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Ndubuisi Kalu park Ikeja: All you need to know and things to do

In Lagos state, there are some very fine recreational park that you can visit on a budget. Most of these parks are free to access while others requires a tokenu fee. Some of the free parks are Johnson Jakande park, Muri Okunola park etc. One of such park that is free to access is Ndubuisi Kalu park. Nduibuisi Kalu park Ikeja is located a few walk from Shop rite behind JJT park. This park is also lovely with some facilities to enable you have a good time. Ndubuisi kalu park have a children playground so it a good park for family. Also, there is free wifi available for use. Although due to recent risk of using free wifi, it is not really good to use random wifi. Parks has so many uses, so, here are some things you can do at Ndubuisi Kalu park

Things to do at Ndubuisi Kalu park

Asides the children playground, there are some lovely huts with large space at this park. It also have a restroom for times when you need to use the rest room. You can also find some brands selling their products at Ndubuisi kalu park. Although these brands are mobile so you may not find them when you visit. Food is a necessity for every outing. Hence, you can get foods, drinks and barbecue beef at this park. Although I can’t say if the food or drinks are affordable. Since this park is strategically located a few distance from shop rite which sell food at cheap rate, you could come with your own food to the park.

Pre-wedding shoot

One very affordable place to take a good pre-wedding photograph are parks. You and your partner can visit Ndubusi kalu park for your photo shoot. The layout and aesthetic is a beautiful back drop for photographs. You can take nice pictures at the huts, close to the fountain or beside the trees. Since it is a free to access space, all you need to pay for is the photographer. It solves the problem of a looking for studio for your pre-wedding shoot

Host your hang out or parties

Another thing you can do at Ndubuisi Kalu park is to have a hangout or host a party . The park has large huts and space where you can host parties. You can have a family day out with family or a picnic with friends. Also birthday parties or events are also perfect for Ndubuisi Kalu park. It is secluded but where lovers can chill out and have a nice time. So, you and bae can have fun at this park for free. No hassle or entry free.

The last time I visited, there a spot where you can donate blood and save lives. If you’re planning an event or a hang out with colleagues, check out Ndubuisi kalu park. The space is available for free, so, all you need bother about is foods, drinks as well as chairs for rental.

Set up shop for your product

Ndubuisi kalu park is accessible to a lot of individuals. With more people getting to know of this park. As a budding brands, you can cash in the availability of prospective customers. Also this park is strategically located close to upper class members of the society. So, you can never tell who could walk into the park and shop your product. Hence, Ndubuisi kalu park is a good place to showcase your products to visitors.

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