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Top Nigerian Fashion bloggers dissect anklets and its controversies

What is your opinion on the use of anklets? There are a lot of misconceptions in our society today about the use of anklets (popularly known as leg chains). These top Nigerian fashion bloggers will dissect anklets and its controversies in the society.

I was once wrongly perceived by someone that I just met as “a loose girl” at first sight because of my anklet. Even my boss at work also had his opinion on my use of anklets to work. He had to convince himself that I wasn’t a lesbian though I use anklets. Imagine that!

Anklets for me are just like any other jewelry like a bracelet, wristwatch, or necklace. So, I wonder why ladies who wear anklets attract disapproval from older folks or peers who look at them with disdain.

Igbo ladies in the early 20th century wear anklets to make a fashion statement. In those days, anklets signify prestige as well as wealth. Hence, it is disheartening that ladies who wear anklets are seen as lesbians, promiscuous or loose.

These misconceptions are some of the reasons ladies who love anklets don’t feel comfortable using them. Here some Nigerian fashion bloggers share their views on the use of anklets or how they dealt with bad assumptions about them because they simply wore anklets.

Nigerian fashion bloggers share on anklets

Nigerian Fashion bloggers opinion on the use of Anklets

I interviewed other style bloggers in Nigeria on their opinion on the use of Anklets. Here is what they have to say and their opinion on the use of Anklets.


Adun, a Nigerian fashion blogger shares her opinion on the use of Anklets and personal experience wearing anklets.

Growing up as a child I was made to believe that ladies who wear anklets are extremely promiscuous. I had been misjudged a couple of times using anklets. And I don’t really care about other people’s opinion as far as I am comfortable wearing it“.

In essence, she is of the opinion that anklets can be worn as far as the individual is comfortable in them. She blogs at You can also follow her on Instagram @stylebyadun.

Benita of the Stylishmillenial

Benita, another Nigerian fashion blogger at the stylish millennial also shares her opinion. She also talks about how people who use anklets are perceived.

“General misconceptions about ladies using anklets are related with decency. Apparently, it leaves the ladies with stares of disapproval and has people questioning the promiscuity of the wearer.”

Although she doesn’t use anklets she feels it is a stylish accessory. She blogs at Her aim is to teach ladies between 18-35 years how to love their skin and own their personal style. She is also on Instagram @beenation_.


Debby is a lifestyle blogger and content creator based in Abuja. She is also an influencer for brands who want to promote their products. She uses anklets as jewelry but her experiences are not so good.

I’ve always heard that only ladies who sell their body for money use anklets. I have been misjudged many times wearing anklets. A friend once called me out to stop wearing anklets because it makes me feel slutty. I then asked him if feels the same way about me wearing any other type of jewelry. Truly I don’t see it as a big deal. Hence, I have grown a thick skin around judgmental people who see it as wrong. Society has conditioned their mind about it be wrong, so, it will take a while to convince them otherwise. Anklets are a way to make a fashion statement. Just like wearing other jewelry like earrings or bracelets. “

I do share the opinion of this Nigerian fashion blogger, Debs, that the societal misconceptions around the use of anklets will hard to change. Moreover, if I can wear a necklace, waist bead, or bracelet, why can’t I wear anklets too? She blogs at and her instagram is @debwritesblog.

Sarah Okolo

Sarah is a Nigerian fashion blogger, lawyer and shoe maker. I particularly love her made shoes which I shared in a round post; 5 wardrobe essentials you should add to your summer fashion closet. She hasn’t been misjudged for wearing anklets. Lord knows what they say behind her?. Here she shares her opinion too.

Anklets is a fashion accessory just like any other jewelry. I haven’t been misjudged to my face. But I have had a few elderly folks tell me to take it off. Because they feel it doesn’t speak well of me. Growing up the misconceptions surrounding the use of anklets was that it is worn by prostitutes, lesbians or ladies who are available.”

I really wonder how anklets tell of my marital status. Also how did anklets move from a jewelry of “prestige” to that which is associated to some kind of ladies?. Sarah blogs at

Nigerian Fashion bloggers share their opinions on anklets

The Ada girl

A fashion entrepreneur and blogger, Ada rarely wears anklets but she has also heard some misconceptions on it use.

While growing up, I hear a lot of people say that girls that wear anklets are wayward and irresponsible. Some people go as far as calling them, prostitutes. But with enlightenment around fashion, I’ve realized that nothing is wrong with it. It’s just as wearing bracelets on your wrist and earrings on your ears. Also, I hardly wear anklets and so far no one has misjudged me. “

Did I also say that she is skilled designer. I styled Morayo shirt dress on a post; How to style your shirt dress. She blogs at She also sells bags and shoes at you @slay_ng and @marianclothing_ng respectively on instagram.

From the discussion with above fashion bloggers, there is a general belief that anklets are worn by Lesbians and call girls. This misconception will take a lot of work to change in our society. Irrespective of this societal believes, anklet is a fashionable jewelry. And ladies who love anklets shouldn’t be seen as loose or lesbians. The misconceptions stated by the bloggers above is what they were told growing up.

What other belief or ideology were you told about ladies wearing anklets? Or what is your own opinion on the use of anklets. Do you agree on the thoughts shared by these Nigerian fashion bloggers or you absolutely disagree. Share your thoughts in the comment.

12 thoughts on “Top Nigerian Fashion bloggers dissect anklets and its controversies”

  1. I quite agree with the others and that you for sharing my thoughts on this post. Sadly, it’s how our society has conditioned us and we have come to believe it.

  2. The misconceptions about them is sad to read and just another way for self-expression to be controlled (mainly women being policed it seems). I would say to wear them if you want to as they look good as false perceptions will never change if people always abide by them.

  3. It’s sad that we’ve been told that anklets are associated with promiscuity. Nevertheless, I think they’re gorgeous and I’d definitely rock them!

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