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How to shop on a budget for your xmas fashion wardrobe

The year 2018 is fading out fast and there are so much expectation for the new year. The christmas season comes with a lot of mixed feelings. The euphoria of the season as well as the financial pressure that comes with it. Bank account is not smiling as there are so many bills to pay. (Unfortunately this comes with adulting and it is so relatable). So, here I will be sharing how to shop on a budget this festive season.

This also the best time of the year to stock up your fashion wardrobe and step up your styling game. There are a lot of pop up sales, discount, black friday sales to save big on fashion products. One of the easiest ways to slay on a budget this xmas season is to take advantage of huge discount opportunities. This huge price cuts on fashion goods are more on online stores like jumia, ali-express etc. Although physical stores are also have huge discount for festive season, Online is more convenient. 
It is cheap, easy, and convenient way of shopping for xmas wardrobe staple. 

Online shopping has it pros as well as its cons. it sometimes comes with some unpleasant surprises like the product looking far from you order. ( I am always shook when i receive such surprises). For me its a no-no if a site brings my shipping in bits and pieces. (Like rain drops at my door step). I don’t do a repeat shopping from such sites. e.g. Ali-express. Nonetheless, It is a very convenient way to shop with so much time to surf the site for nice outfits. 

How to shop on a budget

There are amazing online shopping sites for fashion products with huge savings this season. This sites includes Shein, Dresshead, Aliexpress,,, etc. For ease of shopping on Jumia, download the app. These sites have jaw dropping price slashes, and free shipping for some stores to all countries. Sites like Shein, & Yoins give out discounts codes for certain price of goods purchase. You can also read my review on shein best and worst buys.

Shopping online is very dicey and the below tricks will help you enjoy the experience. 

  1. Most online shopping sites are sometimes overwhelming and busy. Select the category your’re interested in before surfing for pieces
  2. There are so many sellers on major online shopping sites. Hence most of your products may come in bits. Some sites like dress head consolidate your products making it easier. 
  3. In other to avoid unpleasant surprises, read reviews of other buyers before purchasing the products.
  4. Confirm if the sites allow return of product or refund of money for bad goods before shopping on the site. This will serve as cushion to allow you return products that are far from what it looks online.
  5. Sites like and allows payment after delivery allowing you decide to purchase if the product is good. 
  6. Confirm the duration of shipping to your country as it faster for countries in US & UK than other parts of the world.

Thess tricks are not all exhaustive but it will help you make good purchase online. Take advantage of these huge price slashes to stock up your xmas wardrobe as well as closet with amazing fashion pieces.

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