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What to wear for a day out to the beach; Beach style Inspo

Beaches are the most relaxing place to visit for a vacation. In Nigeria, there are lovely beaches you can visit on the budget. All you need is your transport fare, and in some cases, you pay a gate fee. Most beaches in Nigeria are located at Lagos due it’s closeness to the Atlantic. So if you’re outside Lagos and you may need to pack for travel to have a beach vacation. Also, it is not uncommon to be clueless as to what to wear for a hang out to the beach. Especially for newbies, my first time was no different. I wasn’t for a beach hang out because I had no idea what to wear or how to dress for a beach hang out. it’s okay not to know.

So, if you’re a first timer or you frequent the beach, here are some ideas of what wear for a beach hang out.

Things to wear for a day out to the beach


In this part of the world, modesty in the way you dress is taken in high esteem. Unlike other parts of the world like Europe or America, there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing off “a better part” of your skin. So rocking bikinis and swimsuits that leave little to the imagination are normal beach outfits over there- its no big deal. Coming down to our part of the world, rocking just bikinis may attract things you don’t like. Sexual harassment from weirdos or “agberos”, so, shorts are perfect for beach hang out.

Although there are stylish ways to rock bikinis and still look modest. You can style your bikini with sheer dresses, kimonos or see-through lace dress. This helps keep off the perverts while you rock your bikinis with style. For hydrophilic people that will take a swim or participate in waters sports, wear your bikinis with a scarf. Or better still you wear shorts. Shorts are very comfy and you can go for any length you’re comfortable with. Bum shorts or 3/4 shorts paired with tanks, tee shirts, crop tops, etc are perfect for a day out at the beach.

Shorts and crop top from unsplash


Another fashionable outfit to wear to the beach is a romper. For me, a floral romper is perfect. Rompers are like a shirt or blouse merged with shorts mostly loose at the thighs. Floral prints put me in the holiday moods and of course the summer feel. Most Rompers are breezy and easy to throw on. So, you can rock a romper to the beach finishing off your look with a pair of sandals or sneakers. Although getting a quality affordable romper can be quite challenging in Nigeria. This item of clothing is not easy to find in local market e.g. Balogun, Oshodi or Idumota. And in most cases, if found its either too pricey or of a low quality. Nevertheless, you can get affordable quality romper from online stores like Jumia, Konga, etc.

Beach Accessories

Aside from the lovely beach outfit ideas to rock, there are some lovely beach accessories to finish off your look. One of such accessories is a sunshade. A stylish sunshade will make feel chic all day as well as protect your eyes the sun rays. Also, the heat from the sunray in the afternoon in Lagos can “boil beans” sometimes, so, a beach hat comes in handy. You can purchase a stylish sunshade with its case from All she needs. For a stylish beach hat, your purchase from your local market like Oshodi, Balogun market, etc.

There is hardly any outing you want to go for as a lady without a handbag. Growing up as a Nigerian lady, I have always seen my mum and elder sister always complete their outfit with a bag. So, it is almost impossible for me to go out without a bag. This is irrespective of the size i.e. small or big depending on certain necessities for that day. So it is for a beach hang out. Your handbag is where you keep your essentials for your day out to the beach e.g. sunscreen cream, shades, games, snacks, etc. For a beach day out, finish your look with straw bags also know as rattans or a tote bag. To purchase a stylish rattan bag, check @solebysarah on Instagram. She makes hand made accessories, also for a beach sandal, she is a go-to brand.

In as much as dressing to suit the occasion is important, one shouldn’t forget the aim of vacation which is rest. Also, this list of beach outfit /accessories will come in handy for your next vacation to the beach. You also check out my post on how to dress stylish for your cold office; style tips

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