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Product Review of Shein: Best cheap online site + Shipping to Nigeria

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Shein is an online shopping site that caters to females. It sells fashionable goods for fashionable women like clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Shopping online comes with its pros and cons. So, I am sharing my product review of shein to guide you while shopping for this brand. The brand is overseas, shipping fees and the uncertainty of how the actual product will look like, etc.

Shein’s website is a china based brand. I never knew that their products are from china. I have always thought that it was a US brand. This is because most US and UK-based bloggers shop for this brand. Here i will share my experience shopping on the website. Also, I will do a product review on where I will talk about the items in my cart. You can also check similar sites like shein to shop.

Shopping on the Shein website

Shopping on the shein website is quite easy. The products are easy to navigate and find. if you don’t have any particular product in mind, surfing the site for trendy pieces is quite easy.

There is a range of trendy fashion products to fill your wardrobe. Shein website is like most fashion websites with lots of sellers listing their products on it. Hence, there are things you must know before loading your cart with pieces you find.

Ensure you read the reviews of other previous shoppers on the brand you want to shop from on shein. This will give you insight into who to purchase from and who to avoid. Also, reviews on the brand open your eyes to the quality and customer service of such a brand. Shipping to Nigeria is another thing to consider.

Luckily shein offers free shipping for orders from $50 and that’s a huge save for transport fees. Below i will give my review on the items on my cart; Handbag, a Sheer body suit, a blue midi-dress, and Bra.

Product Delivery

Shein fashion brand delivers to all countries. Although, the shipping rate differs for different countries. My product was delivered to me in like 3 working days to my US address. I had to consolidate my package into one to get delivered to Nigeria. This is because there are different sellers listed on Shein, just like Jumia. So, the items in my cart were delivered at different times. Hence, a shopper on the shein site has to keep in mind that their product(s) may reach their country in bits.

Product review of Shein item on my cart

So, I shopped 4 items from the Shein website. A blue midi dress, a leopard print bag, a sheer body suit, and an adhesive bra. Below is my product review of Shein talking about these items.

Blue midi dress

Product review of Shein
Blue Midi dress

The first Item from my cart is a blue midi dress. It is the perfect dress to throw on to the office with minimal effort. This dress gives me the “steam” of wearing it to the office. It is a simple throw-on dress for work wear as well as date night with bae.

My only issue with this dress is the buttons are not that strong. (….i almost lost it as one of the buttons was cut off while i was engaged at work.). I am currently enjoying this dress till date. If you’re not one that likes to show off skin, ensure you check the product for the length of the dress. This is because most of the dresses are really short.

Adhesive Bra

The second item is a lace-up adhesive bra. I can’t help but do a product review of Shein about this adhesive bra. It is one bra that i really love.

Interestingly it’s like a “Secret code” bra perfect for a backless, strapless dress or slips dress. (….with this bra, you don’t have to worry about those ladies that always like to help you hide your bra strap…they often whisper to you ….”hanty, your bra is out”). So, if you want to wear a backless dress or an off-shoulder dress, an adhesive bra comes in handy.

Sheer body Suit

My third piece is a sheer body suit. In my previous post, i spoke about how it is a lady’s wardrobe essential. It is a lovely brown sheer body suit perfect with skirts, pants, or denim. Bodysuits are versatile pieces of fashion items. I have styled it in several ways. With pants, shirts, and shorts to achieve a stylish look.

Leopard print mini bag

This very last piece is a leopard print bag. it comes with a strap so, you can easily switch the look. You can wear it as a handbag or a cross-body bag. I rocked this piece a few times. But the bag strap gave in so fast. The bag lost its use within two weeks of use. I really would not advise shoppers on shein to purchase bags on this site.

The sellers I shopped from have given me a bad perception of shopping bags on shein. I don’t know if I can be confident to shop bags on this site. My recommendation to shein is to ensure that quality products are shipped by sellers to shoppers. All in all, i am quite happy with the pieces from shein. Will i shop again on this site, Yes.

I love shopping online because it is a convenient way to make purchases. This is my honest product review of shein. I still shop them to date.

Below I will link some of my favorite fashion items to shop from sites similar to shein. You’d definitely love them. Also check my review of a collective try on haul featuring some pieces from Shein on my youtube channel.

Disclaimer: This review is solely my opinion on shopping on shein. It is not a sponsored post.

Product review of Shein

12 thoughts on “Product Review of Shein: Best cheap online site + Shipping to Nigeria”

  1. I love Shein but I’ve definitely experienced some hit or miss items while shopping there, so I always read reviews and look at photos before purchasing. Your pieces look great!

      1. Please, I’ve been trying to make payment on the SHEIN app but it keeps canceling. I have checked everything. I don’t know what’s wrong. ?

        1. Hello, try contacting the customer care of shein to help you look into it. Also, are you using a debit card or paypal? I have never had issues checking on shein. However, you can try to link your card to paypal for checkout

  2. Hello, I made a purchase on shein 9 days ago and it was over 53 dollars which means free shipping, why was i charged an extra 28 dollars on checkout via my debit card??? Is there an extra fee I didn’t know about??? I contacted them via Instagram and they said they knew nothing of it?

    1. I have never gotten charged for extra fees from shein. Kindly liaise with the customer care email on shein. You can find it on the mail confirming your order. Share screen shot from your account if possible.

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