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Visa Free African Countries for US Citizens that worth your time

The process of getting a visa to visit another country can sometimes be daunting. Are you a US passport holder and you want to see Africa? Here are some of the best Visa free African Countries for US citizens that are worth your time.

If you’re a US citizen looking to explore African countries, allow me let you know that there are African countries you can visit without bothering about applying for a visa! Yes, with your passport, you can gain free entrance to these countries.

So, if you’re looking to spend your holiday in an African country that is visa free, this article will highlight some of those countries. African has so many beautiful places you can explore.

Since the goal is to skip the visa or to opt for Visa on arrival for US citizens, here are some fun outdoor activities to do in Africa. These fun activities includes hiking, camping, snorkeling etc.

Africa environment is very different from the western world. Typically there are two main seasons, the wet and dry season. What can you pack for a trip to Africa? Check out our post on what to wear and pack for a trip to Africa.

Also, if the goal is to relocate to Africa and need options of places to live in. Check out our exhaustive list of 20+ cheap African countries to live in. As a US citizen your money will do more for you in these African countries. For some of these countries, you’d be living the dream life with the strength of US currency.

Lets jump right in.

Visa Free African countries for US citizens

Visa Free African Countries for US Citizens

My top Visa free African countries for US Citizens are:


If you’ve heard of Botswana before, you would often hear people call it the Jewel of Southern African. This country sits in the southern part of Africa and has a lot to offer to visitors. The safari experience is one to look out for when you’re in Botswana. Their diverse wildlife is unique, and you would learn a lot from the exploration. It shouldn’t be heard that you visited Botswana without seeing the elephants at the Chobe National Park. You are sure to have


If you would rather spend your time in a tropical country, then you should consider Mauritius. It is a top tourist destination, ad you do not need a visa to enter the country if you’re a US citizen. You would love everything about this island from its people to the culture, the meals and much more. It is a place to relax and engage in various water sports and activities. It would be hard for you to leave once you experience this country. People who go to Mauritius always want a return trip to this country and I bet you would too!

South Africa

One thing about South Africa as it is popularly called is that you need to visit this country with an open mind. I would be doing you a disservice by listing things to do or what to expect when you visit SA. The most important thing you need is to travel with an open and fun mindset.

One thing I thoroughly enjoyed during my last trip to South Africa was the food and culture. In some way, they seemed alike to my home country Nigeria, but still stood out as unique. There is always something fun to do each day you spend in this country and it is a place for everyone to experience.

I highly recommend you add Johannesburg to your bucket list when visiting South Africa. Check out these fun things to do as a solo traveler or couple in Johannesburg South Africa.


What do you look out fun in a new country? If you’re the type who loves fun, thrills and adventure, Zambia is the right country for you to visit. In this country, you get to have fun in the outdoor and tick some things off your bucket list.

For example, bungee jumping is a op activity in this country, and you can try it out at the Victoria Falls. Talking about the Victoria Falls, it is a top tourist attraction in Zambia and a place you would love at first sight. It is a beauty to behold, and you should take lots of pictures while there.


Now, let’s take a trip down to the western part of Africa as I introduce Senegal! I will always be grateful that my friends introduced me to this epic country. Trust me I wanted to extend my stay the first time I went to Senegal. This country has a lot of attractions that serve as a sight for the eyes.

They also have unique traditional items that you can take back as souvenirs. I was sure to buy some arts and crafts and still have them in my home till date. A favorite activity to do in Senegal is visiting the vibrant markets and haggling prices with the sellers. It is always fun and also enlightening.


Some of my friends would always say that Kenya should be my second home because of how highly I speak of the country. It is also one of my ideal holiday spots in Africa. Yes, it is visa free for US citizens. It is always great interacting with the locals of this country as you get to learn a lot about their heritage. The country is also known for its wildlife. If you’re in a city asides from its capital city, you are sure to see a monkey during your stay. The views in this country are also stunning and outstanding.


There was a time I was obsessed with learning the language of this country because I thought it was fun. Don’t ask me for updates now but maybe soon, I will become an expert at it! There are many historical sites in this country which endears it to the hearts of many. In additional, the parks in this country are the perfect locations for a picnic. So, ensure that you have a picnic before leaving Zimbabwe!


Although I have never been to this country, it stands as one of the visa free African countries for US citizens. People say that it rivals with Egypt in terms of sand dunes, and it also has a rich wildlife culture. As with every country, there is always something new to learn and enjoy in Namibia. So, ensure that you make the best of the experience.


In case you didn’t know, Tanzania is home to the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. If you have a mind like mine, I know that climbing to the top of this mountain would be on your bucket list! It also comes in handy that the locals of this country are warm and hospitable.


It may seem like a low-key country, but it is also promising in terms of tourist activities. When in Tunisia, you can explore the ancient building, historic ruins, and even the beaches! You are sure to have a swell time while there. So you need to add this country to the list of Visa free African countries for US citizens to explore.

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Feel free to comment other budget Friendly Visa free African countries for US citizens or US green card holders.

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