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Top 10 Best things to do in Cross river state Nigeria

I got bored of exploring the west. So, I figured why not visit Cross river state Nigeria. Here are the best things to do on your visit to Cross river state Nigeria. Make sure you add a visit to Obudu Cattle Ranch. What’s your evidence that you visited this state if you didn’t see the ranch?

Some weeks ago, I and some friends packed our bags heading south, as we decided to explore Cross River State. Fondly called the people’s paradise by many, Cross River state is one that stays mysterious to many who haven’t had time to explore the state.

This wasn’t going to be my first time visiting Cross River state. The difference this time was that I wasn’t in a hurry. I went prepared with the mindset of being ready to immerse myself in all that the state has to offer. And, let me tell you, we had a ball!

Best things to do in Cross River state

If you’re planning a trip to Cross River state and lost on things to do, you’re in the right place!

Below are top 10 Best things to do in Cross River state:

Visit the National Museum

The stories that the national museum in Cross River state holds is one that you must hear for yourself. Some people would say that it’s boring to visit a museum, but I can tell you that the difference is the case here.

One of the most fascinating things to me about this place is the fact that the building was once the house of a British governor. The story says that the house was shipped to Calabar, Cross River state.

I got to learn a lot about the Efik culture at the place and see some lovely artifacts. The fattening room experience that Efik brides have to undergo is one story that isn’t leaving my head anytime soon.

Due to the fascinating stories, I lost track of time at this place. I learned some traditional songs and even adopted an Efik name before leaving!

Best things to do in Cross River state
Chill at Finger park

As the name implies, finger park is a place for relaxation. I wouldn’t say you should have over the top expectation of this park as it doesn’t come with merry rides and the rest. However, it is a perfect spot to chill within Calabar city. I love the chilled vibe so it had to be part of the best things to do on in Cross river state on your visit.

If you’re looking to have a picnic or just feed your eyes, this is the place to visit. I also love the fact that all the pictures I took at this place turned out amazing. It gives the right background for your pictures.

This is a place to be goofy and play with friends. You can also make new friends at finger park.

Best things to do in Cross river state Nigeria
See Agbokim Waterfalls

Let’s leave the capital city a bit shall we? Cross River state has a lot to offer. I love that fun isn’t restricted to only one Local Government Area or only the capital city.

Whenever in Cross River state, you should plan to visit Agbokim waterfalls in Etung LGA. It is a cluster of seven cascading waterfalls and a sight to behold!

This waterfall is open to people of all ages. However, I would say that you have to be extra careful if you’re going with children. You can take a dip in the water if you desire or just relax at a spot to your heart’s content. Check out other 15 most beautiful waterfalls in Nigeria to tick off your bucket list.

Visiting this waterfall also gave me the opportunity to explore local meals in the neighboring villages.

Visit Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Although time did not permit me, this is another place you must visit when in Cross River state. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden gem within the state. It’s a place of natural beauty and biodiversity, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and conservationists.

One thing I know is that there’s lots to learn when visiting this place. I heard that there are usually tour guides to take you around, explaining all you need to know and answering all questions.

I’ve made a mental note to ensure that I must go to Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary on my next trip to Cross River state.

Obudu cattle ranch

Have you been to Cross River state if you do not explore Obudu cattle ranch? From the lush vegetation to the cable car rides to the hiking experience and more, Obudu cattle ranch is GIVING!

Located in Obanliku LGA, Obudu cattle ranch is a tourists delight! It is the best place to visit if you’re looking for an escape. One thing for sure is that you wouldn’t want to leave after spending time at the ranch.

Going from Calabar, the capital city of Cross River state to Obudu Cattle ranch is quite a distance. So, it isn’t something to plan to explore within a day. Instead, be open to spending some time there.

Fun things to do in Cross River state Nigeria
Visit Marina Resort

Marina resort in Calabar, Cross River state, is the definition of FUN! It is a place for everyone, irrespective of your age. I was giddy with excitement when I saw the electric horse rides at this place. Marina resort is the perfect place to let out your inner child! For those who are high on exploration, you can get boat rides at this place to places within the city.

The slave trade museum within the resort was a major highlight for me. It’s so real and something that everyone should experience to get a better feel of history. Heads up, you may shed a tear or two!

I also enjoyed shopping for souvenirs from the stalls within the resort.

Hang out at Kwa Falls

Kwa falls is another waterfall located within Cross River state. Too many waterfalls? I don’t think so!

Visiting this place was quite an experience as it gives off a friendly aura. It served as the perfect place for me to clear my head while appreciating nature at its finest. I also got to take amazing pictures at this place and hang out at Kwa Falls is a top activity I recommend for everyone.

Kwa Falls is located at Akampa LGA of Cross River state and not too far from the capital city, Calabar. You are sure to have fun at Kwa Falls!

Visit Mary Slessor Tomb

One cannot talk about Cross River state without mentioning Mary Slessor. Yes, the famous Mary Slessor who stopped the killing of twins! There is even a place within the capital city, Calabar, called Mary Slessor roundabout, where you would see a monument of Mary Slessor holding twins.

By visiting her tomb, you get to dive deep into the story and history. It was quite a remarkable and refreshing experience. I love that history has been preserved this way.

Explore the Ikom Monoliths

If you are in Cross River state and have a chance to visit Ikom LGA, you should keep an eye out for the Ikom Monoliths. Trying to sight and point out these Monoliths became a fun activity for me while in Ikom.

If you’re a fan of art, you’ll be intrigued by these monoliths as they are carved stones with stories to them. The story says that these Monoliths are over 300 and distributed across Ikom.

Think you can see all of them? Visit Ikom!

Experience Calabar Carnival

They say to save the best for the last, right?

You must have always heard about calabar carnival, but have you experienced one? This carnival is usually in december. Of course, I couldn’t experience the calabar carnival as I didn’t come at the right time.

The calabar carnival is usually a colorful procession of cultural displays and musical performances. It’s a unique way to experience Cross River’s rich cultural diversity.

Would I be going back to Cross River in December? Watch this space to find out! Feel free to make your recommendations I should add to the best things to do in Cross river state. Ciao

FAQ on Best things to do in Cross River state

  1. What is the best place to visit in Cross river state? The best place to visit is the Obudu cattle ranch resort. It has so many fun activities.
  2. How much does it cost to travel from Lagos to Cross river state? Typically from Lagos, you need to take a bus going to Calabar. It cost about 28,000naira per person via bus.
  3. What are the dishes to eat on your visit to Cross river state? Cross river state is popular for their delicious dishes. Try out the Afang soup, Edikaikong soup, fisherman soup, etc.
  4. Where to stay in Cross river state? There are so many budget friendly hotels to stay on your visit. The motels are quite cheap. It costs about 5,000naira per night for room without complimentary breakfast.

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