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5 chic swimwear you need this summer || Lover beauty

We all need a good set of swimwear this summer. Although we can’t really travel too far to explore the world or plan a vacation like we used to yearly. Notwithstanding we still enjoy summer and rock our swimwear for a deep in the pool or a backyard lounging. There are so many stylish swimwear options that you can choose from. In this post, I will be sharing the top 5 chic swimwear style you need for summer. So, if you are looking to shop swimwear, you are going to love these options. This chic swimwear is from lover beauty. They have stylish and affordable wholesale bikinis you’d love for summer.

Two-piece swimwear set

You guys already know that I love a two-piece set of outfits. So, it made my top 5 chic swimwear you need this summer. You can wear a two-piece swimwear set for a nice tan at your back yard or for a swim in the pool. Also, I prefer swimwear top like looks like a casual top. You can wear this top as a bralette with a pair of jeans, a skirt or shorts. You also wear a large scarf as a sarong for your two-piece swimwear for coverage. There are so many swimwear options available at lover beauty. They offer a huge discount on whole prices so you can shop as many options available.

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Top 5 chic swimwear you need this summer || Lover beauty-two-piece-swimwear

Two-piece set with cut out straps

Another chic swimwear you need for summer is a cutout strap swimwear. I love the cutout detail. If you’re looking fit a sexy vibe for your swimwear, opt for a swimwear set with cut out straps. This strap you can tie any way you like. It is a typical two-piece swimwear set with extra straps you can style. You can shop for any option you like from lover beauty. I prefer this option with enough coverage, but you can go for a risque option with under boobage.


Are you looking for a dressy swimwear outfit? Do abhor going to the beach because you can’t stand being in a bikini? Don’t worry, there is a swimwear option for you. Another of my top 5 chic swimwear outfits you need this summer is a swim dress. It is a one-piece bathing suit made like a dress. So, you can get a lot of coverage at your thighs and bottom. There are several options available at lover beauty at an affordable price. You can also shop for any body shape or size as they offer wholesale plus-size swimwear. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for mum, you can gift them a swim dress. You can wear it as a bathing suit for the pool or as beachwear.

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Top 5 chic swimwear you need this summer || Lover beauty plus-size swimwear

One-piece swimwear

A classic all-time timeless swimwear you this summer is a one-piece bathing suit. It always a look for a beach day or poolside tan. You can get as many uses out of a one-piece swimwear. You can wear beach cover-up over it or a large scarf at the waist. Also, you can wear a casual outfit with your bottoms already in your closet. One-piece swimwear is like a bodysuit top. So, it is as versatile as a bodysuit. There are so many ways you can wear one-piece swimwear as a bodysuit. Lover beauty offers an assortment of affordable and trendy one-piece swimwear you need in your summer closet.

Hybrid swimwear

Another chic swimwear you need in your closet right now is a hybrid swimwear. This is more like a two in one swimwear. Lober beauty offers stylish hybrid swimwear which is a mix of bikini top and a one-piece bathing suit. It is super stylish and very affordable from lover beauty for under $10. I love this swimwear because it is chic and sassy. You wear it for a vacation or a quick swim in the pool.

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