you must hear for yourself. Some people would say that it’s boring to visit a museum, but I can tell you that the difference is the case here.

One of the most fascinating things to me about this place is the fact that the building was once the house of a British governor. The story says that the house was shipped to Calabar, Cross River state.

I got to learn a lot about the Efik culture at the place and see some lovely artifacts. The fattening room experience that Efik brides have to undergo is one story that isn’t leaving my head anytime soon.

Due to the fascinating stories, I lost track of time at this place. I learned some traditional songs and even adopted an Efik name before leaving!

Best things to do in Cross River state
Chill at Finger park

As the name implies, finger park is a place for relaxation. I wouldn’t say you should have over the top expectation of this park as it doesn’t come with merry rides and the rest. However, it is a perfect spot to chill within Calabar city. I love the chilled vibe so it had to be part of the best things to do on in Cross river state on your visit.

If you’re looking to have a picnic or just feed your eyes, this is the place to visit. I also love the fact that all the pictures I took at this place turned out amazing. It gives the right background for your pictures.

This is a place to be goofy and play with friends. You can also make new friends at finger park.

Best things to do in Cross river state Nigeria
See Agbokim Waterfalls

Let’s leave the capital city a bit shall we? Cross River state has a lot to offer. I love that fun isn’t restricted to only one Local Government Area or only the capital city.

Whenever in Cross River state, you should plan to visit Agbokim waterfalls in Etung LGA. It is a cluster of seven cascading waterfalls and a sight to behold!

This waterfall is open to people of all ages. However, I would say that you have to be extra careful if you’re going with children. You can take a dip in the water if you desire or just relax at a spot to your heart’s content. Check out other 15 most beautiful waterfalls in Nigeria to tick off your bucket list.

Visiting this waterfall also gave me the opportunity to explore local meals in the neighboring villages.

Visit Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Although time did not permit me, this is another place you must visit when in Cross River state. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden gem within the state. It’s a place of natural beauty and biodiversity, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and conservationists.

One thing I know is that there’s lots to learn when visiting this place. I heard that there are usually tour guides to take you around, explaining all you need to know and answering all questions.

I’ve made a mental note to ensure that I must go to Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary on my next trip to Cross River state.

Obudu cattle ranch

Have you been to Cross River state if you do not explore Obudu cattle ranch? From the lush vegetation to the cable car rides to the hiking experience and more, Obudu cattle ranch is GIVING!

Located in Obanliku LGA, Obudu cattle ranch is a tourists delight! It is the best place to visit if you’re looking for an escape. One thing for sure is that you wouldn’t want to leave after spending time at the ranch.

Going from Calabar, the capital city of Cross River state to Obudu Cattle ranch is quite a distance. So, it isn’t something to plan to explore within a day. Instead, be open to spending some time there.

Fun things to do in Cross River state Nigeria
Visit Marina Resort

Marina resort in Calabar, Cross River state, is the definition of FUN! It is a place for everyone, irrespective of your age. I was giddy with excitement when I saw the electric horse rides at this place. Marina resort is the perfect place to let out your inner child! For those who are high on exploration, you can get boat rides at this place to places within the city.

The slave trade museum within the resort was a major highlight for me. It’s so real and something that everyone should experience to get a better feel of history. Heads up, you may shed a tear or two!

I also enjoyed shopping for souvenirs from the stalls within the resort.

Hang out at Kwa Falls

Kwa falls is another waterfall located within Cross River state. Too many waterfalls? I don’t think so!

Visiting this place was quite an experience as it gives off a friendly aura. It served as the perfect place for me to clear my head while appreciating nature at its finest. I also got to take amazing pictures at this place and hang out at Kwa Falls is a top activity I recommend for everyone.

Kwa Falls is located at Akampa LGA of Cross River state and not too far from the capital city, Calabar. You are sure to have fun at Kwa Falls!

Visit Mary Slessor Tomb

One cannot talk about Cross River state without mentioning Mary Slessor. Yes, the famous Mary Slessor who stopped the killing of twins! There is even a place within the capital city, Calabar, called Mary Slessor roundabout, where you would see a monument of Mary Slessor holding twins.

By visiting her tomb, you get to dive deep into the story and history. It was quite a remarkable and refreshing experience. I love that history has been preserved this way.

Explore the Ikom Monoliths

If you are in Cross River state and have a chance to visit Ikom LGA, you should keep an eye out for the Ikom Monoliths. Trying to sight and point out these Monoliths became a fun activity for me while in Ikom.

If you’re a fan of art, you’ll be intrigued by these monoliths as they are carved stones with stories to them. The story says that these Monoliths are over 300 and distributed across Ikom.

Think you can see all of them? Visit Ikom!

Experience Calabar Carnival

They say to save the best for the last, right?

You must have always heard about calabar carnival, but have you experienced one? This carnival is usually in december. Of course, I couldn’t experience the calabar carnival as I didn’t come at the right time.

The calabar carnival is usually a colorful procession of cultural displays and musical performances. It’s a unique way to experience Cross River’s rich cultural diversity.

Would I be going back to Cross River in December? Watch this space to find out! Feel free to make your recommendations I should add to the best things to do in Cross river state. Ciao

FAQ on Best things to do in Cross River state

  1. What is the best place to visit in Cross river state? The best place to visit is the Obudu cattle ranch resort. It has so many fun activities.
  2. How much does it cost to travel from Lagos to Cross river state? Typically from Lagos, you need to take a bus going to Calabar. It cost about 28,000naira per person via bus.
  3. What are the dishes to eat on your visit to Cross river state? Cross river state is popular for their delicious dishes. Try out the Afang soup, Edikaikong soup, fisherman soup, etc.
  4. Where to stay in Cross river state? There are so many budget friendly hotels to stay on your visit. The motels are quite cheap. It costs about 5,000naira per night for room without complimentary breakfast.

Top 10 Best things to do in Cross river state Nigeria