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How to process e-yellow card in Nigeria for travel

Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory for travelers to and fro Nigeria. This is to prevent the transmission of yellow fever especially in countries with high risk. High risk countries that are prone to yellow fever are in Africa as well as some part of Americas. As a traveler it is advisable to get all your document in place before leaving the country. This is to prevent some unpleasant experiences at the airport. (There are weird stories of people that found themselves grounded at the airport. Cases where some officials threaten to inject you with the vaccine or you pay a bribe. Which will you choose as Nigerian. I’d rather pay than be injected by someone who is not medical practitioner. Lol). So as to make you jet set, below is the process to applying for e-yellow card in Nigeria.


How to process your yellow card online

The federal government in its wisdom so to say, made the process more seamless this year. With the introduction of the e-yellow card registration, you can start the process at your comfort zone. Hence the previous yellow card is now invalid. To apply for your e-yellow card in Nigeria, visit: Register your personal information on the site and you have the option of payment 2000 naira on the site or at after receiving the vaccine. After registration print your slip, and visit the port health service to you with your valid international passport. Travelers are to allow 10 days before travelling with their new e-yellow card.

Yellow card is a proof that you have been vaccinated from yellow fever. i.e you are immune from transmission or infected by the disease. The process of e-yellow card is a welcome development. It will help prevent extortion from officials during travel. Also the process is faster than the previous process. The wait period is now less when compared to before. So, from the comfort of your homes, or office register to visit the nearest port office for vaccination. After getting your e-yellow card ready, the next stage is to book your flight. You can check my post on how to find the cheapest flight deals for your travels.

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