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10 Toxic habits to get rid of to live your best life

10 Toxic habits to get rid of to live your best life

There are so many habits we have that affect our life and well being. These can be little habits that you do daily that affects your life negatively. So, you may not know that you have developed a bad habit until it is too late. Here are 10 toxic habits to get rid of ASAP for your own good.

Bad habits can affect your quality of life physically, mentally or spiritually. You may have a habit of negative beliefs that makes you feel everything you do will turn out bad.

So, you may develop anxiety or fear of the unknown that will make miss your meals. I had developed stomach ulcers due to anxiety as result of negative thoughts or expecting the worst. That is not good for you. You start nursing an ailment you developed due a bad habit you let in. So, to help you live your best life, here are 10 toxic habits you need to get rid of.

Avoid the need to control everything

Nobody wants all their hard work to go down the drain if they can do something about it. However, there are so many things we cannot control. A friend once told me that there are problems you can fix and those that the universe sorts by itself. Two months ago, I was so worried about setting a sibling for health insurance. This gave me a lot of stress as finance was quite tight.

Anyways, this was sorted by the universe. This month, the same sibling got a job with her high school degree with a health insurance plan. Imagine if I had tried to control this part of my life. Maybe, I can fix this in time but stressing over it may cause me health issues. So, stop trying to control everything. Fix what you can and let the universe sort the rest.

In this way, you give yourself peace and live your best life. (in plenty or little).

Don’t take what people say to heart

Another of the 10 toxic habits to get rid of to stop keeping people’s opinion to heart. This bad habit I still struggle with. So, I will not tell you that it is easy to let go of toxic habits. However, you can easily replace toxic habits with good habits boost your quality of life. Never take to heart what people say about you or to you.

As you guys may know, I also have a day job. I used to have a horrible boss that always says negative things about me. She always makes me feel like I was of no use. I took her words to heart that I started believing those words. My self esteem was crushed. Self confidence became a struggle for me.

So, if you want to live your best life, stop taking what people say to you to heart. Many toxic people may say things to you just to bring you down their own level. You are the only one that can write or tell your own story. Don’t let someone else tell you about you.

Listen to advice and kick out bad words that are said to you. Stay positive and be happy. Do you girl!

How to break toxic habits

Stop holding on to Grudges

Another of the 10 toxic habits to get rid of is to stop holding on to grudges. Do you sometimes feel a skip in your heart when you see the person you a grudge against? As unhealthy as that is, it is very relatable. You cannot live amongst humans without getting hurt or wronged. Except you live alone away from humans (Lol).

Holding grudges is not good for you. It is really super stressful to hold a grudge. I know it is not easy to let go when the culprit doesn’t apologize. However, it is healthy for you to live in peace within yourself and hold no grudges. Your inner peace is important to live your best life. You will light, happy and at peace when you hold no grudge. Let go of this toxic habit and live your best life.

Stop seeking perfection

I always cringe when I hear someone say, “I am a perfectionist”. Seeking perfectionism is one the 10 toxic habits to get rid off like NOW. You may put off so many things that would have led to growth because you seek to make it perfect. I had put off starting my YouTube channel because I wanted everything to be perfect. So, it took me about 3 years to just start and stop seeking perfectionism.

Start small, start with what you have. Make a mess of it and learn from your mistakes. In my years of working, I have trained a few people. Most of the newbies always ask me how they will thrive on the job. All I say to them is make a mess, clean it and learn from it. So, stop seeking perfectionism in your life. Life itself is not perfect. There is beauty in all you do or create.

Many successful people you look up to will not have started that business or taken on that challenge, if they waited for perfection. The social media Pinterest perfect life can seem so perfect. However, some of this pictures we see were perfected with time. So, don’t stunt your growth or life goals seeking perfection. You are good enough and you are worthy. Be you and be willing to learn. In this way, you get to live your best life trying out things without fear or seeking perfection.

Cut-out Unhealthy Daily routine

The age of mobile phone devices and social media has made some of us develop toxic habits. The first thing I do most times when I wake up is to pick up my mobile device. This gets so bad that I keep constantly switching from my emails, to Instagram, twitter for hours without being productive. If you’re in this bucket, you’re not alone.

