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Why is Vitamin D so important for your health

One of most important vitamins we need for a healthy body is Vitamin D. Although this class of Vitamin can be produced by our body through the sunlight. However, there are several reasons the body can be de-efficient of Vitamin D. I live in an urban area with buildings built so close to each other. This limit my access to this vitamin due to less sunlight exposure. Also, I work a regular 8 hours job. So, I have less access to sunlight. My typical week day starts with taking off to work by 6:00am and heading for home by 6 pm. These factors makes me prone to Vitamin D de-efficiency. Why is Vitamin D so important to your health?, you may ask. This post will state the reasons you need vitamin D for a healthy body.

Why is Vitamin D so important?

There are several health benefit you can get from Vit D. It is helps to boost your immune system. We all know that in order to fight the current pandemic virus, you immune system has to be strong. So, your body will be able to fight the virus. You need Vit D to help boost your immune system to be stronger against illnesses.

Vitamin D also helps to manage depression. I also struggle with depression sometimes. There are different reason people become depressed. However, it does not matter the reason for the depression. You need vit D to help you manage it and boost your mood. Also Vit D is also good for managing anxiety. So, if your’re struggling with depression or anxiety, you need Vit D to help manage it.

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Another reason you need Vit D is to manage stress. As a working professional who juggles day job and my side hustles, I am prone to stress. This stress is experiences includes sharp pains around my hip or legs. My day job involves me sitting for a long time. Also the traffic jam from work back home extends the hours I need to sit. In order to reduce this stress levels, Vit D helps you manage stress.

Although one of the major source of Vit D is the sun. Most of are limited due to the nature of our jobs as well as other factors. There are other sources you can use to ensure that you have adequate Vit D. You can get Vitamin from some food sources like beef liver, egg yolk , beef liver etc. Also, you can get vitamin D from Supplements. You can shop for Vitamins online from your comfort zone to help you boost your vitamin D levels in your body. So, you can stay healthy always.


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