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Jhalobia park and gardens, Ikeja: Fun day with TBA

TBA network and chill event was fun all the way.(TBA-The bloggers advocate).It is forum for bloggers to network, learn and grow together. The hang out venue is Jhlobia park and Gardens, Ikeja. Jhalobia park and gardens is a beautiful, secluded garden with well groomed landscape. It is serene, breath taking , private park with a cozy home away from home feel. It is located at Hajj camp ground, air port road, Ikeja. The team was looking forward to a fanciful hang out at this natural park.

Locating the Park.

Jhalobia park was quite easy to locate. (although I almost missed my way) .It is a few minutes walk from NAHCO bus stop. Ideally, parks should have like a signpost or an indicator somewhere visible to guide you to easily locate it. This is not the case for Jhalobia parks and garden. (I stood lost without even knowing i was in front of the park). The main entrance is not easy to access either as there is no security guard at the gate to usher one in easily. For luxurious private park like Jhalobia parks and gardens, it is not really a good feedback for them.


Games and Networking

Bloggers are the hardest working people i know and it is a full time job on its own. Like the saying goes,”Work hard, Play harder“.( and Slay harder as my own little addition). It is interesting to meet people who have spoken with like forever on the group chat. It is like a large big family with various tribes. There is one guy that stood from the team i met during the network and chill, he made a lasting impression. He took amazing pictures too with his mobile. We also played a cross word puzzle in small teams. (well my team lost). The aim wasn’t to win but to improve our team working ability and bond with our mates. The Network and chill was like a big love feast. There was so much to eat like finger foods, drinks and even other foods.


Brands that supported the Network and Chill.

There were so much freebie to cart away. And off course, we were fed fat by amazing brands as there was so much left to take home. The freebie include a tote bag by TBA group, a note pad from the beard gang brand, Skin care regimen and lots more. Worthy of mention were the stylish outfit and accessories by Desire1709fashion.  I am still rocking my stiletto heels from her brand. The amazing brands includes;

@tafe_organics, @sweenycupcakes, @moffin_options, @wilsonsjuiceco, @beeorganicx @all_buttered, @friesandflavours, @mybeardgang, @resthouse_foods, @clarascornerng, @desire1709fashion, @thriftstoreNG, @tdfoods, @mabelinigeria and @ahiajara.

It was a fun day out with the TBA brand. The brand will be another a kind-of end of the year get together in December. It promises to be fun, any one is invited especially bloggers. To book visit @thebloggeradvocate on instagram for details.

Jhalobia park and gardens


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