So, to help you stop this unhealthy daily routine, avoid reaching out for your mobile phone first thing in the morning. You can opt to do meditation, morning prayers or yoga first. Also, you can go for a run or do simple exercises. Allocate time to scroll through social media and read your mails. It is very easy to waste so much time on your phone than to do things you need to do.

A simple ways to manage one of these 10 toxic habits to get rid of is to use a planner. Digital planner helps you allocate time to your task and rest too. In this way you get to improve on time management and of course live your best life.

Planners help you keep to schedule. Also, it helps you track your daily completed task. I love to take stock of my to-do achieved at the end of the day. Need a planner, click here to shop it on YesStyle, Use my discount code: STYLEZ20 for 5% off.

Planners to help you reduce stress


Another of the 10 Toxic habits you need to get rid off to live your best life is procrastination. Human naturally loves to procrastinate. You know you do sometimes. It is as simple as putting off a task you need to now because you feel you have plenty of time. There are so many opportunities I have lost because of procastination.

As you guys know, I love to travel, have new experiences and explore new places. However, procrastination has made me delay so many travel opportunities especially international travels. Last year, I needed to take yellow fever vaccines but procrastinated. If you need to take yours, click here to read how to process your e-yellow card. You need to visit a port health service office to take the vaccine. I have registered but I still haven’t gone for my vaccine. Hence, I can’t travel to some destinations.

Procrastination is indeed a thief of time. You get to lose so many opportunities if you don’t lose this toxic habit. Get up and do what you need to. Stop waiting for the right time. Many dreams have gone down the drain because of procrastination. Just do it, there is no better time but now.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Another of the 10 toxic habits to get rid of to allow you live your best life is to quit comparing yourself to others. There is a lot that goes on behind the success we see. Many successful individuals share their success but hardly you get to know how many times they failed before attaining success.

Moreover, your journey of growth is always different from that of other. Comparing yourself with others will make you unnecessarily anxious, depressed and Sad. Who says you have to be successful at a particular age? Quit looking at others to live your life. This will help you trail your own path and enjoy your life while you grow in your own way.

It is no easy to not to be tempted to compare yourself with others. At this stage of my life, most of my peers at work are moving on the other things. Change of Job, Growth in career, relocation, having their own families etc. Sometimes I feel left out. However, I chose to stop comparing myself with these so called successful individuals. You never know what they may be going through behind the success, glitz and galmour.

You are good at worth you do. Grow at your own pace and enjoy your journey. Own it.

Quit Seeking Other people’s Validation

Another of the 10 Toxic habits to get rid of for your wellbeing is to stop seeking other peoples validation. Yes, don’t do. This greatly affected my career growth as a blogger. I joined a blogger’s community that was supposed to help me grow. However, I discovered that most of us bloggers in that community were seeking the validation of the leader.

It was so bad that I felt bad whenever she does not acknowledge how good my content was. This reduced my confidence and self-esteem. So, I stopped seeking her approval, keep learning and improving. Now I am thriving in the same career as a blogger. Many others has quitted blogging and moved on to other things they feel they are good at. So, in anything you’re doing in life, stop seeking people’s validation. You’re worthy to be anything you want to be. If there is no seat the table, create yours and invite others to come feast with you on it.

Quit Negative Thoughts

You draw what you want through your thought. Another of the 10 toxic habits to get rid off is to quit negative thoughts. Have you ever felt like your day may go bad and it happens that way? That is how powerful our thoughts can be. Stop harboring negative thought. Think only positive thoughts.

The law of attraction is a strong phenomena. So, if you want to live happily in life, think positive and happy thoughts. You will blossom and live your best life no matter what.

10 Toxic Habits to get rid of

Stop following the crowd

Many of us fall into this trap of following the crowd. This what people are doing now, so I will do just that. Everyone wants to be an influencer because everybody and their mama is doing it. Another of the 10 toxic habits to get rid of is to stop following the crowd. There are so many people setting up businesses just because someone close to them is successful in it.

It is a toxic habit to go with the crowd. You get to lose your identity. In the process, you may lose your own unique voice. As a blogger, I run my blog like a proper website unlike other bloggers who personal style bloggers. I chose to do my thing differently and I thrive in it. Do you boo. You are unique in your own way.

In conclusion, living the best life there is, is a matter of your choice. You can choose to be happy by ditching these 10 toxic habits to get rid of. Or, you can choose to hold on to these 10 toxic habits to get rid of, the choice is yours.

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